Saturday, August 30, 1986

Flyer - Saturday August 30, 1986

This show was put on by a promoter from Montreal who started doing shows in Toronto and Montreal at the same time. SCUM headlined and Neighbourhood Watch from Fredericton also played the show. Social Suicide were from Brantford.


Friday, August 29, 1986

Tuesday, August 26, 1986

Flyer - Monday August 26 - Friday August 29, 1986

I went to the Peace Camp. It was organized by some great punks from the Guelph scene who offered up their punk house before we all went out to the Guelph conservation area to camp. It rained a lot while we were camping. I remember the sleeping bags being totally soaked. On the weekend a big two day show took place at the University with loads of bands which included an acccoustic set by Sons of Ishmael. And the Nunfuckers took a lot of heat for some lyrics in one of their songs, which they wound up changing the lyrics to afterwards. Neighbourhood Watch came in from Fredericton to play the gig as well. 

Friday, August 22, 1986

Friday, August 15, 1986

Thursday, August 14, 1986

Sunday, August 10, 1986

Saturday, August 9, 1986

Flyer - Saturday August 9, 1986

Flyer - Saturday August 9, 1986

Reuben Kincade, the guy who managed Hype, did a show for Fair Warning at the Bridge. Sudden Impact opened. I think Count Down Zero were from Montreal.

Saturday, August 2, 1986

Friday, August 1, 1986

Zine - Nerve #27

This is Nerve #27 which was published in August 1986. The cover story is the Meat Puppets. Other features include the Pogues, the Lawn, and Brian Taylor (YYY / Arg Rock). There are regional reports on Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, London, and Montreal, music and show reviews and columns.

MRR Scene Report - Edmonton, August 1986

Creighton wrote a scene report of Edmonton in the August 1986 issue of  MRR. The report starts out by talking about the release of the second SNFU LP. Down Syndrome had just recorded a 9 song demo. Euthaniasia had just released an ep. There are minor mentions of Entirely Distorted, Dissidence, Cruxes, Freddie Kruger's Right Hand, Carnival Cops, Idyl Tea, Ghost Shirt Society and a load of others. There is also a list of zines.

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