Friday, October 31, 2014

Top 10 - October 2014

Top 10 - October 2014
1. RATOS DE PORAO “Seculo Sinistro” CD (Alternative Tentacles)
2. BLOOD PRESSURE "The Facts" ep (Self-Released)
3. RESIST CONTROL “Cessation” LP (Peterwalkee)
4. BORN WRONG "Art District" ep (Schizophrenic)
5. HERO DISHONEST "Kaikki Hajoaa" ep (Peterwalkee)
6. AUTONOMY / NO SIR, I WON'T split LP (Dead Broke Rekerds / Dirt Cult)
7. TERCER MUNDO “Set Nosotros Mismos” LP (Cintas Pepe)
8. FEEL NOTHING demo (Self-Released)
9. PISS PISS PISS “Never heard of Amebix” demo (Self-Released)

* ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES - P.O. Box 419092 / San Francisco, CA / 94141-9092 / U$A /
* PETERWALKEE RECORDS - 299 West Delavan Ave / Buffalo NY / 14213 / USA /
* SCHIZOPHRENIC - 17 W 4th Street / Hamilton, ON / L9C 3M2 / Canada /
* DEAD BROKE REKERDS - 139 Huber Avenue / Holbrook, NY / 11741 / USA / // DIRT CULT - 15141 E Burnside Street / Portland, OR / 97233 / USA /

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Radio - Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tonight was our bi-annual fundraising show where we ask you to donate funds to the radio station to help meet operating costs. So played some punk songs about radio. Toronto is also on the eve of a municipal election so we played some songs about the electoral system. Hallowe'en is also on Friday so we had some songs about Hallowe'en. Chloe was in to talk about the women takeover of EXD next week. And Ken Stowar talked about the merits of EXD. you can here the show on the player above or download it here. 

SHIT FROM HELL - Mayor on Crack (Ugly Pop)

SAFETY WORD - Public Humilation (Self-Released)
FASTIC - Politician Holocaust (Self-Released)
THE REBEL SPELL - Ten Thousand Years (Rebel Time)

TEENAGE HEAD - Let's Shake (Attic)
PF COMMANDO - Raggare (Ugly Pop)

FORWARD - Resist (Prank/HG Fact)
COKE BUST - Sent In Circles (Refuse)

Here is some love and hate about radio.
WILD YOUTH - Radio Youth (Self-Released)
THE SCROTUM POLES - Radio Tay (One Tone)

NO SIR, I WON'T - Radio Shit (Self-Released)
BARON SAMEDI - Radio Sucks (Polze de la Mort) 

Here are some Hallowe'en numbers.
STRANGLERS - Peasant in the Big Shitty (United Artists)

VCR - Scream (Self-Released)
MISFITS - Hybrid Moments (Caroline)
THE MASKED MEN - Right Here with you (Dirtnap)

There was a shooting this week at Parliament Hill. Here are a couple of songs about the issue

TOTAL ABUSE - Masked Killer (Past Present Medium)
HASSLER - Cannon Fodder (Beach Impediment)

BURNING LOVE - Karla (Southern Lord)
CHEAP TRAGEDIES - Zodiac (Mad at the World)

CRAMPS - Dames, Booze, Chains, Boots (Big Beat)

UNDERTONES - Mars Bars (Sire)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Radio - Sunday, October 19th, 2014

We started off tonight's show with EBOLA who were a band from the UK that featured Andy from COLUMN OF HEAVEN. There has been a lot of news about the Ebola protocol as health teams scramble to put them in place. You can listen to the show on the player above or download an MP3 file here.

EBOLA - Incubation (Flat Earth)

DEATH INJECTION - Give In (Self-Released)
BLOOD PRESSURE - Screaming and Laughing (Self-Released)
BORN WRONG - Art District (Schizphrenic)
MORAL AUTHORITY - You're Not One Of Us (Self-Released)
BAD CHOICE - Bad Intro (Self-Released)
SAFETY WORD - Bad choice (Self-Released)
EAT YOU ALIVE - Have you seen him (Self-Released)
SEM HASTRO - Silencio covarde (Self-Released)

JAWBREAKER - Condition Oakland (Tupelo)
BAD RELIGION - Unacceptable (Epitaph)
TURBONEGRO - City of Satan (Burning Heart)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - Heart of a Rat (Vagrant)
MEKONS - Millionaire (Cooking Vinyl)

RANDOM KILLING - Foreign soil (Resistance Productions)
NO SIR, I WON'T - Heroes (Dead Broke / Dirt Cult)
CATHOLIC GUILT - Friend to None (Cut That Cord)
LEBAKKO - Sisältäni loukon löysin (PML)
INFAMOUS SCENTISTS - All your ears can hear (Alandhiscar)
RESTARTS - Intelligent Design (Self-Released)
RUTHLESS ONES - Natty Treble (Self-Released)
ENIGMAS - Monsters In The Basement (Bud Luxford)

THE LOVE TRIANGLE - The Wait (Static Shock)
STATUES - You Must be Crazy (Deranged)
THE VAPIDS - The Bad Lieutenants (Amp)
DECRANEO - Aislados (Crapoulet)
THE REBEL SPELL - I Heard You Singing (Rebel Time)

CHAIN OF STRENGTH - Never Understand (Revelation)
REGULATIONS - Don't Bother Me (P Trash)
IN MY EYES - Lasting Values (Revelation)
GOOD CLEAN FUN - Cooledge (Self-Released)
BANE - What Makes us Strong / Can we start again? (Equal Vision)
MINOR THREAT - In My Eyes (Dischord)
SOA - Lost in Space (Dischord)
KEEP IT UP - Thinking Straight (Self-Released)
BLANK STARE - Fuck Drugs, Fuck ya (Self-Released)
XFILESX - Edge Day all the Way (Self-Released)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Radio - Sunday, October 12, 2014

Here is the broadcast for tonight's show. I started out with my number 1 pick for last month which I didn't get to play last week. Demands from DC.

DEMANDS - No Lifeboats (Self-Released)

First up is an elections set to mark upcoming municipal election on Monday, October 27th but the advance polling starts this Tuesday so to motivate people to vote out the current administration here is a set about voting and Toronto.

THE ADOLESCENTS - Democracy (Frontier)
EFFIGIES - Guns or Ballots (Live Broadcast on Sunday Morning Nightmare, WZRD 1981)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Civil Disobedience (Self-Released)
WASTOIDS - My Toronto (Deranged)
THE SOFISTIFUCKS - Memento Mori (Rust and Machine)
HASSLER - Pig Pen II - Fed, Worked and Watered (Deranged)

I found a bunch of great demo recordings by Canadian artists on Melonville Hardcore that I wanted to share. There is loads more great stuff to be found some of which is in the second set below like Cat's Game and the Dole.. 

DEATH SENTENCE - R.C.M.P. (Self-Released)
UNWANTED - Dead End (BY0)
PERSONALITY CRISIS - People In Glass (1983 Demo)
WHITE NOISE - Whats a Matter (Dead and alive demo)
FRATRICIDE - Beaten Senseless (CFRO Co-op Radio, Jan 2nd 1987)

THE REBEL SPELL - All this costs (Rebel Time)
THE SKULLIANS - Jail Bird (Self-Released)
CAT'S GAME - Home Sweet Home (Self-Released)
THE D0LE - Working Poor (Self-Released)
FUCK ME DEAD - Closer To The End (Self-Released)
BILL OF RIGHTS - Pipeline (Surf, Skate, Ski & Skank demo)

A continuation of the Mexico City scene report printed in this month's issue of MRR. The reporter refers to the scene as Chilango Punk. D'Arcy played some of the material two weeks ago. Here is part two of some of the bands written about in the report. 

MUERTE - Nadie (Self-Released)
ZOTZ - Sangre (Self-Released)
DIA FINAL - El porvenir es largo (Self-Released)
VITTORIA DELLA SCONFITTA - Mierdas (Self-Released)

Here is a set of bands that sing in Spanish from other parts of the world like San Francisco, L.A., Oakland, Bogoto and Toronto. 

RULETA RUSA - Curriqui De Barrio - Gritos Para Desahogar (Aqui No Es)
GENERACION SUICIDA - Soldados (MM Discos) 
SUICIDAS - Vertigo (Self-Released)
SECTA SUICIDA - Ya Nada Importa (Self-Released)
SKUNX - Dose Brutal (CIUT)

This is a set of bands that will be playing in town in the next little while. See the show listings section.

VACANT STATE - No (Deranged)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Hypocrite (Touch 'n Go)
GLUE - Close But No Cigar (Self-Released)
WILD SIDE - All Bark, No Bite / The Strength (Self-Released)

BELGRAD0 - Koszmar - Barcelona 
K0SZMAR - I Na Co (Poslka Dupa Demo 2012)
UPTOWN LEISURE BOYS - Scraping Bottom (MM Discos) 
SOCIALITE - Socialite (Self-Released)
STOIC VIOLENCE - Abused (Deranged / Video Disease)
SOCIAL DAMAGE - Tied (Straight and Alert)
ANCIENT HEADS - For My Brothers (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a brand new power violence band from Buffalo. The band features Corey from Inerds on vocals, Eric from Not Time Left / They Live on guitar, Chelsea from Human Touch / The Mallwalkers on bass, and Steve from Done Deal on drums. This recording was done on October 1st so this might be the first time you are hearing it. Healer will be making this available on a cassette and CD format and Nerve Alter will release a 7" from this material. Healer is also working on new material for a split with Cloud Rat. 

HEALER - Fundamentalists (Self-Released)
HEALER - H.O.T.E.O.F. Part II (Self-Released)
HEALER - Paid Vacation (Self-Released)
HEALER - Take a Number (Self-Released)
HEALER - Just us Peanuts in Here (Self-Released)
HEALER - Parasites (Self-Released)
HEALER - Dead Grandma Watching You (Self-Released)
HEALER - Day Pass to Assholeville (Self-Released)
HEALER - And You Will Probably Die Alone (Self-Released)
HEALER - Mom is Drunk and Talking Shit (Self-Released)
HEALER - You Can't Win (Self-Released)
HEALER - Shit Existance (Self-Released)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Flyer - Friday, October 10th, 2014

Ratka are from Brazil. I don't know many bands from Brazil who have played here. They band was featured in an issue of MRR and they have a bandcamp page with their material which is moody in a goth sort of way atmospheric way. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Radio - Sunday, October 5th, 2014

Tonight's show starts out with a studio 3 session with Hamilton's Burn Victim. Great new power violence band from the Hammer following in the tradition of Left for Dead, Snake Charmer and so many others noise merchants.

BURN VICTIM - Interview (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - False Entitlement (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - Interview (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - Jesus take the wheel (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - Interview (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - Def and Dumber (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - Interview (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - Hypocrite (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - Interview (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - Interview (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - Interview (CIUT)
BURN VICTIM - Interview (CIUT)

There was a great record release show at S.H.I.B.G.B.'s for the first four bands in this set. Absolut finished with the Husker Du cover. Hassler did a cover of "I Got a Right" which doesn;t make it into this set.

VALLEY BOYS - Killing Time (Ugly Pop)
ABSOLUT - Tiring Planet
HASSLER - Affluenza (Deranged)
PROXY - Undone (MM Discos)
HUSKER DU - Deadly Skies (SST)

RICH KIDS - Cheap Emotions (EMI)
SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS - Waiting for the Man (Decca)
GBH - Give Me Fire (Castle)
AVENGERS - Teenage rebel (CD Presents)
TEENGENERATE - Savage (Wallabies)

In tribute to the stand off taken place in hong Kong will pulled together a set of Chinese bands critical of the state. 

FANZUI XIANGFA - We Destroy The Red Dream! (Tenzemen)
HANG ON THE BOX - Yellow Banana
DEMERIT - Beijing is not my home (Self-Released
THE FLYX - I Don't Care 
GUM BLEED - Liberation Day (Genjing
SMZB - Tour for Freedom (Tenzemen

The first week of October means it's time to break out our favoruite releases of last month as a way of putting it to bed. This is the top 9 from September. Ran out ot time and we cut off the number one pick. That's for next week. 

BOG BODIES - Venereal Anarchy (Self-Released)
POPULATION ZERO - Blast Effects (Suburban White Trash)
HELLSHOCK - Enemy Within (Black Water)
THE STEADYS - Dancing In My Life off (Dirty Rabbit)
EU-vostoliitto - Mä Vihaan Elämää Ja Tätä Maailmaa (Self-Released)
KONTAMINAT - Team Player
SNOB - W.F.P. (Mata la Musica Discos)
REPLICA - Sandy Bottoms (Prank)
S.H.I.T. - Fuck All (Lengua Armada)

You can download an MP3 of the show here

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Flyer - Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Hassler are just back from a European tour and have a new full length that they are celebrating at this show. The LP is called "Fed, Worked, and Watered" and you can hear it on their bandcamp page.
Proxy are an incredible band from Montreal and one of their recent releases "Police Car" was reviewed in MRR not too long ago. I have been listening to them all afternoon and I love how they fused Unruled and Motorhead and Criminal Damage into one great sound.
Toronto's tribute to Sweden in Absolut are also on this line up. They have a new release called "Punk Survival" that you can hear at their bandcamp page.

And the Valley Boys also have a brand new ep out on Ugly Pop called "Drone Attack". Check out their bandcamp page.

The record release really applies for all four bands. An incredible line up. Not to be missed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MRR Review - Zex "Wanderlust / Escape this life"

Another band out of Ottawa. You can hear them on bandcamp. Compare them to MRR's review here.

MRR Review - Unfun "Shores of Lake Erie" 12"

Unfun are from Vancouver so it is interest that they title a record after a body of water in central Canada. They have an ocean. Bandcamp will let you creep on this release.

MRR Review - System Shit / Vitriolic Response split

System Shit are another hardcore legend from Halifax. Vitriolic Response are from Mancester. Here is MRR's review of the split. 

MRR Review - Simply Saucer "Baby Nova" LP

Punk rock legends have a new release out of old songs. MRR writes about it in October's issue (#377).

MRR Review - Napalm Raid "Storm" ep

Out of Halifax, this is one of many releases by Napalm Raid. Both songs can be downloaded from their bandcamp page as separate songs. Here is what MRR thinks of their latest release.

MRR Review - Mother's Children "Lemon" LP

Out of the nation's capital this is one of many releases by this glam power pop outfit. This release can be heard at bandcamp. This review from MRR in October 2014 (issue #377).

MRR Review - Moonhag Demon

From London this is available on bandcamp. But this review is only available in the October issue of MRR (#377).

MRR Review - Glitter LP

Bandcamp has a listening space.

MRR Review - Cum Rag demo

Cody Cross starts up side project bands like noboy's business. Cum Rag is his latest. Their is a download provided at One Track to Hell. This review is from the October issue of MRR (#377).

MRR Review - Crystal Swells / Sightlines split ep

Crystal Swells can be downloaded on bandcamp. The Sightlines side is found at This review is from the October issue of MRR (#377).

MRR Review - Born Wrong "Art District" ep

This is Born Wrong's fifth release. The are from Hamilton as is Schizophrenic, the alter ego of Hammer City Records. You can hear this on their bandcamp page.This review is from the October issue of MRR (#377).

MRR Review - Ben Disaster "Another World" ep

I think this band is from Edmonton. There is a bandcamp section for this band and in particular this release. This is the review from the October issue of MRR.