Tuesday, January 31, 1989

Zine - Drastic Solutions, Issue 1

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This was the first issue of Drastic Solutions, which was a zine put together by Paul Abrash who would go on to drum in One Blood and then start Legion666. Paul was always into metal and as a result this first issue reflects that. The issue features interviews with Kreator, DRI, Nuclear Assault, and Impetigo. There is loads of reviews, columns, and information on animal rights.

Saturday, January 14, 1989

Flyer - Saturday January 14, 1989

The bass player, Alisdiar Jones, made this flyer. Other flyers can be viewed at http://homepage.mac.com/alisdairjones/PhotoAlbum85.html.

Saturday, January 7, 1989

Flyer - Saturday January 7, 1989

This is when the Quoc te started doing shows again.

Sunday, January 1, 1989

Zine - Rear Garde #29

This is Rear Garde issue 29. This came out in January 1989 and featured interviews with DRI, DBC, Karen Finley, the Blackjacks, 54 40, Billy Bragg, Birth Defects, Pumphouse, and Mr T Experience. there are scene reports on Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Boston. Plus concert and music reviews.