Monday, September 17, 2001

Zine - Mosh Yankee #1

Mosh Yankee was a zine put out by Mat Bickle. Matt would go on to sing in a band called Sinkin' Ships and would start up a record label called Slasher Records.

Matt initially had a zine called Taint, but he switched the name to Mosh Yankee. This was his first issue and juding by the interviews this had to come out in the Fall of 2001.

Matt liked to take pictures and he liked to print them large. He used a half 8-1/2" x 11" format but flipped the size on it's side so that it resembled a coffee table style of book. This worked well with the large sized photos.

The zine opens up with some shots of No Justice at Chicago-Fest, which had to have been one of the best sets I have seen in a decade.

A brief piece on Bright Calm Blue. They had a split out and I got the sense they were from Quebec. They played with To Dream of Autumn and there is some full sized shots of them. I believe they were from Oakville.

There is some full page shots of the pit at Pointless Fest when Tragedy was on.

Matt interviews At the Mercy of Inspiration who were from Mississauga. This might be the only interview I have seen of the band. They were a metal-core type of band.

Matt talks to R.A.M.B.O. about Manowar, which seems to be his favourite topic.

Matt does a serious interview with No Time Left (from Buffalo) and Splitting Teeth (from Washington State).

The back page has Al Barile's poem on Straight edge called "The Choice" which originally appeared in Glen Friedman's first photo book.

Saturday, September 1, 2001

Buried Inside "Suspect Symmetry" CD

1. Prologue

2. Racking The Skulls Of American Golgatha
3. Clockwork (Birth Of The Chronophile)
4. Progress Is Dead: Death Is Progress
5. The Fallacy Of Wildlife Conservation
6. Kroc Of Shit
7. Terrortourismology
8. Epilogue

Siege Music