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Top 10 – June 2017

Top Ten – June 2017

1. ESCORT Demo (Self-Released)
2. OBSTRUCTION Demo (Self-Released)
3. AXE RASH Head vs Wall Imminent Destruction
4. FATIGUE Scab Warthog Speaks
5. STATE FUNERAL Tory Party Prison (Self-Released)
6. F.I.T.S. Feeding Illness to Society Blow Blood
7. FUCK YOU PAY ME Dumbed Down Tank Crimes
8. DROOL Demo (Self-Released)
9. TOTALOVE Lo que toco lo Destruyo cassette (Self-Released)
10. LETHAL DOSE Demo (Self-Released)


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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Radio - Sunday, June 25th, 2017

This program is in support of the Pride weekend and the band's on this show have songs about issues effecting the LGBTQ community, identify as queer-core, or are LGBTQ positive. Happy pride everybody. Download an MP3 file here.

YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH – Blue Stain (Self-Released)

CLOUDGAYZER - All Gay Cops Are Traitors (Self-Released)
SKAYA -No Hope With Cops (Self-Released)
CLITERATI -Marked by God (Self-Released)
BODY BETRAYAL – My Gender is Queer (Self-Released)
VIOLENT PASTELS - Sweet Lady Vengeance (Self-Released)

G.L.O.S.S. - Trans Day of Revenge (Sabotage / Total Negativity)
SLOUCH – Not A Girl (Ditches) (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - Hide In Shame (Larry Tony Produzioni)
NAIVE SENSE - Cold Queer Vengeance (Self-Released)
SORROWS – Dont Bring Me Down (Self-Released)

IRON – Perv Pride (Mosh Potatos)
EAT MY FEAR – F.O.M.O.- Berlin
CLOSET BURNER – Gay Edge - Illinois
YOUTH OF TOGAY – Gay Edge Revenge - Boston
GO! – A Day to Fight For (Forefront)
LIMP WRIST – Rainbows (Lengua Armada)

CAUSA – Q.P.O.C. (Self-Released)
LUBE – Gender Fucked (Self-Released)
Hardcore Boys - Does Your Daddy Know (Self-Released)
P.I.S.S. - Get Fucked (Self-Released)

PEEPLE WATCHIN' - Buttfuck Hill – Boston
PANSY DIVISION – Blame the Bible (Alternative Tentacles)
KINKY– 12FU (Self-Released)
THE HOMEWRECKERS - Clothing Optional (Nervous Nelly)
TRASHY - Things You Never Want To Hear (Self-Released0

AGATHA - Nervous Gender (Self-Released)
FAGATRON – Punk You (Self-Released)
GAY PANIC DEFENCE - Gay Panic Defence (Self-Released)
EEKUM SEEKUM - Pink Dollar$ (Self-Released)
QUEER ANNE's REVENGE - Song For Jarrod & Taylor(Self-Released)
MEAN BIKINI - Sick of Love (Self-Released)
SISSYFIT - Never Fuck a Gemini (Self-Released)
GLORY HOLE –Fight Back Fuck Hard (Self-Released)

NERVOUS WRECK – Self Conscious Queer / Constant Crisis (Self-Released)
DECISIONS – Control (Death by Sheep)
ANTI-VIBES – Monotony (Self-Released)
FUCKING DYKE BITCHES – Prohomo (Self-Released)
TINA PANIC NOISE – Chemical Castration (Self-Released)

WARPATH – Silence = Death (Self-Released)
RAIVORAITTIUS - Queer Punx Night Out (Self-Released)
HOMOSUPERIOR – Hearts (Self-Released)
POOF - Now You Disappear - Loveless (Self-Released)

Live at Soybomb, October 2016
G.L.O.S.S. - G.L.O.S.S. (We're from the Future) (lLve)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Ottawa. You can find the demo on bandcamp.

GURM – Intro (Self-Released)
GURM – Momma's Girl (Self-Released)
GURM – Talking Heads (Self-Released)
GURM – Rip Exotica (Self-Released)
GURM – Scumbag (Self-Released)
GURM – Hentai Boy (Self-Released)
GURM – Brett Boi (Self-Released)

Live at Soybomb, October 2016
G.L.O.S.S. - Give Violence a Chance (Live)
G.L.O.S.S. - Fight (Live)

Flyer - Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sick of Shit studio 3 session

Sick of Shit are from Hamilton. Earlier this year Schizophrenic released their first ep titled "Fuck You Volume 1". The artwork of the cover is done by Darren Cosgrove. The band tells us the story of how that came about in an interview we did after this session. The band Nate and Grant who have been into the station before with the band Gunnar Hansen and Black Eyes Club. These two guys have been in a handful of other bands from Hamilton which include Sonicrime and Dismantle. Adam is originally from Georgetown before moving to the Hammer but he played in a band with the guys from Wretched Fools. Ian Wilkinson recorded this session and he recorded the following songs:

1. Time's Up
2. Second Coming (Battalion of Saints cover)
3. Damage
4. Eyes of the Hated
5. Saving Grace
6. Brain Drain
7. Lifestyles (Poison Idea cover)
8. Hidden Hand
9. Drugs
10. Success
11. Blackened Skies
12. Play the Victim

The band also recorded a station ID and a show ID.

Punks n Rockers has a video of the session available:

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Radio - Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Dragged In were at CIUT on Tuesday May 30th. The band is relatively new although they have been jamming since the break up of Dead Mouth. Marty and Dave got Bruce from End Program to jam who then brought in Patty from Brutal Youth and when they recorded they passed it on to Cox to mix. Cox digs the band and joins and the line up is set. Now that is the Reader's Digest version of how they got together but the band members talk different versions of their origin story, which is completely opposite to each other. After the air clears the band talks about their influences, their good fortune in playing with bag named bands, their songs, their recordings, punk in Newfoundland / Labrador, and ranch salad dressing among other things. You can check out the interview on the player above or download an MP3 file here.

DRAGGED IN – Dragged In (CIUT) 
DRAGGED IN – Interview (CIUT)
DRAGGED IN – Interview (CIUT)
DRAGGED IN – Interview (CIUT)
DRAGGED IN – Safe Together (CIUT)
DRAGGED IN – Interview (CIUT)
DRAGGED IN – Empty Glasses (CIUT)
DRAGGED IN – Interview (CIUT)
DRAGGED IN – Until It Kills (CIUT)
DRAGGED IN – Interview (CIUT)
DRAGGED IN – Absolute (CIUT) 
DRAGGED IN – Interview (CIUT)
DRAGGED IN – Unsinkable (CIUT)

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blank Stares studio 3 sessions

Blank Stares are a new band that features some people who have played in other bands and moonlight in some other bands. Taras was the drummer in Riot99 and City Sweethearts and was the person who set up this session. Tara is originally from Edmonton and played in a well known band called The Glory Stompers before moving to Toronto. Well it turns out that the keyboard player, Andrew, is originally from Edmonton but they only found out in the interview afterwards. Andrew also plays in Century Palms and brings a real new wave element to the sound. The band's ring leader, Travis, played in Terminal Licks and had guest-hosted a tribute show to Vassil who he played in Terminal Licks with. Vassil played in City Sweethearts so Vassil seems to be a common denominator between Taras and Travis. Mikey is the bass player who plays in First Base and runs Hosehead Records. Mikey shares a love for the Undertones with Travis and all these little things are what helps build the chemistry among the players and makes this band work.

It was Travis's birthday so the band held a little surprise celebration.

We recorded the following songs:

1. I've Been Trying
2. Lonesome Nights
3. Summer's Here
4. Sirens
5. Dark Ages
6. Won't Wait
7. Forget About Me
8. Computer Love (Kraftwerk cover)

Blank Stares also did a station ID and a show I. The session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson and videotaped by Aldo Erdic.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Radio - Sunday, June 11th, 2017

Above is the player for the show. We started out with some references to upcoming shows. You can download an MP3 file of the show to take it and go.

PEDESTRIAN - Renter (Self-Released)

CELL - Contempt (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Incorporation (La Vida Es Un Mus)
VIDEO FILTH - Third Eye (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA - L'horreur (Self-Released)
F.I.T.S. - These Walls are Made of Shit (Blow Blood)

SHAM 69 – Borstal Breakout (Polydor)
COCK SPARRER – We Love You (Decca)
FORGOTTEN REBELS – I Think of Her (Star)
THE URINALS – Ack Ack Ack (Happy Squid)

A set of power violence bands
SIDETRACKED - Shattered Will (Self-Released)
MODERN PAIN - Mind Grinder (Six Feet Under)
RESPONSE - Drop Out (Self-Released)
KAYA – III (Self-Released)
RECENSION – American Jackass (Self-Released)
INTENSIVE CARE - Fragile Bodies (Iron Lung)

THE PANDORA- Going His Way (Voxx)
THE APE-ETTES – Free Like Fire (Self-Released)
THE DARTS – My Heart is a Graveyard (Dirty Water)
MOMMY LONG LEGS – Bitch Island (Youth Riot)

STABBING DEVICE – Punk (Self-Released)
ASMEREIR - Skate Destroy (Self-Released)
FZ-10 - Punk Hjarta (Rock SVB / Doomsday)
THE SURGE – Democrazy (Fazer)
CELLULOID - Death Rides West (Casino Trash)

ALCOHOL FUELED – Calling into Work (Self-Released)
FERAL TRASH – Ghost in You (Mammoth Cave / P Trash)
STEVE ADAMYK BAND – Give It Away (Dirtnap / Waterslide)
TELECOMO – Lipstick (Self-Released)
RADIUM DOXY – Antipathy (Self-Released)

BRUTAL YOUTH - V. Acceptance (Stomp)
MARRON –Lumbre (Self-Released)
DIG IT UP - Oh No (L’Oeil du Tigre)
DRAGGED IN - Stand Strong (Self-Released)
DAG NASTY - One to Two (Dischord)

SICK SYMPTOM - Claim To Be (Self-Released)
LONG KNIFE – Only a Reflection (Beach Impediment)
GROUPOEM - Ass Bankwardz (Self-Released)
NAIVE SENSE - Burned Out On Bono (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from PEI with a straight edge feel to their sound. You can download all that muscle from their bandcamp page. 

IRON EYE - Final Days (Self-Released)
IRON EYE - Give It Up (Self-Released)
IRON EYE - Respect (Self-Released)
IRON EYE - Wasted Time (Self-Released)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Radio - Sunday June 4th, 2017

Featured a ton of new punk, a top 10 for May, and a demo feature by Church Goer. Download an MP3 of the show here.

COLD LEATHER – Lost (Self-Released)

VANILLA POPPERS – Hard Work (Lumpy)

BULSCH -Tiw (Self-Released)
SLOPERS – Lying (Self-Released)
THE LEASH - Righteous Violence (Self-Released)

CLITERATI – Burn (Tank Crimes)

AXERASH – Shitfaced (Self-Released)
TERRORSTAT - Feil Fokus (Sjakk Matt Platter)
DECLARATION OF GENOCIDE - Maniac (Kill for Powder) (Cruel Noise)
SUBHUMANS - Culture Addict (Bluurg)

NERVE OUAKES – Shirley (Televised Suicide) – Perth, Australia

TUMBAS - Placeres innecesarios (Obsuridad en mi Vida) - Bogoto
TARANTULA - Who Says No (Self-Released) - Chicago
DROIDZ - Ghost of the Iron Curtain (Self-Released) - Montreal
RED TAPE - T.V. Heaven (Red Tape)
DIZZY AND THE ROMILARS - Push Button Drive (Medical)

BOAK – Skull (Grindpromotion)

INTENSIVE CARE - Waiting For The Punchline (Iron Lung)
FLASH OUT - Ode to the Pit (Bloody Scythe / Filth Regime)
REJIEM – Imperialist (Self-Released)
CONTRASTO - Vuoto Riflesso

ROGUE TROOPER - Boots on the Ground (Foreign Legion)

CRICO - Levanta Perros (Self-Released)
LOSS - Jesus din enda vän (Self-Released)
SUB SPACE - Think Before You Speak (Self-Released)
DUMSPELL – DTMFU (Self-Released)

CELL ROT – Punishment (Self-Released)

MENTALITY - Making a Change (Self-Released)
PROWLER - Again Again All Over Again (Self-Released)
WHIPS – Visions (Self-Released)
PSOAS – Toneladas (Fichines Ruido Zafaria)

Top 10 - May 2017 in reverse order

EL BANDA “Wściekłyszpaler” ep – Złosamo (Pazaser)
POLICE CONTROL – Sentimental (Juvenile Delinquent)
LYSOL “Wired” - Wired (Total Punk)
IDIOTA CIVILIZZATO - Demenzialita Opposite (Static Shock)
LIMP BLITZKRIEG “Wypierdalać - Pasożyt (Trujaca Fala / LxB)
ATAXXIA – Broken (25 Diamonds)
FASHIONISM - “Back in the Day” ep - Back in the Day (Neon Taste)
ACRYLICS “Despair / Reassurance” - Reassurance (Iron Lung)
NOSEBLEED “Lowlife” ep - My Rules (Vinyl Conflict)
FIRING SQUAD “At Their Mercy” ep - You Are Nothing (Agitate)

Tonight's demo is from a local Toronto band who contacted us through facebook. You can find this recording on bandcamp

CHURCH GOER – Underachiever (Self-Released)
CHURCH GOER – Social Life (Self-Released)
CHURCH GOER – Shabab (Self-Released)
CHURCH GOER – Insecurity (Self-Released)
CHURCH GOER – Parasite Control (Self-Released)
CHURCH GOER – Watching Cigarettes Burn (Self-Released)
CHURCH GOER – Weed ‘n Beer (Self-Released)
CHURCH GOER – Just Call Me Sin (Self-Released)
CHURCH GOER – Where is My Mind (Self-Released)
CHURCH GOER – Play Ground Politics (Self-Released)

BRUTAL YOUTH - V. Acceptance (Stomp)