Monday, October 31, 1977

Sunday, October 30, 1977

Flyer - Sunday October 30, 1977

John Brower writes about this show in his first book about Heatwave trilogy saying
"Jim Piatro was the promoter for this show, but a week before Jimmy landed himself in the Don Jail for a few months and Brower was left to handle the concert. The Hot Rods didm't draw flies and Teenage Head had not become huge yet. Eddie had been paid half his fee in advance but Gary Kurfirst who was managing the band at the time demanded the rest of the money or he wouldn't let the boys go on stage. There weren't a lot of people at the show, but it was Halloween and many were in costume expecting a party. Brower and Kurtfirst argued in the box office while stagehands and clean-up crews waited outside to learn the outcome. Kurfirst won. There wasn't much choice for Brower, so Hot Rods renamed the Shit Boxes by Brower, got all their money and the stagehands, the cleaners, and Teenage Head got none. But the show went on and Brower paid the others personally a week later."

Saturday, October 29, 1977

Thursday, October 13, 1977

The Diodes "Red Rubber Ball" ep

The single, "Red Rubber Ball", is a sped up version of The Cyrkle's 60s hit. Technically this was the first new wave single on the Canadian charts (peaking at a modest No. 96 on the RPM singles chart), It reached No. 5 on the U.S. Record Week "New wave Top 20" chart in Feb, 1978. The original was co-written by Paul Simon. One of the reasons for the Didoes covering the song was because Paul Simon had been vocal in his disapproval of punk rock.  

Tuesday, October 11, 1977

The Dishes "Fashion Plates" ep

The Dishes were an early Toronto punk band based out of the Ontario College of Art (O.C.A.)scene. This was their first release and the members in the band were Murray Ball on vocals, Scott Davey on guitar and vocals, Kenneth Ferr on bass, Steven Davey on drums, Michael LaCroix on saxophone, and Glenn Schellenberg on piano. This ep was released the band's own label called Regular Records and the songs on here are:

1. Fred Victor's Mission
2. Police Band

3. Walky-Talky
4. Monopolies are Made at Night

Sunday, October 9, 1977

Monday, October 3, 1977

Zine - The Pig Paper #06

This issue came out in October 1977. The news briefs are the best part of this zine. The Dishes ep had just come out and they made a video called "The Dishes on TV". The Concordes went to Paris to play. The Diodes went into the studio to record an LP. There is a review of the "Rock Shock" show on May 20, 1977 which featured Simply Saucer, Teenage Head, and Johnny Lovesin. There is also a great review of the Outrage show that John Brower put on and the Ugly pirated. There is pieces of an interview with david Byrne of the Talking Heads from a show they played at the New Yorker on September 17, 1977. As for the gossip, the Crash n Burn had just closed down. The Dead Boys played the New Yorker. there is a review of the Dishes "Fashion Plate", the Viletones ep, and the Raw / War single . Club David's gets rid of the Monday night newave showcases. And there are some zines to write away for in the back.