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Top 10 - January 2015

Top 10 - January 2015
1. MANLIFTINGBANNER "Red Fury" LP  (Crucial Response)
2. RAJOITUS / RATSTAB split ep (Patac / Reality is a Cult / Riotous Outburst)
3. MYSTERIOUS SKIN "Wnter Tour tape" (Self-Released)
4. LUCHA ETERNA "Aceroso" ep (Saucepan)
5. LAS VENAS "Vamos por la calle" ep (Blondes Must Die)
6. FUGAZI "First Demo" LP (Dischord)
7. BLACKHOLE "Deeper" (Work Ethic)
8. FASSBANDER (Self-Released)
9. CONTORTURE / INSIDIOUS PROCESS split ep (Halvfabrikat/ Not Enough)
10. PELUQUERIA CANINA "Cerebros" ep (Blondes Must Die)


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Zine - EXD - Volume 15, Issue 1

It has been a while since a radio zine has come out. The new features an interview with the School Jerks that tries to sum up their history to here. We talk about all sorts of things but mostly about the new LP. The interview was an attempt to look at the band to date and was initially prepared for MRR, but that never materialised. You can download a PDF of the zine here.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Radio - Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Here is last night's show. We started out with a tribute to Corrie given Diedre's exit from the show. We picked up with a Wasted theme, a theme on art and integrity and lots of new material. Here is what was played and you can download an MP3 here.

ADRENALIN O.D. - Rah Jah (Grand Theft Audio)

TOY DOLLS - Diedre's a slag (Captain Oi!)
THE DICKIES - She Loves Me Not (Captain Oi!)
THE BOYS - Cast of Thousands (Anagram)
SNFU - Lovely Little Frankenstein (Epitaph)

URBAN SAVAGE - Wasted time (Savage)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Wasted Life (Rough Trade)
ZOMBI PUJOL - Nespre (Canya!)
SCHOOL JERKS - Passed Out (Riff Raff)
WASTOIDS - We Are (The Wastoid Crew) (Self-Released)

BLACKHOLE - Art Extortion (Work Ethic)
FUGAZI - And The Same (Dischord)
THE WARRIORS - Had It Your Own Way Too Long (Streetheart)
MANLIFTINGBANNER - Dead Wrong (Crucial Response)
BORN WRONG - Art Distrct (Schizophrenic)

RAJOITUS - Kaikki on kiinni rahasta (Riotous Outbursts)
SEVERE - Bystander (Self-Released)
RED DEATH - Unholy Agony (Self-Released)
DAMAGED HEAD - Jesus, God, Satan Are All Frauds (Self-Released)
THE GROGGIES - Into Hell (Self-Released)
PSEUDO - Allegory (Self-Released)
THE ACHTUNGS - I Hate You (Going Underground)

CONTORTURE - Seconds (Halvfabrikat / Not Enough)
DISABLER - Bitter & Resentful (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Cutting Out Early (Bigger Boat)
DFA - No Problem (Unrest)
THRASHINGTON DC - Bretagne 44 (No Glory)
LAPSARIA - Scorn of the Bastard (Self-Released)
JAVLA - Youth Implosion (Self-Released)
HUMAN ERROR - Csernobil, Fukusima, Paks (Total Addiction)
KORRUPT - Genocide Genosida (PKP Distribution)
KOSZMAR - Nuklearna Supremacja (Konton Crasher)

CULANDRA - Fight to Live (Canya!)
RIOT IN OPERA - Can't tell no one
SPANNER - Always Anti-Fascist (Rebel Time)
THE NEW ENEMY - State (Self-Released)

OOZE - Skinheaded Alive (Self-Released)
RANDOM KILLING - Foreign Soil (Resistance)
THE COMBAT ZONE - Give Me War (Side Two)
LOS MONJO - Hey Tu (Trabuc)
PISSLORD - Blood > Cum (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Mockery (Lengua Armada)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band recorded by Scott and Matt of VCR. You can download the demo at
BELT FIGHT - Belt Fight does it again (Self-Released)
BELT FIGHT - Jungle Meat (Self-Released)
BELT FIGHT - in Japanese (Self-Released)
BELT FIGHT - Robal’s Revenge (Self-Released)
BELT FIGHT - Bangkok flame squad (Self-Released)
BELT FIGHT - Pork Bun (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Flyer - Sunday, January 25th, 2015

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Radio - Sunday, January 18th, 2015

Listen above or download here.

CASH PUPPIES - 99% is Shit (The Label)

A set of old punk bands I came across this week
ED DAVIS BAND - Keith Richards dead (Enright)
THE TITS – We're so glad Elvis is dead (1977)
DENNIS THE MENACE - Go-go wah wah (Self-Released)
PLÉÉMOBIELZ - Troep (Kamikaze)

CAL AND THE CALORIES - Splish Splash (Rat King)
LEATHER DADDY - Clones (Twerp)
LAS VENAS - Vamos por la calle - La playa de los negris (Blondes must die)
THE POWER-CHORDS - Unattached Strings (Mean Buzz)
LYCKA TILL - På gott och ont (Plan-It X)
THE ERGS - Maybe I'm The New Messiah (Toxic Pop)
THE HEARTBURNS - I Wanna Be Dead (Self-Released)
COSTANZA - Didn't you get the Memo (Self-Released)

A set of old hardcore releases I came across this week
E.A.T.E.R. - Religion (Ernst)
ATOXXICO - Puerco Policia (Puro Pinche Ruido)
DEZERTER - Spytaj Milicjanta (MRR)
KALASHNIKOV - Schlueters Kabinet (HUB) - 1984
DEATH SENTENCE - Fake (Fringe)
UNWANTED - Party Degs (BYO)

This is a set of new-ish bands from Cleveland
REAL REGULAR - I Am Handsome (Saucepan)
SMOOTH BRAIN - When I'm With U (Lost Cat)
LUCHA ETERNA - Barrio Boyz (heaven's Gate / Cleveland Continental)
FAT VEGAN - Meat Is Burger (Saucepan)
FUCK YOU PAY ME - Factory Of Sadness (Self-Released)

POST REGIMENT - Kiedy Ktzycze (Czarlzly)
TRENCHES - Fighting Dogs (Self-Released)
YOUTH AVOIDERS - Got your teeth (Self-Released)

New bands with demos
RISE OF THE ANTELOPE - Asumsi Belaka (PTK Distribution)
SUKARAME - Teleng Teleng (PTK Distribution)
PURE DISGUST - You Don't Care (Self-Released)
BLOOD PRESSURE - Screaming and Laughing (Self-Released)
JAVLA - Half Life (Self-Released)
G.L.O.S.S. - We're from the future / Masculine Artifice (Self-Released)
2x4 - Survive the Mess / Attacked / Lost in Terror (Self-Released)

MANLIFTINGBANNER - Undercurrent (Crucial Response)
BLOOD SUCKERS - Suicide (Tiger)
MYSTERIOUS SKIN - Who Cares (Self-Released)
NARCOLEPTICS - Headache (Self-Released)
FASSBENDER - Kurtz (Self-Released)
CLOSE TO THE EDGE - In Plain Sight (Self-Released)
HOUNDS OF HATE - Wages of Sin (Braddock Hit Factory)

More material from new demoes by D'Arcy
SUICIDAS - Mentiras (Self-Released)
KONTATTO - Ogni Gionno Di Memo (Agipunk)
CRUSTANUNE - Krvarama Som (Self-Released)
FEVER - No One Fights Like Us (Self-Released)
SICK MARK - Not your Ally / Detest (Self-Released)

Demo feature from this new band out of Montreal. You can download the recording at

PARASYTES - Blinded (Self-Released)
PARASYTES - Burning Down the city (Self-Released)
PARASYTES - Melting Brain (Self-Released)
PARASYTES - Bloodsucker (Self-Released)
PARASYTES - Out on the Street (Self-Released)
PARASYTES - No Rules (Self-Released)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Radio - Sunday, January 11th, 2015

We aired a live recording and interview with Disdonut, a project band that took the subject of donuts and applied the "Dis" treatment to them. The session was recorded just before Christmas. We also featured a set of music loosely based on France given the shootings that took place in Paris this week. We featured a set of new bands from Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, etc). We featured a set of pop inspired punk that included the new Buzzcocks release. And this much diversity prepared everyone for the demo feature who were Gillooly, who are a new band from Buffalo that embody many different sounds of punk's past. You can download the show here.

DISDONUT - Old Fashion Pain (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Jelly Full of Napalm (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Fritter Obliteration (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Walnut Crunch Warfare (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Honey Glazed Holocaust (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Maple Dip Massacre (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Death's Doorstep Double Chocolate (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Crueller knows only Cruelty (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Coconut Cream Genocide (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Nuclear Dutchie (CIUT)

FRAU - Paris (Self-Released)
CRIMINAL CODE - Surveillance (Deranged)
HARM DONE - Let Down (Straight and Alert)
RAW JUSTICE - Mad At This World (Straight and Alert)
NYC HEADHUNTERS - Die Commuting (Straight and Alert)
IN TIME - Daily Commute (Self-Released)

ORDEN MUNDIAL - Todo Se Acaba (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CS-137 - La Humanidad lo ha Jodido Todo (Self-Released)
PESSIM - Amaga't Mentre Pugues (Self-Released)
GRB - La Fiesta (Self-Released)
DECRANEO - Criminales - Mallorca (MMM Discos)
FASTIC - Fucking Punk De Merda (Polze de la mort)
TARSIUS TARSIER - Mataviudas (Long Legs Long Arms)

SCHLONG - Go Your Own Way (Bun Length)
BREAKOUT - Razor Wire (On High)
HEART ATTACK KIDS - Shoulda Came From Japan (Trash!)
BUZZCOCKS - Generation Suicide (Pledge)
THE CAPITALIST KIDS - What Have You Got To Hide (Toxic Pop)
THE ERGS - Rod Argent (Toxic Pop)
JOE JACKSON - She Reallly Going Out With Him (Vinyl Lovers)

DRY HEAVE - Slander! Libel! Slander! (Self-Released)
VIVISEKTIO - Noitavaino (Kamaset Levyt)
FALLAS DE EVOLUCION - Nos deben una vida (CRASS)
HOT TIP - Human Cage (Self-Released)
BEASTMAN - Nightcrawler (Self-Released)
VCR - Beer Shit Night / Pizza Party (Barfbag)

MERCY KILLINGS - Snuffed Out (Beach mpedment)
APPRAISE - Double Sided (Refuse)
CORRECTION - Spear of a Thousand (Carry the Weight)
BUSTED OUTLOOK - Killed By The Kids II (Warthog)
COKE BUST - Sent in Circles (Grave Mistake)
REPLICA - Pitchforks and Torches (Prank)
HARD CHARGER - Cutting Out Early(Bigger Boat)
OOZE - Big Angry (Not Normal)
IDLE MINDS - Cold World (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is from Buffalo. Like listening to name that tune the punk edition. Can be downloaded at

GILLOOLY - Jeff Gillooly (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Meeting Bottoms (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Wait a Minute (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Blank Stares of State (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - More Important (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Magenta Lion (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Rust Belt (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Twelve Dotage (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Catch me off guard (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Spoken Herd (More Power Tapes)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Radio - Sunday, January 4th, 2015

We started off the show with the studio 3 session that was recorded with Farang. Ever wonder what Black Flag and the Minutemen sound like if they were one band?

FARANG - Psychic Bruise (CIUT)
FARANG - Interview (CIUT)
FARANG - Ear of the Bull / If you're not now you never were (CIUT)
FARANG - Interview (CIUT)
FARANG - Constrictor (CIUT)
FARANG - Interview (CIUT)
FARANG - Woggle (CIUT)
FARANG - Interview (CIUT)
FARANG - Jampacking (CIUT)
FARANG - Interview (CIUT)
FARANG - Gumboots - Maximum Taxiderm - Let's Kill (CIUT) 

The holiday season had us jam packed with programming so we squeezed in the top ten for last month

December Top 10 2014
10. PISS - Puke on the Patriarchy (Self-Released)
9. KOWARD - Only the Dead (Side Two)
8. THE COMBAT ZONE - Fed up (Side Two)
7. DIE - Exterminate (Sonic Terror Discs)
6. AJAX - Security (Even Worse)
5. CIRCLE FLEX - The labyrinth of a black slot
4. DAMAGED HEAD - KangBang (Adult Crash / Man in Decline)
3. GOVERNMENT FLU - Crime Scenes (Refuse)
2. GILLOOLY - Blank Stares of State (More Power Tapes)
1. LOW THREAT PROFILE - Anther Day of Failure (Deep Six / Draw Blanks)

There was a great scene report on Slovenia in the November issue of MRR. So I thought about those scenes behind the Iron Curtain that existed despite the additional challenges and thought we could look at these formerly occupied countries that had punk scenes as a regular feature. So we got started with a look at Slovenia. Here is the first segment of "Notes from Behind the Iron Curtain - Slovenian Scene Report". 

Panktri - Lublana je bulana (SKUC)
92 - Slep (Self-Released) 
Cao picke - Vsi se mamo fino (SKUC)
Berlinski Zid - Preporod (ZKP RTVS)
Lublanski psi - TV (ecerna revolucija) (ZKP RTVL)
Indust-Bag - 100db
Paraf - Morao sam ici (FV Music)

Tozibabe - Lutke (FV Zalozaba)
Sund - Komisija za šund (Radio Student) 
Kuzle - Ti si zvezda (Dallas)
U.B.R. - Frustracja (Attack Punk)
Depresija - Suženj Sistema (Self-Released)

Some websites for finding this classic Slovenian punk are:

Demo Feature
TRIAGE - Triage Theme (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - Everyday in the Hell (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - White Eyes (Self-Released)

You can download the entire demo at bandcamp. There are three more songs that didn't make it on the show. You can download the entire show here

Thursday, January 1, 2015

MRR Review - Woolworm "False Stoicism"

Another project from Halifax reviewed in January's issue of MRR (#380). You can download this from the band's bandcamp page. 

MRR Review - Teenanger "EP LP" LP

Teenanger's latest release reviewed by MRR in January (2015, issue #380). You can download this at their bandcamp page. 

MRR Review - Soupcans "Parasite Brain" ep

From Toronto, this is the Soupcans fourth release and can be found at their bandcamp page. This review was published in MRR January 2015, issue #380.

MRR Review - The Rebel Spell "Last Run"

A garbage review for a great release from MRR's January issue (#380). You can hear this release at the band's bandcamp page.

MRR Review - Disabler "Aggressive Negativity"

Disabler were reviewed in the January issue of MRR #380. This is the third recording by the band available at their bandcamp page.