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Flyer - Monday, July 29th, 2013


Radio - Sunday, July 28th, 2013

The show starts out with a great new band from Brazil called Massive Divine. We played new Snuff, Hard Skin, Restarts and a amess of classics. Crazy Steve was in to tell us about the cross Canada tour for BFG that leaves Tuesday and will see the Dayglos as the backing line. It is truly coast to coast. You can listen to the show above or download it. Here is what was played....

MASSIVE DIVINE - I don't believe in their lies (Nuclear Fear / Blindead Productions)

DESCENDENTS - Mass Nerder (Fat Wrechords)
SNUFF - Rat Run (Fat Wrechords)
HARD SKIN - Council Estates (JT Classics)
PROXY - Wasted Days (Imminent Destruction/Inflammable Material)
RESTARTS - Bullycide (No Label)

BFG - Total Breakdown (Back Alley)
DEATH - Keep on Knockin' (Drag City)
MUMMIES - You must fight to live on the planet of the Apes (Sympathy for the record industry)
THEE MIGHTY CEASARS - She's Fine She's Mine (Get Hip)
DEMICS - New York City (Ready)
VAPIDS - Ain't got no sense (Double Hell)

WHITE FLAG - Middle Class Hell (Gastanka)
NORMALS - Almost Ready (Redrum)
SPITS - Black Kar (Slovenly)
RAYDIOS - I call you back (Dirtnap)
REGISTRATORS - Normal (Rip Off)

ERIC'S TRIP - It happens all the time (Sub Pop)
NOT FUNNY ANYMORE - College Park (Ow)
FALLOUT - The Tin Canners (Menace)
CLOSET MONSTER - Smells like revolutionary Spirit
RIPTIDES - Reefer Madness (Goblin)

BRADY'S PROBLEM - Miss Hell (Crusty Ass / Absolute Underground)
THE ROTTEN - Human Disaster (Rebel Time)
SAINTE CATHERINES - You smell loike greed dirty bastards (Eyeball)
SISSY HAVOC - Spectator Sport (Self-Released)
WEST PORT MURDERS - Time Wasted (Harvest King)

PROPAGANDHI - Haillie Sallasse, up your ass (Fat Wreck)
OYE! - Chan Chan (Harvest King)
63 MONROE - Hijack Victim (Rave On)
EJECTOR SEAT - The Weathergirl (Collision Course)
JIMMY VAPID - Haunted Man / Early Grave (Surfin' Ki)

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Flyer - Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Flyer - Sunday, July 28th, 2013

This fundraiser for FEAR OF PUNK//FEAR OF ART has been pulled together last minute like. The show is at the 460, starting at 9pm! Hassler, Absolüt and Spearhead! T-Shirts for sale designed by Matthew McGarry and Tara Bursey, plus zines and other stuff for sale. Hot night, cold beer, fun times. Proceeds go towards making back the costs of this crazy undertaking. Poster illustration by Yecatl Peña!

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Radio - Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Genetic Control were a hardcore band from Montreal around between 1983 and 1985. They were one of Canada's best hardcore bands which is evidenced in how sought after the "First Impressions" single is today. Many tributes have been paid to the band one of which was the bootlegged dedication record to Tim Yohannon which contained the song "Love Rat" by the band. In fact I think one of the reason's why "Primitive Air Raid" is so good is because of their song "Suburban Life" which in my opinion is the best song on the compilation. The band is now scattered across the country, but every few years they get together to play amd for some big name people. They opened for Flag at this year's NXNE and I was able to speak to the two Robs who play guitar and Doug-O on bass (Saturday June 15th). We spoke about their songs, their recordings, the sows they played, the bands they played with, the scene and their beloved practise space known as the Bleury Beach Club or the BBC for short. The interview was long and thanks to Eric Betlam for cleaning up the audio quality and spending a couple of hours with me cutting it down so that we could fit in the openng song "1984" and some brief underlying recordings by the band. This band deserves a re-issue and maybe a collected discography but here is a bit of their story.

GENETIC CONTROL - 1984 (Generic)
S.C.U.M. - Home away from home (Psyche)
FAIR WARNING - You are the Scene (Self-Released)
GENETIC CONTROL - I'm Eighteen (Unreleased)
GENETIC CONTROL - Big Takeover (Unreleased)
GENETIC CONTROL - Love Rat (Generic)
GENETIC CONTROL - Brave New World (Generic)
GENETIC CONTROL - 1984 (Generic)
GENETIC CONTROL - First Impressions (Unreleased)
GENETIC CONTROL - Urban Cowboy (Generic)
GENETIC CONTROL - Licence to Kill (Unreleased)
GENETIC CONTROL - Gilligan's Island (Unreleased)
GENETIC CONTROL - Meet Billy (Unreleased)
GENETIC CONTROL - Rockin with Seka (Unreleased)
GENETIC CONTROL - Subruban Life (Generic)

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Flyer - July 17th, 2013

Given the number of bands from Alberta on this bill I bet this show was in Edmonton or Calgary.

Flyer - Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

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Flyer - Monday, July 15th, 2013

Radio - Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Tonight's show is can be heard on the player above or downloaded as an MP3 file.

We start off with an interview and in studio session of Make No Gains, who are originally from Halifax, but now live and play in Toronto.

MAKE NO GAINS - Interview (CIUT)
MAKE NO GAINS - Interview (CIUT)
MAKE NO GAINS - Funeral Pyre (CIUT)
MAKE NO GAINS - Interview (CIUT)
MAKE NO GAINS - Interview (CIUT)
MAKE NO GAINS - Interview (CIUT)
MAKE NO GAINS - Born Alone, Die Alone (CIUT)
MAKE NO GAINS - Interview (CIUT)
MAKE NO GAINS - Place Holders (CIUT)

This set  is a tribute to Spiderfest.
CONTAGIUM - Pawns (Self-Released)
BURNING LOVE - Pig City 1 (Southern Lord)
ASILE - Rouge (Rust and Machine)
IDNS - Athabasca (Self-Released)
RODENT LORD - Gestapo! Gestapo!

SOME GIRLS - No Fun (625 Productions)
LEATHER - No Motivation (Jade Tree)
FRANTIC - Ghoul (Die Slaughterhaus)
SIN 34 - Join the Race (Spinhead)
TH'INBRED - The Shithole (Frozen Sound)
THE STATE - Attention (Statement)
THE DICKS - Kill from the Heart (SST)

This set is a statement about the inconsistent rulings in the courts in the U.S.
YAPHET KOTTO - Fact or Fiction (Ebullition)
SCREAM - Fight / American Justice (Dischord)
ARM THE INSANE - Even the blind can see (Reactor)
CRIMINAL AUTHORITY - Die on your feet (Self-Released)
POINTED STICKS - What do you want me to do? (Trouble in Mind)

Tonight's demo feature is Abduction from Cincinnati who were reviewed in the June issue of MRR as being a style of bass driven hardcore associated with knuckle dragging and then explosive burst of circle pit action. The demo can be downloaded through bandcamp.

ABDUCTION - Abducted
ABDUCTION - Said and Done
ABDUCTION - Poser Dust
ABDUCTION - Fence Walkers

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Make No Gains studio 3 session

Make No Gains found their way to the local pub at Hart House and I just happened to find them while scouring the area not realizing that the playing field parking lot, which is the usualy meeting place for bands for these studio 3 sessions, was behind a construction fence. We lugged amps and equipment from Hoskins up to the 3rd floor and everyone was in good spirits, but Daren the drummer warned me that he had to be out of there early because he was jamming with his new band IDNS after the session. I was thinking this was going to be impossible to get done in a short period of time, but then D'Arcy showed up and he had seen the band at La Fraction's show a few weeks earlier. D'Arcy said the band is super tight and he would be surprised if they needed to do multiple takes of any songs.

Make No Gains are originally from Halifax but moved here because Cole, the singer and guitar player, got a job out here. The band came in tow, which is pretty incredible to do.

When we get upstairs, Vince (the bassist) realized he left his patch chords and guitar strap back at the rehearsal space. We found a patch chord and he sat down and played for the session even though he wanted to get up and move around. He made due.

The band has just recorded nine new songs with someone from End Program (R.I.P.). But these songs seem like they are on their recent recording "Power". Jonathon Hawkes enginneered and mixed the session which includes the following songs:

1. Dark Days
2. TV
3. Take Pause
4. Place Holders
5. Noose
6. Funeral Pyre
7. Born Alone, Die Alone
8. Dark Days, ID 1
9. Dark Days, ID 2
10. Funeral Pyre EXD ID

I tried to get the band to do a Cure song or two but they were pressed for time, Cole's voice was giving out, and they were just happy doing their own material.

Punks and Rockers put together a medley from this session of a couple of songs so you can witness the mayhem as it is played live.

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Toronto scene report in MRR

I wrote a scene report on Toronto which was published in the July issue of MRR. The report provides minor updates on the New Enemy, the Class Assassins, Sinkin's Ships, Whiskey Hearts Collective, the Fallout, Brutal Youth, the Sketch, Armed and Hammered, Volume Knobs, I.D.N.S.,  Rah, Violent Future, Hassler, Purity Control, Farang, Kremlin, School Jerks, Dead Mouth, Harangue, Total Trash, Column of Heaven, Urine Cup, Spearhead, the Wastoids, Direct Approach, Wrong Generation, Burial Permit,  Abyss, Legion666, Gofuckyourself, Rising Crust, Titan, Hammerhands, Godstopper, Absolut, Left for Dead, Rad Habits, Burning Love, School Damage, Unbelievers, Dream Dates, Sluts on 45, Arson, Sid's Kids, Freedom '85, Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet, Filthy Gaze of Europe, Sam Sutherland's book "Perfect Youth", the Last Pogo Jumps Again, information on show spaces, promoters, radio and some brief information on the scene in Barrie. You can order a copy from MRR or read the issue here. 

Radio - Sunday, June 30th, 2013

The show started off with a tribute to Canada Day with the Subhumans "Oh Canaduh". If the player isn't working you can download Sunday's show using the hyperlink.

SUBHUMANS - Oh Canaduh (Alternative Tentacles)

The Confederation cup was just played and featured two teams that people have wanted to see since the Spain won the World Cup. So in honour of the game we played bands from Brazil and Spain who competed in the final earlier today.
RATOS DE PORAO - Agresao / Repressao (BRZ)
KANGRENA - Agonia (Self-Released)
DISCARGA - No Limits (Laja / 625 Productions)
ANTI-DOGMATIKKS - Politicos (Tralla)
ABSURDO - Rota (Self-Released)
I SHOT CYRUS - Tiranus (Laja / 625 Productions)

This weekend in Toronto is Gay pride weekend. In honour of the great event we played a set of queer core bands from various generations of punk.
ANTI-SCRUNTI FACTION - Slave to my estrogen (Unclean / Flipside)
YEASTIE GIRLZ - Orgasm Addict (Lookout)
CLITBOYS - Gay's Okay (Feedback)
LIMP WRIST - Just Like You (Lengua Armada)
MUKILTEO FAIRIES - closet check (Outpunk)

THE GROGGIES - Into Hell (Self-Released)
OFF - Borrow and Bomb (Vice)
CIRCLE JERKS - Beverley Hills (Frontier)
WASTOIDS - My Toronto  (Self-Released)
SMOOTH BRAIN - Mean Chimp (

Inspired by the wall theme found in straight edge here are some songs that explore the limited metaphors in straight edge.
APPRAISE - Climbing Walls (Auge / Refuse)
MINOR THREAT - Screaming at a wall (Dischord)
UNIFORM CHOICE - Screaming for Change (Wishing Well)
YOUTH OF TODAY - Break down the walls (Revelation)
R.A.M.B.O. - Wall of death the system / U-Lock Justice (625 Productions)

RATS - Faithless - Auge
SEM RESPOSTA - Linhaus Cruzadas - Auge
CUT THE SHIT - The Party's Over / Bored to Death / Take back your life (Gloom)
HARD SKIN - Another Terrace Anthem (JT Classics)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE - Mudslinger (Feral Ward)
ARSON - Not Always about you (Self-Released)
STARK NAKED AND THE FLESHTONES - I broke her heart she broke my arm (Self-Released)

BIG BOYS - I'm Sorry (Gern Blandsten)
DRI - I dpon't need society (R Radical)
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN - Kennzeychen D (Money Law)
COLD STARE - Back Off (Mind Disease)
CAUGHT IN A CROWD - You've Lost (Camp)
LIFE CRISIS - Gasmask (Get Revenge)
CL1 - Livin' my life (Self-Released)
DUKE NUKEM FOREVER - L.A.R.D. (Self-Released)
ADOLF HITLER KLAN - All Hail to Ibbenburen (Righteous Fuck)

NO LESS - Oregon Express (Slap-A-Ham)
DRY ROT - Observer (Parts Unknown)
SWAMP THING - Liar's Tongue (6/13)
NO FRAUD - Suicidal Maniac (No Clubs)
BAD EATING HABITS - Scenester Smasher (Burn Bentley)
THE NEW MEXICO - Benjamin's Cave
BROKEN PATTERNS - Empty Eyes (Six Feet Under)
DILLINGER 4 - Double Whiskey Coke No Ice (Hopscotch)

KILLING CHILDREN - 3 Track Mind (Self-Released)
THE VIBRATORS - Into the Future (Epic)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads (God)
RATS OF UNUSUAL SIZE - Flipper is Dead (Vital Music)
MENACE - I'm Civilised (Small Wonder)
REAL KIDS - All Kinds of Girls

Gayrilla Biscuits were a project band that brouight straight edge songs and re-wrote gay themes to these classics. They were from Los Angeles and the demo was recorded back in 2000.
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Flaming ass still burns (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Degregaytion (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Get Hard (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - No Homosexual Surrender (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Nailed in the Ass (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Gay til Death (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Fags like you (Self-Released)