Tuesday, June 27, 1989

Zine - Drastic Solutions, Issue 2

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This second issue came out in the summer of 1989. The issue features interviews with Voivod, Slaughter, Heibel, Son of Happy, and the Alcohol Preps.

Friday, June 23, 1989

Thursday, June 8, 1989

Dangerously Americanized Canadians "Face Tomorrow" ep

This band was from Winnipeg. The band name was a statement on the lack of a Canadian identity. the band released this on their own label called Express Records. The songs on here are:
1. Together
2. Lyuberites
3. Evil Co.
4. benchwarmer
5. Youth Uprising
6. Sheet People
7. Material Fool
8. Southern Comfort
9. Born Again

Thursday, June 1, 1989

Zine - Rear Garde #34

Issue #34 of Rear Garde comes in June 1989 and featured interviews with the Pandoras, Bliss, Girlschool, Tupelo Chain Sex, Dayglo Abortions, 13 Engines, Jr Gone Wild, Front 242, and Killing Joke. The issue also features scene reports on Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa and reviews of concerts and releases of the time.