Saturday, November 21, 1987

Flyer - Saturday, November 21st, 1987

This was a later period version of the band and may have been the period where the band co-existed with the Doughboys. Noxious Art made this flyer.

Flyer - Saturday November 21, 1987

Wednesday, November 18, 1987

Monday, November 16, 1987

Various Artists "Progress?!" ep

This comp was put together by a group of kids who did a fanzine titled "Still Thinking". the zine was hardcore in focus but also covered issues of a political nature. The group decided to put together a local comp and make it a benefit comp for an organizatin called Tools for Peace" who worked at bringin in educational aid to Nicaragua, when America waged their secret war against the Sandinistas.

MSI was the first band and they contributed three songs. The first two run into each other. "Choke" was a song that a joke punk band played on an episode of "Quincy" which trashed punks. MSI learned the song and did it as a cover. The song it runs into is an original called "Infection" which is a song about violence. It is a theme as that what "Fighting for Nothing" is about. John provides an explanation in their page below. Click on it to enlarge.

Death of Gods had a new line up and were recording for a 7" but these songs may have come from their demo. They contributed "Corporate Fuckheads" and "This is God" and their ep had not come out yet. But Scott Williams, their guitar player had just lost his life. He had been killed by a hit and run.

Sons of Ishmael were working on the "Pariah Martyr Demands a Sacrifice" LP. THeir page uses some of the artwork that would appear on the cover of that release so this was the next release after "Hayseed Hardcore". It was with a band that was a newer line up than the first ep. The song they do is called "Slow Children Playing" and is a song about the Cold War.

The Nunfuckers were from Kitchener / Waterloo. They had just released the "Dead and on the Floor" ep and "Be Yourself" was on it. It was one of the band's best known songs. They also had a cover of "Purple Haze" played super fast and done long before Snuff did their version.

Guilt Parade had just moved to Toronto from Fredericton. they contributed a cover of Elvis's "Heartbreak Hotel". This was before the LP that was to coem out on Fringe.

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