Thursday, September 16, 1993

Chicken Milk ep

This was Chicken Milk's first official release. Dale Morningstar recorded this at the Gas Station. The band featured Lisa Myers on guiat and vocals, Sara Montgomery on guitar and vocals, Sally Lee on bass and vocals, and Laura lee Petty on drums and vocals. The first pressing was 1,000 copies on green/blue marble vinyl and a second pressing was done. Side A was 45 RPMs and features the song "You Get Nothing". Side B is at 33 RPMs and features "Outside My Window" and "Sink". This record was released by Fans of Bad Productions and was the label's sixth release. This was co-released with Whiskey Sour Records.

Wednesday, September 1, 1993

Problem Children "The Kids Next Door" CD

The last release by Problem Children was the "More Noize from the Playpen" cassette which came out last year.
Since then the band has been writing and touring and with that comes personnel changes.
This recording represents almost a completely new line up with the exception of the principal song writing Jamie.
Joining Jamie is Craig from Mr. Nobody who has replaced Barney Rebel on bass and Dan from Babies with Rabies has replaced Greg from Brontocurchrock on drums.
Jamie's wife Jen and Christina from HOCKEY TEETH join in on the gang vocals and the back ups are the best I have heard from this trio, which is more like a quintet now.
"The Kids Next Door" is the fith release on Problem Children Wrekords, but this one has some additional help from En Guard out of Montreal.
I think En Guard was an Entertainment newspaper with a punk focus.
Mike Pedro from the old Slither Club recorded this at his Mississauga Studio known as Rumenal, which quite a few people have used.
The subject mater hasn't veered straddling social issues with having fun.
The songs on here include:
1. Beer for Breakfast - A light hearted drinking song which fits in with other songs like "Plastic Liver" and "Beer and Guitars"
2. Fed Only Lies - This is more of a ripper which is pointed the failure of elected politicians to deliver on their promises
3. Bitter - This is a song that Jamie wrote about Barney and how they came to part ways. The middle has a dub part that Problem Children can pull off.
4. What's going On? - This is a song about cops and was inspired by a real life incident where Jamie got busted for drinking in someone's apartment who lived above a short lived show space knwon as the Fallout Shelter. He was there for a food bank benefit and jamie got into it with them and this song expresses some of what happened.
5. Hunters - A great animal rights song written about hunting
6. Borderline - a song about learning your limits specifically when it comes to anger
7. Left for Dead - Another rager where the band feels that people may have thought they broke up but they didn't. I often wondered if this became the namesake for the band from Hamilton that came out in the late 90's but members in Left for Dead didn't know about the song.
8. Fly - A song about getting away.
9. The Enemy - Judging by the liner notes, this looks to have been a favourite of the band Rabid Defiance. It does remind me a little of DOA's song by the same name.
10. Ugly - This is a song about being on the road and the toll touring takes on you.
11. You Got No Heart -
12. World Full of Assholes - Sums up eveything with a playful take on the Dr. Pepper jingo at the end
13. Believe -
14. Havin' a Good Time -
15. We Won't Go Home -
16. The Kids Next Door - Another great outsider anthem, which sounds autobographical about living in a house full of punks.
Here is the lyric sheet in pieces:

Stumble Records has put this up on i-tunes which is the only place I have ben able to find it. Go to