Thursday, March 30, 2006

Top 10 - March 2006

Top 10 - March 2006

1. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH "Totalitarian Society" LP (Hardcore Holocaust)
2. WARKRIME "Give War a Chance" ep (No Way)
3. CARDIAC ARREST "Life's A Dead End" ep (No Way)
4. AFFLUENTE "Lifera Fame" CD (S.O.A.)
5. AFTER THE MASSACRE "A Future Discarded to the Bonepits" CD (S.O.A.)
6. FORCED MARCH "Wasted Existence" ep (Self-Released)
7. LA PIOVRA "Risacca" ep (Punks Before Profits)
8. ARMAGEDOM / BOMBENALARM split ep (Hate)
9. SOCIAL CIRCKLE "Static Eyes" ep (No Way)
10. COBRA NOIR "Barricades" CD (Chainsaw Safety)

Label Info:
* NO WAY -
* S.O.A. -
* HATE -

Monday, March 27, 2006

Radio - Sunday, March 26, 2006

KNUCKLEHEAD - The New Black List (Stumble)

OUT WITH A BANG - Cursed from Birth (Vida Loca)
SODOMIZED BY MARCIA BRADY - Bend Over and Shut the Fuck Up, Asshole! (Burrito)
CAREER SUICIDE - Signal (Slasher)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Face of Death (Deranged)
UNDER PRESSURE - Situation (Primitive Air Raid)
DSC - Bloodied (Hit The Deck)

KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS - Death Has Come Over Me (Goner)
RIFF RANDELLS - Psycho Boyfriend (Mint)
RIVER CITY TANLINES - IM A Damn Dog (Soul is Cheap)
TEENAGE HEAD - Aint Got No sense (Page One)
NERVOUS EATERS - Im a Degenerate (Penniman)

Studio 3 Session
KNUCKLEHEAD - Born in a Big City / Prime Time Reality (CIUT)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Bodies at Midnight (CIUT)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Bill Jones Curse (CIUT)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Better Living (Stumble)

UROKO - Midnight Impulse (MCR Company)
ABRAHAM CROSS - Same as War (MCR Company)
PROTESTATION - Guilty ? (MCR Company)
FORWARD - We Need the Truth (HG Fact)
INEPSY - Massive Ordinance Airblast (Feral Ward)

Demo Feature
SOTATILA - Rauka & Turva (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Valinpitamattomyys (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Perus Paska Meininki (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Joukkotuhoaseet (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Lokeroija (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Sekasorta (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Kontrolli (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Oma Elama (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Valta (Self-Released)

THE DESTRUCTORS - Death Squad (Captain oi!)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Flyer - Sunday March 26, 2006

Knucklehad from Calgary were in town and Ripcordz from Montreal played with them and the Fallout and random Killing and the Diabollocks.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sunday, March 19, 2006

THE SPINOFFS - Takeout Boy (Black Market)

SAINT BUSHMILLS CHOIR - Black & Tans (Profane Existence)
TOY DOLLS - The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo (S.O.S.)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Bill Jones Curse (Stumble)
BLUNDERMEN - Alternative Ulster (Unreleased)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Suspect Device (Rough Trade)

RAMONES - Daytime Dilemma (Sire)
ISENGARD - Storm of Evil (Vinyl Maniac)
VENOM - Black Metal (Earmark)
YO-SHI - Title in Japanese (Devour)
RAMMER - Butcher (Blue Fog)

TRANZMITORS - Look What Your Doing (Ugly Pop)
MAGAZINE - Touch and Go (Virgin)
MEMBERS - Flying Again (Virgin)
ALTERNATIVE TV - Action Time Vision (Debtford Fun City)
RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS - The Kid with the Replaceable Heart (Radarscape)
AVERSIONS - Black Alibi (Die in Style)

MINORITY PARTY - Fuck It Up (Self-Released)
GRIMPLE - Bushanomics (Prank)
DRI - Reagonomics (Death)
NEGATIVE GAIN - Dark Places (Pusmort)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Cops Aint Tops (Self-Released)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Bent OK (Self-Released)
FAIR WARNING - Frayed Nerves (

THEY LIVE - Game Over (625 Productions)
MAD BUTCHER - Title in Japanese (Keloid Records)
TETSU ARREI - Starting Over (HG Fact)
CLUSTERFUCK - I Hate the Nutmeg State (Wintermute)
TYRADES - I am Homocide (Shit Sandwich)

ANGRY ANGLES - Things are moving (Shattered)
SUPERCHARGER - Im Beat (Rip Off)
THE LIDS - Distracted (Rip Off)

Demo Feature
MARGARET THRASHER - Hell No We wont Go (Self-Released)
MARGARET THRASHER - Posing Hard in Moral Superiority (Self-Released)
MARGARET THRASHER - Gentdefecation (Self-Released)
MARGARET THRASHER - Fuck Your Face (Self-Released)
MARGARET THRASHER - Song One (Self-Released)
MARGARET THRASHER - Pussyfooters Theme (Self-Released)
MARGARET THRASHER - Damaged Three (Self-Released)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Vehicle Party (P-Trash)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dee Colvins "Friday Night / Mahoney Park" ep

A VAPIDS side project? It certainly has the three chord pop punk beat which is equal parts SCREECHING WEASEL meets RAMONES sound. And Jimmy and Scotty are in this band so it should sound like the VAPIDS. Maybe a biot more ballad than I am used to at least for the song "Mahoney Park". The songs on hear are:
1. Friday Night
2. Mahoney Park
3. Rocket Boy
4. She Won't Go Away

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Radio - Sunday, March 13, 2006

FUCKED UP - Circling the Drain (live) (Deranged)

DIRTY BS - 15 Years (Slasher)
CANCER BATS - Bloodpact (Tragicomedy)
VEE DEE - Blood Zombie (Criminal IQ)
HJERTESTOP - Vi Er Overalt (Kick 'n' Punch)
GORILLA ANGREB - Jeg Gar Ikke I Sorte (Kick 'n' Punch)

CHANNEL 3 - Manzanar (Posh Boy)
D.O.A. - The Enemy (Alternative Tentacles)
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - Working Class Pride (Pusmort)
JERRY'S KIDS - Build Me A Bomb (Taang)
POISON IDEA - Typical (Pusmort)
D.I. - Spiritual Law (Reject)

Studio 3 session
FUCKED UP - Triumph of Life (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - Invincible Leader (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - 2 Snakes (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - Neat Parts (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - Teenage Problems (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - Fear of the Day (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - inteview
FUCKED UP - Ban Violins (Slasher)

THE JAM - Carnaby Street (Polydor)
THE POGUES - Dirty Old Town (Stiff)

ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS - Raw Power (Smog Veil)
SAUCERS - I Didn't Get It (Orange)
DEAD BOYS - High Tension Wire (Sire)
DICTATORS - Young, Fast & Scientific (Asylum)

AGNOSTIC FRONT - Last Warning (Combat Core)
S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die (Megaforce)
FEAR - Let's Have A War (Slash)

REAL KIDS - Every Day Is A Saturday (Norton)

Monday, March 13, 2006


This issue came out in March 2006. The issue has an interview with Deconditioned from Seattle. Protest the Hero is also interviewed in here. The issue has reviews, gossip, and show listings.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Tranzmitors "Look What Your Doing" ep

Ugly Pop's 19th release. Cat Call Records was just another moniker for Ugly Pop. This 19th release was of the incredibly infectious new wave renaissance group from Vancouver known as the Tranzmitors. The band features members of Emergency, New Town Animals and the Smugglers. They sound like the Undertones and XTC and the Cure, the Pointed Sticks and the Specials all at once. The A side ends with a 'Radio' roundabout that could have been ripped from Joe Jackson's song "Radio". I am baffled as to why this band isn't bigger especially given the resurgence in new wave in the recent few years. CBC should be polluting the airwaves with their infectious ditties. Instead like every good new wave and punk group from back in the day the Tranzmitors are ignored. They are a true talent and Stiff Records has recognized it as they have taken to re-issuing the full length that Deranged released in 2007. There is a great interview that Mongrel zine did with the band. In the meantime this release contains "Look What Your Doing" and "Teenage Filmstar". There is pressing information about the multiple presses of this release up at Neurotic Text, which is Simon Harvey's blog, the true force behind Ugly Pop. Lots of interesting stuff up there including the pressing information that this was pressed three times in the total of three months between March and June of 2006. Each pressing was under 500.

Sunday, March 6, 2006

YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Headline Hunters (Fringe)

3TARDS - New Punk (Friggin Sucks) (Wounded Paw)
SECOND OPINION - USB (625 Productions)
VITAMIN X - Dead End (625 Productions)
DUDMAN - War Monger (625 Productions)
XBRAINIAX - M.S.M.P. / Young Republicans Fuck Off (625 Productions)
NK6 - Children Fuck Off (625 Productions)
GAUZE - Thrash Thrash Thrash (Bootleg)
DISKONTO - Vapnad Kamp (Crimes Against Humanity)

VILETONES - Swastika Girl (Razor)
THE UGLY - All Because of You (Bomp)
THE JAM - Down in the Tube Station at Midnight (Polydor)
GENERATION X - One Hundred Punks (Chrysalis)
THE UNDERTONES - Lets Talk About Girls (Sire)

Guest Host: Rob Mallion
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Dont Wanna Fight For You (Unreleased)
GENERATION X - Youth Youth Youth (Chrysalis)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Why Pay More (Unreleased)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Union Jackoff (Unreleased)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Wandrelust (Unreleased)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Greed (Unreleased)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Headline Hunters (Unreleased)

SUBVERTS - Radiation Burn
TEENAGE HEAD - Lucy Potato (Unreleased)
DOA - Want Some Bondage (Sudden Death)
SCAB - Hang Them By the Balls (Unreleased)
DAVE HOWARD SINGERS - Beat Box Baby (Unreleased)

Monday, March 6, 2006

Tranzmitors "Bigger Houses, Broken Homes" ep

This is an incredible new band from Vancouver that pulls together the essence of the UNDERTONES, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, the BUZZCOCKS, the JAM and the CLASH in their material. Featuring Jeffie of JEFFIE AND THE GENETICS and Fergus of the legendary STRIKE and more recently of the incredible EMERGENCY, and Nick and Bryce from the SMUGGLERS. The A-Side starts off with a CLASH riff that breaks into some UNDERTONES melody had the UNDERTONES had the balls of STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. And the pop sensibility of this can’t help creeping through. It reminds me of some of the great new wave of “Look Sharp” era JOE JACKSON and “Singles Going Steady” era BUZZCOCKS. The song pokes fun at the silliness of the “Keeping up with the Jones’” phenomenon and contains one of my favourite lines of all time and I quote “If you wanna see the summer through the windows of a hummer, climb a ladder through the hole of the status quo.” There are all kinds of potshots about drinking lattes and whatnot. This song is dripping with class wannabe criticism. I fuckin’ love it. I found out that Nick wrote the song and is inspired by George Carlin and a piece where he references "Bigger Houses, Broken Homes" in a comedy routine. The B-side is probably my most favourite of the lot. The TRANZMITORS recording six songs out of this session, which will make up three separate eps. The second one is already out on Cat Call. But the B-Side, "Glamour Girls" of this record has my favourite song out of the lot. It is pure BUZZCOCKS worship. And in typical BUZZCOCKS fashion the song is sage advice about girls, which in this case is about club going teens. It is a song about the grossness of the meat market. This song was written by Jeff and is part of the first recorded material by the band. These songs were recorded at the same time as the Ugly Pop ep. (Deranged Records /

Friday, March 3, 2006

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Top 10 - February 2006

Top 10 - February 2006

2. NO DICE Suffer ep (625 Productions)
3. GUNNAR HANSEN "Village Idiot" ep (Audio Fellatio)
4. WASTED TIME "Shameless" ep (Grave Mistake)
5. AMEN 81 ep (Heartfirst)
6. SKULLS AND FLAMES "Dead Area Paranoia" LP (Underground Punk Support)
7. SICK TERROR / MIGRA VIOLENTA split ep (Underground Punk Support)
8. 3TARDS "Crystal Balls" CD (Wounded Paw)
9. MAXIMUM RNR "Horns Up" CD (Self-Released)
10. RUM RUNNER "Dead Men Are Heavier than Broken Hearts" ep (Longshot)

Label Info:
* UNHOLY THRASH - P.O. Box 90274 / San Jose, CA / 95109 /USA /
* GRAVE MISTAKE - P.O. BOX 12482 / RICHMOND, VA / 23241 / USA /
* HEARTFIRST - Landsberger Str. 146 / d-80339 M√ľnchen / Germany /