Monday, March 23, 1981

Flyer - Monday March 23, 1981

Saturday, March 21, 1981

Monday, March 16, 1981

Malibu Kens "Be my Barbie" ep

The Malibu Kens formed in 1980 under the name Joey Did and the Necrophiliacs. They were initially a punk band but when they changed their name to the Malibu Kens they softened their sound. This record was released in 1981 on Exploding Debut Records in 1981. The songs on here are:

1. Crude City
2. Wednesday Morning at 5:00 as the Day Begins
These songs were also re-released on Smash the State and they had some songs on "It Came from Inner Space".

Saturday, March 7, 1981

NoMeansNo "Betrayal, Fear, Anger, Hatred" ep

This was recorded at Subterranean Studios. John Wright came up with the cover design. This is NoMeansNo as a two piece. The songs on here are:
1. Try Not to Stutter
2. I'm All Wet
3. Approaching Zero
4. Forget Your Life