Sunday, September 30, 1979

Thursday, September 20, 1979

The Demics "Talk's Cheap" 12'

The Demics were the best known band from London, Ontario. London is a city two hours west of Toronto. Keith Whittaker was the singer and was most well known in the band. Rob Brent was the guitarist, Iain Atkinson the bassist, and Nick Perry the drummer. The band first played a loft party in front of 250 people on December 23, 1977. Jim Weatherstone replaced Neil Perry on the skins. The Demics started playing in Toronto with the Viletones, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, and the Dead Boys and by late 1978 had recorded their first EP. The recording was done by some sound engineering students at fanshawe who did the recording as a project for school and they set up the label Ready Records to put out the recording. "New York City" is the hit of the 12" that started getting loads of airplay and an anthem in it' own right. Songs like "Oh Well" were 43 seconds in length and proved that the Demics could right a punk song as well.

1. I Wanna Know
2. You Tell Me
3. Talk's Cheap
4. New York City
5. Oh Well

The Engineer was Kevin Doyle and the 12" was produced by Andrew Crosbie and Angus MacKay for Daily Productions.

Wednesday, September 19, 1979

Pointed Sticks "Lies!" ep

This was the third Pointed Sticks ep to get released by Quintessence qand was recorded before the band went over to England to record for Stiff. This is the line up where Dimwit had joined the band and is on this recording. There is a great family tree of the band that appears on the Bloodied but Unbowed website. the band sold 11,000 copies of the three singles, which is insane for a punk band back then. The songs on here are:
1. Lies
2. I'm Numb

Wednesday, September 12, 1979

Flyer - Wednesday September 12, 1979

I think there were two flyers for this show. This would have been when the Gary's left the Horseshoe and started booking the Edge. The Suspects headlined and Tyranna opened up.

Saturday, September 8, 1979

Flyer - Saturday September 8, 1979

Flyer - Friday September 7, 1979

The Garys put on this show. It was the first time the legendary film  "Last Pogo" was shown in public. The Buzzcocks set was recorded and can be downloaded from a site called I've made you a tape. Go to Disc Three of the link above.

Tuesday, September 4, 1979

Monday, September 3, 1979

Flyer - Friday September 3, 1979

This was a show put on by the Next. The idea was to put on a show for the poor kids who couldn't get away on Labour Day. So they invited Tyranna, the Fictions, the Basics, the Watts Powerhill, the Forgotten Rebels and NFG from London. NFG would later become 63 Monroe. 6 bands for 6 bucks at the Rock Palace.