Monday, September 5, 2005

Radio - Sunday, September 4, 2005

THE HOLD - Serfdom (Divorce)

Top 10 for August
REGULATIONS - No More Hell (Havoc)
HIGH ON CRIME - Only Son (625 Productions)
DISCLOSE - Corpse of Hope (Regurgitated Semen Records)
KURWA APARATA - That Was Not Our Dream (Kurwa Aparata)
VIIMENINEN KOLONNA - Pahan Valtakunta (KÃmÃset Levyt)
MORTAL COMBAT - The Streets (Thrash Steady Syndicate)
EYE FOR AN EYE - Konflict (KÃmÃset Levyt)

PEDESTRIANS - Public Eye (advance of new LP)
SKATE KORPSE - Front Page White Out (DSK)
TERMINAL STATE - Rats (Hate the 80's)
WEBELOS - 3a Guerra Mundial (Hillside Strangler)
THE REDS - Victims (Redrum)
THE SKULLS - Fucked Up Baby (Bootleg)

Studio 3 Session
THE HOLD - Interview (CIUT)
THE HOLD - Kill Yourself (Divorce)

SINKIN' SHIPS - Garbage Island (Sink n Destroy)

CHUCK NORRIS - Seein' Red (Self-Released)
F.P.O. - All People are Equal (Brand New Place)
WEAVING THE DEATHBAG - Cycles (Hungry Ghosts)
THE ACCUSED - Life Kills On (Candor)

UV RAYS - Flip Out (Razorblade)

DEATH WISH KIDS - Whips and Furs (Hopscotch)
DEADLY WEAPONS - You're So Selfish (Rapid Pulse)
RIFF RANDELLS - Mississippi Hott Dog (No Dancing)
THE JAGS - Back of My Hand (I've Got Your Number) (Island)

POLIDICKS - Bigotry, Violence, Brutality (Wounded Paw)

FILTHPACT - Rise Up, Grow Up (Black Box)
AND THE SAGA CONTINUES - Dance on Your Grave (Contempt for Humanity)
WARZONE WOMYN - Cobblestone Stomach (Out of Limits)
RECENSION - Countdown to the Abolishment of all Cross Musical Genre Mixing (Sounds of Revolution)
HOSTILE TAKEOVER - Half of An ass / More Squalor for Your Dollar (625 Productions)

RED ALERT - Doing It Our Way (Anagram)

SOLDIER DOLLS - Gotham City is Dead (Self-Released)
MOUTH GUARD - Stand Strong, Walk Tall (Bullpit)
CLIT 45 - Teeth on the Floor (BYO)
JUST SAY GO - Glory Days (Round 3)

Demo Feature

BARN BURNER - Poison Head (Self-Released)
BARN BURNER - Pretty (Like D Boone) (Self-Released)
BARN BURNER - Ivory Towers (Self-Released)

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