Sunday, September 21, 2003

Zine - Mosh Yankee 3

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This is issue 3 of Mosh Yankee. This issue featured pieces on Cursed, the Control from Buffalo, the prowl from Boston, the Circle Jerks, and Manowar. There is also a piece on Yannick's label, the Great American Steak Religion, which was the record label that preceeded the mighty Feral Ward Records. And the back page is an anti smoking piece that originally appeared on a Born Against record that ebullition did.

Radio - Sunday, September 21, 2003

HOSTAGE LIFE - Inside Celebrity Rectum (CIUT)
HOSTAGE LIFE - Ceci N'est Pas Une Chanson (CIUT)
HOSTAGE LIFE - Ginnie Applejack and the Potato Sack Prom Dress (CIUT)
HOSTAGE LIFE - McDonalds Everywhere (CIUT)
HOSTAGE LIFE - Empty Wallet (CIUT)
HOSTAGE LIFE - Money Parade (CIUT)
HOSTAGE LIFE - Target Tattoo (CIUT)
HOSTAGE LIFE - Nickel Sneakers (CIUT)
HOSTAGE LIFE - Happy 200 and Anything (CIUT)

Radio - Sunday, September 21, 2003

RUNNING FOR COVER - Bitter / You'll Forget / Extinct (CIUT)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Collateral Damage (CIUT)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Throw Me Away / Matriarchy (CIUT)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Form / Usa la Tua Rabia (Wretched) (CIUT)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Danger List / Parasite (CIUT)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Enormous Appeal (CIUT)
RUNNING FOR COVER - You are the Victim (CIUT)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Interview, Part 1 (CIUT)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Interview, Part 2 (CIUT)

This incredible new power violence inspired band from Buffalo played in Studio 3 and the did a Wretched and Raw Power cover as part of their set.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

AK 47 "Free Palestine" CD

This is the band's third release. It came out four years after the band's split with Hudson Mack. At this point long time drummer Luke left the band. This was significant because Luke had played with Tony in Nothing to Lose, which was a band that preceeded AK 47 and really is a continuation of their work. Dave Morin, the band's original bassist, also left and Tony had played with him in Hudson Mack. So the line up on this release was very different from the first two releases. Jesse cahill initially filled in on drums but had other commitments, so this is where Jamie willis of Hudson Mack and M Blanket fame enters the picture. darryl Clark became the bass player and he played in a band called Pressure Cooker prior to joining AK 47. Daryl does the singing on "Texas Blood" and Bottle". The songs on here aren't as blazing fast as the band has been known to play and consist of:

1. 2-Bit Terrorist
2. Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win
4. Dead Faith
5. Nihilistic
6. Prisonhouse Of Nations
7. Nothing
8. False Judgement
9. Defiant Days
10. Fire
11. Free Palestine
12. No Turning Back
13. I Won't Forget
14. Where
15. Texas Blood
16. Revolutionary
17. Sendero Lives
18. F.F.M.F
19. Empire In Decline
21. Re-Education Camp #7

Monday, September 1, 2003

Zine - Not a Game #2

Not a Game was a fanzine from Thornhill done by Tim Wesson. This was his second issue and it came out in the Fall of 2003. There was an insert with a Career Suicide interview, but the main piece was an interview with Fucked Up. There was an interview with Moment of youth from Baltimore. tere was a reprint of a Youth of Today interview from a krshna zine called Razor's Edge. There are some great photos and reviews and a back page photo of Haymaker.