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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Radio - Sunday, September 15th, 2019

Tonight's show features a top 10 for the month of August. There is a lot of new releases in the show. There is some bands from New Zealand  based on a remote radio broadcast that MRR featured. THere was some technical difficulties right at the start of the show so as they say on the TTC "Mind the Gap". Download the show here

THE FUNCTIONAL CITIZENS - Puppets (Self-Released)

DRY HEAVES - Factory Punishment (Rave Up)
DISCO ASSAULT - Beggar and the Ballot (Self-Released)
BIG BROTHER - Eye in the Sky (Self-Released)
GOOD RIDDANCE - Our Great Divide (Fat Wreck)
STRUNG OUT - Strange Notes (Fat Wreck)

HAIRCUT – Seeking (Beach Impediment)
THE ANTI QUEENS - Worse Than Death
TOMMY AND THE COMMIES - So Happy (Slovenly)
DARK TRIP - Animal
TEEN ARCHER - Jackie Cadillac

CELDA – Mentira
CONTENDERS - Skate Assault
WARSH - Greedy Hands (Self-Released)

SORE POINTS - Not Coming Back
REDCOAT - Sweater Weather
GINO AND THE GOONS - Any Girl / Bad Stuff

BAD BREEDING – Repossession (Iron Lung) 
CAREER SUICIDE – Stay Right Here
KRIEGSHOG - Paint it Black

Top 10
10. FRUSTRERAD - Shadow of Life 
9. CEMENT SHOES - How It Is (Feel It) 
8. IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO - Guerra Di Spettri (Static Shock)
7. THE SISSIES - Crisis Actor
6. D7Y - Martraðaveröld (Iron Lung)
5. SENDO FOGO - Bombas nas ruas
4. CYBERPLASM - Nervous Systems (Iron Lung)
3. RASHOMON -降伏 Surrender
2. SHIT COFFINS - Guilt Anger Fear
1. YLEISET SYYT - Toisten todellisuus

Tonight's demo feature is a Toronto band that took a 20 year hiatus and this is their second release since then playing on Mad's "Spy vs Spy" theme with a releases called "Why vs. Why?". This is not the whole recording but you can find it on bandcamp.

A.S.O.P. - It’s Business Doing Pleasure with You (Self-Released)
A.S.O.P. - Lord P. Mad Nut (Self-Released)
A.S.O.P. - Population Control (Self-Released)
A.S.O.P. - Main Sewage Treatment Playground (Self-Released)
A.S.O.P. - Dixie (Self-Released)

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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Radio - Sunday, September 8th, 2019

This is a broadcast for Equalizing-X-Distort for Sunday September 8th, 2019. EXD is a weekly hardcore punk radio show broadcast on CIUT 895 FM. We played a set of older first wave punk to start the show off. That was contrasted with a set of new releases. Then we played a set of bands playing Toronto in the next two months. That was followed by a set of bands from Halifax, who had just endured Tropical Storm Dorian. The rest of the show was new material. Download the show here

SNUFF – Summer’s Over (Fat)

THE CARPETTES – Help I’m Trapped (Small Wonder)
DESPERATE LIVIN - Stilla Natt (Desperate)
RAKKETAX – Unifil (Self-Released)
THE EX – New Wars (Verrcord / En)
TELEVISION PERSONALITIES – Part Time Punks (Kings Road / Rough Trade / Overground)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH – Louie Louie / Part Time Punks (Self-Released)

SUBHUMANS – Poison (Pirates Press)
UBIK - New Disease (Iron Lung)
THE KREUTZER SONATA - Degenerate Theory (Don't Panic / No Time)
SORE POINTS -On the Wire (Slovenly)
THE CONTROL FREAKS - Telephone City (Slovenly)
THE MUSLIMS - Ya Late (Don't Panic)
GINO AND THE GOONS - Watch Your Back (Slovenly / Sunwray / Black Gladiator)

URBAN VIETCONG – Attacco (Rebel Time
BIG BROTHER - Freedom is Slavery (Self-Released)
DISCO ASSAULT - Asshole Stare (Schizophrenic)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS - I Am my Own God (Sharpie)
TOMMY AND THE COMMIES - Devices (Slovenly)
REAL SICKIES – It Came From Above (Stomp)
ALIEN BOYS - Shadow Puppets (Desolate)

Halifax set
WAX - Out of Line (Self-Released)
SCIENCE PROJECT - Sick in Halifax (Neck Chop)
BOOJJI BOYS - Piscine Perfect (Self-Released)
TALENTLESS HACKS - Control (School Jerks)
OUTCRY - The Cycle (Self-Released)
NAPALM RAID - Dead Cities (Rawmantic Disasters / Phobia)

LEATHER LICKERS – Nowhere (Self-Released)
ELECTRIC CHAIR - House of Abuse (Iron Lung)
GAME – Curse (Beach Impediment)
FUCK IT ... I QUIT - Carpe Noctem (Refuse)
WORSHIT - Seeing Red (Self-Released)
SECT - You Too Will Scatter (Southern Lord)
SWARM - Labyrinth of Amygdala (Raw Skull)
XCAUTERIZEX – Sunder (Self-Released)

DETROIT 422 - Out of Control (Self-Released)
BLOWBACK - Great-Again (Collateral Damage)
HAIBOKU - Power of Dusk (Planeta  Destrozado / Rock SVB Discos) 
SLUMP - (Do the) Sonic Sprawl (Feel It)
SHIT RAT - Full of Shit (Self-Released)

SMASH POTATER - Diners, Drive-Ins and Drive-Bys (Horror Pain Gore Death)
NO SANCTUARY - Curse of the Werewolf (Self-Released)
LETHAL MEANS - Total Silence (Not for the Weak)
RECKONING FORCE - Lashing Out (Not for the Weak)
CONDOR - Chacun Pour Soi (Beach Impediment)
FAUX DEPART - Pôle employ (Doomtown / Lose and the Caves)

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Radio - Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Tonight's show is the third band in the Tomorrow is Too Late series, which is the radio interviews from the early Toronto hardcore bands that were conducted for the book by the same name. Tonight's band is Micro Edge, Toronto's first skate-core band. They shredded in a way that those early skate bands did (think JFA). They wrote one of the most memorable songs from the era called "(So You Think You're) Hardcore, eh", which is where we start this interview. The song appeared on the limited edition compilation that came with the first pressing of the book. But all of us wanted to see that song come out on vinyl. 

I had interviewed the band once before back when Sudden Impact did a reunion show at our old studio. The interview was lost and consequently never aired. It was one of my biggest regrets. So when they agreed to take a chance again and do this do over, I was super grateful. 

We get talking about how the band got into punk and skating and how the two things intertwined. Reminiscing about the early days of skateboarding reliving the spirit of skaters and that can do spirit, and developing their own culture with a zine that Dave put out called "Bong Out". "Bong Out" had interviews., show reviews, skate shots, and raditorials. I am going to put some pictures of the issues that Dave shared with us on the Facebook page under a Micro Edge photo album. They play with S.C.U.M. who were skaters. They skate with JFA. Reid's editorial and artwork, Dwayne skating shots, reviews of a lot of early shows in Toronto - it's a fantastic time capsule. 

In the interview we talk about some iconic shows in Toronto's hardcore history. We start out by talking about the Circle Jerks for shows in Toronto which included their gig at the Bev under the Spankin' Monkeys. The Dead Kennedys gigs at the Concert Hall were paradigm shifting in terms of the punk scene at the time. Their first gig at the Wexford Battle of the Bands with Boris sporting a mohawk (see right). They talk about Quarantine's all ages matinees. They opened for the F.U.'s from Boston which gets covered in Bong Out. DRI and JFA slept on Boris' kitchen floor. JFA skated the parking garages in Kensington Market. They got to play Start Dancing and saw some of the shows at the Desh Bhaget which is the hall that Start Dancing broke in.  

Micro Edge spend some talking about the scene back then. Getting to see Teenage Head at the Wexford school dance had an impression on Boris. They shared a practice space with YYY and NJF after losing Dave's dad's basement. Dave meets Brian Taylor by chance at the York Mills subway station and wind up being gifted a "Why Pay More" demo which becomes a fought over prized possession. Chronic Submission's association with the skinhead scene. The importance of the Record Peddler on finding out about music, finding out about shows, and meeting people. And the Young Lions who had the Garage, supported Rock Against Racism, and set the groundwork for this scene.

You can download the show here. Download the full interview here. Pick up their LP through Ugly Pop. The playlist looks like this:

MICRO EDGE - (So you think you're) Hardcore, eh? (Ugly Pop)
MICRO EDGE - Attitudes, Feelings and Ideas (Ugly Pop)
MICRO EDGE - United We Skate (Ugly Pop)
MICRO EDGE - Energy through Noise (Ugly Pop)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Bent OK (Marquee)
MICRO EDGE - School (Ugly Pop)
MICRO EDGE - Livin' After Midnight (Ugly Pop)
MICRO EDGE - Louie Louie (Ugly Pop)
MICRO EDGE - Assholes (Ugly Pop)
MICRO EDGE - Untitled (Ugly Pop)

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Flyer - Saturday, August 31st, 2019

-Our Latin Thing Punk fest-
SATURDAY AUGUST 31st @ the Garrison
MURO (Colombia)
VICTIMAS (Colombia)
ESTORBO (Montreal)

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Radio - Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Tonight's show features an interview with Jose Moreno (promoter of the Our Latin Thing Punk fest), a feature on hockey and punk for a feature story I was interviewed for in an on-line piece that looks at the world where this intersects, and a demo feature of Conscripts. Download the show here.

DISORDER - Law and Disorder (Ace)

Our Latin Thing Punk fest....
was started up as a way to create a more inclusive space in Toronto's punk scene. This fest will showcase bands in this scene and in surrounding scenes effected by the Spanish diaspora. Next Saturday (August 31st) there is a show at the Garrison (1197 Dundas St W.) called “Our Latin Thing Punk Fest” and we speak with Jose Moreno one of the organizers for the fest. He came in tonight amidst a flurry of last minute organizing to tell us about the upcoming show and spin songs from most of the bands playing. We also get the line up for the after party so make sure you listen to the show to figure out how to get the instruction for that. We start off with the local bands playing the fest.

TASHME – 09/11/1973 (Self-Released)
MALDITA - Sonita (Self-Released)
SCORPIO RISING - Power (Self-Released)
QUE LASTIMA – Historias Falsas  (Self-Released)

Here are the bands from New York City
CES CADAVRES – Petrificados (Self-Released)
OLOR A MUERTE – Prision (Self-Released)

And lastly the headlining bands from Colombia
VICTIMAS –Futuro Incierto (Descomunal / Self-Released)
MURO - La Cuidad es Hostil (Byllepest)

The cost for the tickets is $25 for the main show and $10 for the after show. Show starts at 7:30pm

Here are some other Spanish speaking punk bands starting with a band from Bogota that has a split with Victimas, but we start wth a song fro their four way split release.

AMENAZAS - El Salado (Ruido Total / Maldito Sudace / Tutti Pazzi / Contraurras ediciones / Liberacion / Enrenadur / Ramon / Discos Sanjuanito / Seless Acts of Angers / Mierdallo / Massa Punk / Deskabezado / Bisounours Prod / Discos Bastardos)
HUASIPUNGO - Cuentos De Amor (Ruido Total / Maldito Sudace / Tutti Pazzi / Contraurras ediciones / Liberacion / Enrenadur / Ramon / Discos Sanjuanito / Seless Acts of Angers / Mierdallo / Massa Punk / Deskabezado / Bisounours Prod / Discos Bastardos)
IRREAL - Societat Verinosa (Sangre Azul / Self-Released)
HEDOR - Aferrados A Las Manos Que Aprietan (Noise of Hell / Ojala Me Muera / Hecatombe / Humanicide)
PERRA VIDA – Heroína (En Tu Kara)
RATA NEGRA - Es Unica (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SOGA – Insecto (Iron Lung)
SHOCK - Sexta Extinción (Mad Butcher / Malicia / La Negra / El Lokal / Indie Box Music @ 360 / Grita O Muere)
XENU AND THE THETANS - Dos Imperios (Slovenly / Musica Para Lorcos)

A few months back I was interviewed by a good friend and former colleague at CHRY, Sunaya Sapurji about a piece she had been researching that looked at the relationship between hockey and punk. The on-line story appeared on the Athletic and is called "How hockey became hardcore : The often complex relationship between the game and punk rock".  Sunaya built a playlist on spotify for the article and I pulled together some other songs mentioned in the article and some harder to find pieces to support the article. 

SLAPSHOT - I Got Your Number(Bridge Nine)
DOA – The Hockey Song (Sudden Death)
THE HANSON BROTHERS - Third Man In (Wrong)
TWO MAN ADVANTAGE - Hockey Junkie (Royalty)
PUP - Kids (Self-Released)
THE TET OFFENSIVE - No Fault Parenting (Self-Released)
HOCKEY TEETH - Game Face (Outcast)
GOOD RIDDANCE - Our Great Divide (Fat Wreck)
PROPAGANDHI - Dear Coach’s Corner (G7 Welcoming Committee)

Tonight's demo feature is a band based in Montreal with members from Boston and some other places. We featured their two song demo that came out last year. Since then Byllepest released a full length with the band's new line up. 

THE CONSCRIPTS – Protect and Survive (Self-Released)
THE CONSCRIPTS – To What End? (Self-Released)

We are going out with some new and old releases. 
ELECTRIC CHAIR - Law Means Nothing (Iron Lung)
UNDER ATTACK -Blood Soaked Eyes (Iron Lung)
T.S.O.L. - Property is Theft (Posh Boy)

Flyer - Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Monday, August 19, 2019

Radio - Sunday August 19th, 2019

Tonight's show featured co-host DJ Waves. We played a mix of material including bands from Australia and the UK and some CanCon as well featuring local bands that will be playing in the next couple of months. You can download the show here.


ACIDEZ - El Muro de la Verguenza
ACIDZ - Talking in Your Sleep
CURSED ARROWS - Unfortunate Few
THE RATS - Broken Wire Telephone

TURBONEGRO - All My Friends Are Dead

SLAVES - Sockets
SPINERETTE - Valium Nights
BAD OPTICS - Personality Proxy
FUZZ MUTT - Colorless

RADIO STARS - Is It Really Necessary?

DISHRAGS - Love is Shit
POWERSOLO - Transfixing Motherfucker

SHOPPING - Wild Child

IDLES - I'm Scum
DZ Death Rays - In To-It
DRANGE - We Can Do What We Want

REDD KROSS - Switchblade Sister

THE NASTIES - Time is Now 
DIRTY WORK - Brother
KEELIE - Dick Pic


CROSS DOG - White Lies

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Radio - Sunday, August 11th, 2019

Tonight's show we start off with a set about a show calendar for Toronto featuring bands playing Toronto in the next little bit. This includes an interview with Muro that we did last October. This airs with a new unreleased song. The SUBHUMANS UK song is brand new as well. A few debut features. We also feature a new band from London, Ontario called JOCK in our demo feature. Download the show here.

VAASKA - Poder Absoluto (Beach Impediment)

KREIGSHOG – Temptation (La Vida Es Un Mus / HG Fact) – playing August 16th at the  Velvet Underground
THE ADICTS – Straight Jacket (Dining Out) – playing August 18th at Mod Club
SOCIAL DISTORTION – 1945 (13th Floor) – playing September 3rd at Echo Beach
SUBHUMANS UK – Thought is Free (Pirates Press) – playing September 5th at Lee's
RANCID - Where I'm Going (Epitaph) - playing September 17th at Lee's

MURO Interview
Jose and I interviewed MURO in the back alley of Faith/Void when they were in town last, which was October 28th, 2018. They are going to be back in town for the Our Latin Thing Punk fest on Saturday August 31st at the baby G. We are going to start off the interview with the song “El Futuro”.
MURO – El Futuro (Byllepest / Beach Impediment / Junko / Pissed Off / Chain)
MURO – Interview
MURO – La Verdad (Byllepest / Beach Impediment / Junko / Pissed Off / Chain)
MURO – Interview
MURO – No Hay Lugar (Unreleased)

FINAL - Que Hago Aqui (Discos MMM)
ATRASO – Acumula (Byllepest)
AMENAZAS - Parque Nacional (Byllepest)
COMMEMIERDAS - El negocio musical (Byllepest)
VICTIMAS – No Puedes Dejar el Punk (Self-Released) - playing August 31st at Baby G

WARCYCLE - Frenzied Media (Televised Suicide / Skull Crasher)
CIVIC - Selling Sucking Blackmail Bribes (Total Punk)
ASID - Riastrad (La Vida Es Un Mus)
PEEDOH - Calladita no estas mas guapa (Overdose)
GAME – Oczarowanie (Beach Impediment) – playing August 16th at Velvet Underground
BYSTANDER - Where Did We Go Wrong (Goodwill / Safe Inside)

RECKONING FORCE - Focus (Not for the Weak)
CONDOR – Condor (Beach Impediment)
PROTRUDERS – Tax 101 (Feel It)
CURLEY'S – Bragging (Total Punk)
KNOWSO - Like a Buzz (Total Punk)
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Anti-Social Media (Fat Wreck)
RAMOMS – Boogie Not Snot (Pirates Press)

Tonight's demo feature is a band that Andre played a couple of weeks ago. They are from London, Ontario and you can find their demo on bandcamp

JOCK – Everyone Everywhere (Self-Released)
JOCK – Do Something (Self-Released)
JOCK – Games (Self-Released)
JOCK – Underfoot (Self-Released)
JOCK – Mind (Self-Released)

THE RE-VOLTS – Leeches
MILLENCOLIN - Trumpets and Poutine

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Radio - Sunday, August 4th, 2019

Starting out with our own statement on gun control through song and Channel 3 with shootings in Dayton, El Paso and Toronto.... Download the show here.

CHANNEL 3 - I've Got a Gun (No Future)

THE REBEL SPELL – I am a Rifle (G7 Welcoming Committee)
THE VICIOUS CYCLES - (I Hope That I Remembered To) Tighten Everything (Self-Released)
BUTCHER - When You See The Smoke (Desolate / Farewell / Break the Record)
DESTRIPADOS - Planeta Karcel (Black Water)
FUCK TOUTE - Interruption de service (GBS / Slam Disques)
ILLUSION - The Smoking Point (Streets of Hate / Control)
WILD SIDE – All Bark No Bite (Triple B)

DOGMATICS - Summertime (Lawless)
IDLES - 1049 Gotho (Bailey / Partisan / Hostless)
THE CHATS - Mum Stole My Darts (Self-Released / Bargain Bin)
THE FILTHY RADICALS - Thank God I Drank (Self-Released)
ATARIS - The Boys of Summer (Columbia)

FAUX DEPART - Pôle employ (Doomtown)
VENGANZA - El nuevo punk (Discos Enfermos / Youthanasia / The Safety Pin Generation / Mukizu / Absurda Existencia / Colilla / Andalucia Uber Alles)
HARRINGTON SAINTS - Counter Attack (Contra / Pirates Press)
CHARGER – Crackdown (Pirates Press)
HARD CHARGER - 10 A.M. (Wasted Time / Doomsday Machine / D7i / Emergency)
THESE BASTARDS - Into the Mosh
DEVIANT - Erotic and Evil

CROSS DOG - Destroyer (Self-Released)
THE BEARS - Oh Me (Cherry Red)
PRIESTS - Modern Love / No Weapon
SHIP OF FOOLS - Shallow Graves (Self-Released)
POWER TRIP - Armageddon Blues (Southern Lord)

BOB MOULD - Thirty Dozen Roses (Merge)
DESCENDENTS - Opt In (Epitaph)
CRO-MAGS - Drag You Under (Victory / Arising Empire)
TRAGEDY - Swallow the Pill (Self-Released)
SLAPSHOT - Edge Break Your Face (Bridge 9)
SICK OF IT ALL - Hardcore Horseshoe (Century Media / Fat Wreckords)

ZERO DEFEX - 2 Minute Hate (Get Revenge) 
WASTED YOUTH – Reagan’s In (ICI Sanoblast / open Circle / Medusa)
JERRYS KIDZ - That's Life (Test Site)
SUBVERTS - Radiation Nation (Clandestine)
THE YOUNG LIONS - Young Amerika (Schizophrenic)

Tonight's demo feature is Skumstrike from Montreal. The band has two recordings and this is their latest titled "Pure Coercion" which you can download from bandcamp.

SKUMSTRIKE - Re-Education (Self-Released)
SKUMSTRIKE - Corporal Punishment (Self-Released)
SKUMSTRIKE - Insubordination (Self-Released)
SKUMSTRIKE - Until Death (Self-Released)
SKUMSTRIKE - The Plot 1987 (Self-Released)

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Radio - Sunday, July 28th, 2019

Tonight's show starts out with a French street punk inspired set featuring bands from Old and New France. There is a a show report on the Pig Destroyer show. Lots of new releases. Digging into variations of emo. And a demo feature by Ottawa's Torpor. You can download the show here.

CHARM - U Don't Talk (Self-Released

DERNIER FUTUR - Que Faire? (General Strike / Cool Marriage / Tranzophobia / Loses and the Caves / Colilla / Anadalucia Uber Alles / Super Cocktail)
RIXE - Nuit Rasoir (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CHARGE 69 – Propaganda (Combat Rock)
HAPPY KOLO - Votez Pour Moi (Autonomy)
PROXY – Parasites (Discos MMM)
FORCE MAJEURE - Guerre Civile (LCS)

SPINE - Grip (Bad Teeth)
PIG DESTROYER - Mt. Skull (Relapse)
TOMB MOLD - Planetary Clairvoyance (They Grow Inside II) (Self-Released)
SECT - Crocodile Prayers (Southern Lord)

GLIB - Pipebomb the house show (Self-Released
DECISIONS - Rich Punx on Coke (Self-Released
U.X.A. - No Time + U.X.A. (Posh Boy / Get Back)
BETTY MACHETE AND THE ANGRY COUGARS - Who Dies First (H-Bomb Records and Cylinders)
XENU AND THE THETANS - Morir de Amor (Slovenly / Muica Para Locos)
ABORTED TORTOISE - Do Not Resuscitate (Televised Suicide)

THE SCARE - Get Out (Life of Dreams)
SVFFER - Arrows (Per Koro / Vendetta)
NEGATIVE PRESS - Pastor's Son (Inimical)
AMYYGDALA - It May Be Those who do most, , dream the most
FRAIL - Inquisition (Make Your Own Noise)

GEN POP - Waxing State (Feel It)
ISS - Armchair Aryan (Richard Spencer's Gifts) (Sorry State)
KALEIDOSCOPE - Development Crisis (La Vida Es Un Mus)
MONGREL - Target In Sight (Self-Released)
DESLIZ – Idolo (Self-Released
SLUMP - Peace Freaks (Self-Released

OVERO - Constellations (Self-Released
COLD SHOWERS - I Don't Mind (Dais
INFEST - Cold inside (Deep Six / Draw Blanks)
DARK CIRCLES - The Coldest Year / Le Drapeau Noir (
JOCK - Do Something (Self-Released)

VICTIMAS - No Puedes Dejar el Punk (Self-Released)
DOTS - Spinal Tap (Dirt Cult)
GUFF - Guns at the Border (Self-Released)
QUE LASTIMA – Enfermo (Self-Released)
CEMENT SHOES - Satanic Soul Picnic 

Demo Feature
TORPOR from Ottawa have two recordings together. This is their first one that was released as a cassette and is called “Culture Sanglante”. This can be found on bandcamp.

TORPOR – Intro (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Le Neant (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Culture Sanglante (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Traitors (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Final Judgement (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Terre Mére (Self-Released)
TORPOR – Blissful Ignorance (Self-Released)

RATIONS NOISE - Screams of the Wounded and Dying

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Flyer - Tuesday July 23rd, 2019

TONIGHT - at the Toronto Public Reference Library, Beeton Hall, 6:00pm start a live podcast with the folks behind the book Tomorrow is Too Late. Will be part of a live podcast called "Kreative Kontrol".

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Radio - Sunday, July 21st, 2019

This week there was a big to do about the 50th anniversary of the moon landing so....we started with a live version of the Police hit. Download the show here.

THE POLICE - Walking on the Moon (Masquerad)

MAN OR ASTRO MAN? - F=GmM(moon)-R² (One Louder)
MARK MALIBU AND THE WASAGAS -Psychedelic Summer (Wasaga)
THE SCENICS - Face It Again (Self-Released)
FLESH RAG -In Another Dimension (Schizophrenic / Loose Lips)

DBOY – Dboy for President (Self-Released)
JACK SPADES – To the Left (Performance and Recreational Council / Dying Alone)
GEOFF PALMER – I Like Murder Too (Rum Bar)
THE CRETINS – Haven’t Got a Clue (Dirty Water)
CROMM FALLON - East Bay (Rum Bar)

KHIIS – Bezoar (La Vida Es Un Mus
IRREAL -Societat Verinosa (Self-Released
SKUMSTRIKE – Insubordination (Self-Released
ILLICIT - L'histoire se répète (Self-Released)
HEXX - Human Conditioning (Televised Suicide / Regurgitated Semen)

KILLROY A.D. – Zombie Love (Self-Released)
THE CASTOR TROYS – Blackout Love (Self-Released)
THE PEAWEES – Cause You Don’t Owe Me (Rum Bar)
THE MAKERS – (Are you on the Inside or Outside of Your) Pants (Estrus)
THE BROOD – Why Don’t You call Me?

THE HUNDRED STEEPLES - Where Do I Fit In (Self-Released
THE MOOR - Just Another Lie (Self-Released
TOTAL MASSACRE - Fascists Stole My Haircut (Self-Released
FERIDA - Entre l'Obscuritat (Andalucia Uber Alles / Polze de la Mort / Fuck Empty Music)
BAD RELIGION - Old Regime (Epitaph)

THE BOSS MARTIANS – Rob Roy’s Revenge
THE SHIVVERS – When I Was Younger (Fliptop / Bachelor)
BIG G – I Hate the Whole Human Race (Only Fit for the Bin)

AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - Pleasure Forever (Self-Released)
CARNE - Romper Cosas (Andalucia Uber Alles)
DIRTY JUNK – 10,000 (Don't Panic)
TELEKRIMEN - Ni Esperanza Ni Futuro  (Slovenly / Musica Para Locos)