Sunday, December 28, 2008

Radio - Sunday, December 28, 2008

RUINATION - Bad to Worse (Self-Released)

ANGELS SAINTS AND HEROES - On the Wheels of False Prophets (Self-Released)
EVERYBODY OUT - Transistor Jim (Taang)
CLASS WAR KIDS - Resisting Occupation (110 Records)
PERSONALITY CRISIS - People in Glass (Worker Co-operative)
KNUCKLEHEAD - B-Anthem (Longshot Music)
NARSAAK - Prasinerija (Thought Crime)
THE ASHAMED – Outdoors (Unrepentent)
CRUDE - The Earth (HG Fact)

Studio 3 Session
NIGHTBRINGER - Opening Statement (CIUT)
NIGHTBRINGER - No Sleep Till Death (CIUT)
NIGHTBRINGER - A Better Tomorrow (CIUT)
NIGHTBRINGER - Death of Heather Gods (CIUT)

RATIONAL ANIMALS - Visions of Death (Feral Kid)
THE EXPLOITED - Sex & Violence (Anagram)
GENETIC ANGRY - Thoughts (Sewercide)
SLICK 46 - Coming Up (Longshot Music)
WORMEATERS - Cattle Cannot Choose (American Waste)
BLITZ - Criminal Damage (Anagram)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE - Everything that Bleeds (Feral Ward)
BAD SKIN - No More (Self-Released)
SONOROUS GALE - Dogmatic Equations (Eefin’)

Demo Feature
VELJEKSET PERSE - Arkinen Extreme (Self-Released)
VELJEKSET PERSE - Bussipysakilla (Self-Released)
VELJEKSET PERSE - Musiikkia koyhille (Self-Released)
ADA + MAX - Life is Sickness (MCR Company)
DOGSFLESH - Last Renegades (Unrepetent)
EMPTY GRAVE - DUI or Die (Absent)
VIOLENT SOCIETY - Why Do You Deny (Punken Vomit)
ANTISOCIAL CLUB - For the Love (Self-Released)

THE YOBS - Auld Lang Syne (Captain Oi!)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

THE ALAN MILMAN SECT - Punk Rock Christmas (Bag of Hammers)

ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT - Cancel Christmas (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
THE SWINGIN’ NECKBREAKERS - Santa Claus Ain’t Comin’ This Year (Norton)
THE FONDAS - Christmas Heart Attack (Mo Pop)
THE SONICS - Don’t Believe in Christmas (Norton)
DEAD MOON - Christmas Rush (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
HOLLY GO LIGHTLY - Christmas Tree on Fire (Damaged Goods)

THE JIMMIES - Got Too Drunk on Christmas Eve (Brucemonkey)
ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS - Santa Forgot the Booze (Brilliancy)
THE TUMORS - Christmas in the Drunk Tank (Naptone)
THE HICKOIDS - We Got the Eggnog If you got the Whiskey (Toxic Shock)
THE POGUES - Fairytale of New York (Warner)

GOB - Shitty Christmas
SNAP-HER - I Hate Christmas (Snap-Her)
FEAR - Fuck Christmas (Slash)
MR. T EXPERIENCE - Merry Fuckin’ Christmas (Munster)
NIHILISTICS - Christmas S.O.B. (Visionary)
THE YOBS - Who Had All the Christmas Cake (Captain Oi!)

TWISTED SISTER - Oh Come All Ye Faithful (Razor and Tie)
63 MONROE - Christmas Time, Stand in Line (Self-Released)
THE STAND GT - Stocking Stuffer (En Guard)
SUPER SUCKERS - We’ll Call it Christmas Time (Sympathy for the Record Industry)

FUCKED UP - David Christmas (Self-Released)
HARD SKIN - Ding Dong Merrily Oi, Oi (Household Name)
BITTER GRIN - X-Mas Day (Walzwerk)
PATRIOT -Yuletide Stomp (Patriot)

THE RAMONES -Merry Christmas, I Doin’t Want to Fight (Warner)
THE VANDALS -Oi to the World (Kung Fu)
BAD RELIGION - Joy to the World
TRIGGER HAPPY - Seasonal Excuse
THE DARYLS - Put One Foot in Front of the Other (Brucemonkey)

TUULI - You Better Know By Now What I Want for Christmas (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
SLOPPY SECONDS - Horray for Santa Claus (Taang)
THE BUSINESS - Step Into Christmas (Dojo)
STOMPIN’ TOM - Stompin Tom Christmas Greeting (Canadian Music Sales)

BOB AND DOUG - Twelve Days of Christmas (Polygram)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Radio - Sunday, December 14, 2008

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ROCKET REDUCERS - You Call Me Stupid, I Call it Fun (Kick Your Butt)

Studio 3 SessionROCKET REDUCERS - Intro / I Want You (CIUT)
ROCKET REDUCERS - Frontside Grind (CIUT)
ROCKET REDUCERS - Frontside (Kick Your Butt)

THE WEIRDIES - Good Girl Gone Bad Bad Bad (Self-Released)
THE HEXTALLS - Puckward Nipples the 3rd (Self-Released)
STATUES - The Audition (Shooting at Decoys)
MEAN STREETS - Nineteen (Longshot)
THE ZIP GUNS - I’m On Heat (Meat Beaty Records)
THE VAPIDS - Appetite for Adrenochrome (Amp Records)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Consumer Alert CD

This self-released CD contains the songs:

1. Time on Our Hands
2. We Belive in Numbers
3. Hole in My Head
4. Falling off the Wall
5. From Calm to Fire

Flyer - Saturday December 13, 2008

Jerk Ward "Too Young to Thrash" LP

This is a collection of a band from Sidney, BC, which is a place on Vacouver Island so it would be associated with the Victoria scene. They were around from 1981 - 1984, but this just came out in 2008 on Supreme Echo. The band was made up of Randy Long on vocals, Steve McBean on guitar and vocals, Julian McClain on bass, and John London on drums. Most of this was recorded on April 7, 1984 at Happy Electric Moosears Studio by Steve Bailey. The band would later become Mission of Christ. The songs on here are:

1. U.F.O.
2. Angry Salmons
3. Blind Hatred
4. Knowledge
5. Flesh & Bones
6. Millions of Dead BMXers
7. Non-Human
8. Accident Prone
9. I Love the Girls
10. Death Inferno
11. Major Threat, Part II
12. I Don't Wanna Fight
13. Inside My Mind
14. F.U. Quincy
15. Rot My Mind
16. I Wanna By Ozzy Osbourne
17. Kill the Pongos

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

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RACKSHOT - Goucho Amigo (Unreleased)

Studio 3 Session
RACKSHOT - Dirty Love (CIUT)
RACKSHOT - Bad Habits (CIUT)
RACKSHOT - Party’s Over (CIUT)
RACKSHOT - Hispanic Nights (CIUT)
RACKSHOT - Man’s Ruin (CIUT)
RACKSHOT - Grim Ripper (CIUT)
RACKSHOT - Bad Habits (Self-released)
RACKSHOT - Interview (CIUT)
RACKSHOT - What Love Is (CIUT)
RACKSHOT - Interview (CIUT)

DIE YOUNG - the Trail of Tears (A389 Recordings)
STEEL NATION - Brainstorm (A389 Recordings)
INTEGRITY - Walpuurgisnacht (A389 Recordings)
TRAPPED UNDER ICE - Hollow Shell (A389 Recordings)

DESOLATEVOID - Isolation Embrace (Crimes Against Humanity)
KEITZER - Doom Shall Rise (Yellowdog)
PISSCHRIST - Victims of Faith (Yellowdog)
NIGHTBRINGER - Bitter Faith (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - Mark Trio 1 Unit (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - I Like Robots Unit (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - His Hands are Made of Fire (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - Who are you Nit (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - Post Mark (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - Damaged Unit (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - Nag Unit (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - Emma (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - John Sinclair (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - Bobs Unit (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - Watch the Freak Twitch (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - Sticks (Self-Released)
THE GORDIE HOWE TRIO UNIT - Buglas Unit (Self-Released)

BLITZ - Razors in the Night (Anagram)
ROCKET REDUCERS - Anna’s Been Drinkin’ (Kick My Butt)

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Flyer - the Last Pogo DVD


This is part one of an interview by Greg Dick with the Diodes. In this part of the interview they talk about China Doll, covering Red Rubber Ball, Tennis Again, Child Star, OCA, playing in Toronto and NYC and lots of reminescing about the early Toronto scene. Photos by Ralph Alonso. The interview was live on CIUT's Equalizing-X-Distort and this portion was printed in Issue 306 of MRR. You can get back issue for this one at

This is part two of an interview by Greg Dick with the Diodes. In this part of the interview they talk about China Doll, covering Red Rubber Ball, Tennis Again, Child Star, OCA, playing in Toronto and NYC and lots of reminescing about the early Toronto scene. Photos by Ralph Alonso. The interview was live on CIUT's Equalizing-X-Distort and this portion was printed in Issue 307 of MRR, but is sold out.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

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BAD SKIN - Make Your Own Way (Self-Released)

Top 10 for November 2008
DISCO VOLANTE - Teeth in Acid (Not Enough)
TERMINALS - Sux 2 Bux (Self-Released)
COLA FREAKS - Nej (Local Cross)
PAHAA VERTA - Mennan Mennan (Roku)
MIDDLE AMERICA - Out of My Head (Home Invasion)
SHEGLANK’D SHOULDERS - Endless Grind (Handsome Dan)
SOCIALCIDE - Winded (Kangaroo / Even Worse)
VILE NATION - Vile Nation (Kangaroo / Even Worse)
FOR THE WORSE - Smoke and Mirrors (Kangaroo / Even Worse)

Studio 3 Session
BAD SKIN - We’re Dogs (CIUT)
BAD SKIN - Commute (CIUT)
BAD SKIN - Conditional Love (CIUT)
BAD SKIN - Make Your Own Way (CIUT)
BAD SKIN - Feed Your Disease (CIUT)
BAD SKIN - Flame Job (CIUT)
BAD SKIN - Paranoia (CIUT)
BAD SKIN - New World Invitation (CIUT)
BAD SKIN - Never Forgiven. (CIUT)

CIVIL VICTIM - Problem (Loud Punk)
SEPTIC DEATH - Crocodile Tears (Pushead)
SENSELESS APOCALYPSE - Emotional Jellyfish (HG Fact)

Demo Feature
IMPEDERS OF PROGRESS - Conscription (The American Nightmare) (Self-Released)
IMPEDERS OF PROGRESS - Capitalist with a Pretty Face (Self-Released)
IMPEDERS OF PROGRESS - I Hope You Like Soup Kids (Self-Released)
IMPEDERS OF PROGRESS - Reconnect (Self-Released)
IMPEDERS OF PROGRESS - Asinine (Self-Released)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hostage Life / Knucklehead split ep

This is a perfect split in terms of matching of bands. Both bands are very political. Both bands are very melodic. This split was a long time coming. And Longshot (Longshot Music – 980 Harrison Street / San Francisco, CA / 94107 / USA / stepped up to make it happen. The songs on here are:
1. Knucklehead - Hearts on Fire
2. Knucklehead - Sense and politics
3. Hostage Life - Ratlines
4. Hostage Life - Young Aryans

Top 10 – November 2008

Top 10 – November 2008

1. FOR THE WORSE / OUT COLD split ep (Kangaroo)
2. VILE NATION “No Exit” ep (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
3. SOCIALCIDE “Unapproachable” LP (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
4. SHEGLANK’D SHOULDERS “Final Grind” ep (Handsome Dan)
5. MIDDLE AMERICA “It Repeats” ep (Home Invasion)
6. ERISTETYT “(Sita On Systeemi) Yks Vitun Sekasotku” LP (Roku)
7. KERIPUKKI / PAHAA VERTA split ep (Roku)
8. COLA FREAKS “Dodt Batter I” ep (Local Cross)
9. TERMINALS CD (Self-Released)
10. DISCO VOLANTE “We Are Forever” CD (Not Enough Bullets)

Label Info:
* KANGAROO - Middenweg 13 / 1098 AA Amsterdam / Holland /
* EVEN WORSE - Saenredamstraat 44-2 / 1072 Amsterdam / Holland /
* ROKU - PL148 / 96101 Rovaniemi / Finland /
* LOCAL CROSS - 16-1/2 Suffolk Street / Cambridge, MA / 02139 / USA /

Flyer - Friday November 30, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Video : The Ugly

Here is a song from the Last Pogo 2 which took place back in 2008 to commemorate the event that saw the Garys getting kicked out of said club as their bookers. Effectively this was seen as the closing of punk on this early home for the Toronto punk scene. Greg Dick is on vocals, Steve Koch is on guitar and Screamin' Sam Ferrera is on bass with Tony Torcher on drums. Aldo from Punks and Rockers captured a little of their set.

Flyer - Saturday November 29, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Radio - Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

DEAD BOYS - What Love Is (Sire)
DEAD BOYS - Ain’t It Fun (Sire)
CHEETAH CHROME AND THE SCREWED - Bury you Alive (Unreleased)

Studio 3 session
CHEETAH CHROME AND THE SCREWED - Caught with the Meat in your Mouth (CIUT)

HOSTAGE LIFE - White Jesus (Black Pints)
IMPEDERS OF PROGRESS - I Hope you Like Soup Kids (Self-Released)
CIVET - You Don’t Know Me (Hellcat)
ROCKET REDUCERS - I Want You (Kick your Butt)
DEFIANCE - Spoils of the Last War (HG Fact)

Demo Feature
AT WORST - Laissez-Faire (Self-Released)
AT WORST - The Sick and the Fury (Self-Released)
AT WORST - Laissez-Faire (Self-Released)
AT WORST - Gimmie the City (Self-Released)
AT WORST - Laissez-Faire (Self-Released)

BAD SKIN - Feed Our Disease (Self-Released)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flyer - Sunday November 16, 2008

Radio - Sunday, November 16, 2008

TITAN - The Standard (Self-Released)

HAZARDOUS WASTE - Pay (Nerve Hold)
OUT COLD - Gimme Skelter (Kangaroo / Even Worse)
NO SLOGAN - Let’s Kill (Disobedncia)
DEAD STOP - You Have It All (Havoc)
MOTHERFUCKERS - Can’t Slow Down (Handsome Dan)
SUBHUMANS - Look at the Dawn (Alternative Tentacles)
WALK ALONE - Employee of the Year (Self-Released)
CONDOMINIUM - Displacement (Condo)
AT WORST - Laissez Faire (Self-Released)

ACUTE - First Song (MCR Company)
JONESTOWN ALOHA - First track (HG Fact)
CROW - Slaughter of Nationality (Prank)
VILE NATION - Up All Night (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
LA PLEBE - Run Joe (Red Scare)
DISKELMA - Hate Control (Kamaset Levyt)
SOTATILA - Valta (Kamaset Levyt)
NEIGHBORS - Punker Than Thou (Six Weeks)
EVACUATE - What Happened to Hardcore (Taang)
STATIC THOUGHT - Anymore (Hellcat)

LEFT FOR DEAD - Violent Culture (Dead Records)
CURRENT MOON ROAR TROUPE - Look at Me, My Motion (HG Fact)
STREET DOGS - Mean Fist (Hellcat)
EVERYBODY OUT - Truth (Taang)
ARGY BARGY - My Life (Captain Oi)
ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Lust for Glory (Anagram)

PERSONALITY CRISIS - Double Take (War or Music)
CONSUMER ALERT - Failing off the Wall (Self-Released)
FEEDERZ - Gut Rage (Broken Rekids)
IDOLS DESTROYED - Home (Self-Released)
GOATBOY - Shutdown (Fans of Bad Productions)
NECROS - No One (Touc 'n Go)
LEGION - Fear or Fall (Fans of Bad Productions)

WHITE LUNG - Backhouse (Deranged)
IMPERIAL LEATHER - Bloodstains (Profane Existence)
KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUTTO - Pyhajarvi (Tuska ja Ahdistus)
LA FACE - Pull My Trigger (Smokin’ Barrel)
MIDDLE AMERICA - Scraped / Paranoia (Home Invasion)

Demo Feature
POLLUTION - Tiny Black Burns (Self-Released)
POLLUTION - Failure (Self-Released)
POLLUTION - Upsidedown Trough (Self-Released)
POLLUTION - Fly Upon the Garbage (Self-Released)
POLLUTION - Camphor (Self-Released)
POLLUTION - Drop Die (Self-Released)
POLLUTION - White Gas (Self-Released)
POLLUTION - Shock No Exist (Self-Released)

YOUNG WASTENERS - We Got Ways (Hjernespind)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And the Saga Continues “Making Enemies & Burning Bridges” LP

49 songs on a 12”. Montreal’s answer to SPAZZ. And they self-released this fucker on thick wax. It’s heavy as a motherfucker. Heavy like the 140 gram collector’s edition vinyl. It plays beautifully. Comes with a lyric booklet. This is the way things used to be done and this used to be the gold standard for DIY releases. Props on this alone. But these are first impressions. The pummeling attack of ferocious hardcore speaks for itself. (Fuck The Bullshit Records - 2133 ave. du Mont-Royal E. #33 / Montreal, QC / H2H-1J9 / Canada / The songs on here are:
1. Snakesking
2. Cover-Up
3. Getting Out of the Comfort Zone
4. Paranoid but Not in a Good Way Like Black Sabbath
5. Work Hard, Play Hard, Live Hard
6. Big Talker, Small Thinker
7. Another Day, Another Dollar
8. A Moment of Clarity Gone Down the Toilet
9. Minus 40 and Dropping
10. Sometimes You Feel Like a Sack of Shit
11. The War on Me, The War on You
12. Equality os a State of Mind
13. Stupid is As Stupid Does
14. The Pettiness that is Quebec
15. Let's Face the Faxe
16. Helping People
17. The Tale of One Brother
18. Peek-a-Boo Guess Who
19. A Lovely Monday Morning
20. Master of Asster
21. Bile and Blood
22. Making Enemies and Smashing Everything
23. Work Baby Work
24. One Party Rule
25. We're on the Threshold of Hell
26. The World is Drowning in a Sea of Medocrity
27. Buzzed Out of My Mind
28. No Brew No Sagu
29. Walking till the End of the Earth
30. American Rendition
31. The Stranger
32. Mom & Pops Don't Work Here No More
33. Chain stores Suck Except for their Holiday Beer Specials
34. Incompetent Bureaucracy
35. Grinding Me into the Ground
36. Really Living Free
37. You Gotta do What You Gotta Do to Get Where you gotta Go
38. Looking In
39. Pigeon Time for Louise
40. Truths of the World
41. The Dis-Beat Extravaganza
42. Smile .... It's a Happy Day in a Happy World
43. King of the Grudge Match
44. New Wave Forward
45. Go to the Hospital to Get Sick and Die
46. The Trinity-The Snake, The Fridge, & The Pineapple
47. Cold and Restless
48. G.W.B.T.H. (George W. Bush the Hypocrite)
49. Monument to Corruption

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Radio - Sunday, November 9, 2008

BROADCAST ZERO - What they want (Rebel Time)

CONQUEST FOR DEATH - This is our Time – Never Say Die (CD Track 6)
SISTA SEKUNDAN - Jag Eingen ting (Instigate)
BIRDS OF A FEATHER - Goodness / Reclaiming Freewill (Commitment)

SCARED SHOCK - For a Living (Schizophrenic)
NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE - Desensitized (Even Worse)
JEAN MILLS SOCIETY TORCH - Pro Choice (Firestarter)
SOCIALCIDE - Make Me Bleed (Even Worse)
INSTANGD - Skracken (Sorry State)

THE NEW ENEMY - Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Self-Released)
HOSTAGE LIFE - Mr Ward (Black Pint)
RAH - In the end (Chez Ogilvie)

THE SUICIDE PILOTS - Descend (Self-Released)
GERM ATTAK - Street Survival (MCR)
HARD CHARGER - Persuader (No List)

MADCOWBOYS - Basement Shows Forever (Self-Released)
ANTISOCIAL CLUB - Punk Rock X Communication (Self-Released)
TRANZMITORS - Alma Blackwell (Deranged)

63 MONROE - Bug Out (CIUT)
TYRANNA - Test Tube Babies (CIUT)

GUILTY FACES - Nightmares (Self-Released)
GENETIC ANGRY - Thoughts (Sewercide)
MAD MEN - Wax World (Self-Released)

LET’S DANCE – Fox on the Run (CIUT)

Flyer - Sunday November 9, 2008

Flyer - Sunday November 9, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Alternate Action "Thin Line" CD

Vancouver oi band. "Thin Line" collects the band's releases. This was put out by Longshot Music. The songs on here are:
Split 7"
1. Dead end street
2. Keep Running
Tough Times 10"
3. Thin Line
4. Waste of time
5. Nameless faces
6. Tough times
7. Clueless
8. Another day
We're not like you 7"
9. Never again
10. Dead society
11. We're not like you
12. Nothing's changed
Previously unreleased
13. Plastic Society
14. Nowhere to go
15. Wasted lies

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Radio - Sunday, November 2, 2008

THE NEW ENEMY - Douchez (Self-Released)

LOST CAUSE - Swine Generation (Self-Released)
VILE NATION - Nothin’ to Lose (Even Worse)
SOA - Riot (Dischord)
DS-13 - Ready to Fight (Deranged)
BLACK FLAG - No Values (SST)
TERMINAL STATE - All in My Head (Hate the 80’s)
NO SLOGAN - Killed By Gentrification (Disobedencia)

Studio 3 Session
THE NEW ENEMY – Intermittent Explosive Disorder (CIUT)
THE NEW ENEMY – pH Decontrol (CIUT)
THE NEW ENEMY – Black and Blue Collars (CIUT)
THE NEW ENEMY – Interview (CIUT)
THE NEW ENEMY – pH Decontrol (Self-Released)
THE NEW ENEMY – Interview (CIUT)
THE NEW ENEMY – the Way (Self-Released)

ANTISOCIAL CLUB - At War with Ghosts (Self-Released)
CONDIMINIUM - On/Off (Self-Released)
ERISTETYT - Kapinaa (Roku)
h100s - Shit we Live in Today (Burrito)
THE SWARM - November First (No Idea)

ABRADE - To Eradicate (Southkore)
WANTMONSTER - Eating Poison (Black Banana)
CROSSED OUT - Internal (Slap-a-Ham)
DROP DEAD - A Nation Sleeps (Selfless)
CAPITALIST CASUALTIES - Government Clean Up Plan (Six Weeks)
D.R.I. - Reagonomics (Death)
DOUBLE NEGATIVE - Stop Growing (No Way)
DEAD STOCK CRUSHER - Walking Dead (Hit the Deck)

FIX MY HEAD - Machine (Vinyl Addict)
LOGIC PROBLEM - MK Ultra (Sorry State)
POSITIVE NOISE - Always There (Punks Before Profit$)
VIIMEINEN KOLLONNA - Ei Paluuta (Kamaset Levyt)

Demo Feature
IDOLS DESTROYED - Home (Sharpie Fumes Collective)
IDOLS DESTROYED - the Symphony (Sharpie Fumes Collective)
IDOLS DESTROYED - I Don’t Know (Sharpie Fumes Collective)
IDOLS DESTROYED - Bullet Proof (Sharpie Fumes Collective)
IDOLS DESTROYED - 5 A.M. (Sharpie Fumes Collective)
IDOLS DESTROYED - Broken Shelter (Sharpie Fumes Collective)
FLAGS OF CONVENIENCE -Inseciruty Guard (Self-Released)
FLAGS OF CONVENIENCE -Bravest Critics (Self-Released)
FLAGS OF CONVENIENCE - The Plot Ceases to Thicken (Self-Released)

ROCKET REDUCERS – Bleed for Me (kick My Butt)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flyer - Thursday October 30 - saturday November 1, 2008

Top 10 – October 2008

Top 10 – October 2008

1. FIX MY HEAD “Garbage Existence” ep (Vinyl Addict)
2. VIIMEINEN KOLLONNA “Tuhat Aurinkoa” ep (Hardcore Holocaust)
3. NITAD “Ibland Kan Man Inte Hindera Sig Sjalv” CD (Kranium)
4. LOGIC PROBLEM “DSM-IV” ep (Sorry State)
5. POSITIVE NOISE “No Hardcore” ep (Punks Before Profits)
6. SLANG “The Immortal Sin” CD (Schizophrenic)
7. REPROBATES “Stress” ep (No Way)
8. DEATHCAGE “From Despair to Where” ep (Endless Blockades)
9. MASSGRAV “This War Will Be Won by Meat Eaters” CD (Sound Pollution)
10. BRISTLES, THE “No Future in the Past” CD (MCR Company)

Label info:
* VINYL ADDICT - 1835 De Bourgogne / Sherbrooke, QC / J1J 1B1 / Canada
* PUNKS BEFORE PROFITS - P.O. Box 1148 / Grand Rapids, MI / 49501 / USA
* SCHIZOPRENIC - 17 W. 4th Street / Hamilton, ON / L9C 3M2 / Canada /
* NO WAY -

* SOUND POLLUTION - P.O. Box 17742 / Covington, KY / 41017 / USA /
* MCR COMPANY - 157 Kamiagu / Maizuru / Kyoto / 624-0913 / Japan /

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Radio - Sunday, October 26, 2008

BORED STIFF - Pigs on Parade, Part 2 (Self-Released)

DRUNK - Dr. Jones (Fans of Bad Productions)
THE CLASS WAR KIDS - Strike Back (110 Records)
STREET DOGS - San Patricios (Hellcat)
GOLDBLADE - Where Have all the Rude Boys Gone (Captain Oi!))
RUTS - I Ain’t Sofisticated (Captain Oi!)

Studio 3 session
BORED STIFF - Losing Streak (CIUT)
BORED STIFF - Panic Attack (CIUT)
BORED STIFF - Die Fighting (CIUT)
BORED STIFF - Pigs on Parade (CIUT)
BORED STIFF - Oppression (CIUT)
BORED STIFF - I Have Issues (CIUT)
BORED STIFF - Crimes Against Humanity (CIUT)
BORED STIFF - Interview (Self-Released)
BORED STIFF - I Have Issues (Self-Released)

LOGIC PROBLEM - Double Crossed (Sorry State)
H-100s - Dismantle Outtake (S.Y.G.)
FOR THE WORSE - Dropping Like Flys (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
SMART COPS - Il Vile E Il Futuro (Sorry State)
SOCIALCIDE - Will Call (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
HAZARDOUS WASTE - You’re Consumed (Nerve Hold)

TOOTHPASTE - Sex in Space (Self-Released)
63 MONROE - Hey Little Girl (Rave Up)
TEENAGE HEAD - Let’s Shake (Unidisc)
UV RAYS - Party Ratn (Feral Kid)
COLA FREAKS - Nej (Local Cross)

ANTISOCIAL CLUB - Oil City Exodus (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Apocalypse Destiny (No List)
INEPSY - Street City (Feral Ward)
PISSCHRIST - Victims of Faith (Yellowdog)
KEITZER -Doom Shall Rise (Yellowdog)

Demo Feature
CROSS - Survival of the Scum (Self-released)
CROSS - Terminal Tough Guy (Self-released)
CROSS - Surfin’ on an Oilslick (Self-released)
CROSS - You’re Too Fat to be Vegan (Self-released)
CROSS - Don’t Need Their System (Self-released)
CROSS - You’re Life or Mine (It’s War) (Self-released)
CROSS - Trench Warfare (In a Manmade Winter) (Self-released)

TEENAGE HEAD - Lucy Potato (Self-released)
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Interview: Bored Stiff

BORED STIFF are a new local band that I was introduced to through MOLESTED YOUTH. My first impression is that they remind me of SSD in that they are trying to sound heavy without sounding metal. The difference between BORED STIFF and Boston’s original jock gestapo are that Bored Stiff sing about matters of substance. Songs like “Holy War” and “Pigs on Parade” are clear songs about oppression. That’s something I admire in a band. Here is an interview we did on EXD.

Welcome to the show and introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band.
Warren (W): I’m Warren I play bass.
Andy (An): My name is Andy I play guitar.
Amanda(A): I’m Amanda and I play drums.
D’Arcy (D): I’m D’Arcy and I just sorta yell.
How long has BORED STIFF been around for?
D: I think our first band practice was in June 2008?
An: Yeah it was like the end of June.
W: We played our first show in late August.
D: Not too long, a couple months.
How did the band form?
W: Well I played in MOLESTED YOUTH before I started doing BORED STIFF and I met D’Arcy at one of our shows and D’Arcy knew Andy, and D’Arcy knew Amanda.
An: Well, me and D’Arcy go back a bit. We were in a band earlier with some other guys and it was a cold winter. It didn’t work out so well.
D: So me and Andy were looking for other people and I had seen Warren at every show every weekend and I had been in a band with Amanda a year previous.
W: Wasn’t that a METALLICA cover band?
D: Yeah.
A: Shut up!
D: Amanda’s a bit embarrassed about that. I am too!
D: So I saw Warren at a show, and we were looking for someone else, and finally it was like “who can play drums?” and I knew Amanda from the old band. So that was it.
An: It just sorta snowballed from there.
W: Yes, snowballing, I believe it did just that.
It’s good though, it seems like everyone had a part to bring someone else into the band. Seems almost like tag.
W: Yes, just like a friendly game of tag.
Okay, so do you want to mention the previous bands you were in? Do they have names?
D: Warren’s other bands worth mentioning, nothing else is. MOLESTED YOUTH.
So where does the name BORED STIFF come from ? Is there a story behind that?
D: We were arguing about band names for a long time. A lot of them were BLACK FLAG song titles.
An: Yeah, my good one was TOTAL TRASH but it’s too close to TRASH TALK.
W: I think the rest of these guys had the name BORED STIFF a long time ago, it was mentioned and I sorta brought it back.
An: It’s what D’Arcy wanted to call the old band.
A: We had no choice.
D: Yeah, the other band. We sorta had the name before and it just sorta stuck, but for no particular reason. No story, it just sounds badass.
Yeah it’s a good name.
W: Why, thank you.
An: It’s pretty awesome.
So who do you consider influences on the band?
An: A lot of 80’s hardcore.
W: I’m pretty into money, but I think I made that joke before when he was here for the MOLESTED YOUTH interview.
Yeah you did, it’s old, retire it.
An: Those dreams where you feel like you’re falling...those are a pretty big influence.
D: If you’re talking about musical influences I think its a lot of later 80’s stuff from New York City and a lot of current California stuff like TRASH TALK and CEREMONY.
An: When we started off we were really snotty, we had almost a GERMS, like the L.A. scene sounded originally. You can hear that on the demo.
D: But the newer stuff is a lot more California. TRASH TALK.
You wanna know what I think?
W: Please tell us.
You guys remind me a lot of early Boston scene. Think “Glue” by DYS, and S.E.I.G.E.
W: I’ve never heard that comparison, but I do understand it.
It seems like it’s very...gutteral, pounding, just angry. I think that early Boston scene was really trying to be “heavy” without being “metal”.
D: That’s exactly what we’re going for with our newer stuff, I think.
An: Yeah we try to avoid metal as much as possible.
W: But we don’t try to avoid heavy! We welcome that.
So they played a lot slower, heavier, and pounding, and that’s what I get from you guys. When I listen to you guys I think of DYS right away.
An: Our sound also brings up a lot of early 90’s more experimental power violence that was slower and a lot longer.
D: I think our early stuff is really fast and our newer stuff is slowing down. It’s a nice variety.
But even on the demo, you kind of mix it up, there’s a lot of slow, or at least, mid-tempo songs.
An: We like to see people dance, especially Nick Speal of MOLESTED YOUTH.
It’s a good mosh beat, don’t you think? So do you guys do any covers?
D: We’ve talked about that a lot, actually.
An: I’ve suggested a lot...but nobody likes any of my ideas.
Well you mentioned BLACK FLAG for instance, would you consider covering them possibly?
An: Yeah I’m trying to get us to cover “I’ve Had It” right now.
W: I think we should do “I Don’t Care”.
An: Pretty much any early BLACK FLAG song is good.
W: We should do a song off of “Family Man”.
An: “Do you want the swinging man or the family man”.
W: Really get the crowd involved...bring the mosh.
So I’m going to ask the record collection question now. If you had to limit your record collection to five punk releases, what would they be?
An: Oh my god.
W: You asked this question last time I was here and I still don’t have an answer for you.
That’s sad because you had time to prepare, you know I’m going to ask it.
An: Mine would be.... holy Jesus I can’t even think.
Okay don’t make it difficult, just think of five great releases! Honestly!
An: Mine would be the first three RAMONES records, “Unknown Pleasures” by JOY DIVISION and the CROSSED OUT discography
With JOY DIVISION, that’s crazy!
D: Mine would have to be CHAIN OF STRENGTH “The One Thing that Still Holds True”, MINOR THREAT discography, WEEZER’s “Pinkerton” album just blows my mind.
D: Oh god, that is a great record!
W: That is a really good record!
An: It is !
D: Number four and five’s tough.
D: Oh yeah, god, CURSED “II” definitely...but the last album...probably have to be...there’s this really great folk artist from Maryland called HOP ALONG QUEEN ANSLEIS ... oh, just makes my heart melt ... but that ain’t punk.
W: What in the hell is that !
D: It’s folk music. It’s pretty, she’s good.
Amanda do you want to answer this?
A: I really cannot choose five. This is like the hardest question of my life.
What are five great releases just off the top of your head?
A: Anything by TRASH TALK or CEREMONY.
A: Oh of course, “Kill Them All”! hahah, sorry, I got me.
Alright Warren, the mic has been passed.
W: Oh god, I don’t know...uh..
D: You’re a terrible interviewee.
What, you don’t listen to punk rock?
W: I hate that shit man.
An: Listen to some jazz conga.
W: That’s really good man, have you heard that stuff? It’s really, really good. Um, I don’t know, when I was here last time I know I said “Shattered” by the EXPLODING HEARTS, and I’m going to leave it at that.
So D’Arcy, do you write all the lyrics?
D: Yeah, I do.
An: Most of them. I contribute but he doesn’t listen to me.
W: Hey, actually, I have an answer.... the “Space Jam” soundtrack. (everyone laughs)
An: Excellent! Can I change mine to “Eternal E” by EASY E?
D: Um...yeah, 90% of the lyrics are written by me. He helps out a bit. He’s written a couple of songs that ….
An: That nobody likes!
D: No we liked them, but we ended up scrapping the musical ideas that didn’t work out, but Andy’s influence is definitely in there.
An: ugggghh...pft...(grumble).
D: But I consult him first if there’s a line I’m working on that I need help with.
And so what are some of the things you write about.
An: Not liking cops!
D: Yeah we have “Pigs on Parade” which is about not liking cops.
Is that song inspired by a particular story and maybe you could tell it?
D: To be perfectly honest its not inspired by a specific thing that happened. You would think that something terrible occurred but nothing did. I mean, I’ve been confronted by the police a few times, and none of them were very nice experiences but nothing in particular. Really what influenced that song was just trying to wrap my head around the idea that there’s a man out there with a gun and his job is to find there’s a beautiful idea of love and peace and sick people have warped that into segregation and hate, “I Have Issues” deals with depression, “Dead Meat” deals with hating everyone I know, “Oppression” deals with the New World Order – there’s a lot of stuff going on.
There’s a lot interesting stuff, that’s why I asked.
An: He’s very angry.
W: Everything kind of sucks.
An: Inside the band we call him “Angry D’Arcy”.
D: There’s a joke going where I was “the serious one”.
An: You still are the serious one!
That’s okay, you want your voice to be the serious one. What would be your favorite song from a lyrical standpoint and why?
An: Ah Jesus.
W: Not Jesus.
An: (to Warren) You’re a fool. That’s a really hard question, I gotta say “Pigs On Parade” is up there, because it does speak on so many levels about cops.
W: Yeah I think “Pigs on Parade” is my favourite too. That’s always been my favourite song we’ve had. I just think its really kick ass.
An: It’s everybody’s favourite song because it gets everybody dancing.
D: I think “I Have Issues” and “Dead Meat” are pretty personal songs about dealing with depression and hating everyone, which not a lot of people can completely relate to. “Holy War” is also from a very specific standpoint and my rant against organized religion, but “Pigs on Parade” I think a lot of people really like the lyrics to, because everyone can relate to that. Everyone has to deal with the cops everyday. They’re out there. From my point of view I quite like oppression, its simple “Your right hand holds me down, my left hand makes a fist”.
Amanda, do you have a favorite song from a lyrical standpoint? I know the drummer never usually has an opinion but...
A: My opinion doesn’t matter so.
D: Whoa!
W: Yeah, all you do is hit stuff.
A: I just do what they tell me.
An: she doesn’t even get paid.
W: Wait, I don’t get paid !
Is there a song that stands out?
A: I’d have to say “Pigs on Parade”. I just have to agree or else I’ll get hurt later.
W: That is just a really killer song.
So you guys have a demo out, how long ago was that put out.
D: We had two practices, wrote five songs in those two practices and the next time we were in the same room was in my basement recording.
W: That was still during the summer.
Did you rent equipment and record it yourselves or get someone to help you with it?
An: Yeah D’Arcy’s brother recorded everything for us. We rented equipment, I think we still owe Amanda money for that.
W: I’ll pay you back eventually.
D: What I thought was pretty cool about that was, I’m pretty sure that was the third time we had all been in the same room. We wrote those first five songs really fast and just wanted to put them on tape.
I wouldn’t have guessed. It sounded like a studio recording.
An: In that sense, there was a lot of stuff set up down there, but still pretty raw sounding in the end.
What’s the response been to the demo?
D: The first show we played, which I believe was two weeks after we’d recorded, we sold every single demo we had made.
W: Well to be fair, we only made like 25.
An: But it was a cool feeling.
W: The response has been pretty great so far. Everyone I’ve talked to is really into it.
An: Everything’s going so great, there’s no way to describe it other than a perfect snowball.
Have you got any feedback from anybody? What are people saying?
An: After shows you just hear everyone telling you how great your set was, people coming up to us and just like “dude, that was so intense”. Its been amazing so far.
Okay, I want you to tell me a story about your second show. Is this the D’Arcy thing, where he flew in from Halifax?
An: First of all, I had broken my foot and I was still on crutches at this point.
Oh yeah, jumping off of a...
An: Fell off. If I had jumped off I would’ve landed right in that pool. No, I fell off and yeah I broke...
What did you fall off of?
An: I fell off of Nick’s second story roof.
Jumping into a pool.
W: To be honest I thought he was dead for a while.
So how many things did you break?
An: I fractured my heel bone, I ripped open my other foot so there’s a flappy piece of skin hanging everywhere, I had to get sixteen stitches. There was also a fracture in my pelvis but it turned out later it could be unrelated and maybe I got it skateboarding or something...
D: But the story you’re referring to is I woke up in Halifax, had to catch the plane that night at like three in the morning, got back to Toronto at eight in the morning. By now I hadn’t slept in almost 24 hours, and then I stayed up all day until the show that night. Got there two hours late, and at that point I hadn’t slept in almost 36 hours. I was exhausted, dying, but we played the show anyway. Afterwards people said it was so intense, but honestly I don’t rememeber any of it. I was dead.
An: That show was almost disasterous, because he showed up so late.
Was this also the pig-guts or pig-blood show?
W: No that was our first show, at Siesta Nouveau, not Jay’s house. During the REPROBATES their singer like brought out a bag of pig’s guts and they were nasty and wet and sandy feeling, and he went nuts and started throwing them at everybody. Eventually Jay, the singer for BAD SKIN, just like wrapped them around his face and started running into everybody. It was so gnarly! During our second show at Jay’s house, I forget what band it was, I think it was BAD SKIN’s set, someone brought out a jar of strawberry jam... and there was chocolate sauce everywhere. It looked like a total warzone. It looked like shit hit the fan.
Quite literally. What are your thoughts on the Toronto scene at the moment?
An: It’s wonderful. One of the greatest things about it, y’know there’s all these “beard-hardcore” type guys, that are just like straight-outta-highschool and they’re all like “all you young kids in hardcore are ruining everything. You gotta be old to be into this shit” Elitist shit. It’s great because in Toronto there are so many young bands and people that are just picking things up and with the last year with Stuck In The City, everything in our scene is just going so beautifully.
W: Yeah Stuck In The City is making it a lot easier for younger bands to get noticed and they’ve been doing a great job with it and I totally respect what Greg and his crew are doing.
What are the band’s plans for the next while. You played a bunch of new songs tonight, obviously wrote new material.
An: Yeah we’re playing November 9th with SOUL CONTROL and IN TIME and RAH.
D: I dunno, we were talking about mixing the set we did today and releasing that as our new demo. There’s nine or ten songs on there. That’s our demo redone plus five or six new ones. That’ll be our new release.
W: Things are moving really fast in this band, it’s kind of amazing. Its just always “going”.
An: I’m not saying this in any negative way but if everything ended tomorrow I would be happy, I’m just super happy with everything we’ve done so far, we’ve been able to do so much in such a little time.
And you guys were remarking earlier how everything in this band seems to be working, and before when we were downstairs you guys were talking about how easy it is to be in this band.
An: Ironically, as great as everything’s going, we’re really accident prone.
Do you plan on touring at all?
W: That would be amazing!
D: There’s been a couple little jokes about us and RAH doing a little summer tour, but I don’t know if that’s really going to happen.
A: Japan 2009. (laughter)
W: I’ve already booked the flight
An: I’ve got this little guy who’s gonna show us around and translate everything. His name is Miroki.
Warren: Miroki’s a nice guy.
An: He accepts payment in BORED STIFF demos.
W: Does he take pictures of former US presidents?
An: He does!
D: I have no idea what you guys are talking about! but yeah, the band’s plan is just upwards and onwards. Just get as far and as big as we can and ....
A: And then sell out.
Warren: Just hang hard, man.
An: We’re selling out next week.
D: If anyone from MTV is listening, we’d like to be on TV everyday forever. Thank you.
An: We want money and women. That’s about it.
A: And men.
W: I’m just down to hang hard for a while.
Alright, enough of your dreams. What’s the best way for people to get in touch with the band?
An: Well, you could yell really loud from your roof, but that won’t work super good. It would be pretty novel though.
W: Just put up the Bat signal, we’ll be there in a sec.
D: We have a myspace account,, and we’re playing around Toronto every couple weeks.
An: And you can come talk to us after shows, we’re pretty friendly.
W: Well, I’m not very friendly.
Any last comments?
An: Hi Ivan.
W: I’d like to make a few ma boy Travis, ma girl Christina, oh and there’s this guy in this room standing over here. He’s my brother, he’s kind of a dickhead, whats up Natalie? What’s going on Manir? Y’know who’s sick? RAH, RAH is sick! what’s up RAH?!
An: You know who are sick? BLACK FLAG.
D: Yeah shout-outs to Henry Rollins.
W: What’s up Henry? you listening?
Amanda: Happy birthday Laura!
W: Happy birthday Laura, I don’t know who you are ...
D: I know my family is listening at home. My girlfriend Brie, so hi, hello!
W: Hi D’Arcy’s mom!
A: Hi Brie!
D: Big shout out to Greg & Stuck in The City, MOLESTED YOUTH, RAH, EATING GLASS - the new record rules.
W: Those guys are tearing it up in the scene. They’re doing big things.

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