Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update: Saturday April 9, 2011

We uploaded some Studio 3 sessions this week. You can listen or download sessions by

- Gunnar Hansen are doing a release show in hamilton, so we uploaded their Studio 3 session so you could remind yourself how great they are. These 9 Shocks terror fans set is up at

- They are doing the release show with UTI who are on the other side of the split that they are releasing. I realized UTI's session wasn't up so that is now at

- Knucklehead from Calgary, were in last Sunday and we did an interview about the "Hearts on Fire' CD. But it reminded me that we did a session with them in 2006 so there files went up at

- Jimmy Vapid put us in touch with this Brutal Knights inspired garage hardcore outfit from Montreal called Sexhead. There set can be found at

- Sudbury's answer to the Buzzcocks and teh descendents all in one band is the Statues. They recorded a session on October 20th, 2007. The sound files are at

- The Aversions from Quebec City also did a session back in 2004. there set can be found at

- Guns Liquor and Whores were from Winnipeg. They became Under Pressure. they recorded a set and those files are up at

- One of my favourite power violence bands of all time played the old studio. they are from Buffalo and they are called Running for Cover. The artwork for the Running for Cover session is up at

- Bear Proof Suit from Milwaukee Wisconsin who were up here back in April 2007. Ryan's guitar sounds a lot like Bob Mould in early Husker Du. And Mike Rodenhizer does the interview with these guys who couldn't stop talking about the hot dog guy across the street. the session is up at

I have also put up a lot of flyers under the flyer archive from various generations of punk fed by Don Pyle and Mike Woodford.

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