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Radio - Sunday, May 19th, 2019

On January 24th of this year, Nick Smash of the RENT BOYS INC. was in town to do an exhibition on the CLASH and to promote his new book "What You Don't Want is What You Get", which outline his time in England with the RENT BOYS INC. and THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS. He arranged to meet up with Dave Howard to go over the details of that adventure. THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS are an important part of the Toronto post punk scene. This story reflects the flight that creative types undertook to make a go of it. This is a conversation between Nick Smash and Dave Howard telling something akin to road stories which talk about some of these exclusive recordings, stories behind them, influences, and people in the scene that they were apart of in the mid-80s. We get stories about the squats, the rehearsal spaces, folks in the scene. You can download the show here

THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Baby Come Back (live at the Rock Garden on July 4, 1986)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - The Murder of your Smile (live in Manchester on July 26, 1986)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - I Feel Good (live in Manchester on July 26, 1986)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Just Another (live in Manchester on July 26, 1986)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Camberwell (live on the BBC, Janice Long)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Nothing to Say (live in Valencia, Spain)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Nothing to Say (produced by JJ Burnell of the Stranglers)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Pleasure of Pain (live in the Netherlands)
THE DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Shakin' All Over (live in the Netherlands)

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Radio - Sunday, May 12th, 2019

Tonight is our fundraising show and we start off tonight with name that tune. MR. Brown guesses two for two to improve his record. Tune in for the antics and the razzing. In the spirit of name that tune we are going to keep up with the covers. Download the show here

BEYOND THE BORDERS - Sound System (Sickbrokenbrothers)
THE CLASH - Pressure Drop (Epic / Nu Disk / CBS)
DUBMATIX - London Calling (Mojo Brand Music)
BLACK MARKET - I Fought the Law (Self-Released)
BIG BALLS AND THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT - Search and Destroy (Nova / Vince Lombardy Highschool / Balls)
SEX PISTOLS - No Fun (Virgin)
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Wooly Bully (Island)
D.I. – Ballroom Blitz (CD Presents)
NOMEANSNO – Manic Depression (Alternative Tentacles)
THE DWARVES – Life of Crime (Bomp)
MUDHONEY – Hate the Police (Sub Pop)
PURE HELL – These Boots are Made for Walking (Golden Sphynx / Radiation Reissues)
THE DICTATORS – Search and Destroy (Asylum)
THE BLACK KEYS – Can’t Find My Mind
ADOLESCENTS – All day and All of the Night (CD Presents)
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES – Dear Prudence (Wonderland / Polydor)

We speak with Diana Piruzevska, host of Neon Dreamer who talks about DJ Mystique and her own experience of getting involved in CIUT.

MELVINS – Going Blind (Warner)
ADRENALIN O.D. – Commercial Cuts (Buy Our Records)
GANG GREEN – Voices Carry (Taang)
RAMOMS - Rockaway Beach (Pirates Press)
SWEET SUBURBIA - Judy is a Punk (Self-Released)
TEENAGE HEAD - Brand New Cadillac (Attic)
THE VAPIDS - Little Boxes (Double Hell)
TEENGENERATE - Top Down (Lance Rock)
THE DREAM DATES - Tallahassie Lassie (Ugly Pop)
THE JAM - Batman Theme (Polydor)
MR. FLOPPY – 100,000 Morrisseys (Zombie Penis Death)
VIOLENT ANAL DEATH – Hungry Hungry Hippos (Roachender)
SCREECHING WEASEL – Oscar Meyer Weiner (Underdog / V.M.L.)
THE TOY DOLLS - Deidree's a Slag (Deram / Captain Oi)
LEATHERFACE - Message in a Bottle (Roughneck Recording Company)
HUDSON MACK - So Lonely (Self-Released)
THE FALLOUT - Bowl of Flies (Rubber Factory)
THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE - Mad World (Self-Released)

Thanks to everyone who pledged tonight. It is not too late to support CIUT at

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CIUT Fundraising

CIUT is in the midst of a fundraising campaign to raise $100,000 over the next couple of weeks and we need your help. We are looking for people to come in and talk about what the radio station means to them. We are looking for people to come in and answer phones. We are looking for listeners to donate. Recently we learned that the provincial government is introducing the Student Choice initiative which could see funding for CIUT serenely the point where we might close down. This is a threat unlike anything we have seen before, but certainly has roots in what happened to CKLN when the Engineering Students pulled student funding to CKLN. It was a only a few short years before they were off the air. This muffling of media fits into a contemporary conservative playbook. We ask that you support the only local radio station left in the city. Go to the Donate page on CIUT's website.

We also have a Sound of Your City" t-shirt to give-away. You can become a member of the station which entitles you to voting rights and a discount card. You can be entered into a draw for a trip to Croatia. And we will have a copy of the out of print "TOHC" book complete with single to giveaway to the highest donor o Sunday night. Donations made on-line are eligible for the book. 

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Radio - Sunday, May 5th, 2019

Mayday was a couple of days ago but let's celebrate with this song by Rebels. Download tonight's show here.

REBELS – Mayday (Musk Project)

May 4th has been talked about with the passing of the Chewbacca actor, but my brother reminded me that May 4th was also the day that the National Guard in the United States shot four students at Kent State back in 1970.  So we start the show off with a Sons of Ishmael cover about the incident and then a set of bands from the state. 

SONS OF ISHMAEL – Ohio (Over the Top / Manic Ears)

9 SHOCKS TERROR - Screw this Town (Devour / Havoc)
NEW BOMB TURKS - Runnin' on Go (Crypt)
OFFBEATS - Look at Them Go / Go Away (Smog Veil)
NECROS - I Hate My School (Touch and Go)
NUKKEHAMMER - Kremlin Panzzer (Solar Funeral / SPHC / Hesitation Wound)
MINORITY THREAT – Scum (Head2Wall)

One of the bands I got to travel with to learn about the Ohio scene was MSI. This next set is a collection of re-issues from the reviews in April's May issue. 

MORE STUPID INITIALS – Choice (Schizophrenic)

PRIVATE SCHOOL - I Wanna Know (Supreme Echo)
THE REACTION – Get the Rods Out (Supreme Echo)
PLAN NINE - In Sympathy with Poland (Supreme Echo)

Some bands from the original waves of the punk scene. 

NERVEBREAKERS - Girls Girls Girls Girls (Wild Child / Get Hip)

THE ALCOHOLICS - Going Outside (Overindulged)
THE AMAZING SPACE FROGS - (I'm into) Necrophilia (Bin Liner)
X-PULSION - Schmucks- Castration (Belgian Waffles)

FIEND - Fight It (Self-Released)

HOOD RATS – Cheap Rent (Self-Released)
FLESHIES – Nomaste (Dirt Cult)
THE BARE MINIMUM  - Outdoor Cat (Self-Released) 
OLDFASHIONED IDEAS - Remaining Days (Contra)

IMPULSO – Soffoco (Erste Theke Tontraeger)

BURNOUT – Separatrix (Abusive Noise Tapes)
RADICAL FUN TIME - Legalize or Die (Dilapidated)
SLANT - The Trap (Iron Lung)
FRIED EGG - Apraxia (Feel It)
BOOJI BOYS - New Personnel (Sewercide)

MADBALL – Hardcore Still Lives (Roadrunner)
OMEGAS – Excessive Force (Hardware / Parts Unknown)
ORCHID – Death of a Modernist (ebullition)
PROJECT X – Dance Floor Justice (Bridge Nine)
RETIREMENT – Broke (Iron Lung)
STAB – Fascism Brings Death (Self-Released)

SUDDEN IMPACT – Just Yourself (Diabolic Force / Marquee)
THE SWARM – Willing Victim (No Idea)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH – Fight War, Not Wars (Way Back When)
ATTACK SS – Ideal Future by our Hands (Distort Reality)
BITOUSHA - Kyousha Toshite No Koufuku (ACS)

ANCIENT FILTH – Happy Death (Self-Released)
ARMS RACE - Gotta Get Out (Quality Control)
CRIMINAL CODE - Flagstone (Deranged)
DIRTY WORK  - Pity, Hard Days and Night (Self-Released)

WIREHEAD - Conjure Club (Self-Released)

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Top 10 - April 2019

1. PHYSIQUE "The Evolution of Combat" (Distort Reality)
2. VAASKA "Inocentes Condenados" (Beach Impediment)
4. THESE BASTARDS "Old and Pissed" (Self-Released)
5. MOLISMA "Tainted Mass" (Self-Released)
6. QUICK FIX Demo (Urge)
7. THE GHETTO BLASTERS "Hot Rocks" (Spazz)
8. ABOLITIONIST "A New Militance" (1859/ Different Kitchen)
9. STICKER SHOCK Demo (Self-Released)
10. WOOF Demo (Self-Released)

* WOOF -

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Radio - Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Tonight's show starts out with guest host Andre Zadorozny formerly "Hardcore Still Lives" at CHRW which is why we started off with Madball. You can download tonight's show here.

MADBALL – Hardcore Still Lives / Nuestra Familia (Roadrunner)

LOOSE NUKES – Fast Forward (Self-Released)
REDEMPTION 87 – Rumourmill (New Age)
THE NERVE AGENTS – Unblossomed (Revelation)
NO JUSTICE – Everything Falls Apart (Underestimated)
SONS OF ISHMAEL – Fluffy the Cat (Sellout Activities)

Downway from Calgary will be playing Pouzza fest in Montreal so here is a preview of some bands playing that. 

DOWNWAY – Jack that Tastes Like Rye (Hourglass) 
HIT THE SWITCH – North Star (Bird Attack)
SIXTEEN SCANDALS – Wackrehensio (Self-Released)
THE PEEWEES – ‘Cause You Don’t Know Me (Rum Bar)
DOWNWAY – Wild Ones (Thousand Islands)

SAVAGEHEADS – Savageheads (Downtown / Erst Theke TonträegerTrabuc)
NEEDLES – Ugly World (Iron Lung)
PRIMITIVE MAN – Black Smoke (Relapse)
S.H.I.T. – Bliss (Beach Impediment)
ROBOT – Reality Through Me (Self-Released)
CRUEL WORDS – Get Nothing (Self-Released)

BRAD MARINO – Broken Clocks (Rum Bar)
GAS HUFFER – Robert (Empty)
LES BOF – Jezebel (Dirty Water)
WHITE FLAG – Kitchen Disaster (CD Presents)
BLACK MAMBAS – Up All Night (Disconnected)

DRI – Stupid Stupid War / Counter Attack (Rotten)
DENY THE CROSS – Gutter Kiss (Tankcrimes)
NYC HEADHUNTERS – Die Commuting (Straight and Alert)
OAF – D.W.P. (Self-Released)

Stephe features a Top 10 for April 2019.

WOOF - Don't Die (Self-Released)
STICKER SHOCK - Dead to Right (Self-Released)
ABOLITIONIST  – Avalanche (1859 / Different Kitchen)
QUICK FIX - Always Was (Urge)
MOLISMA - Undefeated (Self-Released)
THESE BASTARDS - Get Off My Lawn (Self-Released)
IRON BARS - There Is No Plan (SPHC)
VAASKA - No A La Guerra (Beach Impediment)
PHYSIQUE - Violence of Another Day (Distort Reality)

LIE - Fill It Up (Monofonus Press / Mint)

Flyer - Sunday, April 28th, 2019

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Radio - Sunday, April 21st, 2019

DeeCRACKS - I Need To Know (Self-Released)

The DEECRACKS are from Austria and will be in town in Mid-May. 

April 5th marked the 25 years since Kurt Cobain took his life. Grunge was already a sub genre of the punk and indie scene at that point and the scene would go on evolving in different ways. Like all anniversaries many radio stations did mini tributes that week to Nirvana, which involved brief editorials and playing "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Rob Ferraz took an in depth look at Seattle and the bands that developed that sound and the scene in tonight's show. Download the show here.

THE SONICS – Have Love will Travel (Etiquette / Norton / Big Beat)

THE KINGSMEN – Louie Louie (Jerden / Wand)
ROCKY AND THE RIDLLERS – Flash and Crash (Beat Rocket)
THE BRAVE NEW WORLD – The Train Kept a Rollin’ (Beat Rocket)

BLACK SABBATH – Supernaut (Warner Brothers)
MALFUNKSHUN – With Yo’ Heart (Not Yo’ Hands) (C/Z)
MOTHER LOVE BONE – Half Ass Monkey Bone (Mercury / Polydor)
MELVINS – Oven (Boner)
SOUNDGARDEN – Tears to Forget (C/Z)
GREEN RIVER – Forever Means (Sub Pop)

SLOW – Against the Glass (Zulu)
SLOW – Have Not Been the Same (Zulu)

MUDHONEY – Touch Me I’m Sick (Sub Pop)
MUDHONEY – You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face) (Sub Pop)

NIRVANA – Negative Creep (Sub Pop)
NIRVANA – Smells Like teen Spirit (Sub Pop)
NIRVANA – Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Sub Pop)

PEARL JAM – Alive (Epic)
ERIC’S TRIP – Sunlight (Sub Pop)
SLOAN – I am the Cancer (Geffen)
L7 – Shitlist (Slash)
THE BLACK HALOS – Some Things Never Fall (Sub Pop)

MOTHERFUCKERS -Streets of Distraction (CIUT)

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Radio - Sunday, April 14th, 2019

Tonight's show features a long form interview with the Reaction. The Reaction were from St. John's, Newfoundland with punk energy and mod sensibility. Technically the second punk band from the rock but a band the first band that took being a punk band seriously touring the island and later the mainland. The story starts with Mike Fisher seeing the Viletones, the Poles and BB Gabor among others when he had moved to Toronto. He went back to St. John's and started the Reaction. The Reaction would record many times initially above a record shop called Echo Music. They were able to release a single while still around called "On the Beach" on their own Neutron Records label. Recently Supreme Echo, released a single called "East End Rockers" which collects songs from each of the band's studio sessions and that's where we start this interview, with an explanation of the single's title.

This interview was conducted in December with Mike Fisher (over the phone), the singer and bassist and Terry Carter, their original drummer. Terry was also a founding member for Da Slyme so we talk about them and we also cover places to play in the early St. John's scene. Terry is a sound engineer here at the station but I only found out that after the interview was over. It is kind of crazy the caliber of people involved in this station. Terry was blowing me away with his musical knowledge in the interview. 

THE REACTION - Get the Rods Out (Supreme Echo)
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Do Anything You Wanna Do (Island)
THE RAMONES - Rockaway Beach (Sire)
THE VILETONES - Screamin`Fist (Vile)
THE JAM - All Around the World (Polydor)
THE REACTION - Get the Rods Out (Supreme Echo)
DA SLYME - Newfie Rastaman (Loo Enterprises Inc.)
DA SLYME - On Chord Punk Rock Song (Loo Enterprises Inc.)
DA SLYME - Kickin Til I Die (Loo Enterprises Inc.)
THE REACTION - The Kid`s Arrived (Supreme Echo)
THE REACTION - On the Beach (Neutron)
THE REACTION - Trials in Error (Supreme Echo)
THE REACTION - Waiting in Line (Supreme Echo)

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Radio - Sunday, April 7th, 2019

A these for tonight's show is playing bands who are coming to town in the next couple of months. So sets were built around touring bands coming through Toronto. You can download the show here.

PLASTIC HEADS – Dead City (Self-Released)

TOMMY AND THE COMMIES – Devices (Slovenly)
RAZORBUMPS - Do You Wanna (Sarcophagus Club)
CAREER SUICIDE - Row on Row (Career Suicide
SATANIC SURFERS - Catch My Breath (Mondo Macabre)
CYBER PINK - License Plate (Self-Released)

UJ3RK5 – Eisenhower and the Hippies (Quintessence)
DEVO – Uglatto (Superior Viaduct)
THE BLANKZ - I'm a Gun (Slope)
THE DICKIES – She (A and M)
PROTRUDERS - Poison Future (Feel It

PIQUILLIN Y LOS COMPADRES - Juanito Tergal (Self-Released)
13 KRAUSS - Dark Times (Self-Released
THE GRINNING BARRETTS - W and B (Self-Released
THE KILLIGANS - Artificial Hip (Self-Released)
CRIMPSHRINE - The Directions of Things to Come (No Reality)
BRING THE WAR HOME - Racist Overtones (Self-Released)

THE TOKYOS - You're So Silly (Rave Up)
CELIA AND THE MUTATIONS - Mean To Me (United Artists)
PALE KIDS – Consent (Everything Sucks Music)
MR. WRONG – Asshole (Water Wing)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - I'm Not A Loser (Self-Released

HEATSEEKER - Keep Walking (Refuse)
BOTTLED UP – Control (Self-Released)
CRUCIAL MEASURES – Weight (Self-Released)
MADBALL - We Should Care (In Effect)
UGLY - A.D.A.Q (Self-Released)
DURRY – Warwicks 

VIOLENT SPIRIT – Kick the Nazis Out (Hardware)
KAKAFONI – Det som inte passar er (Phobia / Up the Punx / Urinal Vinyl / Anomie)
BURDENED – Detriment (Self-Released
IMPULSO – Soffoco (Erste Theke Tontrager
RAKTA - Flor da Pele (La Vida Es Un Mus)
LIE – Weaponized (Monotonous Press / Mint)
COHERENCE – Eyes (Get Better / A-F

ENZYME - Howling Mind (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ATOXXICO – Chilango (Puro Pinche Ruido)
LIPID – Punish (Vinyl Conflict)
IRON BARS - Iron Bars of the Mind (SPHC)
UBIK - Lost and Later (Helta Skelta / Lost in Fog)
MELANIN - Gleaming Back (Self-Released)

POLO PEPE Y SOCIEDAD CORRUPTA - Es Delito Ser Punk (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ANTIDOTO – Amigo (Self-Released)
LES LULLIES - 7 a.m. (Slovenly)
NOISE - The Bottom Rungs

Tonight's demo feature is an oi band from Edmonton called On the Ropes. I found out about them through a show flyer and you can find them on bandcamp.

ON THE ROPES - On My Own (Self-Released)
ON THE ROPES - On the Ropes (Self-Released)
ON THE ROPES - Where We Belong (Self-Released)

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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Radio - Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Tomorrow is April 1st, but this is no joke. Pot will be legal and Discarded have a song about it. Download the show here.

THE DISCARDED - I Like To Get High (Rock Bottom)

Generation Annhilation reported the passing of Bill “Zippy Pinhead” Chobator on March 13th. He played drums in the STIFFS and VICTORIAN PORK who were the Vancouver band that wrote and recorded “Fuck You” later known as a SUBHUMANS and DOA song. They also wrote “Oh Canaduh”. Both songs can be heard on their post humous release on Supreme Echo.

THE STIFFS – Homesick (Supreme Echo)
VICTORIAN PORK - I Don't Give A Shit
NOMEANSNO – Victoria (Wrong)
RUBY KARINTO - Fox's Wedding (Self-Released)

On Tuesday Rankin’ Roger passed away/ the English Beat were my favourite of the ska revival bands. Saw them every chance i could. There was no one like them and in recent years Roger had gotten the band back together and they just released their second album called “Public Confidential” which is a real return to form but sadly Roger’s swan song. Here are some songs to remember him by.

THE ENGLISH BEAT – Jackpot (Go Feet)
THE ENGLISH BEAT – Rankin’ Full Stop (Go Feet)
THE ENGLISH BEAT – Spar Wid Me(Go Feet)
THE ENGLISH BEAT –Twist and Crawl (Go Feet)
THE ENGLISH BEAT – Rough Rider (Go Feet)

Check out the feature on last week’s Bassment Sessions for some other not released material.

CYBERPLASM - United in Terror (Fuckers Will Pay)
PISSE - Heiratsschwindler (Phantom)
ALIEN BOYS - A Minute of your Time (Desolate)
LOW EBB - I Hate Cake (Kids of the Lunghole)
SCRAP BRAIN – Machine War (Self-Released)

TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET – Stupid Song (Fat Wreck Chords)
SUICIDE GENERATION – Trash Talk (Dirty Water)
WIREHEAD - Lower Your Gaze (Slow Death)
SPANNER – Impossible (Maloka / Rebel Time / Blind Destruction / La France Pue / Mass Productions)
LES FRAPPES - En France (Self-Released)

PROTEIN - Give it up (Refuse
PAIN STRIKES - Blizzard of '06 (Safe Inside)
KIND! – Kind! (Wide Eyed Noise)
SLAPSHOT - Edge Break Your Face (Bridge Nine)
PRESSURE PACT - No Hope (Humanimal / Barnyard Boogie)

SNAKE TONGUE – Derailed (Self-Released)
MINORITY THREAT - Old Glory (The Fah-Q Catalogue)
DEADWITCH – Void (Lost State)
WASTE - Last One Standing (Moral Panic)
YURI - Wonder #9 (Adomo)

DIRTY WOMBS - Accursed to Overcome (SPHC)
SINISTER PURPOSE - Fire in the Hole (Vinyl Conflict)
THE COMPLICATORS - Big Problems (Pirates Press)
EMPIRE DOWN - Always Down, Never Out (Pirates Press)
BAD RELIGION - The Kids are Alt-Right (Epitaph)

LOESCHEN – Knecht (Rinderherz / Abfall)
PERSONALITY CULT – Motivation (Drunken Sailor)
DEATH LOTTERY - Wolf's Bud (Freetime Boyz Entertainment Worldwide)
STREET DOGS - We All Fall Apart (Pirates Press)
TERRITORIES - Numb Somehow (Pirates Press)

Tonight`s demo feature was a tour tape that Cell released last year. you can find this on their bandcamp page. 

CELL – Limit (Self-Released)
CELL – Crawl (Self-Released)
CELL – Disgust (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Radio - Sunday, March 24th, 2019

Pandemix are from Boston and will be playing here in April so we started off with them. Tonight's show is a return to form for the show in that thee is very little by way of themes except for a Top 10 for February and a compilation set. We also have a demo feature with a band from Ottawa called No Borders. Download the show here

PANDEMIX - Second Opinion (Dirt Cult)

PIPER MARU - MPDG (Sam) (Self-Released)
DAVE SMALLEY AND THE BANDOLEROS - Join the Outsiders (Little Rocket)
SUEDEHEAD - New Traditions (Mad Butcher)
FASHIONISM - Nun of That (Dirt Cult / Drunken Sailor)

THE COLA HEADS – Coffee Shopzzz (Self-Released)
BLACK MARKET BABY – Potential Suicide (Limp / Y and T / Dr. Strange)
PINHEAD GUNPOWDER – Losers of the Year (Lookout)
PUP – D.V.P. (SideOneDummy / Royal Mountain)
SCHOOL DAMAGE – Stranger Fruit (Self-Released)

BRING THE WAR HOME - People's War (Self-Released)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION  – World of Change (Schizophrenic)
THE GRINNING BARRETTS - Riot Crew (Self-Released)
NO-HEADS – Battle Plan (Six Feet Under / Refuse)

SO TIRED – Chemistry (Self-Released)
BOOTS FOR DANCING – Boots for Dancing (Cherry Red)
THE WASPS – Teenage Treats (Cherry Red)
ENGLISH DOGS – Psycho Killer (Cherry Red)
THE VECTORS – Hey Kirby (Cherry Red)

Top 10 - February 2019
10. KAKAFONI “Kralar I Stfotet” - Krälar I Stoftet (Phobia)
9. BOOZE AND GLORY “Chapter IV” LP – Simple (Pirate Press)
8. BYSTANDER “Bystander” ep - How Far Have We Come (Goodwill / Safe Inside / World's Appreciated Kitsch / Ugly and Proud)
7. VANILLA POPPERS “I Like Your Band” ep - Get Away From Me (Feel It)
6. U-NIX “Nuke Portland” LP – Landlord (Feel It)

5. RUIN IT “Locked Up Dead” - The Bar (Armageddon Label)
4. DESTRIPADOS “Gutless” - Planeta Karcel (Black Water)
3. BOOTLICKER “6 Track ep”- Partisan (Slow Death)
2. CHEAP APPEAL “You Lose” ep - Spite (Neon Taste)
1. MAKABERT FYND “Systemkollaps”- Fienden Ibland Oss (Phobia / Anomie / Romantic Disasters / Dark Elk / Mangel Wax / Up the Punx)

LIE - Ethics
ANTITODO - Romper España
BOOJI BOYS - New Personnel
SINISTER PURPOSE - Fire in the Hole
FLESH RAG - Nighthawk (Schizophrenic)

Tonight's demo feature is a cassette called “The Walls They Build ... The Walls We Break” from this band from Ottawa. You can download the recording from here

NO BORDERS – We Rise (Self-Released)
NO BORDERS – No Human is illegal
NO BORDERS – Juvenile Crime (Self-Released)
NO BORDERS – Thick as Thieves (Self-Released)