Sunday, July 15, 2001

Recension / Searching for Chin split ep

This cover had a spinning pinwheel on the inside. Recension were a power violence band and Searching for chin had more of a youth crew sound. Both bands were from Windsor and Sounds of Revolution released this record. The label is also from Windsor. The Recension songs include:
1. Late-20's Pseudo Teen Angst is a Funny Joke
2. Kill Your Boss, Etc, Etc.
3. Sexism: 0, You: -3
4. Cut to obligatory Breast Shot
5. Decision Maker for the Limitation of typical Holiday type Celebration to the occurence of Seasonal change
6. Four Day Rib Emeregency (Freedom!)
and the Searching for chin songs were:
1. The lyrcial equivalent of ramma-lamma-ding dong
2. The Death of Archie Bunker

Thursday, July 12, 2001

Sunday, July 1, 2001

Zine - Taint #2.5

This was the last issue of the zine under this name. It came out in the summer of 2001 and was published by Matt Bickle of Slasher Records. This issue is mostly photos and I think that is why it earned the half number. Having said that this issue does feature interviews with Kent McClard of HeartattaCk / ebullition fame, an interview with Manowar, and a column by Paul Pfeiffer of Wadge. The photos include pictures of

-          Dead Nation, Ruination, Limp Wrist, Fast Times, at Chicago Fest.

-          The Locust, Reversal of Man, Bloodpact, 9 Shocks Terror, and Hacksaw at Michigan fest

-          Life`s Halt, What Happens Next, and Gordon Solie Motherfuckers at their last show in Cleveland

The photos are large and remind me of the style that Martin Sorrondeguy applied to the posters that accompanied the “Hysteria” compilation.

Taint Review - They Live / Ruination split ep

 This review appeared in Taint #2.5