Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Haymaker "Love the Music, Hate the Kids!!!!" ep

This was Haymaker's first ep. Haymaker featured Jeff beckman from Choke Hold, Christian McMaster who would go on to play in the Cursed, Chris Ainsley and some other heavy weights from the Hamilton scene. This was recorded at Rumenal Sound in early December 2000. The songs on here are:

1. Guns Don't Kill Guns
2. You Save the World
3. Skate like Shit
4. ...with Friends like You
5. Team Jesus ... is losing
6. Wreckshit
7. Sometimes you don't pick your enemies ...
8. Fuck them Back
9. Painful Road Ahead
10. This won't change a thing!
11. Your Life in 30 words or less
12. Thru your Teeth

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Riot99 "Destroy the City" ep

This was the band's first ep and below is the band's original line up. They totally had a more Clash sound with this line up.

"Destroy the City" was a self-released ep. I am pretty sure the P.O. Box is no good anymore. Taras is now playing in City Sweethearts which is probably how you can track him down. Riot99 does have some unreleased songs so you might not have heard from the last of Riot Records.

Thursday, February 1, 2001

MRR Interview - Ugly Pop Vinyl

Simon Harvey has done a label for quite some time. His last label was called Ugly Pop Records. What a great name for the label. Simon started out by putting out a series of singles from Toronto and then did some re-issues and a few archival first time releases. It was an interesting label doing some important releases. I talked to simon about doing an interview and MRR published this as a profile in the February 2001 issue of MRR. This is issue #213 which is sold out of back issues but you can click on the cover above and get a PDF of the Ugly Pop piece.