Friday, May 30, 1986

Flyer - Friday May 30, 1986

Mike Marley and the Sailors was a band that Jonathon Cummings was in. Jonathon would move to Montreal and join the Doughboys and the Sailors would morph into Roctopus.

Tuesday, May 27, 1986

Monday, May 26, 1986

Dayglo Abortions "Feed Us a Fetus" LP

This was the record that I learned about the Dayglos through. The "Out of the Womb" record was out of print and Fringe Product wanted to re-issue the release. The band had new material and wanted to release something else. A compromise was reached with "Feed Us a Fetus". Nine of the 22 songs were from "OUt of the Womb" they were just re-recorded. Fringe sent the Dayglos back to Legacy Studios to record the album. Nick Jones from the Pointed Sticks was not involved in this recording. The band took a bigger role in producing and Tony Moskal tweaked the knobs. Chris Walters in his new book "Argh Fuck Kill: The Story of the Dayglo Abortions" describes this release as "an instant classic on par with Damaged, Group Sex, Something Better Change, or any other North American hardcore punk album of that period." The book provides some incredible insight into the recording of this album as well as the importance of a number of songs on this release. For instance, the song "Inside My Head" outlines the Dayglos mandate. The record pays homage to the band's love for "Black Sabbath". "Stupid Songs" is often mistakenly considered a defining song for the band's songs, but is actually a statement about popular music. "Dogfarts" further demonstrates the band's saense of humour while stating a painful truth about pets. "Wake Up America" is a criticism off the US, but realizing we are not far bahind the band also penned "Proud to be a Canadian". The band also reappropriates Alex Varty criticisim of them with "Argh Fuck Kill". Cretin's sister Saskia plays the "Brahms lullaby" piano intro at the beginning of "Bedtime Story". On the back cover there is a picture of the band with Chris Prohom (a.k.a. Wayne Gretzky) of Red Tide although Chris didn't play on the LP. The picture is an awesome shot of the band playing the Edge in Vancouver in 1985 and is taken by Doug Clement.

The songs on here are:

1. Stupid Songs
2. Argh Fuck Kill
3. Die Sinner Die
4. Bedtime Story
5. My Girl
6. Dogfarts
7. Inside My Head
8. Wake Up America
9. Proud to be Canadian
10. Stupid World
11. Kill the Hosers
12. Religious Bumfucks
13. 1967
14. I Killed Mommy
15. I'm My Own God
16. Used to be In Love
17. Suicide
18. The Idiot
19. Germ Attack
20. Scared of People
21. Black Sabbath

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Flyer - Saturday May 17, 1986

Flyer - Saturday May 17, 1986

There is a section in the new "Argh Fuck Kill: The Story of the Dayglo Abortions" book in the "White Bread & Baloney Tour '86" which describes all sorts of things that lead up and happen to this show. The writing reminds me that there was a band from Buffalo called the Painkillers who opened the show and weren't on the flyer or the ticket above. I do remember a band called Black Jello that opened the show. The band featured Derrick Bickles wgo would go on to play in Fumblekin and also host some stuff on Vice TV. They were a local band and were made up of OCA kids. Black Jello thought it would have an impact to bring in rotting fish from Kensington Market. It fuckin' stunk up the club especially after fish guts littered the floor making it super slick.

On top of that the cops tried to shut down the show and wound up just closing the back door which was used like a vent as well as a way for underage kids to get into the show. There was also a camera crew there from CityTV and although the book suggests it was a program called Music Express I think it might have been the New Music, which was a music TV show that did air stuff on punk rock. The Dayglos did an interview for the program. They also played a great set. Memorable for a number of things. I can remember wanting to see them again. And we would get our chance many times through the summer as the Dayglos adopted Toronto as their home for the summer. But they never practised and progressively got shittier everytime they played. I remember it getting so pitiful that when the Dayglos were on the bill I would skip their set. But this show with the Crucifucks was incredible.

And the Crucifucks were pretty awesome theirselves, although not necessarily appealing to the Dayglos / Goofs crowd. The singer Doc Dart launched into a series of tyrades on the punks referring to them as butterfly heads, which was a mockery of the number of mohawks in attendance. I remember Daniel Hannah who sang for Terminal Rage sporting a motorcycle helmet and ramming Doc Dart in the stomach with his head. I also remember the bass player wearing a Mr. Bubble T-Shirt and sitting on top of the speaker cabinets for the entire set. But all was not lost on the crowd. One of the Goof spin off bands called Politkill Incorect would go on to cover "Hinkley Had a Vision" years later. In many ways this was a memorable show.

Saturday, May 10, 1986

Friday, May 9, 1986

Flyer - Friday May 9, 1986

The False Prophets were an unusual punk band from New York that were part of the peace punk scene. But they didn't sound like CRASS or CONFLICT or what was considered that sound. They used all sort of types of music that fused into punk which inlcuded things like reggae and opera. They also used a lot of props in their show. They had an LP out at the time and so there was some excitement about this show. It was at the Bridge at Bloor and Bathurst, which was also known as Ildiko's and the Starwood as you can see but the use of all three names on the flyer.

L'Etranger "Sticks and Stones" 12"

This was L'Etranger's second release. It was recorded in May 1986 at E-Norm-Us Studios. The songs on here are:

1. Time and Place
2. Trail of Tears
3. Wrestling with the Nice Stuff
4. Sticks and Stones

Thursday, May 1, 1986

Zine - Nerve #24

Nerve was a tabloid that published in Toronto. It was a music publication that had roots at CKLN. CKLN was the campus-community radio station out of Ryerson. This is issue #24 and was published in May 1986. This issue was the first magazine to feature the Beastie Boys on the cover. Also found in this issue are pieces on Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Level 42, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Zulu Records, an article on clubs in Toronto, Feargal Sharkey (of the Undertones), regional reports on Hamilton, Ottawa, London, and Montreal, music and show reviews and columns one of which was written by Jill Heath which was written about hardcore.

Sons of Ishmael interview in the Son of Quincy zine

James T. Hawkes put out a zine called "Son of Quincy". The zine was from Cheltenham in the UK. This was issue #1 which came out in May 1986 and this issue featured interviews with Scared Straight (who featured Brain Walsby), Kids in cash, and 7 Seconds to name a few. This interview was answered by Tim Freeborn by mail when he was living in Meaford and judging by the artwork looks like it came out around the time that "Hayseed Hardcore" came out.

MRR Review - S.C.U.M. "Born Too Soon" LP

Dog wrote this review for MRR of the S.C.U.M. LP. This appeared in issue #36, which came out in May 1986. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Mecca Normal LP

Ruth Schwartz wrote this review for MRR of the Mecca Normal LP. This appeared in issue #36, which came out in May 1986. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Honest Injun "The Rosenthal Effect" 12"

Tim Yohannon wrote this review for MRR of the Honest Injun 12". This appeared in issue #36, which came out in May 1986. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Gerry Hannah "Songs from the Underground" cassette

A review for MRR of the prison tapes of gerry Hannah from the Subhumans. This appeared in issue #36, which came out in May 1986. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Forbidden Beat "Driving You Insane" ep

Tim Yohannon wrote this review for MRR of the Forbidden Beat ep. This appeared in issue #36, which came out in May 1986. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size. Thanks to Operation Pheonix Records for doing the PDF archives of the early issues of MRR.

MRR Scene report - Vancouver, May 1986

John Trollinas wrote a scene report on Vancouver back in the spriong of 1986. This appeared in issue #36 of  MRR, which came out in May of the same year. John reports on Death Sentence, Immoral Minority, Active Glands, Unnatural Silence, Legion of Doom, Witches Hammer and brief notes on Slow, Shanghai Dog, House of Commons, and the Spores. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.