Thursday, December 29, 1977

Flyer - Thursday December 29 - Saturday December 31, 1977

The Saturday night show is the night that David's burned to the ground.

Tuesday, December 27, 1977

Friday, December 23, 1977

Saturday, December 17, 1977

Saturday, December 3, 1977

Zine - The Pig Paper #07

The issue starts out with short news updates on some of the heavy hitters. There is a report on the UGLY playing their first show at the Outrage concert and how the Shock theatre has become their new home. There is a report on the Poles getting back from teh States and the "CN tower" single had just come out. There was a piece on a band called Dole Q from Port Perry that I had never heard of. There is a great story about pinching Tommy Ramone on the bum at the New Years gig at the New Yorker. In the gossip section the Diodes single "Red Rubber Ball" had just come out. The Curse just went on tour with the Diodes. The Dishes first single had come out. And there was reports on the mainstream press covering punk. There is a mention of a Concordes demo in the gossip section. There are reviews and photos which are worth the download. And the Sex Pistols had just toured America.