Saturday, November 25, 1978

Subhuamns "Death to the Sickoids" ep

"Death to the Sickoids" was the Subhumans first single. The ep was self-released and the B-side became a punk national anthem in Canada.

Friday, November 24, 1978

Thursday, November 23, 1978

Press Release: Which Wives

Sunday, November 19, 1978

Monday, November 6, 1978

Saturday, November 4, 1978

Friday, November 3, 1978

Thursday, November 2, 1978

Wednesday, November 1, 1978

Zine - Surfin' Bird #1

Surfin' Bird was a zine from Montreal that came out in November 1978. This issue featured an interview with the Battered Wives, a piece on Elvis Costello, a column by the guitarist of the Chromosomes, a piece on DEVO, a piece on Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richardsm, and some record reviews which included Blondie, the Rezillos, the Clash, the Dishes, and the Buzzcocks. Click on the cover photo to download a PDF of this issue.

Flyer - Wednesday November 1 - Thursday November 2, 1978