Friday, August 19, 2011

Total War demo

West coast crust assault being played by guys who have played in FEAR OF TOMORROW, LIMB FROM LIMB, MASS GRAVE, and UNLEARN. This is probably the latest bastard child to result from Vancouver’s great Distort fest. Once the opening track wakes up the songs take on a charging pace with a constant low end rumble to echo our impending doom. Each song rins into the next creating momentum throughout the entire recording which reminds me of bands like DISKELMA. The guitar sound on songs like “They Lead, We Follow” there is a hum that reminds me of bands like LEGION666 or BOMBSTRIKE. Foat’s vocals straddle harsh and throaty in a WOLRD BURNS TO DEATH manner. And songs like “Nuclear Meltdown Hysteria” are relevant given the recent events in Fukushima. Download the demo at

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