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Submission Hold "Flag+Flame = Fun" ep

This came out on Farmhouse Records out of San Jose. The songs found on here are:
1. Flag+Flame = Fun
2. Walter
3. All People are Equal but some people are more equal than others

Spread the Disease "This Blood Ridden Tragedy" ep

This band featured kids from teh oakville and Mississauga scene. The ep was recorded on Hallowe'en 1997 and was released on a label from Florida called Undecided Records. The songs on here are:
1. Dishonourable Discharge
2. Warlord
3. Checkmate

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Chokehold ep

This record came out sometime after they broke up in 1996 because they were writing about it in the liner notes. There are some cool pieces in the liner notes about the band. This came out on a label called Jawk Records out of Alpharetta, Georgia. The songs on here are:
1. Tooth and Nail
2. Sell It for What it's worth....
3. You'll Despise Yourself
4. S.E.W. (Minimum Wage)

Friday, October 17, 1997

Chixdiggit! "Chupacabras" ep

Chixdiggit were from Calgary. This ep was released on Honest Don's Records released in 1997. The songs on here are the title track and the B-Side "20 Times".

Monday, October 6, 1997

Zine - Full Contact 04

click on the above to download a copy of this issue

This is Issue 4 of Full Contact Magazine with the cover being a drawing of Harley from the Cro Mags. There are interviews with Every Time I Die, WHN?, Reach the Sky, and Death Threat.

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Wednesday, September 24, 1997


We learn from Chris Walter's book "SNFU: What No One Else Wanted to Say", the acronym for the album stands for "Fuck You Up Like a Bad accident" and comes from a Wesley Willis quote.

This third album for Epitaph started in May 1996. Simon Head began recording demos for pre-production. The actual session was recorded at Mushroom Studios by Pete Wonsiak and mixed at the Greenhouse by Dave "Rave" Ogilvie in mid-June, 1996.

This album came out on September 24th. 

The songs on the record have stories behind them.

1. Stepstranger - is a song about Eric, who was Chi's stepfather. The song was inspired by his mom's death which inspired him to lash out at the guy who treated her so badly. 
2. You Make Me Thick is a fast song about bulimia. The song targets the extremely unrealistic weight standards set by the fashion industry. Bif Naked, who struggled with eating disorders most of her life, sang backup vocals and her appearance wwas not a coincidence.

3. Bobbitt - The lyrics are laced with Chi's sick humour, but Dave Rees' drumming stands out. Simon Head also plays keyboards in the song.
4. Better Then Eddie Vedder - is a song about the fickle nature of stardom
5. Don't Have a Cow - is a song about Mad Cow Disease which pokes fun at carnivores even though Chi claims to be one himself
6. Fate - is a song the band made a video for. The song creeps with a bass line and ominous lyrics. The video was shot in a schoolyard in East Vancouver (East 33rd and Main Street)
7. Dean Martian - is a wacky afterthought to end Side A
8. Charlie Still Smirks - is a twisted song about Charles Manson with references to Axl Rose
9. Spaceghost, The Twins & Blip - the lyrics seem to be taken word for word from a Saturday morning cartoon
10. My Pathetic Past - is a song that re-visits Chi's trials and tribulations of his adolescence and being bullied
11. Michelle Pfeiffer's Diaper - is a bizarre song with gross imagery
12. The Kwellada Kid
13. Elfie Schlegel - the song expresses the Canadian gymnast's flexibiliy and is more a song about his own aging
14. Gaggle of Friends - is a glib dismissal of Chi's former schoolmates

The band was not happy with the cover artwork. Brad Lambert wanted to recreate a drawing of Chi Pig's of babies in a sardine can, but it was only half done. That and a confusing acronym for a title, the band gave this release more challenges to do well.

The meaning to the songs come from Page 171 of Chris` book.

Sunday, September 14, 1997

Soy "Tales from Tofugrpahic Oceans" ep

This band is a three piece power violence band from Victoria. The songs on here are:
1. People who always fuck up on their plurals and possessives really get me down
2. Podgy
3. Ballad of Wendy grutlin
4. Context is Everything

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Kill City Butchers "Music for Children of All Ages" ep

The Kill City Butchers were from Toronto. I remember seeing a demo so I think they had a tape out before this ep. "Music for Children of All Ages" came out on Beer City Records. Mike Pedrow of the Soup Club recorded this ep. The songs on her are:
1. 85%
2. Let's Go Trip the Inline Skaters
3. Sweet Death
4. Bring that Party Down
5. The Lord He Shall Redeem Me
Here is the lyric sheet.

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Flyer - Friday, August 30th, 1997

Full Contact Interview - What Happens Next?

This is an interview I did with Max Ward about What Happens Next? Max Ward is many things to many people, but at the time of this he was the drummer for WHN? This interview was for Full Contact Magazine and appeared in issue 4. Rod Orchard was the guy behind the zine and he had these translated into Kenji so there is a Japanese translation alongside the English. Pretty cool. This came out in late 1997.

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The Forgotten Rebels in MRR

The Forgotten Rebels are one of the early Hamilton punk bands. Derek Dykeman of Soap and Spikes zine did an interview back in August 1997 and was Published in the March 1998 issue of MRR, issue #178. This issue is sold out, but you can read the Forgotten rebels interview by clicking on the cover of the issue above.

Thursday, July 31, 1997

Acrid / Left for Dead "Hacked to Pieces" LP

These two bands did a split with each other early on. The record was cut in a buzzsaw shape and it was jagged. I mean you could hurt yourself with it if you weren't careful. No Idea released the split in multiple pressings and the pressing information which may help figure out what you have:

- 1st Pressing: 1,100 Gray (7/31/1997)
- 2nd Pressing: 1,266 Pink (11/30/1997)
- 3rd Pressing: 104 Yellow, 102 Gray, 104 Blue, 104 Red, 103 White, 104 Orange, 100 Pink, 104 Baby Blue, 108 Urine, 195 Green (Total Pressing = 1,128) (3/31/1998)
- 4th Pressing: 1,024 Grayish Green (8/31/1998)
- 5th Pressing: 322 Opaque Purple, 314 Black (6/30/2000)

Acrid's songs are:

1. Fear and Trembling
2. Mindspasms
3. Mangled with Sores
4. Mallslug (a.k.a. Suburban Experience)

Left for Dead songs are:

1. Pliant
2. Who D'You Know?
3. Second Guess
4. Nothing There
5. Skin Graft
6. Kept in Line
7. Dirt
8. Didn't I
9. Left for Dead

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Flyer - Sunday July 27, 1997

AK 47 "Now You'll Know" cassette

This is the first release by this new Victoria outfit called AK 47. The band was put together by Tony Goluza and features former comrades from Hudson Mack, Goatboy, Nothing to Lose, and Section 46. I have not heard this but it follows in the tradition of cassette only releases by Section 46 / Nothing to Lose bands that Tony has been involved in. In fact, it seems to be true of the Victoria scene, where a lot of it has only been documented in cassette only releases. This was recorded in the first nine months of AK 47 being a band. The songs on here are:
1. Red Sun
2. Tirana
3. Cultural Revolution
4. Mumia
5. One Out Of Three
6. No More
7. Beliefs
8. Today's The Day
9. A Bullet
10. We Will Free Ourselves
11. Oppression
12. Another Time
13. AK47
14. Sellout
15. Time's Up
16. Where Are You
17. This World
18. Doesn't Mean A Thing
19. Years
20. Re-Education Camp #7
The band has posted the lyrics up at "Now You'll Know".

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Flyer - Sunday July 13, 1997

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Flyer - Tuesday July 8, 1997

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Flyer - Sunday July 6, 1997

Saturday, June 28, 1997

The 'B' Girls "Who Says Girls Can't Rock" CD

This was a CD put together by Chris Spedding and Peter Moore. The CD includes a remixed version of the Bomp ep plus 17 unreleased songs featuring a mixture of studio and live songs. Some of the folks involved in the unreleased material features Mick Jones, Deborah Harry, and Craig Leon. There is a 16 page booklet with liner notes as part of this package. This was released on Other Peoples Music. The songs found on here are:
1. B-Sides
2. Hearts in his Eyes
3. Heartbreaker
4. Alibi
5. Who Says Girls Can't Rock
6. Boys are Drinking
7. Two Hearts
8. Alibi
9. Jealousy
10. Fun at the Beach
11. Two Hearts
12. Angel Doesn't Shoot a Gun
13. Mystery
14. Alibi
15. Big Girl
16. Savage Fever
17. Chinese Rocks (Live)
18. Long Distance Love (Live)
19. Fun at the Beach (Live)

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Acrid "Eighty-Sixed" CD

After Kyle left the original line up of the Swarm he wanted to continue with a band that would be influenced by bands like Acme and Morser. Acrid became that band, where Kyle recruited a bunch of new kids from the scenes in Burlington, Oakville, and Mississauga. Michael would go on to drum for the Swarm and the Cursed. Ted Wong and I started a new label to release this CD which was to be called Dirty Kidz. Rob Sanzo recorded this, James Cavalouzo mixed a song, and Matt Jones did the artwork. The songs on here are:

1. Synaptic Overload
2. Manifestation of the Disease
3. Tools to Dissolve
4. Slow Death
5. Kisses and Whistles
6. Collapse
7. On Inubus' Wings
8. Skin Beyond Skin
9. Swimming in the Lake of Bile
10. Aphazia
11. 55 Seconds
12. Draize
13. June Cleaver
14. Ben Dover
15. 97.3% (Please Don't Eat My Ass)
16. Ocular Lesions
17. Panic
18. Booty Patrol

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Flyer - Saturday May 10, 1997

Zine - Full Contact 03

This issue came out in 1997. The issue contained interviews with Blood for Blood from Boston, Godbelow, 10 Yard Fight, and Hatebreed.

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Sludge Confrontations CD

This was a project band that started up as a two piece and then moved into a three piece of experimantal material. Kev Smith from the Neos was in the abnd and the CD makes up various studio and live recordings from June '84 to November '85. Break Even and Schizoprhenic records co-released this. The songs on here are:
1. Vegetable Garden
2. Nordic Racist
3. Waiting for Godot
4. Heresy / The Icon
5. Slug Death
6. Astronomy
7. Cucumber Patch
8. Human Table
9. Chopping Block
10. Moujik with Scythe
11. Fish Bones
12. Nasal Surgeon
13. Hanuted Lampshade
14. Chimney
15. Armoured Division
16. Los Muertos
17. Burning Red Eyes
18. Travelling Monk with a Crazy Poem
19. Gates of Kiev
20. Nazcastronaut
21. Rotting Salmon
22. Broken Fingers
23. Moose Head
24. Beautiful Vampyre
25. Wind & Rain
26. Frog-Eating Bat
27. Salt Mines
28. Towers of Silence
29. Dragon prawn with vegetables
30. ('ol) Black Fur-Munge
31. Cement Ocean
32. Dog Curry
33. Beautiful Vampyre
34. Travelling Monk with a Crazy Poem
35. Shadowy Grass
36. Moose Head
37. Hermit
38. Dead
39. Severed Cat
40. Chimney
41. Rainstorm
42. Salmon-faced Beast
43. Broken Fingers
44. Forgotten Skull
45. Bleeding Earth
46. Ice Jar

Flyer - Thursday April 17, 1997

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