Monday, June 27, 1983

Jolly Tambourine Man cassette

This was a cassette release recorded on June 26 and 27 at Track One audio. The band self-released it and called there label Suck-Up records and tapes. Below is the cover / lyric sheet.

The songs on here are:
1. Nazi Punks Go Bowling
2. Lisa Burger
3. Gropnick
4. I am Albella
5. Apple Strudel Man
6. Mold in My Ears
7. Scary Bowl
8. Movin' On Up

Friday, June 24, 1983

Teenage Heads "Tornado" ep

This was released on MCA and according to wikipedia the record created quite a controversy. Their American distributor made the band add an "s" to their name to remove any lurid connotations, hence the name Teenage Heads. This is depite the fact that the name actually comes from a Flaming Groovies song and not the often misunderstood sexual reference although loads of punk bands have had a sexual double entendre to their name. The songs found on here are:
1. Tornado
2. Luv for Sale
But I was looking at a list of Teenage Head's discography and there was a release for this with five songs which were:
1. Don't Cage Me In
2. I'm Just Too True
3. Dangerous Imagination
4. Tornado
5. Blood Boogie

Friday, June 17, 1983

Monday, June 6, 1983

Ticket - Monday June 6, 1983

This was when the English Beat played out at Canada's Wonderland. Bow Wow Wow opened up and none of the punks took them very seriously. So the crowd started goading the drummer and he eventually stopped playing and jumped into the crowd and started fighting. That was the end of Bow Wow Wow's set.