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Top 10 – April 2007

Top 10 – April 2007

1. BEHIND ENEMY LINES “One Nation Under the Iron Fist of God” CD (Profane Existence)
2. JIBARA “And Now And” ep (HG Fact)
3. GET THE MOST “Common Goals” CD (Crucial Response)
4. APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT “Armageddon Won’t be Brought by Gods” ep (Profane Existence)
5. PIOVRA LA “L’Ultim Sigaretta” LP (Agipunk)
6. V/A “Mal do Ojo” CD (Southkore)
7. TRIOXIN 245 “The Experiment” CD (Counteract 81)
8. MERKIT / ROBOTEER split ep (IFB)
9. THE BAD AMPS “Two Face” ep (It’s Alive)
10. DISCIDER “Total Loss” ep (Offensive Media)

Label Info:
* PROFANE EXISTENCE – P.O. Box 8722 / Minneapolis, MN / 55408 / USA /
* HG FACT – 105 Nakanoshinbashi / M 2-7-15 Yayoi / Chou Nakano / Tokyo 164-0013 / Japan /
* CRUCIAL RESPONSE – Kaisersfeld 98 / 46047 Oberhausen / Germany /
* AGIPUNK – c/o Milani G / Via p. palagi 3 / 40138 Bologna / Italy /
* SOUTHKORE – 2814 Spalding Avenue / Chicago, IL / 60623 / USA /
* COUNTERACT 81 – Rue Sainte Cecile 13005 / Marseille / France /
* IFB – 4447 St. Clair Avenue / Ft. Myers, FL / 33903 / USA /
* IT’S ALIVE – 11411 Hewes Street / Orange, CA 92869 / USA
* OFFENSIVE MEDIA – P.O. Box 260276 / Madison, WI / 53726 / USA *

Sunday, April 29, 2007

DOA - The Only Thing Green (Captain Oi!)

STATUES - Living in Lines (Radio 81)
CCSS - Punk Whores (Radio 81)
RED DONS - West Bank (Deranged)
DICKS - Rich Daddy (SST)
MENACE - Screwed Up (Illegal)

LIFE CRISIS - Warstarters (Get Revenge)
BILL BONDSMEN - ATS 909 (Schizophrenic)
OUT COLD - You Have My World (Schizophrenic)
WASTE MANAGEMENT - Dead Weight (Self-Released)
SS DECONTROL - Boiling Point (Exclaim)

POINTED STICKS - When She's Alone (CD Track 5)
POINTED STICKS - You Must be Crazy (Sudden Death)

LOSER LIFE - I Want the World (Life's a Rage)
KNIFE FIGHT - Burning Bridges (My War)
TOTALITAR - Vi Ar Eliten (Feral Ward)
VICIOUS - Igen (Feral Ward)
CROSS LAWS - Buried Alive (Cross Laws)

Demo Feature
KILDREN - Greasy Humans (Self-Released)
KILDREN - Walk (Self-Released)
KILDREN - Masters of All Kind (Self-Released)
KILDREN - Digitox (Self-Released)
KILDREN - Barren Wasteland (Self-Released)
KILDREN - World of Whorecraft (Self-Released)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

Radio - Sunday, April 22, 2007

SKULLFACE AND OTHERS - Bike Joust (Self-Released)

NON PROFIT - Non Profit (Nic Nie )
CROSS LAWS - Don't call This Life (Cross Laws)
URBAN BLIGHT - Urban Blight (Deranged)
NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE - Tension / Nightstick Justice (Even Worse)
SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE - Human Bomb (Urban Death Mission)
WAR ALL THE TIME - The Death Rattle (Crime Scene)

DISCARD - Condemned to Oppression (Swedish Punk Classics)
BASTARDS - Sodan Uhka (Propoganda)
KONTEMPT - No Gods no Violence (The Total End)
AARITILA - Euroopan Unioni (Hardcore Holocaust)
SVART SNO - nar prinsessan fvller ar (Prank)
LEGION666 - Karnvapen Attack (Schizophrenic)

Studio 3 session
U LOCK TERROR - Privileged enough to write a song about it (CIUT)
U LOCK TERROR - Footprints (CIUT)
U LOCK TERROR - To the Architects of Horros (CIUT)
U LOCK TERROR - Interview (CIUT)

MARGARET THRASHER - Doesn't Matter (Clarence Thomas)
SHOOT IT UP - Broadway Glass (Fashionable Idiots)
OUT WITH A BANG - Cursed from Birth (Proud to be a Idiot)
CAREER SUICIDE - Saving Face (Deranged)
SEX/VID - Suspended Daylight (DOM America)

BORN BAD - Authority Bullshit (Fashionable Idiots)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Police Story (Self-Released)
FUCKED UP - Invisible Leader (Jade Tree / Deranged)
ALTERNATE ACTION - Tough Times (Unreleased)
THE BUSINESS - Maradona (Captain Oi!)

Demo Feature
MERKIT - Try It (Self-Released)
MERKIT - Hardcore Yuppies (Self-Released)
MERKIT - That's What You Get (Self-Released)
MERKIT - Give It a Rest (Self-Released)
MERKIT - Fuck You Chuck Palahniuk (Self-Released)
MERKIT - No Gods No Masters (Self-Released)

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

Vicious Cycle "I'm Watching You" ep

This is the first single by this Sudbury quintet. A label from another francophone city Sherbrooke, released the single. The label was called Vinyl Addict. The band was inspoired by the rennaissance of early American hardcore and that is reflected in their sound. The songs on here are:

1. Annoy
2. Bent
3. Terminate
4. Boring Face
5. Negative Space
6. I'm Watching You

Motherfuckers "The Mother of All Fuckers" CD

This CD is a collection of the first CD ep and some material that the band was working on before Rich William's untimely death in 2006. The song "Lost" was written about Rich. The songs on here are:
1. Too Dumb To Live
2. Lost
3. Mama Tried
4. Just Punk Rock
5. E.M.O.
6. Jerk-Around Queen
7. I'm Gonna Go Postal
8. Bomb the Stampede
9. Suicide
10. Designated Drinker
11. Let's Talk About Turkey
12. Winner's circle
13. Pissed in the Pit
14. Rock Bottom
15. Apathy & Boredom
16. Ode to Beer
17. Anarchy in the Girls' Room
18. Somethin' Else

Radio - Sunday, April 15, 2007

DISCHARGE - A Look at Tomorrow (Captain Oi!)

THE PLAGUE - Lay Me in the Moonlight (Detour)
DREAM DATES - Mess You're In (Ugly Pop / Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
THE OUTCASTS - Gangland Warfare (Cherry Red)

CLOROX GIRLS - Straight to my Head (BYO)
THE SUSPICIONS - We're All Wrong (Nerve Wracking)
TRANZMITORS - Teenage Tragedy (Deranged)

BATTALION OF SAINTS - Fair Warning (Enigma)
REALLY RED - White Lies (Empty)
THE FIX - Famous (Touch n Go)

DANGERLOVES - Young Pretender (CIUT)

STATE - Sick (Deranged)
ACID REFLUX - I'm no Soldier (No Way)
WOUND UP - How to Make Friends (Painkiller)

SUNPOWER - Anger is an Energy (Peter Bowers)
WARKRIME - Fuck it (No Way)
RATS, THE - Out of Control (Thrashbastard)
ENCROACHED - Shoot the icons (Shock to the System)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Those Who Have come to the end (Hardcore Holocaust)

RETAINERS - Kill My Boss (Fashionable Idiots)
VILETONES - Screamin' Fist (Man's Ruin)
THE VICIOUS - Masshysteria (Feral Ward)

HOME BLITZ - Hey! (Self-Released)

MURDALIZER - Stain (Self-Released)
FUCK THIS - Who Stays Who Goes (Self-Released)
KRIMINAL POGO - I Didn't Like IT (Self-Released)
MICRO EDGE - Second Last (Self-Released)

WIPERS - Tragedy (Jackpot)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007


This issue came out on April 2007. This issue feature Die Brucke from Halifax. We also got to interview Jill Heath one of the most important show promoters from the early Toronto hardcore scene. Aaron Brown interviews Joey Shithead from DOA. Greg Dick reviews the Mods reunion show. there is lots of reviews and show listings.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Radio - Sunday, April 8, 2007

BEYOND POSSESSION - No Religion (Melodiya)

THE BUSINESS - Can't Take Much More (Captain Oi!)
LOWER CLASS BRATS - See You Go (Dirty Punk)
UK SUBS - Riot (Dirty Punk)
INSTANT AGONY - Ripped Off (Self-Released)
CHAOS UK - All or Nothing / Hearts of Noize (HG Fact)
DISCHARGE - Always Restrictions (Captain Oi!)

BLANK STARE - Cowards (Refuse)
NOTHING DONE - Washing My Time / Creation for Destruction (Not Just Words)
HATRED SURGE - Wolf in it's Clothing (625 Productions)
IRON AGE - Decrease the Peace (Next Level)
DEATH CYCLE - O, Say, Can you See ? (Lifeline)
HAYMAKER - Another Friend to the End (Deranged)

S.C.U.M. - Go To War (Psyche)
FAIR WARNING - Problems (Sonik's Chicken Shrimp)
PILGER - PH Decontrol (Go Down Fighting)
7 SECONDS - These Boots are Made for Walking (Pazzafist)
MINOR THREAT - (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (Dischord)

GENTLEMEN JESSE AND HIS MEN - I Don't Wanna Know (Douchemaster)
MEERCAZ - Unlust (Point Wrex)
CARBONAS - Satisfy Me (Die Slaughterhaus)
CLOROX GIRLS - Novicain (Bachelor)
KING KHAN & THE BBQ SHOW - Too Much in Love (In the Red)

DUSTHEADS - Save our Souls (Don Giovanni)
TEENAGE HURRICANES - Saturday Bedroom Rock and Roll (Self-Released)
THE CONVERSIONS - The Worms (Namennago)
NITAD - En For Mycket Art re Forfa (Deranged)
LARM - Mouthful of Teeth / Move to Russia (Way Back When)
REPERCUSSIONS - Bomb the Pulpit (540)

GENETIC CONTROL - Love Rat (Sonik's Chicken Shrimp)
RIBZY - Slander (Vinehell)
JFA - 1-10 (Alternative Tentacles)
PLAIN WRAP - 104 (Grand theft Audio)
THE ZERO POINT - Going Mad! (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
NO EXIT - (Self-Released)
NO EXIT - (Self-Released)
NO EXIT - (Self-Released)
NO EXIT - (Self-Released)
NO EXIT - (Self-Released)

Monday, April 2, 2007

Sunday, April 1, 2007

SEX PISTOLS - EMI (Warner Brothers)

SCREECHING WEASEL - Oscar Mayer Weiner (Underdog)
ADRENALIN O.D. - Brady Bunch (Grand Theft Audio)
BEDLAM - Flintstones (Buy Our Records)
GOOD CLEAN FUN - loserdotcom (Phyte)
R.A.M.B.O. - What Doesn't Kill Us Makes us Mosh Harder (625 Productions)
TH'INBRED - Postive song (Bonzen)
THE HICKOIDS - Williamanza (Toxic Shock)
BORN AGAINST - A Whopper of a Tale (Vermiform)
HANSON BROTHERS - Get Right Back (Mint)
DOA - Takin Care of Business (Unreleased)

CONFLICT - They Said That ..... (Mortarhate)
BEHIND ENEMY LINES - Gluttons of Priviledge (Profane Existence)
THE PIST - Ideas are bulletproof (Elevator)
RKL - Feelings of Hate (Mystic)
HAPPY BASTARDS - Femme Fatale (Profane Existence)
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT - Enslaved (Profane Existence)
NAUSEA - Godless (Black Noize)

MADIDO RESPIRO - I Don't Want to Die (Self-Released)
PEGGIO PUNX - Solitudine (S.O.A.)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Terminal Preppie / Trust Your Mechanic (Alternative Tentacles)
MORTAL COMBAT CD - The Challenge (Thrash Steady Syndicate)

JIBARA - Envy ? (HG Fact)
IMPERIAL LEATHER - Medium Vacuum (MCR Company)
TERMINAL STATE - Wake Up (Deranged)
DANGERLOVES - Lip Smart (Self-Released)
THE METAL EDDIES - All Girl Band (No Vinyl)

COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION - I'll Do Anything (Self-Released)
GBH - Church of the Truly Warped (Captain Oi!)
DRONGOS FOR EUROPE – Children of Apathy (Punk Shit)
ONE WAY SYSTEM – Guilty (G.M.M.)
VARUKERS - No Hope of a Future (Captain Oi!)
CLASHDOGS - 9 (MCR Company)

Top 10 for March 2006
COBRA NOIR - Walled In (Chainsaw Safety)
ARMAGEDOM - Viganca (Hate)
LA PIOVRA - Danni Collaterali (Punks Before Profits)
FORCED MARCH - Wasted Existence (Self-Released)
AFTER THE MASSACRE – War of Hatred (S.O.A.)
AFFLUENTE - l'insieme Formale del Vissuto (S.O.A.)
CARDIAC ARREST - Fat Lord (No Way)
WARKRIME - No More (No Way)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Excrement of the Gods (Hardcore Holocaust)

Demo Feature
CRIMINAL INTENT - Criminal Intent (Self-Released)
CRIMINAL INTENT - Boring Life (Self-Released)
CRIMINAL INTENT - Depressed (Self-Released)
CRIMINAL INTENT - Suicide (Self-Released)
CRIMINAL INTENT - Police (Self-Released)
CRIMINAL INTENT - I Can't Take This (Self-Released)
CRIMINAL INTENT - Deceived (Self-Released)