Saturday, June 28, 1997

The 'B' Girls "Who Says Girls Can't Rock" CD

This was a CD put together by Chris Spedding and Peter Moore. The CD includes a remixed version of the Bomp ep plus 17 unreleased songs featuring a mixture of studio and live songs. Some of the folks involved in the unreleased material features Mick Jones, Deborah Harry, and Craig Leon. There is a 16 page booklet with liner notes as part of this package. This was released on Other Peoples Music. The songs found on here are:
1. B-Sides
2. Hearts in his Eyes
3. Heartbreaker
4. Alibi
5. Who Says Girls Can't Rock
6. Boys are Drinking
7. Two Hearts
8. Alibi
9. Jealousy
10. Fun at the Beach
11. Two Hearts
12. Angel Doesn't Shoot a Gun
13. Mystery
14. Alibi
15. Big Girl
16. Savage Fever
17. Chinese Rocks (Live)
18. Long Distance Love (Live)
19. Fun at the Beach (Live)

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Acrid "Eighty-Sixed" CD

After Kyle left the original line up of the Swarm he wanted to continue with a band that would be influenced by bands like Acme and Morser. Acrid became that band, where Kyle recruited a bunch of new kids from the scenes in Burlington, Oakville, and Mississauga. Michael would go on to drum for the Swarm and the Cursed. Ted Wong and I started a new label to release this CD which was to be called Dirty Kidz. Rob Sanzo recorded this, James Cavalouzo mixed a song, and Matt Jones did the artwork. The songs on here are:

1. Synaptic Overload
2. Manifestation of the Disease
3. Tools to Dissolve
4. Slow Death
5. Kisses and Whistles
6. Collapse
7. On Inubus' Wings
8. Skin Beyond Skin
9. Swimming in the Lake of Bile
10. Aphazia
11. 55 Seconds
12. Draize
13. June Cleaver
14. Ben Dover
15. 97.3% (Please Don't Eat My Ass)
16. Ocular Lesions
17. Panic
18. Booty Patrol

Friday, June 13, 1997

Friday, June 6, 1997