Friday, December 7, 1990

Release - SNFU "Real Men Don't Watch Quincy" ep

In the fall of 1990, after SNFU had broken up, Chi PIg received a phone call from an American named Todd who wanted to know if Chi would be interested in doing an SNFU single.

The "Life of a Bag Lady" ep was a bootleg, but it was a bootleg with permission," explains the singer. "The only reason I did it was because I thought the early songs should be heard. I did all the artwork on that thing." In fact, "Life of a Bag Lady and "This is the End" had previously been released on the "She's Not on the Menu" single. "Strip Search" and "Grunt, Groan, Rant and Rave" were the songs from "It Came from Inner Space". Curiously both songs on the B-side would play backwards.

The singer received a lump sum for the ep and the Belkes weren't happy about it.

Found on page 121 of Chris Walter's book "SNFU...What No One Else Wanted to Say".

The songs on the single are: 01. Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy
02. Strip Search
03. Grunt, Groan, Rant & Rave
04. Life of a Bag Lady
05. This is the End

There was 700 pressed. The liner notes had a complete discography and band history up to 1989 consistent with this being a piece that came out after the band's first break up.

NoMeansNo "Oh, Canaduh" ep

NoMeansNo cover the Subhumans and DOA respectively. This was released on John Yates' label Allied recordings and writing royalties were donated to the Prisoners Rights Group. Victoria not Vancouver was written in the vinyl outro of the record.

Saturday, December 1, 1990

System Shit "God Rotten took a life" split ep

The song on here is "Homo Homini Lupus est". This was a split with a band from belgium called Rising Nation and they were around in 1987. Their artwork is found below.

Tuesday, November 20, 1990

Wednesday, October 10, 1990

Crisis of Faith "Keep the Baby, Faith" demo

CRISIS OF FAITH recorded a cassette in October 1990 that had the songs:

1. 700 Club
2. Incest
3. Public Assistance
4. Death of a Landlord
5. Raw Deal
6. Educated Discrimination
7. Colourblind
8. End the Suffering
9. Aryan Society

Friday, September 28, 1990

Flyer - Friday September 28, 1990

This was a benefit show to raise money for the "Summer Squash" cassette comp that would become the first Fans of Bad Productions release.

Flyer - Friday September 28, 1990

Sunday, September 23, 1990

Sunday, September 2, 1990

Saturday, September 1, 1990

One Blood "Untitled" ep

One Blood was my first hardcore band. You never forget your first. The band featured myseplf on vocals, Omar and Adam on guitar, James on bass, and Paul on drums. Chris Iler of Fans of Bad Productions did the cover artwork. We put way too many songs on a 7". Friends of ours Ted Wong and Spencer Mack teamed up as a Lobotomy Exchange to release this record. Songs on here are:

1. Not so Mysterious Histories
2. Friends
3. Speedy "Just Us"
4. Yankee Parasite
5. Decimation (Nunfuckers cover)

6. Respect
7. Mid 20's Crisis
8. Faith Based on Starvation
9. Purple Stains (Jimmy Hendrix cover)

Sunday, August 12, 1990

Lester Bangs on the Viletones

Main Lines, Blood Feasts, and Bad Taste: A Lester Bangs Reader [Paperback]
Lester Bangs (Author), John Morthland (Editor), Anchor (Aug. 12 2003), Page 387.

The specific article is titled "Bye Bye Sydney, Be Good" written in 1979 but not published until 1990 and then reprinted in the collection of Bangs' writings above.

Tuesday, August 7, 1990

Flyer - Tuesday August 7th, 1990

Vienna, Austria on the 1990 European tour.

Flyer - Tuesday August 7, 1990

Tuesday, July 31, 1990

Zine - Drastic Solutions, Issue 3

Click on the image to open or save a PDf of this zine.

Issue 3 of Drastic Solutions features interviews with Friends of Music, Brotherhood, Malhavoc, and Sons of Ishmael.

Sunday, July 8, 1990

Sunday, July 1, 1990

Various Artists "Summer Squash" cassette

This was a booklet that accompanied a tape compilation called Summer Squash that was put together by Melanie Aguila and Chris Iler of Fans of Bad Productions. Band sincluded on this com are Roctopus, Superfly, Sons of Ishmael, Kingpin, Phleg Camp, Tent of Miracles, Deep End, Epileptic Brain Surgeons, Guilt Parade, Shark Graffitti, MSI, One Blood, Totenhanz, Suckerpunch, Change of Heart, 5Ft. Nothing, No Identity, 4-1/2 Reasons 4 Abortions, Liquid Joy, and Mud. there was also some words about the clubs at the time. The recordings are live soundboard tapes.

Friday, June 29, 1990

Tuesday, June 26, 1990

Flyer - Saturday June 2, 1990

The bass player, Alisdiar Jones, made this flyer. Other flyers can be viewed at

Tuesday, June 19, 1990

Fratricide "Scream Bloody Vengeance" ep

This was a post humous release for Fratricide that was relased on the German label Heart First Records, which is a label that has released a lot of bands from Vancouver. The first song was recorded at Casablanca Studio on 8 tracks on May 23rd, 1987. The rest were recorded live on CFRO Co-op Radio, January 2nd, 1987.The songs on here are:

1. Scream Bloody Vengeance
2. Poison Control
3. Beaten Senseless
4. Final Solution

Melonville, a great blog that focuses on a lot of punk out of the west coast, has a download up for this ep.

Tuesday, June 12, 1990

Saturday, May 19, 1990

Saturday, May 12, 1990

Flyer - Saturday May 12, 1990

Thursday, May 10, 1990

Saturday, April 28, 1990

Thursday, April 19, 1990

Flyer - Thursday April 19, 1990

Mud were a bunch a band made up of a rotating cast of characters. Mike Sted was one of the main guys in the band and he was heavily inspired by Frank Zappa. But there was also a core group of guys who used to be in Terminal Rage, which included Danial Hannah, Ted Robinson, and Mike Brown. the band's songs became rock jam like operas and there was lots of audience participation encouraged. I think this show the band staged a mock New Year's Eve show.

Saturday, April 14, 1990

Sunday, March 25, 1990

Saturday, March 24, 1990

Tuesday, March 20, 1990

Zine - No Peace Without Freedom #2

This is the second issue of No Peace Without Freedom and I remember I couldn't believe how thick it was. A whopping 60 pages. The interviews in this second issue include Sons of Ishmael, Desecration, BSL, Nothing in Particular, Straw Dogs. Guilt Parade, Maggot Sandwich, Mad Parade, World Full of Hope zine, Doggy Style, Life Sentence, Dead Milkmen, Flecks of Drool, PCI, Black Donnellys, Government Issue, Half Off, Crib Death, and Another Destructive System. There was articles on the Better Youth Organization, the No More Censorship Defense Fund, and Speciesism. plus loads of local record and zine reviews.

Friday, March 16, 1990

Flyer - Friday March 16 and Saturday March 17, 1990

Two nights for the Ripcordz from Montreal.

Thursday, March 15, 1990

Zine - Kill Poseurs #2

Issue 2 of Rob's zine features an interview with Sned from Generic, No Fraud from Florida, and SS-20 from Cincinnati. there is also some funny pieces on mohawks and Leave it to Beaver.

Thursday, February 1, 1990

Zine - Rear Garde #39

Issue #39 of Rear Garde features interviews with Fugazi, Trapt, the Doughboys, Scott B. Sympathy, Anal Chinook, Alien Sex Fiend, Berurier Noir, and 24-7 Spyz. There is additional writing with scene reports and concert and music reviews which provide a fantastic cultural time capsule.

Letter to the Editor

Not sure how MSI fits into all of this, but the writer mentions them in league with Slayer, Metallica, and Aerosmith.

Saturday, January 27, 1990