Friday, November 26, 1982

Friday, November 19, 1982

Flyer - Friday November 19, 1982

CFNY was an FM station that used to play a lot of punk. So it was not unusual to see CFNY on some flyers before they became a money hungry alternative corporate multi-national broadcaster. Well CFNY put on a dance out at the Oakville Masonic Temple and the Young Lions and Zeroption got to play.

Tuesday, November 9, 1982

Diodes "Survivors"

This is a 1982 collection of outtakes on the Canadian Fringe Records label. Among some spicy originals like "Burn Down Your Daddy's House, and the title track, the Diodes take on the Stones, The Animals, and Shocking Blue, the latter beating Bananarama and Nirvana to the punch by several years.

01. Survivors
02. When I Was Young
03. Hot Sands
04. Heat or the Beat
05. Lost In the Dark
06. Burn Down Your Daddy's House
07. Curiosity Girl
08. Roses and Thorns
09. Coma
10. Play With Fire

Sunday, November 7, 1982

L'Etranger "Innocent Hands" 12"

L'Etranger self-released a 12" in 1982 called "Innocent Hands". Their label was called Ground Zero Records. The folks in the band were Andrew Cash on guitar and vocals, Peter Duffin on drums and vocals, and Chuck Angus on bass and vocals. No Cause for a Concern reviewed the 12" very favourably. The songs on the 12" were:

1. Today's Papers
2. Took What Didn't Belong
3. Not Seeing Us
4. Goliath
5. Barricades
6. Taken Away

Saturday, November 6, 1982