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Top 10 - July 2015

1. SNIFFING GLUE “Cold Times” LP (Plastic Bomb)
2. HARD SKIN “Do You Like Hospital Food?” LP (JT Classics)
3. SERIOUS SHIT demo (Self-Released)
4. BLANK SPELL “Malign Eye” EP (Cruel Noise / Trabuc)
5. ALIENATION “The First Two Demos” (Self-Released)
6. WORLD WAR IX “If one of these bottles should happen to fall” CD (Grady Core)
7. WULFEN R.A.G. “L.A. River” CD (Self-Released)
8. LIFEWRECK “Aggravation” ep (Self-Released)
9. UNIFORM demo (Self-Released)
10. THURNEMAN “De Raknar Vara Dagar” CD (Gaphals)

* PLASTIC BOMB – GnbH Heckenstr 35/HH, 47058 Duisburg /


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Radio - Sunday, July 26th, 2015

The latest segment of "Notes from Behind the Iron Curtain" has host exploring the little known scene of Macedonia. We start out with a band that host Beri Sabolic got to see live Bernays Propaganda. You can also download an MP3 file for your listening device, hearing aid, i-pod, whatnot.

BERNAYS PROPAGANDA - Kill Me! (Happiness Machines, Moonlee Records, 2009)

SARACENI - Ne brini (Macedonian Document Step 2, TROT, 1995)
BADMINGTONS - Site Obichni Lugje (Macedonian Document Step 1, TROT, 1994)
SORS - Old Story (Macedonian Document Step 2, TROT, 1995)

MIZAR - Devojka od bronza (Mizar, Helidon, 1988)
PADOT NA VIZANTIJA - Sepak Istata Sostojba (Macedonian Document Step 1, TROT, 1994)

MORBID JOKER - How Could Life Be So Cruel (No Border Jam 4, Front Rock 1997)
BRIGADE O.D. - No More (The Last Temptation of Dying Us, Humanita Nova, 2000)
SUPERHIKS - Rade - folk mix (Cekaj be, vikam... kade be, malku, Lithium Records, 2001)
KULTURNO UMETNICKI RABOTNICI - Dirty Old Saloon (Amore Bene Tutti Prego, Do Re Mi, 2008)
MOLOKAI - Creepy Heap from the Deep (Rack Attack 2.0, self-released digital album, 2014)

XAXAXA - Radio Motorika (Sami mazi i zeni, Moonlee Records, 2014)
BERNAYS PROPAGANDA - Ordinary Toy (Zabraneta planeta, Moonlee Records, 2013)

ARHANGEL – Molk (Haus)

Here are some of the most recent Canadian punk releases some of who will be playing Toronto over the next few weeks.

PRETTY BOYS – Diva Cup Girl (Self-Released)
PANZEE – All I Can Say (Self-Released)
ALIENATION - Election Fraud (Self-Released)
SILENT ORDER – Darkness – Isolation (Self-Released)
THE SYNDROME - Noise Appeal (Self-Released)

THE PAGANS OF NORTHUMBERLAND – The Moonies Don’t Know (Self-Released)
PSEUDO – Why ? (Self-Released)
ZERO – Still Ill (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN – Faceless (Self-Released)
GAZM – Face Down (Self-Released)
STRAY SHEEP - Hate Your Life (Self-Released)
BRUTE FORCE - Black and Blue (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is the first demo by the Boys. This band is a new Toronto band not to be confused with the well known British punk band that has a Christmas alter ego of the Yobs. The Toronto Boys demo is titled "Anti-Punk" and can be found on bandcamp. You can also find out more about the band on their blog.

THE BOYS – Introducing the Boys (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – Anti Punk (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – Turbo Hot Power Spice (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – Thps2 (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – Speed (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – Everybody Loves Raymond (Self-Released)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Radio - Sunday, July 19, 2015

Listen to tonight's show on the player above or download the file here.

BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Communication Breakdown (Perpetrator)
BURNING LOVE – Pig City 1 (Southern Lord)
CAREER SUICIDE – Cherry Beach (Sewercide)
GENTLEMEN OF HORROR – God Knows You By Name (Bacchus Archives)
DOA – Communication Breakdown (Sudden Death)

DEMICS – New York City (Ready)
COLD WARPS – Dip Tipper (Bruised Tongue)
THE FITS – Bored of Education (No Exit)
FERAL TRASH – P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D. (P Trash / Mammoth Cave)
KING KHAN AND BBQ – Invisible Girl (In the Red)

EMERGENCY - Media Control (Longshot)
BISHOPS GREEN - Vacant State(Rebellion / Longshot)
GENERATION HEXED - Tongue In Cheek (Self-Released)
STRANGLED - Cost of Living (Self-Released)
THE FRAGS – Social War (Self-Released)
GAZM - Face Down (Self-Released)

Here is the Triage studio 3 sssion from a few weeks ago.

TRIAGE – White Eyes (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Retaliatory Strike (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Triage Theme (Self-Released)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Society’s Victim (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Everyday in Hell (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Power Beat (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Dystopic Scene (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)

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Radio - Sunday July 12, 2015

You can download tonight's show here.

SHAM 69 – Sunday Morning Nightmare (Polydor)

On the way in we had to pass through a bunch of cops and security just sitting around guarding an empty field. Our interview studio does give us a pretty great view of the field hockey pitch, but the lockdown feel of things had us put together a set of anti Pan Am songs.

7 SECONDS - I Hate Sports (Pazzafist)
ANTI-DOGMATIKSS - Olimpisme (Tralla)
VOID – Organized Sports (Dischord)
DOA - Billy and the Socreds (Captin Oi!)

LIGHTMARES – The Sweat of a Hetero (Self-Released)
FEAR – I Love Livin’ in the City (Slash / Rhino)
TELEVISION – Friction (Alternative) (Elektra)
CHROME CRANKS – Little Johnny Jewel, Part 1 (Hozac)
FANG – The Money will roll right in (Boner)

Here are some reissues that came out in June

USELESS EATRS – Plague Is Vague (Lollipop)
MAD VIRGINS – F… and suck (Belgian Waffles)
SOBERANÍA PERSONAL – Sucios y coimeros (Metadona)
CHAINSAW – What Goes On (Romantik)
TOŽIBABE – Lutke (NE!)

To prepare listeners for the Top 10 picks here are some runners up

GAY KISS – Last March (Sorry State)
SIX BREW BANTHA - Intravenously Commodified (SPHC / To Live a Lie)
IMAGINARY DICTIONARY – Desperation (Hardware)
XAXAXA - Radio Motorika (Moonlee)
WILDHONEY – Super Stupid (Nostalgium Directive)

Here are my top 10 picks based on records reviewed in the June 2015 issue of MRR.

10. VLASTA POPIĆ – Slijepa naša (Mržnja) (Moonlee) 
9. DETERGENTS –  Dark Days (Quality Control)
8. SEX SNOBS – The Idiot Room (Self-Released)
7. ABSOLUT – Last Corpse (Runstate)
6. PARASYTES – Melting Brain (Self-Released)
5. BARCELONA - Seguidores del Orden (La Vida Es Un Mus)
4. RIXE – Infatigables (La Vida Es Un Mus)
3. SUICIDAS – Mentiras (Metadona)
    TRANCE – No Quiero Verte (Metadona)
2. FASHIONISM – Breaking Out (Hosehead)
1. S.H.I.T. - Blss (Beach Impediment)

THE A’s – Teenage Jerkoff (Arista)
TEENGENERATE – Let’s Get Hurt (Crypt)
LEATHER UPPERS – Super Car (Pantsuit City)
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS – You make me die (Crypt)
THE CRAMPS – I was a teenage werewolf (Embassador)

BISHOPS GREEN – Invisible (Rebellion)
HARD SKIN – I’ve Had Me Car Nicked (JT Classics)
VAGRANT – Ankle Brace (Self-Released)
SYSTEMATIK – Vagrant (Sabotage)
MYSTIC INANCE - Pervert in Society (Negative Jazz)

Tonight's demo feature is a skinhead band from Niagara Falls called Howitzer. You can download their demo at Bandcamp

HOWITZER - Howitzer (Self-Released)
HOWITZER - Unchained (Self-Released)
HOWITZER - Concealed Violence (Self-Released)
HOWITZER - Keep It Up (Self-Released)

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Radio - Sunday, July 5th, 2015

Tonight was the fifth women's takeover show complete with a renaming of the show "Shequalizing-X-Distort". Tonight's hosts included the regulars Chloe, Marjie, Sarde, and Zoe. two new co-hosts included Arina who has been on the show in studio 3 with Fathers, and Randi. Sarde started out tonight's show with

YOUNG TRYNAS - $ (Self-Released)

MOON HAG – Pills (Self-Released)
DAME – Charm School (Self-Released)
SLIMY MEMBER – Prisoner (Self-Released)

Chloe's set included
SWINDLED – Who Wants Guns? (Swindled)
SUDOR – Chicos del Regimen (Solo Para Punks)
TYRANNA – Back Off Baby (Self-Released)
X – I See Red (Elektra)
THE CONEHEADS – Way Things Am (Self-Released)

Arina's set was inspired by a passing encounter with Ivan starring at her homemade Kremlin shirt.
Q – QCP (Lumpy)
KREMLIN – No Work (Self-Released)
BELGRADO – In My Head (Self-Released)
THEE NODES – Filthy Gaze (Self-Released)
MALARIA! - Kaltes Klarres Wasser (Self-Released)

Zoe was moved by the possible deportation of a member of Pura Mania coming up in August
FRACASO – Destruir (Self-Released)
PURA MANIA – Desesperado (Cvrecs)
ICONS OF FILTH – Fucked Up State (Mortarhate)
RUBELLA BALLET – Money Talks (Ubiquitous)
FLESH WORLD – To Lose Me (Iron Lung)

Brandy's set was inspired by some noisier bands
THE SPEAKERS – Complex Baby (King World)
CUT – Everyday Like Shit (KWR)
NO CUT – Move Onward (KPP)
RECONSIDERATION – Viva La Noise (Pogo 77)
DISORDER – Chaos, disorder (Pogo 77)

Marji's set included
FORGOTTEN REBELS – Hello Hello (Star)
SUBHUMANS - No Productivity (Quintessence)
ALTERNATE ACTION – Keep Running (Longshot)
FLQ's – More of you (Unreleased)
THE TIGHT – Cracked (Cherry Red)

Tonight's demo feature is Erina's new band Mollot. She is singing in this band.and you can find the demo up on bandcamp

MOLLOT – Cheap Shit (Self-Released)
MOLLOT – Bikey Bike (Self-Released)
MOLLOT – Black Boots (Self-Released)
MOLLOT – Filth/Q (Self-Released)

DOWNTOWN BOYS – Dancing in the Dark (Don Giovanni)

Flyer - Sunday, June 5th, 2015

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