Monday, August 25, 1980

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Sunday, August 17, 1980

Flyer - Sunday August 17, 1980

The Nostrils were an first wave hardcore band from Winnipeg. they did this benefit show for Muscular Dystrophy. No info on the date or place.

Saturday, August 9, 1980

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Thursday, August 7, 1980

The Secrets LP

The Secrets were a band that formed taking the best players of the first wave of the Toronto punk scene. Freddy Pompeii of the Viletones was on guitar and vocals, Chris Haight of the Viletones and the Ugly played guitar, John Hamilton - the drummer of the Diodes - played bass, and Motor Mike Anderson played drums. The band's name comes from the fact that the band members had to keep this band a secret from their other bands. It is not an all out punk record. The cover of "Pretty Woman" demonstrates the bands R and B roots. Songs like "All the Girls in the World" sound more like a mod song. And why not, the Mods were a part of this era of the Toronto punk scene. "Zoom" is sung as a barber shop quartet and the Nylons were also big at the time. There was a lot of promise for this release, but it was not to be the punk supergroup that they should have been. This did go along with bands like Battered Wives who were label mates. This was released by Bomb Records, the same label that did the Last Pogo. The songs on here are :

1. Suzie Peroxide
2. Teenage Rampage
3. Pretty Woman
4. All the Girls in the World
5. Zoom
6. Tattoo City
7. Rock Music
8. Strictly from Cough Syrup
9. New Blood
10. Take Another Look

Wednesday, August 6, 1980

Tuesday, August 5, 1980

Flyer - 1980

Bomb Records made a tour poster for the Secrets and the Scenics. This is from Gary "Pig" Gold's archive.