Sunday, August 30, 1987

Nothng in Particular "Thank Us" ep

Nothing in Particular was a three piece from Toronto that featured Andy Ford of A.P.B.  and the Immediate) on guitar.  

The band played a style of punk that was inspired by bands like the Replacements or the Nils.

Jill Heath released this as her second record on her label, Lone Wolf Records, with catalogue number LW02.

The ep was recorded at Perceptions Studio in April 1987, so I believe this record came out sometime in the summer of 1987.

The songs on the ep are:
1. 1937
2. Heavy Rain
3. Trashe
4. Follow

Saturday, August 29, 1987

Thursday, August 27, 1987

Sunday, August 23, 1987

Flyer - Sunday August 23, 1987

Two shows in two days. This too was an afternoon matinee. Sons of Ishmael had just gotten back from a US tour. One of the conditions for doing the show was that we have Flecks of Drool play. Flecks of Drool were a band from Meaford that featured Tim's (singer) younger brother, Rob. Sons of Ishmael didn't play to too many people, but I had never seen them play this good. Nights of playing had really tightened up the songs.

Saturday, August 22, 1987

Photos: MSI

John Rankin, the singer of MSI, gets to sing a long with Kevin Seconds at a show they played in hamilton at a place called the Rockpile.

Paul Morris on guitar. This show was at Ildiko's.

Derek Emerson on guitar, John Rankin sitting on the stage and Paul Morris with his back to the camera. This show was also at Ildiko's.

Here is a shot looking on the stage from the same show.

Flyer - Saturday August 22, 1987

I was Rampage Productions. Glenn Salter, of DOG and then MSI, started helping me out. This was a show that he arranged. It was an all ages afternoon matinee. Not many people were there but we went to John Rankin's house in Etobicoke and got to listen to Mike Judge have an argument with someone else in the band over who would win a fight between Vinnie Stigma and Harley Flannigan. Here are some photos of Youth of Today that I took.

Friday, August 21, 1987

Flyer - Friday August 21, 1987

The bass player, Alisdiar Jones, made this flyer. Other flyers can be viewed at

Thursday, August 20, 1987

Sunday, August 16, 1987

Flyer - Sunday August 16th, 1987

Edmonton, Alberta

Friday, August 14, 1987

Flyer - Friday August 14, 1987

The artwork for the top of the flyer is from the "Choke on Thus" LP which was released in 1987. This would have been the second time Rhythm Pigs played Toronto. The first was at the DMZ in 1985 when "An American Activity" was out and they were playing most of the songs from the first LP which included the "Peanuts" theme song.

Sunday, August 9, 1987

Flyer - Sunday, August 9, 1987

This show was in Tacoma, WA at the Community World Theatre. This was the last American show in the 1987 tour by Sons of Ishmael. Big Black were playing their final show in Seattle the same night somewhere else. Bliss would go on to become Nirvana. Recollectins by Tim Freeborn.

Saturday, August 8, 1987

Flyer - Saturday August 8th, 1987


Flyer - Saturday August 8, 1987

The metal Shop was doing shows back in buffalo back then. MSI got to headline a show. New Balance were the straight edge band in Buffalo at the time. Strict Ascending Order had some nationalist themes to their music if it's not obvious from the American flag beside their name. They had an eagle on the cover of their tape release.

Friday, August 7, 1987

Flyer - Friday August 7th, 1987

Sons of Ishmael play the legendary Gilman Street Warehouse. They wound up staying at the MRR house with Youth of Today.

Sunday, August 2, 1987

Flyer - Sunday August 2nd, 1987

San Diego, California

Zine - The Pig Paper #31

Saturday, August 1, 1987

MRR Scene Report - Toronto, August 1987

There are three scene reports written about Canada in this issue.

The first one was on the Victoria scene and talked about No Means No, the dayglos, Red Tide, Resistance, and Mission of Christ. This was written by Ken Jensen.

The second scene report is abouit Windsor and is the first scene report on the place. The rport is written by Otto who would go on to start Solud Out fanzine. Otto writes about the Flesh Columns, Young Blood, and Straight Jacket. he also talks about the radio show "The Imperfection Hours" and "Shredding Intensities" on CJAM.

The third report is on Toronto and talks about Ildiko's and Don Lebeuf and Hype, Negative Gain, MSI, Sons of Ishmael, God Corp., Sudden Impact, D.O.G., Problem Children, Missing Link, No Mind, Nothing in Particular, Missing Link, Terminal Rage, Senile Decay, Visible Minority, the Nunfuckers, BFG, Random Killing and a slew of others. the rerport was written by Glenn Salter who played in MSI and if you look at the MSI picture on the second image of this report that is Glenn. I am in the background looking on.

MRR Review - M.S.I. 'More Stupid Initials" ep

Steve Spinalli wrote a review for MRR of the first MSI ep. This appeared in issue #51, which came out in August 1987. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Black Donnellys "Life's a Scream" cassette

Walter Glaser wrote a review for MRR of the Black Donnellys tape, which Audio Feallatio would later release on vinyl. This appeared in issue #51, which came out in August 1987. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

Flyer - Saturday August 1, 1987

This was a show in Montreal, but Sons of Ishmael played the show.