Sunday, December 30, 1984

Flyer - Sunday December 30, 1984

Wrath were a skate band from Brampton, Sudden Impact were from Newmarket, and Negative Gain were from Oakville. The night before New Year's Eve at Larry's.

Thursday, December 20, 1984

No Policy cassette

No Policy were from Montreal and featured Ron on vocals, Rebecca on guitar, Denis on bass, and Mike on drums. The songs on here are:
1. Merchants of Death
2. First Strike Last Strike
3. Business Man Special
4. News or Propaganda
5. Confusion Frustration Depression
6. On Your Christian Soldiers
7. Pass Me My Skate (I'm Leaving Town)
8. Hyper Reality
9. Bye Bye Bye
10. And So It Goes
11. Swamp Pig

Wednesday, December 19, 1984

Flyer - Wednesday December 19, 1984

Jill Heath brought Black Flag to town and did the show at the Party Centre so it could be all ages. This stretch of Church Street is littered with pawn shops so it had the added element of trashy going for it. Christians protested out front with placards that had the "Slip It In" cover stapled and the words "If you go in here you are going to Hell". That message didn't really work on the punks.

Monday, December 17, 1984

Beyond Possession "Tell Tale Heart" ep

Beyond Possession were an early crossover thrash band from Calgary. They evolved out of an earlier bands named Riot and White Noise. They were also skaters as told by the song "Skater's Life". "Tell Tale Heart" was recorded in 1984. I often likened them to the Accused because horror themes played prominently in their songs and graphics. When I saw them play in Toronto the singer dressed in hospital scrubs with blood stains on them and snug with his eyes looking up in his eyes so when he looked at you all you could see were the whites. The ep had two pressings the details of which are best explained by We Will Bury You. Here are some reviews about the ep collected by Kill from the Heart.

Altogether, one of the better speedcore bands around these days. Metallic riffing merges with manic hardcore intensity on this extremely well-produced six songer from Calgary's Beyond Possession. Hot guitarwork dominates while impassioned vocals shout out some choice thrashers such as "Skater's Life" and "Tell Tale Heart." More than a frisbee.
-Mike Gitter (from xXx #12, Fall 1985)

The title track puts the Edgar Allen Poe classic into the early classic punk style and, amazingly, pulls it off. The rest is slightly metallic, hard-driving thrash, with one song, "Vengeance," sounding like older Metallica with gruffer vocals. The lyrics are written with a bit more intelligence than the usual. This is one hot records, so look for it.
-Brady Rifkin (from Ink Disease #9, Summer 1985)

Calgary's BEYOND POSSESSION have a knack for tight stop-and-go thrash with near-virtuosic guitarwork. While this outfit is more adept at arranging than songwriting, numbers like "Where's the Matter" and "No Religion" demonstrate a preciseness (and rebelliousness) that makes this record a well above-average effort.
-Steve Spinali (from Maximum Rocknroll #24, April 1985)

The ep was released on the band's own label Fango Records. The songs on here are:

1. Tell Tale Heart
2. What's the Matter
3. Skater's Life
4. No Religion
5. Vengeance
6. Dying Fast

Sunday, December 16, 1984

Saturday, December 15, 1984

Wednesday, December 12, 1984

Norda "West Over Seas" 12"

This was a punk band from Toronto that had Brat X in the band who was hit by a car and killed. The band had a Bat Cave influence and used a lot of percussion. This record was released on a label from the UK called Unfaegne Music. The songs on here are:

1. West Over Seas
2. V
3. Snakes and Ladders

Saturday, December 1, 1984

MRR Review - Down Syndrome "Other Ways" ep

Jeff Bale wrote this review for MRR of the Down Syndrome ep. This appeared in issue #19, which came out in December 1984. Click on image to enlarge it to a readable size.

MRR Interview - Genetic Control

This interview appeared in issue #20 which came out on December 1984. Click on the interview to enlarge it to a readable size.

Down Syndrome ad in MRR

This ad appeared in issue #20 which came out on December 1984.

Genetic Control ad in MRR

This ad appeared in MRR #20, which came out December 1984.

Sudden Impact "Freaked Out" ad

This ad appeared in issue #20 which came out on December 1984.