Friday, July 21, 1989

Sons of Ishmael "...Sing Generic Crap" ep

The band at the time featured Tim Freeborn on vocals, Glenn Poirier and Paul Morris on guitar, Mike Canzi on bass, and Chris Black on drums. Their faces were pasted on the heads of the Bay City Rollers for this cover art. The back cover made fun of a Rollins record that put Ian MacKaye's name in huge letters on the back cover as the producer. There is also a sample used of Doug Galbraith who was the boyfriend of the Ildiko club owner that would dress up and introduce all the hardcore bands at shows that took place there. Really only known to people in Toronto. Songs on here are:

1. Downsview
2. The Hallowe'en Party
3. Elastic Sympathies
4. Fluffy the Cat
5. Jimmy Swaggart Stuck his Pee-Pee in my Poo-Poo

6. Obnoxious
7. Less Than Zero
8. Man and His Penis Sceptre
9. Louie Louie
10. The Waltz

Thursday, July 20, 1989