Saturday, December 23, 1989

Infect '89 demo

Long before there was the all-girl straight edge band from Brazil there was an Infect from a band from Victoria that released a demo in 1989 The songs on the demo were:

1. Pressure Cooker
2. Punker Than Thou
3. That’s not Funny
4. No More Football
5. McDeath
6. Infect
7. Deaf Dumb and Blind
8. No Regrets
9. Billy Club
10. Expose Yourself to Kids (G.G. Allin)

Flyer - Friday, December 22nd, 1989

Saturday, December 16, 1989

Friday, December 8, 1989

NoMeansNo "Wrong" LP

This was my favourite NoMeansNo record of all time. The was the last one with Andy Kerr. There was magic in the Wright brothers-Kerr line up. If you are to get any record this would be my recommendation. Be Strong Be Wrong. The songs on here are:
1. It's Catching Up
2. The Tower
3. Brainless Wonder
4. Tired of Waiting
5. Stocktaking
6. The End of All Things
7. Big Dick
8. Two Lips, two Lungs, and one Tongue
9. Rags and Bones
10. Oh No! Bruno!
11. All Lies

Friday, December 1, 1989

Flyer - Friday December 1, 1989

Zine - Rear Garde #38

Issue #38 of Rear Garde features interviews with Lydia Lunch, War Brides, Lunachicks, Public Enemy, Scream Third Man In, Flaming Lips, and Dead Milkmen. There are scene reports and reviews providing a cultural time capsule.

Zine - Confuzed 4

I was more involved with the fourth issue of Confuzed. I think I helped with the layout and the photos and some of the writing. But Joel did most of the interviews.

The zine coloumn continues in this issue but has a name which is called "Raggin'". This column mentions Still Thinking, Robzine, dripping Pig Mucous, Something Smells and then some other zines like Subruban Voice and Sold Out.

The music reviews section is called Looney tunes and has lots of live band shots scaterred throughout.

The issue starts out with a piece on Death Angel, Agnostic Front, and Das Damen.

There is an interview with Joey Shithead about the 10th Anniversary for DOA, with All when Dave Smalley sang for them, and More Stupid Initials (M.S.I.), which is much more detailed than anything else I have read on the band.

But the best part of this issue is the back cover which has Jamie Problem in the buck at a show they played with SNFU at Ildiko`s. It is hilarious looking and makes it`s way into the Chris Walter`s book on SNFU.