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Radio - Sunday March 25th, 2012

Here is Sunday March 25th's broadcast for Equalizing-X-Distort. Excuse the dead air after the opening song. We had an unexpected technical problem with the mixer for the Gang Green song which is why we went to a Dead End song unexpectedly. WE have more problems with the mixer later on with D'Arcy's first set but eventually teh bigs get worked out and we played loads of new hardcore and old punk and we featured Crash in our demo feature. Have a listen to Sacrifice doing a Rush cover or Propagandhi doing a COC cover.

TOO MANY DAVES - Awesome town (ADD)

DEAD END - A Subversive Pool (Self-Released)
WRECKLESS ERIC - Whole Wide World (Rhino)
DRY HEAVES - I can't puke (No Exit)
PRIVATE SCHOOL - I wanna Know (No Exit)
LOWLIFE - White Lightening (No Exit)
PUFFY AEROLAS - Psychomania (Hozac)

FRONT LINE - Quaker's Meeting (Beach Impediment)
GANG GREEN - Kill a Commie (Modern Method)
ROACH MOTEL - My dog's into anarchy (Florida's Dead)
CRUDE SS - Sick Pleasure (Create your own life)
MOSKWA - Decyduj sam (Anarchia) (Warsaw Pact)

FOOT KLAN - I wish I were kidding (Self-released)
BAD BRAINS - The big takeover (Roir)
DOA - Fuck You (Sudden Death)
EBENEZER AND THE BLUDGEONS - Oh I love this weather (Redrum)
DEAD BOYS - Sonic Reducer (Sire)

SUDOR - El futuro es de los viejos (Beat Generation)
THE EVAPORATORS - Hot Dog High (Mint Records)
THE NARDS - Nuclear Mom (SAC)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE - Security Force (Side Two)
NEO CONS - Kill the Police (Abscess)
CEREMONY - Community Service (Matador)
SELF-INTEREST - Edify (Pass Judgment)

DESPERET - Suicide Attack (Self-Released)
BLOOD MOBILE - Drug related death (KBD)
NIGHTSTALKERS - Spit on my grave (Who cares)
SUBURBANITE - Grateful nation (Youth Attack)
PANICS - I wanna kill my mom (Gulcher)
DEVIL DOGS - Tattooed apathetic boys (Helter Skelter)
TEENGENERATE - Tear me apart (Estrus)
SIKE - Boy (Self-Released)
DIE! - You give me a headache (Equality)

SACRIFICE - Anthem (War on music worker co-op)
ATTENTION - Greetings from Dufferin Grove Park (Square Up)
PROPAGANDHI - Technocracy (War on music worker co-op)
HYPE - Pseudo Punk (Reuben Kincade)

ASPIRIN FEAST - World of Shit (Piss Poor)
THE VORDS - Enough (Dr. Strange)
THE CHOSEN FEW - Jokes on Us (Dirty Dog)
SHARED WOMEN - Circles (Rotted Tooth)
FREAKS - Wire Castle (Mangrove)
SLANG - Life made me hardcore (Straight Up)
TERMINAL STATE - Punxploitation (Hate the 80's)

Demo Feature
CRASH - A pair ungrown (Post present medium)
CRASH - Piece of the pie (Post present medium)
CRASH - Cult merch (Post present medium)

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Radio - Sunday March 18th, 2012

Tonight's show brought back the guest feature spot which featured Daragh Hayes who used to do the Hardcore Hotline and had lived in Japan for close to ten years. Daragh prepared some rare sets of new material from the UK and Japanese scenes. Bands like new Discharge, Endless Grinning Skulls, Geriatric Unit, Zouo, and Acristix are featured in these sets. Rob brought in a set that looked back at punk bands that received College radio station recognition with bands like Husker Du, Superchunk, and Archers of Loaf. Stephe featured a set of bands with women singers in the band and debuts material by Pettybone and Don't among others. Click here to listen to the show.

MISFORTUNE - Song #3 (Unreleased)

DISCHARGE - Propaganda Feeds (HG Fact)
GERIATRIC UNIT - No Reason (Crew for Life Records)
ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS - Same (Viral Age Records)
THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL - War Drum (Godreah Records)
GUNSLINGER - Night Song (Rock Savior)

COLA FREAKS - Uppers and Downers (Douche Master)
SLOBS - WeaponsFree (Cowabunga)
B LINES - World War Four (Deranged / Nominal)
CHIEFS - Blues (Dr. Strange)
ADOLESCENTS - Rip It Up (Frontier)

ZOUO - No Power (Crust War)
G-ZET - G-Meter Zet (ADKL-14A)
DORAID - Crazy Outlaw Rider (Torture)
ORGANISM - Hell (Hardware)
ACROSTIX - Sacrifice (Freedom Fighter)

MELVINS - Night Goat (Amphetamine Reptile)
CHARLES BRONSON - Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song (Youth Attack)
ADRENALIN O.D. - Rock 'n Roll gas station (Buy our Records)
SACRIFICE - Forward to termwation / Terrpor Strikes (Diabolic Force)
INFEST - Fetch the pliers (Off the disk)

NAKED AGGRESSION - Never too late (Emancypunx)
PETTYBONE - Conspiracy of Women (Emancypunx)
ALL OR NOTHING H.C. - Racist, Classist, anti-gay bullshit (Emancypunx)
URINARY TRACT INFECTION - Klaebouter Manniken (Schizophrenic)
VOETSEK - Back to the Bay (Deep Six)
DON'T - Love Lost (Doomtown Sounds)
TYRANNA - Unfaithful / Divorce (Rave Up)

HUSKER DU - Don't want to know if you are lonely (Warner)
SQUIRREL BAIT - Slake train coming (Homestead)
MOVING TARGETS - shape of some things (Taang)
SUPERCHUNK - On the Mouth (Merge)
ARCHERS OF LOAF - Backwash (Alias)

RESIST - Horrendous Cutthroat System (Media Blitz)
AGENT ATTITUDE - Can't have me (Artcore)
HAZARDOUS WASTE - Skateblock (Schizophrenic)
TV FREAKS - You're cool (Schizophrenic)

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Zine - EXD, Volume 12, Issue 01

This is Volume 12, Issue 01 for the Equalizing-X-Distort zine and is the issue on Sons of Ishmael. Sons of Ishmael were a little known band from Meaford, Ontario and they released a number of EPs, a 10", an LP, and a bunch of compilations. They were best known for the "Hayseed Hardcore" EP which came out in 1985 and more recently played a reunion show in 2011. We got to speak to them in 2010 and featured the interview in our first issue for 2012 complete with loads of artwork. Click on the cover to download a PDF of the zine.

Benefit show

I wanted to start off with a thanks to all the people who made Thursday night possible. We were able to raise $450 for CIUT and that makes us feel great. Special thanks to Greg Dick who came up with the idea and pushed it with all of us. Thanks to Simon for sharing the spotlight on Ugly Pop’s record release night. For those who didn't make it Cherry Cola is this secluded little joint just north of Queen and Bathurst and has this retro red velvet wallpaper that the Turning Point used to have but this looks brand new. It's a great little spot with an air of burlesque and rock'n roll. Thanks to the folks at Cherry Cola who let us put this thing on.

Thanks to the TV Freaks for driving all the way down from Welland and giving it their all. It was great to see them just after the release of their first full length. The band was super excited and they lead us through some lo fi garage inspired garage inspired hardcore that at times sounded like early JFA and Gang of Four and Wire and New Bomb Turks. They were nervous and the didn't have to be. Dave O'Connor leered out behind his mic a number of times just to check to see if we were paying attention. We were riveted.  

Liz Worth of Treat Me Like Dirt, took over the sound system. She played a great set of early punk spiced with bands that had female singers. It was a great transition.

The Suicide Dates were the raison d'etre behind this event. It had been 2006 the last time this particular group had gotten together. The only original member of the Dream Dates is Greg Dick and he wanted togive back to CIUT for all the programming we have done in covering the early punk scene, due in a large part to his efforts. If you have heard some of Greg's past interviews on EXD he has done shows with such heavyweights as the Ugly and the Viletones and Teenage Head, the Existers, the Mods, Don Pyle, the Fits and has played a behind the scenes role in so many other things that we do. It was an honour for him to go this extra distance and make their only show a benefit for CIUT.

In studio 3, Brian (of the Sinisters) was referring to Jonah, John, and Martin of Career Suicide as the Dream Team. They kicked out the jams. The guitars were super loud creating a blown out effect. I was having trouble hearing Greg when he was singing but the band picked a lot of covers that allowed for audience participation. So there was full on sing-a-longs to songs like "First Time", and "Search and Destroy". Coincidentally, the band launched into a cover of the Stooges number just as Arson walked in which is fitting given that Arson do their own appreciation for that scene with the song "Motor City" and "Vietnamese Babies".

I screwed up working out all the DJ equipment and as a result Don Pyle was unable to play his set as was our very own Rob Ferraz. Those were my disaapointments for the night. But Arson took to the stage with their current line up which features Dave Quinton (of the Mods) on drums and John Sutton (of the Weakerthans) on bass. They ripped through a set of the songs from the ep, "Pretty Girls" which was the unreleased song on "Smash the State", and they did a new song as an encore. Watching Rude paint the air with drama to supplement his lyrics and his self-assured Lou Reeed like delivery. Marcel focused on his guitar with that thick heavy crunch. John Sutton could barely be contained with a constant sneer on his face looking for every opportunity to pogo. And Dave Quinton with a host of faces and his Keith Moon like ability to stand on the kit or stand up or just try and do something different with the four pieces in front of him. I kept thinking how lucky are we to be witnessing this right now. You can't find talent this great. And at the end we learned that this was to be the band's last show for a while.

Thanks to Aldo Elric for filing the night. Thanks to Stuart Ross for driving in from Cobourg. And thanks to John De Marco for the escort home. Thanks to evryone who showed up like Zero, Betsy Carter, Mary Jankulak, Heather Haight, Hits and Misses Pete, Christine, Misty, and so many others. Here are some photos from the night.

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Flyer - Wednesday March 14th, 2012

Video - The Suicide Dates "The Mess Your In"

Aldo has started up a TV channel on youtube called "Punks and Rockers TV". One of the first video clips is the Suicide Dates doing "The Mess Your In", which is a song about Ruby T.

the Suicide Dates studio 3 session

This could possibly be the last time this group of individuals gets together. The band is called the Suicide Dates and is a makeshift band of mostly Career Suicide members playing with the original singer from the Dream Dates to do Dream Dates songs. The group has gotten together in the past to play release shows of the Dream Dates singles that have come out and this time is no different. On the eve of the official release of the third single from the 1979 recordings Greg Dick has pulled these guys together. They agreed to record a session for CIUT. The players who make up this band are Greg Dick who was the original singer of the Dream Dates and has since played in the Texas Dirt Fuckers and currently sings for the Ugly. On guitars you have John Sharron from Brutal Knights, Union of Uranus, Chokehold fame and Jonah Falco of Fucked Up and Scare Tactic fame. On bass is Martin Farkas of Career Suicide. On drums is Brian Christopher of the Sinisters. We packed into a sweaty Studio 3 and raced through a set of double and triple takes on a load of covers and a handful of Dream Dates originals. Greg Dick can stomp like a a punk rock Tom Connors and Brian plays like Dave Quinton doing his Keith Moon impersonations. John Sharron is cracking jokes the whole time lightening the mood and Jonah and Martin bring their enthusiasm for the material. It is a chemistry difficult to match. They jokingly described themselves as Van Halen playing Crass' gear. Have a listen to the recording on the songs below:

1. First time
2. Heart attack rhythm

3. The mess your in
4. Come On
5. Tallahassie lassie
6. Surfer Joe
7. Slash your face
8. Search and destroy

9. Kissin' cousins
10. Moans on the Phone
12. EXD ID

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Radio - Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Hear tonight's show here.

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - You ain't the One (Doomstown Sound)

THE VAPIDS - Gimmie gimmie your brains (Goblin)
THE CROISSANTS - Braindead airhead (Sacramento)
THE PIZZAS - Rock 'n' roll radio (Sacramento / Phono Select)
THE RIFF RANDALS - Ladies First (Self-Released)
DREAM DATES - Moans on the Phone (Ugly Pop)
CRASH KILLS 5 - It's Always There (Ugly Pop)

BETERCORE - man you suck (Karate core)
CRACK IN THE WALL - You're scum (Self-Released)
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? - Existence or Conquest (625 Productions)
SHAOLIN JAPP - Satan equals love (Self-Released)
CHARLES BRONSON - Obligatory jock slaughterhouse song (625 Productions)

APATIA NO - Robots de primer mundo (Noseke)
LOS CRUDOS - 500 anos (Lengua Armada)
ENDPROGRAM - Not Enough (Self-Released)
DEATHREAT - Out of sight out of mind (Partners in Crime)
MUCH WORSE - Speed intentions (Pass Judgement)

FUCK RIGHT OFF - DRI weren't wrong (Birmingham)
AGENT ORANGE - Blood stealers (Self-Released)
DEATHSKULLS - Punk my arse (Infested)
DEAD NATION - Payback (Self-Released)
ENDZWECK - Flower Bouquet (GMC)
DAMMIT HONEY - Discrimination (Self-Released)

RAD - Geekanomics / So say we all (Sacramento)
DRI - Reaganomics (Death)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - I shot the Devil (Frontier)
FRATRICIDE - Grave (Ugly Pop)
DEATH CRISIS - Problem reaction solution (Too old to die)

CHEST PAIN - Infinit meaninglessness (Self-Released)
DS-13 - Fuck the cops (Busted Heads)
CODE 13 - Hardcore for the kids (Havoc)
CRIPPLED MONGOLOIDS - Mongo in the pit (Self-released)
FURIOUS - Skate Therapy (Self-Released)

TOMMA HANDER - Fjarrkontroll (Graphals / Henke Bolla)
STRANGE ATTRACTOR - We're a Drugie Family (Red Lounge)
SCHIZOPHASIA - Salvage (Streak)
GAS CHAMBER - Prono (Warm Bath)
BIG HANDS - Panic Attack (Graphals)

CROM - Swords and sandals (Underdogma)
CRUCIAL ATTACK - Take it Back (625 Productions)
FUNEROT - De-liver-ed (Self-Released)
BOXED IN - That old chestnut (Crime Scene)
MK-ULTRA - Killing for college money (Coalition)
NIGHT BIRDS - Oblivious (Firestarter)

GAG ORDER - I Don't Like You (Self-Released)
DIRTY NUNS - No Way Out (Self-Released)
THE RATZ – Stepping out of line (Kink/That Lux Good)
KNIFE IN THE LEG - Pervert Haters (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
SVARTENBRANDT - Nueller Aldrig (Graphals)

Demo Feature
DIRECT APPROACH - Unaffordable (Self-Released)
DIRECT APPROACH - Eyes wide shut (Self-Released)
DIRECT APPROACH - Defined by nothing (Self-Released)
DIRECT APPROACH - What did we do (Self-Released)

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Radio - Sunday March 4th, 2012

Many technical difficulties plagues this week's show. We did get to interview Simon Harvey from Ugly Pop vinyl about his new releases like the Dream Dates, Arson, Crash Kills 5, and the soon to be released singles for the Hot Nasties, the Spys, and the Rock 'n roll bitches. Tonight's demo feature was Unholy Thoughts from West Virginia. You can listen to the show, warts and all, here.

THE MANIC DEPRESSIVES - Silence on the radio (ReRun)

FIX MY HEAD - Close your eyes (Inimical)
THURNEMAN - De far inget straff de far betalt (Sorry State)
DEN SKEVF - Ombord (Graphals)
ABUSIVE ACTION - What's Right (Voice of a Generation)
SCORCHED EARTH - The Dark Chapters (Graphals)

MC5 - Looking at you (Atlantic)
THE STOOGES - I wanna be your dog (Elektra)
APOLLO APACHES - Cry me a lie (Crypt)

CRASH KILLS 5 - Special School (Ugly Pop)
DREAM DATES - Tallahassie Lassie (Ugly Pop)
ARSON - Coho? Coho! (Ugly Pop)
THE SPYS - Underground (Ugly Pop)
HOT NASTIES - Invasion of the Tribbles (Ugly Pop)
ROCK 'N ROLL BITCHES - Wild West (Rich Young)

NORTHWEST COMPANY - Hard to Cry (Imperial)
UGLY DUCKLINGS - Nothing (York Town)
PAINTED SHIP - White Lies (Ugly Pop)
HAUNTED - 1-2-5 (Ugly Pop)
UNDERWORLD - Go Away (Ugly Pop)
BENT WIND - Sacred Cows (Green Tree)

SUBHUMANS - Religious Wars (Bluurg)
GBH - City baby attacked by rats (Clay)
WIRE - Mannequin (Harvest)
FORGOTTEN REBELS - England keep yer stars (Star)

Demo Feature
UNHOLY THOUGHTS - Whiskey, Weed, Girls and Speed (Self-Released)
UNHOLY THOUGHTS - Hell is other people (Self-Released)
UNHOLY THOUGHTS - Sleep (Self-Released)

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Arson “White Folks” ep

This is the ep originally released by the band back in 1979 on their own Glamatron label. The Ugly Pop re-issue sees the songs flipped so the title track is the B-Side and “Coho Coho” starts out the record. It is a smart idea given the energy to “Coho Coho” is a faster song and as a result stands out because of the energy. But this is the first time I have noticed this crazy effect layered over the entire song. It is like a live wire which is fitting for a band named ARSON. I love the effect.

The song has a particular importance to the band who wrote it after observing an anti-disco rally in Chicago. The crowd was chanting something that sounded like “Coho” and so the band wrote a song about it replicating the chanting part at the beginning of the song.

The title track is a 33 player. It is a longer song and played slower. It reminds me of the DEMICS “New York City” in terms of pace. Rude’s vocals exude an IGGY POP snarl who I have come to learn was an inspiration. “White Folks” is a building critique of the suburbs and Frank Manley breathed new life into the single back in the 90’s through the “Smash the State” series. But there is something about having this as a single which has me appreciating it so much more. (Ugly Pop Vinyl -

Crash Kills Five “What do you do at night?” ep

This is a re-issue plus kind of release by the guys who would go onto write the surf instrumentals for Kids in the Hall. The plus is in the liner notes that come with the single. In the same way that Don provides the background stories in Trouble in the Camera Club he recounts how CRASH KILLS FIVE came together, their association with the DEMICS, their various recordings and how they broke up. CRASH KILLS FIVE start with a letter that Freddie Pompeii gives to Don Pyle from some kids in Calgary. Don goes to Calgary and meet these guys who have a band called BUICK McKANE.

These guys would relocate to Toronto to start CRASH KILLS NINE. A line up change, a name change, a bunch of serendipity and the band records a single in an actual garage that was converted into a studio. Don’s vocals sound like Joey Ramone. The music is more mid-paced like the DIODES except the drum structures borrow more from the CLASH, which is apparent in the song “It’s always there”. “Special school” is one of my favourites with the building BUZZCOCKS riffing.

This is one of the rare snapshots of a band perfectly in the scene in its origin and makes particular sense if you have ever heard Don talk about his love for record collecting. And speaking of snapshots, the cover is of the TD Towers at night. It is a stark shot of the financial district which was a common view in the era before the condos took over the city’s waterfront.

Working with the title, the cover does an iconic reinterpretation of the financial district similar to what the POLES did with “CN Tower”. It’s clever. (Ugly Pop Vinyl -

The Dream Dates "Surfer Joe" 45

Here’s the third single by this little known Hamilton band that existed in 1979. Just when you thought the well ran dry, Ugly Pop offers up two new covers of unreleased material by the DREAM DATES.

The A-side is a cover of the band that brought you “Wipe Out”. “Surfer Joe” was a single by the SURFARIS in which “Wipe Out” was the B-Side. How crazy is that? The B-Side is a cover of the 50’s rocker Freddy Cannon who was inspired by Chuck Berry. “Tallahassee Lassie” was his first single and it suits Deemer’s guitar sound which channels Chuck Berry and Gord Lewis simultaneously.

The inner sleeve has a new photo of the DREAM DATES that I have never seen yet and exhibits the rockabilly meets glam punk that was influencing the scene at the time. This is a great addition to the DREAM DATES canon. (Ugly Pop Vinyl -

Flyer - Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

EXD, Volume 11, Issue 6 in MRR

The latest issue of the zine gets a review in March's issue of MRR (#346).

Kremlin demos in MRR

Here is the review of both Kremlin demos in the March issue of MRR (#346).

Concrete Asylum "City Sick" demo

The Concrete Asylum demo is reviewed in the March 2012 issue of MRR (#346).

Contagium "Impact to Fathers" ep in MRR

The new Contagium ep gets reviewed in the March issue of MRR (#346).

Cokskar / Tu Sufres split ep in MRR

MRR reviews this split in the March issue (#346).