Tuesday, September 22, 1992

Saturday, September 12, 1992

Saturday, September 5, 1992

Chokehold "...life goes on..." ep

Arm's Reach was a fanzine that Adam Carr used to do in Toronto. It was a straight edge zine. Adam wanted to do more for the scene so he released this third recording by Chokehold who were a straight edge band from Hamilton. It was a good fit for the Adam as the zine was a straight edge zine. The songs on here are:

1. Do It Yourself
2. Manly Pride
3. Insecurities
4. Enuff

Friday, September 4, 1992

Tuesday, September 1, 1992

Zine - Seen Not Heard #1

Seen Not Heard was a zine done by Melanie Gauthier. In Melanie's own words this is a zine zine, which means she interviewed the people who did zines as these folks never got the credit for what they did. There is a straight edge, vegan, and animal rights focus to the zine.

Melanie inteviewed:
- Al Quint about Suburban Voice
- Sam McPheeters about Dear Jesus
- Kent McClard about No Answers
- Daisy Rooks of Not Even zine from Bethesda with the "Chicks Up Front posse" concept
- Chrissy and Stacey of Budget zine out of Simi Valley, California;
- Eric about Cloudbreak from Springfield, Missouri
- Jhon of Cunchface from Akron, Ohio
- Gabe about Good 'n' Plenty from Illinois
- Dave Mandel about Indecision from Woodland Hills, California
- Fred Hammer about It's Alive from Oxnard
- John about Reality Control of Carpenteria, California

In addition there was some great photo spreads, some vegan recipes, and a column on being straight edge and having animal rights ethics.