Friday, June 27, 1980

Flyer - Friday June 27, 1980

Flyer - Friday, June 27th, 1980


Flyer - Friday June 27, 1980

Saturday, June 21, 1980

The 'B' Girls ep

The B-Girls formed in 1977 and featured Cynthia, Lucasta and Rhonda Ross, along with Xenia Splawinsky, and played their first gigs at places like Club David, the Crash'n'Burn, the Edge and the Horseshoe. Their music was often described as punk mixed with sixties girl-group pop. Greg Shaw of Bomp Records fame, came to Toronto to see the band play and offered to put out an ep. The A side is 'Fun at the Beach', and the flipside is called 'B-Side' appropriately enough with the chorus "Girls, we're girls, b-girls, just girls".

Saturday, June 14, 1980

Thursday, June 12, 1980

Wednesday, June 11, 1980

Zine - The Pig Paper #13

This issue of the Pig Paper came out in June 1980. This was the first issue that collected material from all the issues previous. Check out

Monday, June 9, 1980

Flyer - Monday June 9, 1980