Friday, March 24, 1995

Sunday, March 19, 1995

Thursday, March 9, 1995

Porcelain Forehead "Frog Boy Lives" LP

Porcelain Forehead were from Ottawa. They had an ep out and appeared on a Blender Mix comp and the "P.E.A.C.E." comp, which was a well known comp put out by MDC on their R Radical Records label. The P.E.A.C.E. comp helped make Porcelain Forehead a known name in the punk scene. Porcelain Forehead also released a little known ep called "Right Now the World Needs a Clear Head". This LP was released in 1993 by Frank Manley who was compiling the "Smash the State" book at the time. The Porcelain Forehead material was posthumously released and recorded back in 1985. The songs on here are:

Sunday, March 5, 1995

Armed and Hammered / Oppressed Logic split ep

This is the artwork found in the split Armed and Hammered did with the Oakland band Oppressed Logic. This came out on Ransom Note Records. The songs by Armed and Hammered are:

1. Movement in the Treeline
2. Rat Poison

Friday, March 3, 1995

Gus "Heterobash was Flipper" ep

These four songs were recorded in the same session as the split with the band from Florida by the same name. This was the band's second release and their first one was on a label called Headrush Records. This record came out on Slow to Burn Records out of Victoria. Shawn Scallen took the photos of the band that appear in the back cover artwork. The cover was printed on a recycled cardboard stock. The band recognizes Jerk Ward in the liner notes exclusively. The songs found on this single include:
1. Heterobash was Flipper
2. Quervo Barbie
3. Dave Del Castillo
4. Dom Fights Chris