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Flyer - Monday, March 25th, 2013

Radio - Sunday, March 24th, 2013

This is the sound file for Equalizing-X-Distort on Sunday March 24th, 2013. We started out with a mockery of palm Sunday with a Crucifix song that refers to peace. The palms are supposed to represent peace. You can hear the show here.

CRUCIFIX - Annhilation (Corpus Christi)

Then we got into a feature on Purity Control, who are a current hardcore band from Toronto that push many boundaries on the extreme side of things like power violence.

PURITY CONTROL - Remote Viewing (CIUT)
PURITY CONTROL - Taking Control (CIUT)
PURITY CONTROL - Sympathy Pains (CIUT)
PURITY CONTROL - Walking Distance (CIUT)
PURITY CONTROL - Separation Anxiety (CIUT)
PURITY CONTROL - Light Pollution / Mock Suicide (CIUT)
PURITY CONTROL - Insect politics (CIUT)

Tonight's Demo feature is Total Fucker from San Francisco. They recorded this demo back in the Spring of 2012 called "Totally Fucked" demo that you can find up at

TOTAL FUCKER - Kamikaze Noize Attack (Self-Released)
TOTAL FUCKER - Deathly Tension, Deathly State (Self-Released)
TOTAL FUCKER - Beyond Eternal Destruction (Self-Released)
TOTAL FUCKER - Teernage Circumcision (Self-Released)
TOTAL FUCKER - First World Nuclear Slaughter (Self-Released)

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Purity Control studio 3 session

Purity Control are a hardcore band from Toronto that has been around in various incarnations since 2010. In their early incarnation they recorded two demos which are hard to find now. But over the last two years they solidified the line up with Payson being the original member. He is the singer. Brandon, who also plays in S.H.I.T. plays bass and he reminds me of Eric Wood from PHC, MITB, bastard Noise fame. He plays the bass like Woody in a very possessed sort of manner. Max, plays drums in Abyss and technically reminds me of someone as great as Dave Whyte from Discodrance Axis, East-West Blast Test fame. Derrick, the guitarist is one of the most dramatic elements of the band. Live he nevers faces the crowd but his guitar is constantly swinging wildly and you wouldn't want to be anywhere near him on a stage.

The band is most often described as a power violence band and most often to Infest, although I would have to say they remind me more of Crossed Out if I were to compare them to any of the original cannon of that classic west coast sound. The band grew up on newer school power violence bands like Charles Bronson and Max has a seemless tradition into blast beat paces that are awe stricking to watch and hear.

Payson writes interpretive lyrics born out of the Summer of Revolution and made into a genre through labels like Ebullition. His lyrics are inspired by real life and usually around omse sort of failure or disappointment so the experience is about anguish and pain.

The band members have a shared foundation and love for Left for Dead although that never comes out in the sound.

This line up has recorded two eps, one which came out on High Anxiety, and one that they self-released. The band recorded both eps in Studio 3 along with five new tracks. Also found below is an interview in three parts and some IDs for the show and the station. This session was recorded by Jonathon Hawkes. Here is what was recorded:

1. Remote Viewing
2. Taking Control
3. Holy Hell
4. Sympathy Pains
5. Walking Distance
6. Sex Life
7. Heart Sick

8. Bite Marks
9. Separation Anxiety
10. Light Pollution / Mock Suicide
11. Gag Order
12. Insect Politics
13. Swallowing
14. Brat Fucker
15. Body Horror
16. Stock Options
17. Bedroom Eyes
18. Dear Life
19. Second Sight
21. EXD ID
22. Interview, part 1
23. Interview, part 2
24. Interview, part 3

Aldo Erdic of Punks and Rockers videotaped the session and put together an editted version of the session that you can see below.

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Radio - Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Tonight's show starts out with a set dedicated to St. Patrick's Day in honour of all the roving street urchins celebrating tonight. You can hear the show above or download here.

DROPKICK MURPHYS - I'm shipping up to Boston (Hellcat)

St. Patrick's Day set
THE SKIDS - The Saints are Coming (Captain Oi!)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Last Night Another Soldier (Captain Oi!)
RUDI - Big Time (Bad Vibrations)
VICTIM - The Teen Age (Redrum)
THE STRIKE - Running Past (Shock Rock)
BLOOD OR WHISKEY - Impaired Vision (Punk Core)

VARUKERS - How do you sleep? (Go Kart)
COCK SPARRER - Runnin' Riot (Razor)
DISCHARGE - Free speech for the dumb (Clay)
EXPLOITED - I Believe in Anarchy (Secret)
4 SKINS - Evil (Secret)

TOTALITAR - Tom Information (Your Own Jailor)
LSD - Song title in Japanese (Schizophrenic)
BORN DEAD ICONS - Ruins (Feral Ward)
UBR - Utrujenost
SEEDS - Pushin Too Hard (Crescendo)
USELESS EATERS - Mr. Oscillations (Mastermind)

Hail the new pope
CRASS - Have a Nice Day (CRASS)
THE PROLETARIAT - Religion is the Opium of the Masses (Modern Method)
CRUCUIFUCKS - Down on my Knees (Alternative Tentacles)
HARANGUE - 33 Black Flags (Self-Released)
LEGION666 - Consume without Cause (Schizophrenic)
DRI - God is Broke (Death)
MINOR THREAT - Filler (Dischord)
LARM - Opium of the Masses (Red as Fuck)

ACxDC - We Kill Christians (To Live a Lie)
MK ULTRA - Christian hardcore is oxymoronic (Youth Attack)
DEAD RADICAL - God hates major labels (Drugged Conscience)
ANTI-SEEN - My god can beat up your god (Rave)

PLAIN WRAP - Punk Wrap (Grand Theft Audio)
MUD CITY MANGLERS - 1234 Motherfucker (Republic Of Chesterfield Communications)
FUN THINGS - Savage (Penniman)
UNDERTONES - Emergency Cases (The Undertones Ltd)

GUITAR WOLF - Let's get hurt (Matador)
BLACK KEYS - Have love will travel (Alive / Total Energy)
KILL-A-WATTS - Radio Suicide (Rip Off)
SCREAMING TREES - Straight out to any place (SST)

ELECTRIC DEADS - Locked Doors (Electro State)
RIFF RANDALS - Maitre Di (Mint)
FIRST BASE - I've got a girl (Pizza Party)
GORIES - I Think I've Hadit (Crypt)
ZOUNDS - Great White Hunter (Broken)

Demo Feature
VENNS - Champagne (Self-Released)
VENNS - Headlines (Self-Released)
VENNS - Red Carpet (Self-Released)
VENNS - Spotlight (Self-Released)

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Flyer - Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Record release show for the second hassler ep, titled "Amoral".

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Radio - Sunday, March 10th, 2013

You can hear the show by using the player above or downloading the file here. We started off tonight's show with a tribute to Stompin' Tom.
HANSON BROTHERS - The Hockey Song (Wrong)

The Valley Boys are a new band from Toronto featuring former members of the School Jerks, Brutal Knights and the Vapids. They are a power house line up with great hardcore inspired garage punk songs. You can hear more at, which is a sneak preview of the band's new 12" on Cut the Cord Records. Here is the songs and the story behind the band.
VALLEY BOYS - Modern World (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Drone Attack (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Cherub Face (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Side Effects (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Feel Like Shit (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Feeding Time (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Copsucker Blues (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Shooting Politicians (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Interview (CIUT)
VALLEY BOYS - Eyes on Fire (CIUT)

A tribute to International Womens Day last week
CRASS - First Woman (CRASS)
IN DEFENCE - Call more dudes, Part 3 (Profane Existence)
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT - Enslaved (Profane Existence)
NAUSEA - Godless (Black Noise)
NO STATIK - Clean Swift Sunshine (Prank)

SKITLICKERS - Sprackta Snutskallar (Malign Massacre)
REALITY CRISIS - Hateful Wall (MCR / Prank)
KSM40 - A Link to the Past (Reitiez / Sengaja)
CRUCIAL SECTION - Attitude of the Surface (Crew for Life)
TOTAL TRASH - Freedom (Buzz / A Mountain Far)

BACK OFF - Back Off (Self-Released)
BLOOD MOBILE - Little Boy Blue (No Care)
COLERA - Plight (Driftwood)
FREAKS - Voice (Mangrove)

MUD CITY MANGLERS - Shit you talk (Stolen)
RUINED FAMILIES - Pedestal (Adagro)
SS KIDS - Why Not? (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Houston described with a likeness to Holy Shit. The demo is titlesd "Topical Depresssion" and can be found at
GUILT PARTY - Double Standards (Self-Released)
GUILT PARTY - Justified (Self-Released)
GUILT PARTY - Topical Depression (Self-Released)
GUILT PARTY - A Bit Irate (Self-Released)
GUILT PARTY - Guilt Party (Self-Released)
GUILT PARTY - Clergy of Disgust (Self-Released)

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Book Review - “The Encyclopedia of Swedish Punk: 1977-1987” by Peter Jandreus

The title says it all. The author has taken the best parts of every punk documentation book that I have seen and combined them into one. If you have read Ian Glaspar’s “Trapped in a Scene” there is a lot of great historical stories. Peter Jandreus takes these stories and works them down into a bite size bit which is in keeping with the encyclopedia format. Frank Manley put together one of the first national discographies in the form of “Smash the State”. Jandreus’s comprehensive lists of band releases fills out the band profiles. And his discography includes a scale for worth of the records which makes it ideal for record collectors. It is the best of all worlds really with what has been done in the arena of punk books. Short of writing the amazing Chris Walter like band biographies, Jandreus has found the perfect in between collection of great stories and documentation. And they totally remind me of the old Funk and Wagnells that my parents had, just with punk content. One advantage to Jandreus’s book over Wikipedia is that some of these bands might be too small to include in the on-line source. The reason why I bought this book was because I wanted to do more research on ASTA KASK and I was frustrated by the hype writing that made up the majority of my web searches on the band. In a brief read I was able to learn about the important role that the band played in the Swedish scene by building a studio in their old rehearsal space which they let any other punk bands use for free to record. You can see how a resource like this would prove to be super important. And as I flip through this book I find myself doing more on-line searches to track down bands that I know little about. In addition, this book organizes everything alphabetically by band which is the encyclopedia method. This makes it easy to search a band but I wonder if Ian Glaspar’s method of regional writing isn’t a better method when writing a national scene account. It is certainly easier to follow the band intersections. Like all good books this brings up more questions with the answers and the best review I have read of this book is by Stuart Schrader which draws some of that out. You can read it on-line at But even with the shortcomings this is the best of its kind that I have read and a rich and valuable resource for Swedish punk. I hope someone applies this model to scenes in Japan and Germany and Italy and Finland and anywhere there is a Bloodstain comp. (Premium Publishing – Sankt Goransgatan 159 / Box 30184 / SE-104 25 Stockholm / Sweden /

The Valley Boys studio 3 session

Matt Hitch was just on the show, guest hosting. Matt sings and plays guitar in the Valley Boys. This is his band. He is the only constant that has followed this band through their earlier incarnations. You may also know Matt as the original bassist in the School Jerks. He has pulled together a solid line up of stand up musicians in the punk scene which include Jon Sharron of Hassler and Jimmy Vapid of the Vapids. Kalle Malloy is a long time friend of Jon and this was the first time I have seen him in a band, but he is a good drummer and a good guy.

It was a bit of a catch up session with each other as we swapped releases and talked recordings and releases and other things that music nerds wrap themselves up into. It took a while to get the session started but we were able to record 13 songs which included a cover of the pre Poison Idea band Imperialist Pigs and a punker versions of a Modern Lovers song. The subject of the songs look at a variety of issues which demonstrate causes for concern and make for great punk songs. In addition the band wrote a couple of IDs for the station and the show in the studio. We also recorded an interview after the session. The session was recorded and mastered by Jon Hawkes and the songs are:

1. Drone Attack
2. Shooting Politicians
3. Side Effects
4. Copsucker Blues
5. Rich Kids
6. Modern World (Modern Lovers)
7. Auto Pilot
8. Feeding Time
9. Feel Like Shit
10. Cherub Face (Imperialist Pigs)
11. Pills
12. Fired
13. Eyes of Fire
15. EXD ID

This session was also caught on video tape by Aldo Erdic for Punks and Rockers. Here are a few of the songs above made into a medley...

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Radio - Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Tonight's show featured Matt Hitch in as a guest host because he is up here to record a studio 3 session with the Valley Boys. Matt is also in the School Jerks so we started off the show with a School Jerks song.

SCHOOL JERKS - Why ask why (Bad Vibrations / Grave Mistake)

This week I got in a book titled the "Encyclopedia on Swedish Punk" and I tracked down a MISSBRUKARNA release that made me think of Bad Brains classic "Pay to Cum", so the first set is built around that.

SNFU - Strip Search (Rubber)
MISSBRUKARNA - De nakna och de doda (Forasaljud Fods)
ABSURDO - Nunca es tarde (Self-Released)
BAD BRAINS - Pay to Cum (Caroline)
S.H.I.T. - Regulator (CIUT)

This is Matt's first set

OMEGAS - Nazi Rules(Painkiller)
IMPERIALIST PIGS - Live pigs (Fatal Erection)
HASSLER - Amoral (Beach Impediment)
WILD CHILD - Bogged Down (Fashionable idiots)
SWINEHEAD - Girl Cops (Ken Rock)

The EATERS song is amazing in Ivan's set

OUT COLD - Just because (Acme)
INSERVICIBLES - Yo no e (Shogun)
CRAZY SPIRIT - They Sleep easy (Toxic State)
AGENT ORANGE - Dogs (Kangaroo)
EATER - You (the Lable)
CRASH KILLS FIVE - What do you do (Ugly Pop)

Matt starts out with TERMINAL STATE

TERMINAL STATE -Panic Attack (Hate the 80s)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Steet Prowler (Slasher)
YAHMOS - Letterbomb (Sunday indicut)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Too many lies (Bad Vibrations)
VILETONES - Rebel (Man's Ruin)

A number of re-issues came out last month so here is a set of some of these renewed releases.

ASTA KASK - TV'n (Prank)
POISON PLANET - Bible Stories / Outro (Offside)
FORWARD - Burn Up (Prank)
PELIGRO SOCIAL - 20 Anos (Tankcrimes)
POLITICAL ASYLUM - Flight of Fancy (Boss Tuneage)

GRABBIES - I wanna be blind (Fashionable Idiots)
OUT WITH A BANG - Fucked Up (Criminal IQ)
KREMLIN - Anti-Septic (Hardware)
CHICKENHEAD - Smash & Grab (Recess)
ELECTRIC VOMIT - Treasure Hunt (Garbage Bag)

LOS CRUDOS did a reunion show in Chicago this weekend. The NUKES played with them.

LOS CRUDOS - Neciste con Voz / Migra Violencia (Lengua Armada)

THE NUKES - Creep / Pretentious (Self-Released)
DISTRACT - Organized (Self-Released)
STRANGERS - Closet case (Self-Released)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS - Eel goo (Self-Released)
HAKA -Alone (Self-Released)

CRUCIAL UNIT - Five inches of Oppression (Six Weeks)
TERMINAL YOUTH -Don't Step in the Nationalism (Rich White Kids)
ZERO BOYS - high Places (Nimrod)
SUCKED DRY - Arachnophobia (Pass Judgement)
KREMLIN - Fanatics (Hardware / Bad Vibrations / Beach impediment)
SUBVERT - What does it mean (Hippycore)
CHEAF DRUGS - Overall (Fortyweight)
BASTARD - To the Stumped underdogs (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is from Vancouver and features Aaron Brown of BRADY'S PROBLEM and Generation Annhilation. The recording was done by Adam Payne of One Blood. They do a SKEPTIX cover.

ALL OUT PANIC - Ivory Tower (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Don't Need to Hear It (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Victims (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Cost of Living (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Pathetic Existence (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Traitor (Skeptix) (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Pig (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

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Review - Shredded Wheat Volume 2 CD

Harvest King released volume 2 of the "Shredded Wheat" series which was reviewed in the March 2013 issue of MRR (#358).

Review - Write Off "Terror Compound" demo

The Write Off demo was reviewed in the March 2013 issue of MRR (#358).

Review - Valley Boys demo

The Valley Boys demo was reviewed in the March 2013 issue of MRR (#358). been mastered and released as a 12" on Cut the Cord Records.

Review - Polska Dupa demo

This Koszmar demo was reviewed in the March 2013 issue of MRR (#358). The band self-released the record.

Review - Equalizing-X-Distort, Volume 12, Issue 4

Our zine was reviewed in the March 2013 issue of MRR (#358).

Review - Critical Convictions LP

This Critical Convictions LP was reviewed in the March 2013 issue of MRR (#358). The band self-released the record.

Review - Asile "Kichesippi Toxique" LP

This Asile LP was reviewed in the March 2013 issue of MRR (#358). Rust and Machine released the record, the same label that released the Napalm Raid records.