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Sunday, December 25, 2005

BORED YOUTH - Shock Value (Touch and Go)

DOA - Tits on the Beach (BYO)
AGENT ORANGE - Your Mother Sucks Cocks in Hell (Kangaroo)
THE NERDS - Slut (Laja)
NEO NASTIES - Out of the Gash (Self-Released)
THE CHILD MOLESTERS - Sluts (Ace & Duce)

NERVOUS EATERS - Just Head (Penniman)
DEAD BOYS - Caught with the Meat in your Mouth (Sire)
CONTROLLERS - Killer Queens (Dionysus)
GIZMOS - Muff Divin (Hate)
RIOT 99 - I Just Wanna (Longshot)

F.U.s - My America (Taang!)
ANTIDOTE - Foreign Job Lot (Hellbent)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - Public Assistance (Relativity)
S.O.D. - Speak English or die (Mega Force)
FOREIGN OBJECTS - Speak English (Rave Up)

ADVERTS - Gary Gilmours eyes (Get Back)
ZODIAC KILLERS - Gonna Kill (Rip Off)
DAHMER - Marcel Petoit (Doomsday Machine)
VIOLATORS - NY Ripper (Redrum)
DEADBEATS - Lets Shoot Maria (Dangerhouse)

MEATMEN - Tooling for Anus (Touch and Go)
THE QUEERS - Fagtown (Selfless)
ANGRY SAMOANS - Homosexual (Triple X)
SUBMISSIVES - Big Sister, Sir (Honest Dons)
TURBO NEGRO - The Midnight N.A.M.B.L.A. (Epitaph)

FEEDERZ - Jesus (Broken Rekids)
SOLGER - Raping Dead Nuns (Empty)
VILE - Nobodys Perfect
REATARDS - Bummer Bitch (Empty)
KRAUT - Abortion (New Red Archives)
THE LEWD - Trash Can Baby (Demolition Derby)

GG ALLIN - Last in Line at the Gang Bang (Homestead)
3 TARDS - Man Rapist (Wounded Paw)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Stupid Songs (Fringe)
THE AUTHORITIES - Radiation Masturbation (Buckwheat Headlock Productions)
SOCKEYE - Vegetarians are wimps (T.C.S)
WARZONE - Stuck in 77 (Allied)

RPA - Shoot the Pope (Redrum)
CRUCIFUCKS - Hinkley Had a Vision (Alternative Tentacles)
ZERO BOYS - Civilizations Dying (Panic Button)
MISFITS - Bullet (Plan 9)

CHOSEN FEW - Adolph, You Beauty (Incognito)
UNATURAL AXE - They Saved Hitlers Brain (Rhino)
THE KIDS - Do you Love the Nazis ? (Phillips)
SEX PISTOLS - Belsen was a Gas (Virgin)

CRASS -Merry Crassmas (Crass)
FEAR - Fuck Christmas (Slash)

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Monday, December 5, 2005

Radio - Sunday, December 4, 2005

THE DIABOLLOCKS - Kinda Rough (Self-Released)

PROJECT HOPELESS - Var Energei (Not Enough)
INEPSY - No Order! Disorder! (Feral Ward)
DIRECT CONTROL - Whats the Point (Kangaroo)
PINKEYE - In Praise of School Shooters (Slasher)
SHIKARI - Laatste Halte (Underground Punk Support)

DEAN DIRG - Neon Nightmare (Dead Beat)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - I'll Survive (Recollect)
4 SKINS - One Law For Them (Clockwork Fun)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Blue Stain (Fringe)

Studio 3 Session
THE DIABOLLOCKS - Straight Jacket (CIUT)

THE DIABOLLOCKS - Such a Drag (Self-Released)
THE DIABOLLOCKS - Same Shit (Self-Released)

RADIO REELERS - Rockin Van (Dead Beat)
NEW BOMB TURKS - Tattoed Apathetic Boys (Crypt)
TEEN CRUD COMBO - Sexual Healing (Deranged)
STEPMOTHERS - Push Comes to Shove (Re-Force)
DESCENDENTS - Nothing With You (Fat)
THE VAPIDS - The Bad Lieutenant (Amp)

Demo Feature
BATTLE SCARD - Beat Them All (Self Released)
BATTLE SCARD - So Fuck in Nervous (Self Released)
BATTLE SCARD - Bones (Self Released)

Thursday, December 1, 2005


This issue comes out in December 2005. The issue starts out with an Limp Wrist interview. We recieved an interview with Kruw from Japan. The 3Tards were interviewed for this issue. I found some old photos I took of the Toronto scene. A tour diary of Japan by Imants Krumins. Craig does a review of an Upstab / Inmates show in Cleveland. There is also reviews, gossip, show listings and a flyers page.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Radio - Sunday, November 27, 2005

THIRD DEGREE - Sick (SelfMadeGod)

November Top 10
DECONDITIONED - Taxes at Play (Beginning Era)
A.N.S. - Turn It Off (Beginning Era)
ACIDIC SOIL - Black Door (Revive)
ZOE - The Power Remains (MCR Co.)
THE VENDETTA - Tonight (Pure Punk)
TWATS - Death of Cuteness (Overdose on Records)
BOMBENALARM - Klarkommen Forever (Unsociable)
I SHOT CYRUS - Hey Loco!!! (Underground Punk Support)
INSANE YOUTH A.D. - Attack of I.Y.A.D. (Hibachi)
MARTYRDOD - Hor Varningen (Havoc)

THE OUTCASTS - Just Another Teenage Rebel (Cherry Red)
THE DIODES - Death in the Subrubs (CBS)
PROTEX - Just Want Your Attention (Bootleg)
THE POLES - CN Tower (Nimbus 9)
RIVER CITY TANLINES - Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (Soul is Cheap)

ABRASIVE WHEELS - Burn em Down (Captain Oi!)
DISRESPECT - Vicious Circle (Profane Existence)
A.P.A. (formerly known as ADOLPH & THE PISS ARTISTS) - Abrasive Punk (Retch)
TERMINAL STATE - I'm So Terminal (Deranged)
PEDESTRIANS - Wire to Wire (Residue)

INEPSY - Inferno Machine (Feral Ward)
MOTORHEAD - Iron Fist (Bronze)
TRAGEDY - The Ending Fight (Tragedy)
BORN DEAD ICONS - Doomtown (independent)

CLOSET MONSTER - A Gun that I Can Borrow (this news shits in print) (Underground Operations)
CRADLE TO GRAVE - No More Enemy (Squirrel Fox)
SPRAY PAINT - To the Place on the Third Floor (Squirrel Fox)
TOY DOLLS - Her with a Hoover (Captain Oi!)

The RUTS - Stepping Bondage (Captain Oi!)
THE TRANZMITORS - Some Girls (Self-Released)
999 - Inside Out (Albion)
THE SKIDS - Melancholy Soldier (Captain Oi!)
THE PROFESSIONALS - The Magnificent (Captain Oi!)

Demo Feature
NO FATE - My Blood (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Speaking Up (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - You Cant Break the Broken (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Blockhead (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Peter Moustache (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - Fists Up (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)
NO FATE - I Hope a Piano Falls on You (Distorted Riffs / Circle Pits)

LOWLIFE - Thinking Naturally (Canada Punk History)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dirty BS ep

This was recorded at Audiolab. Dirty BS featured Dave KW on vocals, Josh and Laurie on guitar, Chris on bass, and Ivan on drums. The songs on here are:

1. 15 Years
2. Chronic Infection
3. Remains
4. Appropriation
5. Mercy Bullet

Monday, November 21, 2005

Radio - Sunday, November 20, 2005

THE VAPIDS - Satellite Debris (Amp)

TRANZMITORS - Glamour Girls (Unreleased)
SOLUTION - Nightmare (MCR Co.)
BUSINESS - Tell us the Truth (Captain Oi!)
SHAM 69 - I Don't Wanna (Captain Oi!)
AIRBOMB - I'm So Sick (Retch)

REPLACEMENTS - Customer (Twin/Tone)
QUEERS - Love Love Love (Lookout)
RIVERDALES - She's Gonna Break Your Heart (Lookout!)
RAMONES - The KKK Took My Baby Away (Sire)

Studio 3 Session
THE VAPIDS - I am a Square (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - In from the Kill (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Lucy Potato (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Curtain Jumper (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Dead Letter Department (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Bad Lieutenant (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Pocket Full of Nails (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Product of Your Family (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - In For the Kill (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Dee Dee, King of Rock (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Black Therapy (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - God Bless the Internet (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Human Target (Drunk)
THE VAPIDS - Interview (CIUT)
THE VAPIDS - Don't Play games with my Heart (D.I.Y. or Die)

OBSERVERS - Manipulator (Deranged)
MARKED MEN - She Won't Know (Shit Sandwich)
FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS - Land of Treason (Criminal I.Q.)
VEE DEE - TV Police (Criminal I.Q.)

REGULATIONS - Police Siren (Havoc)
COCKNEY REJECTS - Police Car (Captain Oi!)
SEXHEAD - The Tricks I Know (Sexhead)

Demo Feature
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Past Tension (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - We Won't Repent (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Prosecutors Will be Violated (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Laughing Song (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - People Die Every Day (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Police Story (Self-Released)
BEAR PROOF SUIT - Bear Proof Suit (Self-Released)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Radio - Sunday, November 13, 2005

RIOT BRIGADE - All Fall Down (D.I.Y. or Die)

FALLOUT - Bigots and Bastards (Longshot)
ANGELS, SAINTS and HEROES - Broken Heartland (Self Released)
SINKIN' SHIPS - Tits on Toast (Sink & Destroy)
CRASHED OUT - Heroes (Captain Oi!)
SICK 56 - In the Red (JSNTGM)

DUCKY BOYS - Hooked on Junk (Bootleg)
SLANDER - Petticoat Junkie (Punk History Canada)
BRATS - Psychotic (Bootleg)

Studio 3 Session
RIOT BRIGADE - You've spit on my for the last time (CIUT)
RIOT BRIGADE - From All Sides (CIUT)
RIOT BRIGADE - Rise to the Occasion (CIUT)
RIOT BRIGADE - No Comply (D.I.Y. or Die)
RIOT BRIGADE - Rise to the Occasion (D.I.Y. or Die)

RUTS - Stepping Bondage (Captain Oi!)
PROFESSIONALS - 1-2-3 (Captain Oi!)
SKIDS - Test Tube Babies (Captain Oi!)
TEENAGE HEAD - Let's Shake (Attic)
THE VAPIDS - Little Boxes (Double Hell)

MELLAKKA - Ei (Partners in Crime)
JEZUS AND THE GOSPEL FUCKERS - Alcohol / Police (Kangaroo)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Hypocrite (Reptilian)
GEZA X - I Hate Punks (Dionysus)
RAMONES - I Can't Be (Bootleg)

Demo Feature
MISSILE CRISIS - Outside the Gates (Delinquent)
MISSILE CRISIS - Generation Kill (Delinquent)
MISSILE CRISIS - Ha Ha, You're Dead (Delinquent)
MISSILE CRISIS - Thrash Attack (Delinquent)
MISSILE CRISIS - Living Dead (Delinquent)
MISSILE CRISIS - Captain Buzzkill (Delinquent)

YOUNG CANADIANS - No Escape (Sudden Death)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Radio - Saturday November 12, 2005

PEDESTRIANS - Caution Final Exit (CIUT)
PEDESTRIANS - Left on Destruction (CIUT)
PEDESTRIANS - Modern Defect (CIUT)
PEDESTRIANS - Why Kill What's Dead, Take 1 (CIUT)
PEDESTRIANS - Why Kill What's Dead, Take 2 (CIUT)
PEDESTRIANS - Flag of Yesterday (CIUT)

Flyer - Saturday November 12, 2005

Monday, November 7, 2005

Knucklehead "The New Black List" CD

Knucklehead become a five piece adding James on second guitar and Eric on drums. Stumble Records out of St. Catharines releases this. The songs on here are:

1. Cosmetic Youth
2. Jacob Burke
3. The New Black List
4. Safe and Out of Reach
5. Prime Time Reality
6. Bodies at Midnight
7. Bill Jones' Curse
8. Born in a Big City
9. Dead End Boys in Dark Glasses
10. Better Living
11. Shelters
12. The World in Black and White

Radio - Sunday, November 6, 2005

THE TRANZMITORS - Dancing in the Front Row (Self-Released)

FREEZE - I Hate Tourists (Schizophrenic)
9 SHOCKS TERRROR - New Design (Havoc)
PINKEYE - I Pink 2 Blues (Slasher)

RIVER CITY TANLINES - Time 2 Get Right (Misprint)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - Victim in Pain (Bootleg)
PEDESTRIANS - Annihilate (Residue)

AGAINST ME! - Mediocrity (Fat)
POINTED STICKS - Marching Song (Sudden Death)
THE MODERNETTES - Won't Have to Worry (Sudden Death)

FLAK - Only the Dead (Police Target)
LEBENDEN TOTEN - Expansion Games (Wicked Witch)
ASS END OFFEND - End Result (Wantage USA)
THE BAD VIBES - You're My Fucking Problem (Steel Cage)

REGULATIONS - Hollywood Smile (Havoc)
CATHOLIC BOYS - Hurt to Hate (Bancroft)
ABSOLUTE RULERS - 13 Lessons (independent)
THE KRUNCHIES - Wargasm (Criminal I.Q.)
FUCKED UP - Colour Removal (Test Pattern)

NATION OF FINKS - Love Hardcore, Hate You (Kangaroo)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Wet My Pants (Deranged)
CAREER SUICIDE - Lost on You (Slasher)
BALLAST - Imagine (Profane Existence)

REGISTRATORS - Chainsaw Love (Rip Off)
LOLI & THE CHONES - Radiation (Rip Off)
FLIP TOPS - Secrets and Lies (Vinyl Warning)
DIODES - Tired of Waking Up Tired (Epic)

WHICH SIDE - All or Nothing (Break the Cycle)
WASTED TIME - Enemies of Common Sense (Self-Released)
BRAIN HANDLE - Dishevelled (Self-Released)

PARANOID CHOKEHOLD - God Squad (Self-Released)

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Wadge "The Road to Hana" CD

Wadge are a band put together by Paul Pfeiffer from Newcastle, Ontario. Paul is an amazing drummer who has learned to play guitar and bass as well and when he is not barking out lyrics to his favourite made up tales about Don Ho and Mr. Ferley he is convincing various hardcore frontmen from the Toronto hardcore scene like Tim Freeborn of Sons of Ishmael or Chris Colohon of the Swarm / Cursed to do some vocals for his grind songs. He also has a bunch of local friends like Brad and Goebbles who make up the mainstay of the vocals on his various releases. This release was inspired after a trip or two to Hawaii. Regurgitated Semen Records put this out. The songs on here are:

1. Tiki Timewarp

2. Defenders of Ko Hawai'i Pae `Aina
3. Ukulele Princess
4. All in Time
5. Conclude the Charge
6. Honolulu Firefight
7. Seven Sacred Pools
8. Three Cheers for Larry/Dead Nugent Pt. 2
9. Newa Justice
10. Converting You Into a More Useful Form
11. Sound Investment in Your Future
12. Piss on their Ashes
13. Reload the Guns
14. Taste My Chrome
15. Curse the World (Pahoa-A'u-ku version)
16. Two Plus None
17. Orgy of Bullets
18. Fondle the Liver

19. Menehune Meltdown
20. Surfing Molten Lava
21. The Rapa Nui Mangler
22. Burn with the Wisdom
23. Genital Rampage
24. Coming to Get You
25. Those Vacant Stares
26. Token Status
27. Moonlight Lullaby
28. Hot Lead, Cold Steel
29. The Hawaiian Art of Bone Breaking
30. Molokini from the Sky
31. Moai I'aom
32. Return to Tradition
33. Alaoha Daze
34. Sunset on Maui

Top 10 - October 2005

Top 10 - October 2005

1. BRODY'S MILITIA "The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre" CD (Sound Pollution)
2. BOXED IN "Distance" ep (Heart First)
3. STRUNG UP "Warfucked" ep (Kangaroo)
4. V/A "Internationally Pist 2" ep (Punks Before Profit$)
5. V/A "Japan Thrash Revolution" CD (625 Productions)
6. SCURVY DOGS "Relieve Yourself" ep (Kangaroo)
7. TOAMOL "Tragedy of a Mind Once Lost" Dbl ep (Heart First)
8. HELLSHOCK "Warlord" ep (Profane Existence)
9. THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE "Turn Illness Into a Weapon" CD (Sound Pollution)
10. HOSTILE TAKEOVER "Fucking Up and Fallin' Hard" ep (625 Productions)

Label Info:

Monday, October 31, 2005

Radio - Sunday, October 30th, 2005

DISRESPECT - Denim Demon (Profane Existence)

KOLA - no title (Self-Released)
DIE YOU BASTARD! - Japanese Title (Self-Released)
PADLOCK - Social Battalion (Blood Sucker)
PERAS - Go Fighter! (Busu)

BATTLE SCARD - Beat Them All (Self-Released)
GOOGOL PLEX - Terror of the Judgement (Self-Released)
KOKESHI DOLL - Ryouki Hunter (Inundow)
ALLEGIANCE - Die on the New Cross (Ghetto Rock)

JAG - P.H.L. (Blood Sucker)
AGE - I.C.B.M. (MCR Company)
STAR CLUB - Fight Songs (Club the Star)
NIHON-NOEN - Hong Kong Café (Tokyo Night Fight)

Studio 3 Session
LIMP WRIST - They Want Us Dead (CIUT)
LIMP WRIST - What's Up With the Kids (CIUT)
LIMP WRIST - Back in the Day / Man to Man (CIUT)
LIMP WRIST - We Started this Band to get Dates (CIUT)
LIMP WRIST - Limp Wrist (CIUT)
LIMP WRIST - I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore (CIUT)
LIMP WRIST - Interview (CIUT)

Top 10 for October 2005
10. HOSTILE TAKEOVER "Fucking Up and Fallin' Hard" ep - Embrace the Tiger (625 Productions)
9. THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE "Turn Illness Into a Weapon" CD - Black Economy (Sound Pollution)
8. HELLSHOCK "Warlord" ep - Warlord (Profane Existence)
7. TOAMOL "Tragedy of a Mind Once Lost" Dbl ep - Sucked In (Heart First)
6. SCURVY DOGS "Relieve Yourself" ep - Reduced to Baby (Kangaroo)
5. V/A "Japan Thrash Revolution" CD MIND OF ASIAN - I Love XXX (625 Productions)
4. V/A "Internationally Pist 2" ep DESTRUX - Fashion Core is a Bore (Punks Before Profit$)
3. STRUNG UP "Warfucked" ep - No End (Kangaroo)
2. BOXED IN "Distance" ep - Repercussion (Heart First)
1. BRODY'S MILITIA "The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre" CD - Demonized (Sound Pollution)

PEGGIO PUNX - Non Siamo Come Voi (S.O.A.)
JFA - We Know You Suck (Alternative Tentacles)
DEAD KENNEDYS - California Uber Alles (Alternative Tentacles)
PEGGIO PUNX - Pay to Cum (S.O.A.)
BAD BRAINS - Big Takeover (Roir)
GENETIC CONTROL - Right Brigade (You Are the Scene!)

Demo Feature
BRAIN HANDLE - Scratching at My Skull (Out of Limits)
BRAIN HANDLE - Sentimental Men (Out of Limits)
BRAIN HANDLE - Overdriven (Out of Limits)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Flyer - Sunday October 30, 2005

One of the first Fucked Up Hallowe'en fests. "Wear a pumpkin on your head" was a reference to the fest the year before where a pumpkin fight broke out.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Flyer - Saturday October 29, 2005

This is not a "Jaws" movie poster. The flyer is for the Fucked up Hallowe'en fest show where Shark Attack headlined. Righteous Jams, Mind Eraser and Brainhandle also played. Insane line up.

Black Donnellys "Life's a Scream Again" ep

This was Side B of the Black Donnellys cassette called "Life's a Scream". Brian Ram of Gunnar Hansen released the cassette as two 7"s on his label Audio Fellatio. This was originally recorded from December 1986 to February 1987 and then came out in 1987. The songs on here are:
1. Take a Ride (on the Bleeding Railroad)
2. Good
3. Try Again
4. Challenger

Monday, October 24, 2005

Radio - Sunday, October 23, 2005

DIRTY B.S. - Chronic Infection (Slasher)

MODERNETTES - Celebrity Crackup (Sudden Death)
ANGELS SAINTS & HEROES - Fiddling with Nero (Rubber Factory)
STOCKYARD STOICS - Catastrophe (M.S.M. 1279)
RIOT BRIGADE - Headshot (M.S.M. 1279)
OFFENDERS - Direct Defiance (Kangaroo)

M.O.T.O. - Gonna Get Drunk Tonight (Criminal I.Q.)
THE LEGHOUNDS - Prisoner of Love (Alien Snatch)
THE VICIOUS - Suicidal Generation (Wasted Sounds)
CATHOLIC BOYS - Temper Tantrum (Bancroft)
CARBONAS - (Your Love is) Inside Out (Shattered)

Studio 3 Session
DIRTY B.S. - Intro / 15 Years (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Appropriation (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Flash Out (Bastard) (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Mercy Bullet (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Remains (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Chronic Infection (CIUT)

DIRTY B.S. - Remains (Slasher)
DIRTY B.S. - Interview (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Appropriation (Slasher)

WALKING WRECK - Are You Wrecked (Mike Fitzgerald)
I-ATTACK - Battle Scars (Criminal I.Q.)
THE FEELERS - Parts and Pieces (P Trash)
THE CRETEENS - I Don't Want to be Educated (Florida's dying)

Guest host: Susan
DETESTATION - Dying Every Day (Profane Existence)
DEAD STOCK CRUSHER - Bitter Piece (Self Released)
DOA - Class War (Sudden Death)
INFA RIOT - the Winner (Get Back)
INEPSY - M.O.A.B. (Feral Ward)
HYPE - Need a Handgun (Fringe)
DEATH SENTENCE - Fake (Fringe)

Demo Feature
XBRAINIAX - Lenny Kravitz is his answer (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Sinking Your Flag Ship (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Pick Up Real Change (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Idiot Box (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Capitalist have Nagasaki Wet Dream (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - B-Beat (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - My Way (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Revenge! (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Young Republicans Fuck off (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Hacked to Chunks (No Comment) (Not Very Nice Tapes)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Radio - Sunday October 16, 2005

SINKIN' SHIPS - Illusion Over Despair (CIUT)
SINKIN' SHIPS - Broken Hearts are Blue (CIUT)

SINKIN' SHIPS - Shit is Tight (CIUT)


SINKIN' SHIPS - Where Are You Know (CIUT)


Sunday, October 16, 2005

TERMINAL STATE - Wasted Days, Wasted Nights (CIUT)
I Know I'm Sick (CIUT)
I Don't Like You (CIUT)
TERMINAL STATE - Gun to my Head (CIUT)

Photos: Terminal State

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Brutal Knights "Not Fun" ep

This was one of the first releases by the Brutal Knights. It was recorded at the band's jam space by Al Biddle who was the drummer in Rammer. The band features Nick on vocals, John and Katie on guitar, Daniella on bass and Matt on drums. Songs on here are:

1. Not Fun
2. Stop Whining
3. Wet My Pants

Monday, October 10, 2005

Radio - Sunday, October 9, 2005

THE BRAT ATTACK - Call to Action (Underground Operations)

CHILD ABUSE - I'm Not Your Contraceptive (Re-Force)
DREAM DATES - The Mess You're In (Re-Force / Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
PHOSPHOR - Haferflocken (Re-Force)
OUT OF ORDER - Out of Order (Redrum)
HANS-A-PLAST - Lederhosentyp (Re-Force)

BLUE PETER - Living in the Eighties (Ready)
THE BOYS - Weekend (Safari)
THE MONKS - Cool Way to Live (Polydor)
THE STIFFS - Fuck You (Bootleg)
CLOROX GIRLS - This Dimension (Jonny Cat)
THE OBSERVERS - Walk Alone (Jonny Cat)

GORILLA ANGREB - Motorsave & Masahahatlakrer (Hjernespind)
BOMBENALARM - Identificatorish Versagh (Unsociable)
KRUW - Seizon (Partners In Crime)
HAYMAKER - There is No Out (Deranged)
GOVERNMENT WARNING - Self Destruct (No Way)

OUTRAGED - Romance al Hardcore (Punks Before Profit$)
AK 47 - The Day After (Reason)
BOXED IN - Scapegoat (Heart First)
SEEIN RED - Both (Peculio Discos)
MIHOEN! - Kopen Niet Kijken (Trabuc)
CHUCK NORRIS - Abuse (Self-Released)
COMA - Gates Out of My Hell (Insane Society)

FUCKED UP - Ban Violins (Slasher)
REGULATIONS - Anna's Eyes (Havoc)
MARKED MEN - Nothing's Changed (Shit Sandwich)
AVERSIONS - Censored Movies (Die In Style)
THE FURIES - What do You Want Me to Be (Bootleg)
TOKYO ELECTRON - Will Put a Charge in You (Shattered)
LOKUM - The Saw is the Law (Hjernespind)
BEAT BEAT BEAT - Cheap Time (Douche Master)

SQUARE THE CIRCLE - Desco ser Sano (Self-Released)
CHAINSAW - Wind of Peace (Hibachi)
RAW POWER - Nihilist (S.O.A.)
PEGGIO PUNX - Guerra (S.O.A.)
STRUNG UP - Warfucked (Kangaroo)
SCURVY DOGS - Relieve Yourself (Kangaroo)

DEAD LETTER DEPT - Burn Your Atticus Shirt & Start a Real Band (Underground Operations)BOMBS OVER PROVIDENCE - The Starving Artist Weight Loss Program Works to Varying Degrees Somethetimes (Underground Operations)
3 - Dodger (Dischord)
PROPAGANDHI - A Speculative Fiction (G7 Welcoming Committee)
DESCENDENTS - 'Merican (Fat Wreck)

Demo Feature
SEND MORE COPS - Cities (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - Progress? (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - Soapbox (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - Deadly Deception (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - Behind Closed Doors (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - 21 Guns (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - Inconclusive (Self-Released)

Monday, October 3, 2005

Sunday, October 2, 2005

PROTEST THE HERO - Heretics & Killers (Underground Operations)

PROPAGANDHI - Rock for Sustainable Capitalism (G7 Welcoming Committee)
BOOM BOOM KID - Ollie over the Hate (Sound Pollution)
RIVETHEAD - Three on a Match (The Blood of the Young)
THE SHOCKS - Insekt (Dirty Faces)
BUZZCOCKS - Something's Gone Wrong Again (EMI)

WASTED TIME - Can't Go Back (Self-Released)

OUT COLD - You Lie (Kangaroo)
UPSTAB - 9-11 Hoax (Even Worse)
BILL BONDSMEN - Human Veal (Hibachi)
MIHOEN - At Whose Service? (Trabuc)

Studio 3 Session
PROTEST THE HERO - I am Dmitri Karamazov and the World is my Father (CIUT)
PROTEST THE HERO - She Who Mars the Skin of Gods (CIUT)
PROTEST THE HERO - Blindfolds Aside (CIUT)
PROTEST THE HERO - Bury the Hatchet (CIUT)
PROTEST THE HERO - Turn Soonest to the Sea (Underground Operations)

PROTEST THE HERO - Divine Suicide of K (Underground Operations)

HOLOCAUST IN YOUR HEAD - Pid Iendo Justicia (Trabuc)
NO CONFORME - Free Bier for the Punx (Trabuc)
BORN/DEAD - The Final Role (Yellow Dog)


UNHOLY GRAVE - Zero Hour #2 (Undislessed)
DESPISE YOU - Hand Me Down Existencia (Pessimiser)
Y - A Sicher Heiligkeit
PISSED HAPPY CHILDREN - Vigilante (New Beginning)
FAILURE FACE - All Pain, No Gain (Burrito)

Demo Feature
K IS FOR KIDS - Victims (Self-Released)
K IS FOR KIDS - Raised to Believe (Self-Released)
K IS FOR KIDS - This is it (Self-Released)
K IS FOR KIDS - Take it Back (Self-Released)
K IS FOR KIDS - Only Up from Here (Self-Released)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Radio - Sunday, September 25, 2005

LAUKAUS - Ruumiinavauksen Huone (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)

SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL - No Life Will Suffice (Distort Toronto)
BOMBENALARM - Klark Kommen Forever (Unsociable)
COMA - Option (Insane Society)
MARTYRDOD - Valkommen Till Dodsriket (Havoc)
MALIGNANT TUMOUR - Burning Sensation (Insane Society)
LEGION666 - Moral Disillusions (Yellow Dog)

FUCKED UP - Job (Self-Released)
JETSONS - Genetically Stupid (Insekten)
PEDESTRIANS - Future Shock (Self-Released)
KNUGEN FALLER - Demokrati (Wasted Sounds)
URBAN BLIGHT - Not Like You / Slow Death (Deranged)
C.C.S.S. - Work (Ugly Pop)

MEKONS - Where Were You ? (Fast)
TRISTESS - Negativ (Wasted Sounds)
EBBA GRON - Tatalvagra (Mistlur)
WIPERS - Window Shop Love (Park Avenue)

AK 47 - Arise Again (Reason)
K IS FOR KIDS - Victims (Punks Before Profits)
PROTEST THE HERO - Red Stars Over the Battle of the Cowshed (Underground Operations)
SEND MORE COPS - 21 Guns (Self-Release)
TROPEIZO - Semilla Eateril (In Mis Ma Historia) (Punks Before Profits)
MUTANT - All ill All Kill (Schizophrenic)
CIRCLE X - Bunny Hop Terrorist Strikes Back (625 Productions)

THE DOGS - Slash Your Face (Redrum)

ADOLESCENTS - Losing Battle (Frontier)
BL'AST - Something Beyond (SST)
DICKS - I Hope Ya Get Drafted (bootleg)
DILS - Class War (Dangerhouse)
ZEROS - Don't Push Me Around (Bomp)

DEATHSIDE - Life is a Chain of Games (Kagai Mousou Records)
VARAUS - Nagasaki '84 (Self-Released)
SVART FRAMTID - Nar Bomba Kommer (X-Port Plater)
BASTARDS - Auto Ja Hiljainen Maailma (bootleg)
ADRENLIN OD - Die for a Cause (Raw)

KILLJOYS - Johnny Won't Get to Heaven (Raw)
NOSEBLEEDS - Ain't Been to Music School (bootleg)
X - White Girl (Slash)
COTZBROCKEN - Ehre (Rock-O-Rama)
X RAY SPEX - Genetic Engineering (Polygram)
RIOT 99 - New York City Girl (Longshot Music)

Demo Feature
PARANOID CHOKEHOLD - Belly Full (Self-Released)
PARANOID CHOKEHOLD - Prescription Powercrats (Self-Released)
PARANOID CHOKEHOLD - Paranoid Chokehold (Self-Released)
PARANOID CHOKEHOLD - God Squad (Self-Released)
PARANOID CHOKEHOLD - Compose or Decompose (Self-Released)
PARANOID CHOKEHOLD - Priorities and Sacrifice (Self-Released)
PARANOID CHOKEHOLD - Bragging Rights (Self-Released)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Radio - Sunday, September 18, 2005

NATION OF FINKS - What's My Name ? (Kangaroo)

POSER DISPOSER - Drugs Win Drug War (Regurgitated Semen)
MACHINE GUN ROMANTICS - The Running Man Runs for Office (625 Productions)
INFEST - Freeze Dried (Deep Six)
WARZONE WOMYN - Warzone Womyn (Out of Limits)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Extinct (Out of Limits)
NO COMMENT - Life (Sel-Released)
CONGA FURY - Sink About Death (625 Productions)

THE HAUNTED - 1-2-5 (Sundazed)
BLACK LIPS - Ain't Coming Back (Munster)
STRONG COME ONS - Black Hole Boby (Pleasure Unit)
THE REAL LOSERS - Don't Leave Me Alone (Bancroft)
THE FATALS - Desperate (Zaxxon Virile Action)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Wet My Pants (Deranged)

THE STABILISERS - Taking the Piss (Nicotine)
RUINER - Getting Over the Overs (Firestarter)
HOSTAGE LIFE - Robot-A-Go-Go (Underground Operations)
THE LOVED ONES - 100 k (Jade Tree)
BOOM BOOM KID - Cuanto Aprendi Del Sufrimiento de Ayer (Sound Pollution)

REGULATIONS - Police Siren (Havoc)
BLACK FLAG - Nervous Breakdown (SST)
MINOR THREAT - Small Man, Big Mouth (Dischord)
CAREER SUICIDE - Quarantined (Deranged)
SMALLTOWN - Years, Months (Deranged)

CHUCK NORRIS - Heat and Lung (Self-released)
YOUTH BRIGADE - I Object (Dischord)
JUST SAY GO - Stand As One (Round 3)
GO IT ALONE - The Only Blood Between Us (Rival)
MODERN LIFE AS WAR - Marshalltown (Death Wish)
FIGHTING CHANCE - Punk's Dead, You're Next (Workers United)
LIMP WRIST - You Ain't That Fierce (Cheap Art)

SUICIDE COMMANDOS - Attacking the Beat (Bootleg)
NASTY FACTS - Get To You (Bootleg)
SCREECHING WEASEL - Veronica Hates Me (Asian Man)
BOULEVARD TRASH - Trash Trash Trash (Self-Released)
HASKELS - Taking the City by Storm (Bootleg)
SIMPLY SAUCER - She's a Dog (Pig Dog)

WADGE - All in Time (Regurgitated Semen)
AK47 - Why the Fuck Do You Think (Reason)
THE EXPLOITED - Jesus is Dead (Captain Oi!)
SHAM 69 - George Davis is Innocent (Captain Oi!)
SOLDIER DOLLS - Mystery of Misery (Self-Released)
ADOLESCENTS - Richard Hung Himself (Frontier)
THE LAST RESORT - Wonderful World (Captain Oi!)

Demo Feature
FUCK ME DEAD - Coming Down (Self-Released)
FUCK ME DEAD - Anesthetic (Self-Released)
FUCK ME DEAD - Closer to the End (Self-Released)
FUCK ME DEAD - Temporary Relief (Self-Released)
FUCK ME DEAD - Hijacked Brains (Self-Released)

RED ALERT - Doing It Our Way (Captain Oi!)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Radio - Sunday, September 11, 2005

DISRESPECT - We are the Punx (Profane Existence)

BOMBENALARM - Move (Unsociable)
BURIAL - In Ambush (Hate)
FRIVOLVOL - When Dying is Not Enough (If Society)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - Exhaust Filled Damnation (Lengua Armada)
LAST DAYS - Last Days (Self-Released)
BEAUMONT HAMEL - the Communist (Sonic Deadline)

RATSIA - Ikuinen Raakaus (Insekten)

THE CARPETTES - Radio Wunderbar (Last Year's Youth)
FIRST ALERT - Silly Game (Mangrove)
THE BUREAUCRATS - Grown Up Age (Insekten)
ACTIVE DOG - Fun While It Lasts (Sudden Death)
RUDI - Overcome by Fumes (Last Year's Youth)

Studio 3 Session
DISRESPECT - Justice in a Bag (CIUT)
DISRESPECT - Reagan's Ghost (CIUT)
DISRESPECT - Hung, Drawn, & Quartered (CIUT)
DISRESPECT - Widowmaker (CIUT)
DISRESPECT - Black Sabbath / CRASS medley (CIUT)

Demo Feature
LIMB FROM LIMB - Convulsion (Self-Released)
LIMB FROM LIMB - Choking on Your Shit (Self-Released)
LIMB FROM LIMB - Quit Fucking Clinging (Self-Released)
LIMB FROM LIMB - One way Road to Annihilation (Self-Released)
LIMB FROM LIMB - Old Fools (Self-Released)
LIMB FROM LIMB - Call to Bear Arms (Self-Released)
LIMB FROM LIMB - Drunk on Apathy (Self-Released)

Monday, September 5, 2005

Radio - Sunday, September 4, 2005

THE HOLD - Serfdom (Divorce)

Top 10 for August
REGULATIONS - No More Hell (Havoc)
HIGH ON CRIME - Only Son (625 Productions)
DISCLOSE - Corpse of Hope (Regurgitated Semen Records)
KURWA APARATA - That Was Not Our Dream (Kurwa Aparata)
VIIMENINEN KOLONNA - Pahan Valtakunta (KÃmÃset Levyt)
MORTAL COMBAT - The Streets (Thrash Steady Syndicate)
EYE FOR AN EYE - Konflict (KÃmÃset Levyt)

PEDESTRIANS - Public Eye (advance of new LP)
SKATE KORPSE - Front Page White Out (DSK)
TERMINAL STATE - Rats (Hate the 80's)
WEBELOS - 3a Guerra Mundial (Hillside Strangler)
THE REDS - Victims (Redrum)
THE SKULLS - Fucked Up Baby (Bootleg)

Studio 3 Session
THE HOLD - Interview (CIUT)
THE HOLD - Kill Yourself (Divorce)

SINKIN' SHIPS - Garbage Island (Sink n Destroy)

CHUCK NORRIS - Seein' Red (Self-Released)
F.P.O. - All People are Equal (Brand New Place)
WEAVING THE DEATHBAG - Cycles (Hungry Ghosts)
THE ACCUSED - Life Kills On (Candor)

UV RAYS - Flip Out (Razorblade)

DEATH WISH KIDS - Whips and Furs (Hopscotch)
DEADLY WEAPONS - You're So Selfish (Rapid Pulse)
RIFF RANDELLS - Mississippi Hott Dog (No Dancing)
THE JAGS - Back of My Hand (I've Got Your Number) (Island)

POLIDICKS - Bigotry, Violence, Brutality (Wounded Paw)

FILTHPACT - Rise Up, Grow Up (Black Box)
AND THE SAGA CONTINUES - Dance on Your Grave (Contempt for Humanity)
WARZONE WOMYN - Cobblestone Stomach (Out of Limits)
RECENSION - Countdown to the Abolishment of all Cross Musical Genre Mixing (Sounds of Revolution)
HOSTILE TAKEOVER - Half of An ass / More Squalor for Your Dollar (625 Productions)

RED ALERT - Doing It Our Way (Anagram)

SOLDIER DOLLS - Gotham City is Dead (Self-Released)
MOUTH GUARD - Stand Strong, Walk Tall (Bullpit)
CLIT 45 - Teeth on the Floor (BYO)
JUST SAY GO - Glory Days (Round 3)

Demo Feature

BARN BURNER - Poison Head (Self-Released)
BARN BURNER - Pretty (Like D Boone) (Self-Released)
BARN BURNER - Ivory Towers (Self-Released)

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Top 10 - August 2005

Top 10 - August 2005

2. HIGH ON CRIME "Pour Some Sewage on Me" ep (625 Productions)
3. DISCLOSE "Apocalypse of Death" ep (Regurgitated Semen Records)
4. KURWA APARATA "That Was Not Our Dream" ep (Kurwa Aparata)
6. LAST MINUTE / MORTAL COMBAT - split ep (Thrash Steady Syndicate)
7. EYE FOR AN EYE "Dystans" LP (KÃmÃset Levyt)

Label Info:

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Gilbert Switzer / The Hold split ep

The Hold were the band that I knew. They played on our radio show. Chik White did a label called Divorce who was reponsible for this release. The songs on the Hold's side are:
1. Criminal
2. Drunk
3. Confidence
4. Panic
The songs on the Gilbert Switzer's side are:
1. The Prowler
2. Oh God
3. Freudian Slap

Monday, August 29, 2005

Radio - Sunday, August 28, 2005

WARZONE WOMYN - Mercury Treatment (Out of Limits)

LIMP WRIST - Back in the Day (Cheap Art)
MUTANT - Disposition Accelerate (Schizophrenic)
MICROFILM - Dirty Rate (Hibachi)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Latte Culture (Sound Pollution)
BOXED IN - Distance (Heart First)
FLYBLOWN - Intro / The Dove Does Not Fly Here Anymore (On the Verge)

POINTED STICKS - No Use for You (Sudden Death)
AVSKUM - Fight Back Capitalism (Prank)
HYPE - The Fix (Fringe)
EVERYBODY'S ENEMY - Welcome to our world (Deathsikle)
GIANT HAYSTACKS - Catatonic State (Mistake)
VIVISUCK - Title unknown (Bacon Towne)

Studio 3 Session
WARZONE WOMYN - Therapy Notes (CIUT)
WARZONE WOMYN - Mercury Treatment (CIUT)
WARZONE WOMYN - Chucking Meat (CIUT)
WARZONE WOMYN - Cobblestone Stomach (CIUT)
WARZONE WOMYN - Nails on a Chalkboard (CIUT)
WARZONE WOMYN - Waste of Bullets (CIUT)
WARZONE WOMYN - Swarming Science (CIUT)
WARZONE WOMYN - Warzone Womyn (CIUT)
WARZONE WOMYN - Cashin' Ear in Wholesale (CIUT)

THE ENDS - Teenage Detox (Super Secret)
THE KICKZ - One Day (Mortville)
FM KNIVES - Valentine (Dirtnap)
PERSONALITY CRISIS - People in Glass (Bootleg)

MARTYRDOD - Tamjda Manniskor (Havoc)
THIRD DEGREE - Divine Integrity (Self-Made God)

ACIDIC SOIL - Desert (Revive)
ZOE - the Power Remains (MCR Co.)
LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - Throne of Blood (Lengua Armada)

REATARDS - Teenage Hate (Empty)
ZONE - Outside (HG Fact)
RAMMER - Monstroyer (Deranged)
EVERYBODY'S ENEMY - You Are the Scene (Deathsickle)
HIRETSUKAN - Manual Function (G7 Welcoming Committee)

CHAOTIX - Drive to Hell (625 Productions)
JERRY'S KIDS - Vietnam Syndrome (Taang!)
I OBJECT - Not Antisocial, Just Anti-Society (Punks Before Profits)
KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO - Maailmansota Tassa ja Nyt! (Tuska &Ahdisttus)DISRESPECT - Wartorn (Profane Existence)

Demo Feature
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - y Vuelvo a Odiar (Self-Released)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Indiferencia (Self-Released)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Callarnos ? (Self-Released)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Nunca Mas (Self-Released)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Escucharas (Self-Released)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - El Juego que no perdona (Self-Released)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - De Una Vez (Self-Released)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Lobos con Hambre (Self-Released)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Inocencia Rohada (Self-Released)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Romper Las Jaulas (Self-Released)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA - Ellos Son (Self-Released)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Flyer - Saturday, August 27th, 2005

Buried inside "Chronoclast: Selected Essays on Time-Reckoning and Auto-Cannibalism" CD / LP

This third full length by Buried Inside was a concept album about time and how it controls people. The originally idea for the artwork was to be released as a thesis. This artwork was used on the vinyl re-issue The booklet contains numerous quotes about time. Some interesting things of note about this release. This was the first release where the band brought in someone else to record them. Andrew Tweety, the band's guitarist, was impressed by the work of Matt Bayles who had recorded bands like Isis, Mastadon, and Botch. Matt lived in seattle but tweety somehow convived him to come to Ottawa to record them. "Chronoclast" also represents the first time the band records in a studio other than Raven House Records. Raven House just didn't have all the things that Matt needed so they recorded at Sound of One Hand studios. The band got Mark Molenr to play cello and violin on this record, but it also sees a host of other local musicians pitching in. The songs found on here are:

1. Introduction

2. Time as Ideology
3. Time as Methodology

4. Time as Surrogate Religion
5. Time as Imperialism
6. Reintroduction
7. Time as Abjection
8. Time as Automation
9. Time as Commodity
10. Time as Resistance

Monday, August 22, 2005

Radio - Sunday, August 21, 2005

CHARM - Track 5 (625 Productions)

LIFE - Battery Humans (MCR Co.)
VENDETTA - Wake Up (Pure Punk)
THE COOTERS - Society Sets the Stereotype (Profane Existence)
DISRESPECT - Vicious Circle (Profane Existence)

COBRA NOIR - Road to Ruin (Dead City)

BIG BOYS - Shut Up (Gern Blandsten)
AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ - Truffet (Kick n Punch)
NEO NASTIES - King Cong (Self-Released)
CAREER SUICIDE - You Call this a Life ? (Ugly Pop)

KRUW - Seizon (Partners in Crime)

LIMP WRIST - What's Up with the Kids (Paralogy)
CARDIAC ARREST - Neverending Cycle (Underestimated)
UNDER PRESSURE - Unbroken (Sound Pollution)

GOVERNMENT WARNING - Ghost town (No Way)
86 MENTALITY - Oppression (Grave Mistake)
SYSTEM SHIT - Words No Action (Undislissed)

WORHATS - Kein Zuruck (Social Napalm)
DEFECTOR - Fill Up Panx (MCR Co.)

TOTALITAR - Ytans Makt (Y.O.J.)
FEROCIOUS X - Bannlysa Karnkraten (MCR Co.)
MISHAP - Kill Yourself (Social Napalm)
STROHSACHE - Brutale Scheisse (Social Napalm)

GAUZE - Crash the Pose (Bootleg)

ACTION - Suicide Squad (Punk Core)
OUTO - Free Man (Bootleg)
POISON IDEA - Lifestyles (Taang!)
HUSKER DU - Something I Learned Today (SST)
ASEXUALS - Asexual (Psyche Industry)

DIRECT CONTROL - I Like It Fast (Kangaroo)
OUT COLD - Body #9 (Kangaroo)
SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE - Punch out (Mission)
THE PIST - Dead in Its Tracks (Elevator)

COUGAR PARTY - People Shouldn't be Mean to Me (Self-Released)
DROP DEAD - A Nation Sleeps (Coalition)
THE TRIGGERS - Lets Mutate (Dirtnap)
DD / MM / YYYY - Hey Stop the World (Self-Released)
R.A.M.B.O. - Pig Shit (Havoc)

HELLSHOCK - Legion (Profane Existence)

PSYCHO SURGEONS - Wild Weekend (Shock)
TEENAGE HEAD - Tearin' Me Apart (Other Peoples Music)
EYES - Disneyland (Frontier)
ZEROS - Wild Weekend (Bomp)

Demo Feature
SELF-RULE - We Are Not Citizens We are People (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - Counterinsurgency (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - Craven Image (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - Profitable Mind Control (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - (Living a Life) of Science Fiction (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - Seal Song (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - Voice of the Speechless (Self-Released)

BLAKE - Idleness (Spectra Sonic)