Friday, May 23, 2003

Interview: Catholic Boys

The Catholic Boys are a four-piece punk rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Formed from the ashes of Rip Off Records’ teen punks the Teenage Rejects, the Catholic Boys will assault you with their sound like men of the cloth once assaulted them. See them live! Monday, May 24th at the Oasis.

Quick introductions everybody.
Paul (P): Paul
Paul plays guitar and sings.
Eric (E): Eric plays drums.
Nick (N): I’m Nick and I play guitar and sing.
E: It’s Nick G
JonE (J): I’m JonE and I play bass.
So when did the CATHOLIC BOYS form and how did you form ?
N: This is actually weird because I tell people we have been a band for about a year and a half or two years, but our website is almost over three years old and our band was together for about four months or five months before that so it is almost four years. Right? But we had a different drummer. It was kind of a different incarnation of the CATHOLIC BOYS.
P: It started with me and Nick wanting to play KIDS songs for a cover band like just for one show
…for “Coverage” or for something else ?
P: Yeah
Coverage is an annual all covers show in Milwaukee…
P: Yeah it used to happen every year but …
N: Does it happen at all anymore ?
P: Naw. It used to happen up at Rock ‘N’ Roll High School but it’s gone now.
E: Which sucks.
P: Yeah me and Nick started playing and then Lugs played drums. He was the first drummer. And John was at one of our practices one day so he just started playing bass….
N: …when I wasn’t there and I thought they were just going to kick me out and I was a little worried for a minute.
P: Then we played that show and we just decided to….
Aren’t you in enough bands though ?
N: Not anymore. I got one now.
N: One functioning band.
N: No. (laughs)
Because the way we always saw it from up here was that there was a direct relation from the TEENAGE REJECTS to the CATHOLIC BOYS.
N: No you missed a part in there.
J: It took about a year.
N: And then our drummer quit and then Eric played a show and we just kind of kept it like that.
E: I learned it for that tour when we played at Planet Kensington
P: What about Logan ?
E: His picture’s on the website.
N: Actually his picture is a question mark.
J: We were supposed to play with the LOST SOUNDS in Green Bay and he was like “My friend’s got some girls coming over so you know I am going to hang out there instead of go to the show” So we got Eric at the last minute and that was our first show with him.
And so now you are stuck.
E: We do more than any of the other bands I’m in so….
So in the four years since you have been together, how many recordings have you put out ?
J: Three.
N: Yeah three. 2 seven inch’s and an album. There is a Big Neck comp coming out that is going to have one of our songs on it. Actually it’s a cover. It’s a STOOGES cover.
What song ?
P: “I got a Right”.
P: It’s fucking great.
You guys seem to tour a lot. Do you guys have day jobs ?
N: Right now, I don’t.
E: There is not a single job in this band.
Does nobody work ?
J: I haven’t had a job since October
N: Naw.
N: The state pays me to not have a job right now. Kind of, but not enough though. I try to have a job between tours but it never works, as much as I’d like it to.
So Nick you were in a million bands at one point. Maybe less than a million, but still quite a few.
N: Somewhere around there.
J: Eric was always in way more.
We will just edit the list of bands Eric’s in from the HOLY SHIT interview.
E: Well we forgot about the MULLET ROCKERS before, but that’s a mystery.
N: Yeah I’m not in the MULLET ROCKERS,
P: We have nothing to do with that.
N: Hot looking Nick G double, Fefe LaVag…he has way better hair than me.
Unknown background voice: More hair!
N: Shut up.
Jon E, are you in any other
bands ?
J: No.
You seem to be the one guy that this is your gig.
Unknown background voice: MULLET ROCKERS.
J: What? I’m not in that band either. Shut the fuck up.
N: Oh yeah, that’s right.
J: Fuckin’ dumb-asses.
E: Nobody knows, it’s all good.
Paul are you in any other bands?
P: I quit the KILL-A-WATTS and I’m not in any other bands right now. I am trying…. I am starting, but
Why did you quit the KILL-A-WATTS ?
J: I don’t know, I just like the CATHOLIC
BOYS way better….
P: He hates them.
E: Ohhh Dish….
P: I fuckin’ hate those guys (laughter). Fuckin’ assholes. And we got in a fight and I haven’t talked to him in like ten years (more laughter)..
Ten Years ?
P: Yeah I was in the band like way in the beginning.
E: I think NIRVANA was around then.
So the new record is called “Psychic Voodoo Mind Control”.
E: True.
Who put it out ?
E: Todd Kellner.
N: Trick Knee Records, yeah.
How did you guys get hooked up with him ?
N: We didn’t he got hooked up with us.
P: He told us he would pay for us to record and put out our albums and we were like whatever, let’s do it. Sounds cool.
E: Every time I was on his label I paid for my own damn record and that was the LOOKERS 7”.
P: He actually thought it wasn’t going to be that good. He was really surprised. He was like you guys are retarded. I don’t know how you can record something like this.
Well the production is a lot better than the KILL-A-WATTS 7”.
P: That was the only studio we recorded in and
George from the MYSTERY GIRLS recorded the other 7” – the “Brainwash City 7” so. That was just at my house on a 4-track.
I was thinking with the “Brainwash City” ep and “Psychic Voodoo Mind Control” do you have a theme going around ?
P: It was just an accident.
N: That’s just how Paul’s mind works.
P: I just get stoned and think it is something funny and write a stupid song about it with dumb lyrics that don’t make any sense.
I was going to say, what is your favourite form of mind control ? Mine, for example would be Patty Hearst being abducted by the S.L.A. She got brainwashed to rob banks!
P: Porn pages where people are under hypnosis and they take them and fuck them and they have no idea.
N: Paul is pretty much hypnotized by vagina.
So do you write most of the lyrics then ?
P: For my songs I write all the lyrics.
…but you all write songs….
P: Sometimes we come up with shit together. Mostly every song turns out way different when we play them with the whole band because everybody changes it around.
N: Which rules actually.
P: Yeah. So we write all the songs together, but one person has an idea and then we just go from that.
What else is going on after this tour and when you get back home ?
N: In May we are going out with the REAL LOSERS from England.
E: They are playing here.
N: Yeah they are playing here and Montreal again.
P: Do you know what day that is ?
N: May 26th I think.
E: No the 26th is the last day because that is in Milwaukee.
N: May 24th.
Simon, are you doing that show ?
Simon: Yeah.
E: Where is it ?
S: Oasis.
N: We are playing the Horizontal Action Blackout. That should be the kick off for the tour.
E: We are playing with the HOSPITALS in Milwaukee too.
Yeah they are playing Toronto here in a few weeks or something.
J: And hopefully we go west in August with the CPC GANG BANGS.
E: They are only going for a couple of days though.
J: Oh really, I didn’t know that.
E: They can’t leave for more than 7 days or something like that.
N: Adults…..
E: They might have jobs.
N: Those guys are fggots.
Wait a minute you are saying that the guys in the CPC GANG BANGS have jobs and you don’t. How wrong is that ?
N: That is kinda funny.
Is there anything else going on ? Is there anything else you would like to say before we end this.
P: I just want to say everybody should buy the first three BAY CITY ROLLERS albums.
N: And if you want any of our records we will accept hot dogs like the ones from across the street as currency. Three hot dogs per disc.
E: If anyone needs a show in Milwaukee, call me or e-mail or something.
How can people contact you ? What is your mailing address and all ?
E: Our mailing address isn’t even going to exist that long
P: But John’s mom’s house that will always be there.
E: Yeah use that.
P: 965 Jacobson Road / Neil, WI / 54956.
And then e-mail ?
J: Do we have one ?
E: No we don’t have a band one. We can use mine or any of ours.

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This issue came out in May 2003 and featured an interview with War Squad from Rochester, Head Hits Concrete from Winnipeg, and reviews and show listings.