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Friday, November 23, 1984

Flyer - Friday November 23, 1984

The Concordia radio station sponsors this show in Montreal with the Dub Rifles from Winnipeg.

DOA "Don't Turn Yer Back (on Desperate Times)" 12"

This was the next 12" to come out by DOA. Alternative Tentacles put it out in late 1984 and Tim Yohannon of MRR described the release as "Four tracks, a couple of which have appeared elsewhere, but these versions done a year ago really burn. "Race Riot" is in the vein of Hardcore 81, while "A Season in Hell" and "Burn it Down" also cook. "General Strike," which appeared on DOA's "limited edition" 45, is the most "rock " of all tracks, but its sentiments, along with all the other cuts, are DOA at their political best." (from Maximum Rocknroll #23, March 1985). The songs found on this release were:

1.General Strike
2. Race Riot
3. A Season In Hell
4. Burn It Down

Tuesday, November 20, 1984

Flyer - Tuesday November 20, 1984

V/A "Primitive Air Raid" LP

Primitive Air Raid is the first record of it's kind in Montreal. It is a random sample of Montreal's unrecorded underground. A few alternative bands made the record, but largely this represented the underground. the scene in Montreal has been alive for years. S.C.U.M. was asked to particpate but had difficulties retreiving their recording so they missed the deadline. Violent Meals went to Europe and forgot to leave their tape. Porcelain Forehead were from Ottawa and Direct Action were from Toronto. Both bands played a benefit show for the comp and as a result were added to this comp. This classic comp was the first release by Psyche Records who would go on to produce a number of other releases mostly of Montreal bands.
Jeff Bale reviewed the comp in MRR as "An excellent cross-section of Montreal-area bands, most of which haven't released any vinyl before. From the thrash of DIRECT ACTION and NO POLICY to the chunky pop-punk of the NILS to AMERICAN DEVICES' weird, rockin' stuff to fast punk by GENETIC CONTROL, the ABSURDS, and FAIR WARNING to the garage punk of PORCELAIN FOREHEAD to MORBID FIRE's experimental garage thrash, this album provides listening enjoyment. The only musical letdowns are art- damaged numbers by ≠ and IAGO NEON. The ASEXUALS, on the other hand, provide the lyrical low-point with their imbecilic pro-contra chant; their line "political morons without a fucking clue" must be autobiographical, since they apparently know nothing about Nicaragua, American foreign policy, or the circle-A which they employ in their moniker." (from Maximum Rocknroll #19, November 1984)
The songs on here are:
1. Asexuals - Contra-Rebels
2. Fair Warning - Six O'Clock Blues
3. Fair Warning - Open Your Eyes
4. Vomit and the Zits - Suicide
5. Vomit and the Zits - What the Hell
6. Porcelain Forehead - Cold Steak
7. Absurds - Moral Feedback
8. Absurds - Futur's Nature
9. Genetic Control - Suburban Life
10. Direct Action - Hate Generation
11. American Devices - Spontaneous Combustion
12. The Nils - Call of the Wild
13. Red Shift - Underflesh
14. Iago Neon - Preliterate Robot
15. Morbid Fiesta - Le Nul Parfait
16. No Policy - News or Propaganda
17. Does not Equal - Emotion 9

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Sunday, November 4, 1984

Genetic Control "First Impressions" ep

Genetic Control is a punk rock band from Montreal, Canada. They existed from 1984 to 1986 and reunited for some shows in 1998 and 2005. They have two official releases: the almost unfindable (only 500 were made) First Impressions 7” released in 1984 on Generic Records and the Brave New World CD released in 2005 on Sonik’s Chicken Shrimp Records. They also had a track, Suburban Life, on the famous Primitive Air Raid Montreal ‘84 compilation released on Psyche-Industry Records.

Friday, November 2, 1984

Direct Action

Interview on CityTV.

Thursday, November 1, 1984

RASH Interview - Angry Thalidomide Babies

Steve Milo from Sudden Impact did a zine called The Rash. He was penpals with Tim Freeborn and even made a trip to Meaford to hang out with him. Here is an interview Steve did with Tim in earlier days when Angry Thalidomide Babies was the Meaford punk band.

MRR Review - Various Artists "Primitive Air Raid" LP

Jeff Bale wrote this review for MRR of the Montreal comp. This appeared in issue #19, which came out in November 1984. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Sudden Impact "Freaked Out" cassette

Tim Yohannon wrote this review for MRR of the Sudden Impact cassette. This appeared in issue #19, which came out in November 1984. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Genetic Control "First Impressions" ep

Jeff Bale wrote this review for MRR of the Genetic Control ep. This appeared in issue #19, which came out in November 1984. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Review - Blue Marbellas "Nothing Like a War" cassette

Tim Yohannon wrote this review for MRR of the Blue Marbellas cassette. This appeared in issue #19, which came out in November 1984. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.