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Buried Inside

Buried Inside are a hardcore band from Ottawa that have been around for 13 years and are playing their last show on November 13th. A good friend of mine, Matias Palacios-Hardy, plays guitar in the band and we have been talking about all sorts of things that span the Ottawa scene and intersect with Buried Inside. We will look at Buried Inside's origins from the Union of Uranus and 5 Arlington Days through to the recent "Spoils of Failure" with a retrospective look at how the band has developed and why they are breaking up. Tune in tonight.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thanks to all those who pledged to keep CIUT on-air. And thanks to Bennett Phillips and Positive Paul for coming in to help come on-air and answer phones. We just made our goal. The radio station wasn;t recording the show so we don;t have a download for this one. You missed some neat clips reviewing the past six months and you missed a number of world premiers for local material not out yet.
URBAN BLIGHT – Absolute Power (Static Shock)
VACANT STATE – Vile (Deranged)
CRITICAL CONVICTIONS – Hardcore Sick (Self-Released)
NO PROBLEM – Gimme Reasons (Handsome Dan)
BATTERED WIVES – Lovers Ball (Bomb)
DIODES – Disturbing Moments (CIUT)
MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS – Daytripper (Live)
MAR-TEKS – Don’t Take (Astray)
REAL KIDS – Better Be good (Norton)
REIGNING SOUND – Stormy Weather (In the Red)
GUNNAR HANSEN – Phil’s Song (Schizophrenic)
THE KIDS – Do You Wanna Know (Atomium)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION – Kill the Press / Pantyhose / Plastic Punk / Street Car Windows / Baby Killer (CIUT)
TOTAL TRASH – No York (Self-Released)
BLACK FAXES – Upon the Vine (CIUT)
SNAKEPIT – Hipsterectomy (Self-Released)
MINIMUM WAGE – No Way Out (Self-Released)
TYRANNA – Back Off Baby (CIUT)
R.A.M.B.O. – Assholes are Heroes (CIUT)
PLANET DANGER – Searching for Answers (Self-Released)

PLUS MINUS – (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – No More Warfare (Self-Released)
MOTHERFUCKERS – Classless Society (Handsome Dan)
SUDDEN IMPACT – Freaked Out (Marquee)
LEGION666 – Mass Hysteria (Schizophrenic)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flyer - Saturday October 23, 2010

Total Trash went on first. They were awesome especially if you like the early F.U.s sound. This was supposed to be a CD release party, but the band didn't have any copies with them.

Bleak Reality from Pennsylvannia played in the middle they sounded an awful lot like Negative FX.

Just back from a three week tour of Europe Urban Blight had some great stories about traveling around England, Northern Europe (Denmark, Sweden) and Germany. They also had copies of the "More Reality" 12" with a new cover and their new "Total War" 7". They sounded great and also had a Negative FX sound. Great to see them.

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CIUT Fall Membership Drive

Sunday October 24th, Equalizing-X-Distort will be involved in CIUT’s semi-annual fundraising drive. Starting at 10:00pm, we will be asking you to support the radio station by becoming or renewing your membership with CIUT as a “Friend of 89.5 FM”. A $25.00 donation will allow CIUT to continue bringing punk and underground hardcore to the airwaves.

Equalizing-X-Distort is a two hour hardcore show that airs every Sunday night from 10:00 pm til midnight. We have been very lucky to be able to continue bringing you hardcore from emerging international scenes, which has always been a big part of the show.

CIUT, the radio station that we program EQUALIZING-X-DISTORT on, is in a situation where we have to fundraise, in order to be able to make up the difference in our operating expenses. Equalizing-X-Distort was unable to make our donor goals and the show has been red-lined by the station. In order to make our on-air pledge goals we need to hear from you or else the show may not be on the air in the future.

I am getting in touch, to see if you would make a pledge donation to become a “Friend of 89.5” on behalf of EQUALIZING-X-DISTORT, to help the station meet our operating expenses.

The station would also like to thank you for your gift. For folks who donate a certain amount we have a unique station gift for you. For a gift of:

__ $25.00 - $74.00: Year long subscription to Friends of 89.5 newsletter
__ $75.00 - $99.00: Year long subscription to Friends of 89.5 newsletter, one entry into the Grand Prize Draw & your choice of one gift
__ $100.00 - $149.00: Year long subscription to Friends of 89.5 newsletter, one entry into the Grand Prize Draw & your choice of two gifts
__ $150.00 + Year long subscription to Friends of 89.5 newsletter, one entry into the Grand Prize Draw & all three gifts

Note: A gift is either a CIUT toque, a rechargeable flashlight, and / or a CIUT t-shirt. And sizes can be specified for the t-shirt on the attached form.

Ways you can make a donation include :
Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Click for download

BLACK FAXES - Double Happiness (CIUT)

BLACK FAXES - Upon the Vine (CIUT)
BLACK FAXES - Silvertongue (CIUT)
BLACK FAXES - Skinwalker (CIUT)
BLACK FAXES - Jerusalem Death Trip (CIUT)
BLACK FAXES - Honest Work (CIUT)
BLACK FAXES - Interview (CIUT)
BLACK FAXES - Jerusalem Death Trip (Self-Released)
BLACK FAXES - Interview (CIUT)
BLACK FAXES - Upon the Vine (Self-Released)
BLACK FAXES - Interview (CIUT)
BLACK FAXES - Honest Work (Self-Released)

MDC - Radioactive Chocolate (Crass)
SUBHUMANS - From the Cradle to the Grave (Bluurg)

DOA - The Enemy (Sudden Death)
BAD RELIGION - Heaven is Falling (MRR)
PROPAGANDHI - Possibly the Worst Song Ever Written (G7 Welcoming Committee)

COMPLAINTS - Born Bored (Meaty Beaty)
NO PROBLEM - Something Outta Nothing (Handsome Dan)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Your Mistake (Recollection)
DEAN DIRG - Our Laugh's On You (Dead Beat)

HENRY FIAT'S OPEN SORE - Hey Jiu (Rocknroll Blitzkreig)

EVERYTHING FALLS APART - Brace Position (One Percent)
SHORTS - Why Do You Keep Doing the Same Old Thing (Self-Released)
SHORTS - Is Your Music and Message Still Relevant Today? (Self-Released)
SHORTS - Are You a Political Band? (Self-Released)
SHORTS - Isn't Punk Just Another Set of Rules (Self-Released)
SHORTS - Aren't You Just Preaching to the Converted? (Self-Released)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Photos: Black Faxes in Studio 3

We recorded a session with Black Faxes this past Tuesday. The band is coming back to finish off everything as we talk about how the band started (Peter and Marty), how it evolved (Graham, D'arcy and Lou), why D'Arcy plays eukele with his head split open, how they get that Union of Uranus meets Cursed like crushing stoner rock of a punk sound (favourite guitar pedals), the "Double Happiness" recording, and some nutty things that have happened to the band while playing live (Maggie). Tune in tonight.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update: October 16, 2010

We added the sound files for the Ugly's studio 3 session which you can download the individual song files at

There was a band called the DownBelows that featured members of Triggerhappy and the Tirekickers among others. They recorded a Studio 3 session back on June 10th, 2002. We just uploaded the sound files so you can download them at

I was also able to scan and upload a PDF of the first issue of Full Blast zine. Issue 1 came out in December 1993 and was written and produced by Louanne Voskans who used to have a great little record store by the same name. The inaugural issue contained great interviews with New Bomb Turks and Screeching Weasel. Have a look at the post at

I was also able to put up a few copies of Rivet fanzine, which was a zine done by Stacey Case who would go on to start up the zine fair Cut and Paste. Check out issue 1 here:

The party issue (#11) can be found at

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mature Situations "Old Hands" ep

This is a project band with Chris Colohon of LEFT FOR DEAD fame doing a geezer band incognito with the help of some other scene veterans. Some of this reaches back to Chris’s love for bands like SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS and MENACE, so there are a couple of oi sounding songs like “Scooters on the Streets” and “These Old Hands”. These are offset but a couple of ripping fast hardcore songs. The songs are all written from the perspective of someone who is old and I am talking much older then the participants. Think of the dirty old man skits in Jackass and that is the same idea. They use a take off on the DEAD KENNEDYS “Plastic Surgery Disaster” album in which they replace the hand of the famine stricken kid’s hand with an old woman’s hand. And Jello is getting gang raped on the back cover in a pit shot. They even adopt the pink script font found on that DKs album. Details were considered for the design. Anyway, this is a neat little project band to come from Chris Colohon’s workshop. (Deranged Records – 2700 Lower Road / Roberts Creek, BC / V0N 2W4 / Canada)

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Click for Download

RENEGADES OF PUNK – Se Tudo Se Vende… (Thrashbastard)

STATE – Wuste Deustchland (Self-Released)

DFA – That’s Gonna Leave a Mark (Unrest)
REHASHED – Shootout (Harvest King)
BORED STRAIGHT – Deaf (Urban Pirate)

MINOR THREAT - Straight Edge (Dischord)
RADICAL ATTACK - I Choose the Edge (Vinyl Addict)
ENVISION - Too Deep Until Now (Self-Released)
PROJECT X - Straight Edge Revenge (Bridge 9)
THE SWARM - x On Our Knees x (No Idea)
GO IT ALONE - Turn It Off (Rivalry)
THE FIRST STEP - Time to Understand (Rivalry)
H2O - Still Here (Bridge 9)

THE ROTTEN - God's Helping (Rebel Time)
SLICK 46 - Drunken Wish (Longshot Music)
RACKULA - Mark Lanegan (Self-Released)
DOWNBELOWS - Keepaway Cooties (October 32nd)
DC SNIPERS - You Disappear Me (Dead Beat)

URBAN BLIGHT - Total War (Slasher)
RIVAL MOB - Raw Life (Lockin' Out)
POISON PLANET - Give It Up (Self-Released)
BLACK FAXES - Upon the Vine / Double Happiness (Self-Released)
SNAKEPIT - Who the Fuck are You? / Ask a Punk (NCJT)
OK? - Earthseed

SLAPSHOT - Old Time Hardcore (Taang)
PROPAGANDHI - Dear Coaches corner (G7 Welcoming Committee)
IN TIME - Breakaway (Unreleased)
DROPKICK MURPHY'S - Time to go (Epitaph)
MISFITS - I Wanna Be a NY Ranger (All Blacks)
HANSON BROTHERS - The Hockey Song (Mint)

SUBWAY SECT - Nobody's Scared (Braik)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Alternative Ulster (Rough Trade)

Demo Feature
BLACK FAXES – Intro / Gaping Maw (Self-Released)
BLACK FAXES – Jerusalem Death Trip (Self-Released)
BLACK FAXES – Hog Futures (Self-Released)
BLACK FAXES – Animam Edere (Self-Released)
BLACK FAXES – Honest Work (Self-Released)
BLACK FAXES – Curtains (Self-Released)

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Fratricide 12"

FRATRICDE were an incredible crossover band from Vancouver. They happened right at the time that bands like DRI and COC got noticed for doing something unique.

FRATRICIDE were right there and judging by the flyers in the liner sheet (see below) they played with all of them. Suicidal Tendencies, Beyond Possession, the Dehumanizers, the Accused, DRI, COC, and MDC. It didn’t hurt that Jonzo’s vocals were exactly like Blain Cook of the ACCUSED.

FRATRICIDE were a force to be reckoned with. They had done a split with another local crossover band MISSION OF CHRIST which caught Pushead’s ear. He offered the band a split LP which was common for a Pusmort releases back then. FRATRICIDE were to do a split with a Dutch band called NEUROOT who were known for their speed and their politics. There is no doubt in my mind that had this record come out FRATRICIDE would have been propelled into bigger circles. But the folks in the band would go on to do big things regardless. The guitarist started STRAIN and did a well known hardcore radio show called “Flex Your Head” for decades. Jonzo has been singing for HONG KONG BLONDE and have a great ep on Ugly Pop that you can check out if you don’t believe me.

Thirty test pressings exist of the NEUROOT split and have fetched as much as $1,000 for a copy so that should say something about how good this release was. Instead this became another Canadian hardcore story about missed opportunity reminding me of the YOUNG LIONS or CHRONIC SUBMISSION. Nonetheless it is good to finally hear this material. I can say it is better than the MISSION OF CHIRST split or the Heart First ep. And Darrin Crosgrove’s artwork makes this totally look like a Pusmort release so it suits it.

The songs found on here are:

1. Blind Faith
2. Rip Wide the Sky
3. Blood Red Dream
4. Going Under
5. Grave
6. Final Solution
7. Beaten Senseless

(Schizophrenic Records -17 West 4th Street / Hamilton, ON / L9C 3M2 / Canada / // Ugly Pop Vinyl -

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Click for download

LA PLEBE – Jaulas (Koolarrow)

BROKEN BONES – Persecution (Dem Bones)
LEGION666 – Broken Vows (Schizophrenic)
LIMB FROM LIMB – Relentless Torment (No Options)
DUSGUST – Natural born Armies (MCR Company)

GAUNT - Solution (Snap Crackle Punk)
DWARVES - Drug Store (Sub Pop)
QUINCY PUNX - Darby was a Martyr (THD)

NEW BOMB TURKS - Sharpen Up Time (Bag of Hammers)
CRIMINALS - CST Bitch (Rhetoric)

SSD - Glue (Taang)
INSURANCE RISK – Choke On It (Crucial Response)
BROTHERHOOD – Won’t Turn our Backs (Crucial Response)
BORED STIFF – Your Face (Unreleased)
VACANT STATE – Internal Conflict (Deranged)

STANDELLS - My Little Red Book (Tower)
THEM - I Can Only Give You Everything (Parrot)
SONICS - Strychnine (Norton)

ZOMBIES - I Got My Mojo Working (Parrot)
THE WEE FOUR - Weird (Teenage Shutdown)

AARITILA – Ihmisyyden Hapea (Feral Ward)
UNRULED – Clear the Pigs Out (Schizophrenic)
HZERO – Adicted (Sell Our Souls)
HERTYS – Ostovoimaa (Not Enough)
DISKELMA – Nihilist Statement (Kamset Levyt)
POISON IDEA – Subtract (Taang)

NOMEANSNO - I Don't Care/Glad All Over (Kirbdog)
F.Y.P. - Allergic (Recess)
CAREER SUICIDE - Dicta Flag (Schizophrenic)
JAWBREAKER - Caroline (Piggly Wiggly)
BLUE DEMON - Hot and Heavy (Schizophrenic)

UBER – Assassitat per la Creativitat (Sell our Souls)
SCHOOL JERKS – Guestlist (Cowabunga Records)
LOST BOYS – Keep Your Smile (Self-Released)
MINUS APES – Nothing is Nothing at All (Thrashbastard / Inge’s Revenge)
GOVERNMENT WARNING – Safe and Sound (Grave Mistake)

Demo Feature
LEPROSY – No More Warfare (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – Dead Soldier (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – Bring Out Your Dead (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – Atomic Age (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – Capital Punishment (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – Collateral Damage (Self-Released)

FLATBUSH - Dear Uncle Sam (Koolarrow)

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Flyer - Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Flyer - Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Update: Saturday, October 2, 2010

We were able to upload the first Hostage Life Studio 3 session, so fans of Hostage Life should check here for the sound file downloads.

We also put up the sound files from the Studio 3 session for Robot Has Werewolf Hand who were from Buffalo. They recorded their session back on Sunday December 8, 2003.

Holy Shit are an awesome band Green Bay Wisconsin. They are an awesome band and can be found on myspace at They played in Toronto with the Catholic Boys on Monday May 24, 2004. We recorded them and did an interview with them on the Sunday prior. Some photos and the transcript has been put up here at

Holy Shit came here with the Catholic Boys. Their transcript is found here at:

Bob Burns and the Breakups played live on the show on Sunday June 24, 2007. We put up a transcript of their interview at:

Back on April 18th, 2004 we interviewed Behind Enemy Lines on the radio show and then transcribed it. The transcript is put up at

The transcript of the Urinary Tract Infection interview is up at

John Borra from Neon Rome sent me a load of flyers so those have all been posted up. Search Neon Rome.

And we posted up a bunch of old pieces from varius MRRs that we were able to pull from the Operation Pheonix Records site. They have some PDF scans of old MRRs and so we scoured them for Canadian content and then converted them for posting on the blog. There is some interesting content under MRR in our search fields.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tranzmitors "You Get Around" ep

“You Get Around” was released on Dirtnap Records which is a perfect label for the Tranzmitors given their garage roots with the Smugglers and the New Town Animals. "You Get Around" is another song about being easy. There is a heavy organ component to this song giving it a Madness feel. It has a mod meets Two Tone feel in general. And the bells and whistles acoutrement to this song suggest some Toy Dolls fun in the studio. "It's Not Your Call" has a bouncy "Town Called Malice" beat to it with out being derivative. This single was pressed 800 copies and 200 on red vinyl.

MRR reviews - White Lung "It's the Evil" LP

A review from MRR of the White Lung LP. This appeared in issue #329, which came out in October 2010. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR reviews - Statues "Holiday Cops" LP

A review from MRR of the Statues LP. This appeared in issue #329, which came out in October 2010. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Reviews - Molested Youth "We're Always going to have breakfast alone" ep

A review from MRR of the Molested Youth ep. This appeared in issue #329, which came out in October 2010. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR reviews - Molested Youth "We're Always going to have Breakfast Alone" ep

A review from MRR of the Molested Youth ep. This appeared in issue #329, which came out in October 2010. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Mature Situations "Old Hands" ep

A review from MRR of the Mature Situations ep This appeared in issue #329, which came out in October 2010. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Reviews - Lorrainas demo

A review from MRR of the Lorrainas demo. This appeared in issue #329, which came out in October 2010. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Hazardous Waste "Destroy" ep

A review from MRR of the Hazardous Waste ep. This appeared in issue #329, which came out in October 2010. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Reviews - Fratricide "Bind Faith" 12"

 A review from MRR of the Fratricide 12". This appeared in issue #329, which came out in October 2010. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

Rape Revenge in MRR

Rape Revenge are a new group from Calgary who played in Toronto this past summer. They played in Halifax and MRR columnist, Juls Generic did an interview that apears here. It is a great read. Click on the image for a download. It reads well if you print them PDF.