Monday, March 6, 2006

Tranzmitors "Bigger Houses, Broken Homes" ep

This is an incredible new band from Vancouver that pulls together the essence of the UNDERTONES, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, the BUZZCOCKS, the JAM and the CLASH in their material. Featuring Jeffie of JEFFIE AND THE GENETICS and Fergus of the legendary STRIKE and more recently of the incredible EMERGENCY, and Nick and Bryce from the SMUGGLERS. The A-Side starts off with a CLASH riff that breaks into some UNDERTONES melody had the UNDERTONES had the balls of STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. And the pop sensibility of this can’t help creeping through. It reminds me of some of the great new wave of “Look Sharp” era JOE JACKSON and “Singles Going Steady” era BUZZCOCKS. The song pokes fun at the silliness of the “Keeping up with the Jones’” phenomenon and contains one of my favourite lines of all time and I quote “If you wanna see the summer through the windows of a hummer, climb a ladder through the hole of the status quo.” There are all kinds of potshots about drinking lattes and whatnot. This song is dripping with class wannabe criticism. I fuckin’ love it. I found out that Nick wrote the song and is inspired by George Carlin and a piece where he references "Bigger Houses, Broken Homes" in a comedy routine. The B-side is probably my most favourite of the lot. The TRANZMITORS recording six songs out of this session, which will make up three separate eps. The second one is already out on Cat Call. But the B-Side, "Glamour Girls" of this record has my favourite song out of the lot. It is pure BUZZCOCKS worship. And in typical BUZZCOCKS fashion the song is sage advice about girls, which in this case is about club going teens. It is a song about the grossness of the meat market. This song was written by Jeff and is part of the first recorded material by the band. These songs were recorded at the same time as the Ugly Pop ep. (Deranged Records /

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