Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 8 – August 2011

1.       AVFART 33 / INSIDIOUS PROCESS split LP (Halvfabrikat / Undislessed / Aborted Society)
2.       LIEUTENANT LP (Art of the Underground / Warm Bath / Peterwalkee)
3.       SPASTIC PANTHERS / TEENAGE RANPAGE split ep (Handsome Dan)
4.       NO PROBLEM “…and No This” LP (Deranged)
5.       UNLEARN “When the Reaper Comes to You, Will you Clap?” ep (Deranged)
6.       SHIRKS, THE “Cry Cry Cry” ep (Grave Mistake)
7.       WHOLE IN THE HEAD “Them and Us” ep (Warm Bath / Dogdown / Zandor / Tadpole / Active Rebellion / Opiate)
8.       BLOOD RED BABY BLUE “The Colours of Chaos” LP (No Profit / Peer Pressure)

* Aborted Society Records – 1122 E Pike Street #1377 / Seattle, WA / 98122 / USA / www.abortedsociety.com
* Halvfabrikat Records – Ringvagen 18 B / S-532 72 Axvall / Sweden / www.halvfabrikat.net
* Handsome Dan Records – 3244 - 31A Avenue SE / Calgary, AB / T2B 0H9 / www.handsomedanrecords.com
* Peterwalkee Records – 408 Richmond Avenue / Buffalo, NY / 14222 / USA / www.peterwalkeerecords.com
* Warm Bath Label – P.O. Box 652 / Buffalo, NY / 14215 / USA / www.warmbathlabel.wordpress.com
* Art of the Underground – P.O. Box 250 / Buffalo, NY / 14205 / USA / www.artoftheunderground.com
* Deranged Records – 2700 Lower Road / Roberts Creek, BC / V0N 2W4 / Canada / http://www.derangedrecords.com/
* Unlearn – P.O. Box 21534 / Vancouver, BC / V5L 5G2 / Canada
* Grave Mistake – P.O. Box 12482 / Richmond, VA / 23241 / USA / www.gravemistakercords.com
* No Profit – 2724 Glastonbury Road / Apex, NC / 27539-8663 / USA

Monday, August 29, 2011

Radio: Sunday, August 28th, 2011

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BLITZ - Voice of a Generation (No Future)

SONS OF ISHMAEL - This is Germany / Lefty Gets Serious (CIUT)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Clark the Parrot / Follow the Leader (CIUT)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - The Lightbulb Cracks (CIUT)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Jimmy Swaggart stuck his pee pee in my poo poo / Today's Victim, Tomorrow's Aggressor (CIUT)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Reprise / Sex Class Rules Mom (CIUT)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Break Free / Democracy (CIUT)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Sumo Training Camp (CIUT)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Explanation (CIUT)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Social Drinker (CIUT)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Small Town Mentality (CIUT)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Mr. Personality / Man and His Penis Sceptre (CIUT)

MANLIFTINGBANNER – Myth or Freedom (Crucial Response)
COLT TURKEY – The Book (Crucial Response)
RISE ABOVE – Real Deal
MAINSTRIKE – Can’t Bring Me Down (Crucial Response)
SCRAPS – A Traitor to my Nation (X-Mist)
NATIONS ON FIRE – Nice Song (X-Mist)

PSYCHED TO DIE - Scatter Brain (Dirtnap)
MATURE SITUATIONS - These Old Hands (Deranged)
TUHKAUS - Sotatila (Roku)

CHEAP TRAGEDIES - Days of our lives / My boss ain't no Jewish carpenter (High Anxiety)

WADGE - Fiery Rivers of Kilauea (Regurgitated Semen)
FY FAN - Du Har slutat skratta (No Way)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Pest control / Fetal position (Regurgitated Semen)
SMASH YOUR FACE - Blood in the High (Ride On)

THE SAINTS - Messin' with the kid (Sire)
THE PAGANS - Slow Street (Treehouse)
DEMICS - I Wanna Know (Ready)
DEVIL DOGS - Stuck in Third Gear (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

SICK CHARADE - Victims (Self-Released)
B-LINES - Wealthy Barber (Nominal)
THE JOLTS - I Wanna Dig Where The X's Are (Sudden Death)
TRANZMITORS - Jimmy's at the Mod Shop (Meaty Beaty / No Front Teeth)
THE LIVING DEADBEATS - Stumble (Self-Released)
THE FIGGS - Dance Lessons (Peterwalkee)

CHAOS UK - Kill your Baby (Anagram)
63 MONROE - Hijack Victim (Rave Up)
S.F.B. - Shit For Brains (Self-Released)
CHRIST ON A CRUTCH - Nation of Sheep (New Red Archives)

PUNCH - Don't Need You (625 Productions)
XFILESX - "X up" or Shut up (My Trust)
WOMB RAIDER - Make Waves (Self-Released)
WEEKEND NACHOS - Hated (Deep Six)
TOTAL TRASH - Socially Fucked (Self-Released)

KREMLIN - Inhuman (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - Duped (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - No Work (Self-Released)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Flyer - Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Zine - EXD, Volume 11, Issue 3

This issue was released in late August 2011. The issue features an interview with D'Arcy's most recent band, Snakepit, who released a few records and toured Japan in their sort existence. Henry Martinuk did a retrospective interview with Mark Gane and Martha Johnson of Martha and the Muffins in 2010 looking back at their early punk days. And there is loads of reviews in this issue. Click on the cover to download a PDF of this issue.

Video: Sons of Ishmael "Break Free / Democracy"

Video: Sons of Ishmael "Small Town Mentality

This is the band's classic song that starts out "Hayseed Hardcore"

Sons of Ishmael studio 3 session

It was great to see these guys playing together again. Just as raging as when I remmeber seeing them back in the day, but they have gotten a lot better as musicians. Tim's angry vocal delivery, Ditch Dog's screaming guitar solos, Paul's accoustic interludes, Mike's embellishments, Daragh's rapid fire bass meandering, and Chris precision drumming. It was a priviledge to view one last time. But we want to share the magic. Here are the songs from that session:

1. This is Germany / Lefty Gets Serious
2. Clark the Parrot / Follow the Leader
3. The Lightbulb Cracks
4. Jimmy Swaggart stuck his pee pee in my poo poo / Today's Victim, Tomorrow's Aggressor
5. Reprise / Sex Class Rules Mom
6. Break Free / Democracy
7. Sumo Training Camp
8. Ohio
9. Explanation
10. Social Drinker
11. Small Town Mentality
12. Mr. Personality / Man and His Penis Sceptre
13. Undulating Blobs
14. Downsview
15. Hallowe'en Party

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacant State “Fill the Void” LP

This is Vancouver’s answer to SSD and S.I.E.G.E. in a tug-o-war contest. And this is a full length of the Boston inspired hardcore that these guys crank out. The eps were teasers but this is the real McCoy. You can think LAST RITES or NEGATIVE APPROACH or other early burly hardcore bands, and if you are a fan of that sound VACANT STATE breathes new life into this back to basics sound which is part oi and part early American hardcore split right down the middle. The album cover artwork is Raymond Pettibon-esque. This is a record I could listen to over and over again. Even the INFEST like droner at the end. (Deranged Records – P.O. Box 21534 / Vancouver, BC / V5L 5G2 / Canada / http://www.derangedrecords.com/)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Total War demo

West coast crust assault being played by guys who have played in FEAR OF TOMORROW, LIMB FROM LIMB, MASS GRAVE, and UNLEARN. This is probably the latest bastard child to result from Vancouver’s great Distort fest. Once the opening track wakes up the songs take on a charging pace with a constant low end rumble to echo our impending doom. Each song rins into the next creating momentum throughout the entire recording which reminds me of bands like DISKELMA. The guitar sound on songs like “They Lead, We Follow” there is a hum that reminds me of bands like LEGION666 or BOMBSTRIKE. Foat’s vocals straddle harsh and throaty in a WOLRD BURNS TO DEATH manner. And songs like “Nuclear Meltdown Hysteria” are relevant given the recent events in Fukushima. Download the demo at www.mediafire.com%2F%3Fbugihd38z9u7h6h&h=VAQDdwVVN.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Radio - Sunday, August 14, 2011

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THE CLASH - Clampdown (Epic)

MINOR THREAT - Straight Edge (Dischord)

Interview with Marc Hanou about the Past the Present
NITWITZ - I'm So Lazy
Interview with Marc Hanou about the Past the Present
PANDEMONIUM – Mit Schwarzer Fahne
Interview with Marc Hanou about the Past the Present
LARM - Nothing For Us (Kangaroo)
Interview with Marc Hanou about the Past the Present
STRAIGHT AHEAD – Spirit of Youth ()
Interview with Marc Hanou about the Past the Present
SEEIN’ RED – (S)hell (Pre Chords)
LARM – A-Political Dicks (Way Back When)
Interview with Marc Hanou about the Past the Present

PROFOUND – Suffer for my Choice (Anti-Schelski)
MANLIFTINGBANNER – Myth or Freedom (Crucial Response)
Interview with Marc Hanou about the Past the Present
BETRAY - Words (Crucial Response)
Interview with Marc Hanou about the Past the Present
BIRDS OF A FEATHER - The Past The Present (Refuse)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Swindled "It's only peace that you want, it's only war that you get" CD

This just came out. The Swindled are a hardcore band from 1981 that reformed for the second time this year. They recorded a set on the station and have released it here. They have also tacked on the hard to find ep, some live songs and a demo. This band has a lot of great things to say. The CD can be gotten through at Amazon.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Radio - Sunday August 7, 2011

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THE SECRETS - Suzie Peroxide (Bomb)
URBAN BLIGHT - Toxic City (Slasher)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Explanations (Schizophrenic)
CAREER SUICIDE - Brought to the Brink (Deranged / Kangaroo)
UNRULED - Government Games (Schizophrenic)

THE MUMMIES - You Must Fight to Live on the Planet of the Apes (Estrus)

THE GERMS - What We Do Is Secret (Slash)
THE AVENGERS - Teenage Rebel (Lookout)
THE RYE COALITION - Cigarette for a drag queen (Gern Blandsten)

SOB - Moral
PERDITION - Corpse of Life (Toxic State)
MOLESTED YOUTH - Dead World (Deranged)

MATURE SITUATIONS - These Old Hands (Deranged)
DEAF MUTATIONS - My Feces, Part I (Static Shock)
MAD MEN - The Myth (Slasher)
CASTEVETS - Good Riddance (High Anxiety)

SUBWAY SECT - We Oppose All Rock And Roll (Overground Records)
THE FACTION - Skate and Destroy (Session 5)
CHANNEL 3 - I Got A Gun (Posh Boy)

CORGASM - Fight (Self-Released)
SOCIAL UNREST - Making Room For Youth
LOW THREAT PROFILE - Nobody Fears You (Deep Six)
BLACK FAXES - Upon The Vine
HOAX - Fagget
THE ABORTED - I Need Pills (Puke and Vomit)
AVON LADIES - Power Failure (Katorga)
CRAZY SPIRIT - I'm Dead (Mata La Musica)

ILEGAL - Krisis de Conciencia (Lengua Armada)
DUMBSTRUCK - Jehovah's Bastards (625 Productions)
LARM - Don't Wanna Pay Their Debts (Way Back When)
RESIST CONTROL - In Time of Actual War (Feral Kid // Shock to the System)

RED C - Pressure's On
OMEGAS - You Ain't Nuthin' (Deranged)
CREEM - I Hate You (Katorga)
DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 - Turn It Out (Last Gang)

SKINNED ALIVE - Confused by Funk (Self-Released)

SKINNED ALIVE - Bear Grylls (Self-Released)

SKINNED ALIVE - Funny for a While (Self-Released)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kremlin demo

KREMLIN are a new band from Toronto. They are a three piece featuring ex-members of MOLESTED YOUTH and the drummer from the SCHOOL JERKS. The band plays mean sounding repetitive riffage a la BLACK FLAG meets the ADOLESCENTS. The emphasis is on scrappy in terms of keeping it together but this wreckless factor gives a little of the early California hardcore sound a la CIRCLE JERKS. The distinguishing factor about this band is the distant and echo sounding vocals, which bring a TERVEET KADET flavour to the mix. It is haunting and gives the band an x-factor with regards to their punk beat. This is my favourite band to come out of the city since the REPROBATES. For copies of the demo go to their bandcamp page. The songs on here are:

1. Inhuman
2. Duped
3. No Work
4. Kremlin

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review - “Songs from Nowhere” by Nico Taus

“Songs from Nowhere” are the reflections of the Sudbury hardcore scene that these kids helped build. The book is written by Nico who was the singer of VICIOUS CYCLE. VICIOUS CYCLE were one of my favourite band’s from Sudbury and they were around between 2005 – 2010. But Sudbury has it’s challenges. It is a bit of a shithole. The city is remote and north and is best known as a mining town. The big mine is nickel making the place better known as the Big Nickel. It is the kind of town you escape from. But it is a university town and as a result there is a small punk scene there that has been particularly great over the last few years and has included bands like the STATUES and UV RAYS. This book of Nico’s tries to chronicle the events of the scene over the last few years using VICIOUS CYCLE as the narration point. He starts with the band’s prior band PROVEN and gets into how the band changed members, recorded their different releases and got out on the road. Some of the story line has gaping holes. Some of his writing can be characterized as rapid fire recollections. The book is full of highlights but falls down with providing the back story. I would have loved to know more about how bands came about. The fights and conflicts. More of the stories behind some of the bigger shows. I hoped that “Songs from Nowhere” was going to be more like “Banned in DC”, which is the ultimate book for telling a scene’s stories. I feel the history of this era could have benefitted from other perspectives. If Nico had done some interviews and included those in here this book would have had a more well rounded perspective. It is the diary style that fails in telling Sudbury’s story I have done interviews with a few of these, so I know first hand that they have great stories to tell. Regardless, “Songs form Nowhere” is a book worthy of your attention just to learn about how these bands know each other and interacted. There are great photos and loads of flyers that I have never seen before. And indirectly the book makes the argument that smaller towns produce great bands and incredible scenes. Over the years I have seen this to be true. Think of the scenes in Hamilton, Victoria or St. John’s to prove this point. (http://songsfromnowhere.com/)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Deaf Mutations ep

Static Shock, the same label that did the recent Urban Blight ep, has put out the Deaf Mutations demo as a single. Originally this was a cassette only release recorded back in 2008. This is a side project with Dave Brown from Capital Death / Career Suicide fame doing the drums and vocals. Jonah Falco of Career Suicide / Fucked Up / Mad Men fame does the guitar work.  It was a one off project, but it sounds like classic early American hardcore. There is a great review up at the Static Shock blog written by Terminal Boredom.

Monday, August 1, 2011

MRR - Imants Krumins

Radio - Sunday, July 31, 2011

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THE VILETONES – Screaming Fist (Montreco)
THE NAZI DOGS – Mongoloid (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
USERS - Kicks in Style (Rave Up)
REGISRATORS - No Situation (Rip Off)
STRAW MEN - Jack rabbit (Foul and Fair)
SCHOOL JERKS - Guest List (Cowabunga)

SONS OF ISHMAEL - Jimmy Swaggart stuck his pee pee in my poo poo (Sell Out Activities)

VICTIMS - We're Fucked (Havoc / Combat Rock)

AVART 33 – Punkhierarki (Aborted Society)
FINAL EXIT – Punk Enough (Monument)
SMALLTOWN – Implosion (Deranged / Combat Rock Industries)

AGENT ORANGE - Living in Darkness (Posh Boy)

BLUNDERMEN - Don't Wanna Hear (Ragamuffin Soldier)
CIRCLE JERKS - Coup D'etat (Allegiance)
CRIMINALS - Parlez Vous Fuk You (Lookout)

DAG NASTY - One to Two (Dischord)

LAMA – Tavastia (Svart)

BASTARDS – Hallelujah! (Hohnie)
RIISTETYT – Painu Helvettiin Natsiapara (Hohnie)
MELLAKKA – Ei Oi Keutta (Hataapu)
RYTMIHAIRIO – Olympiadi (Svart)

RESIST CONTROL – Nothing to Hide / Words (Warm Bath)
LIEUTENANT – Work is Great (Warm Bath / Peterwalkee / Art of the Underground)
INERDS - Erector Set / DMV (Warm Bath)

GAS CHAMBER – Teacher with Imperfection (Warm Bath)
PLATES – Marching (Feral Kid)
BROWN SUGAR – Cocksmoker (Feral Kid)
DEATH TRAP – No Majority (Warm Bath / Feral Kid)
MAYDAY – In It to Win It (Feral Kid)

SCHIESSE KRIEG - Death is Nothing to us (Warm Bath)

SLIGHT SLAPPERS – I Won’t Belong to Your Side (No Idea)
NUCLEAR CULT – Angst (Warm Bath)
WHOLE IN THE HEAD – Fight Prejudice (Warm Bath)
ABDUKTIO – Maa en Tahdo Olla Punk / Banned in Ylojarvi (Combat Rock Industries)
ASSHOLE PARADE – Conformist Brands / Unclean / Portalsportalsportalsportals / Gurgle Forth / Skateparks / As Nails Rust / This will sow the seeds of destruction (No Idea)

FUK - Sick of Having Fun (HG Fact)

BOMBAY OF PIGS – Useless (High Art for the Low Down)
BOMBAY OF PIGS – Still Getting Sick (High Art for the Low Down)
BOMBAY OF PIGS – Fail + Fail (High Art for the Low Down)
BOMBAY OF PIGS – All Came True (High Art for the Low Down)