Friday, August 13, 1982

Ticket - Friday August 13, 1982

Thursday, August 5, 1982

Monday, August 2, 1982

Youth Youth Youth demo 1982

Recorded at Accusonic in June 1982. The demo was reviewed by No Cause for a Concern back in the day.

Tim Yohannon of MRR described the tape as "A really great thrash outfit from the Toronto area. The instrumentation is more than competent, but the lyrics are what really stand out--intelligent, committed, positive, and deliberate. Excellent!" (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll #4, January/February 1983)

The songs on here are:
1. Why Pay More
2. Pop Song
3. Whose Rights
4. Civil Disobedience
5. Apathy
6. Blue Stain
7. Greed
8. The One in the Middle
9. Domination