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Flyer - Tuesday June 29, 2010

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Radio - Sunday, June 27, 2010

BEHIND ENEMY LINES – Murder at the G-8 Summit (Tribal War)

MDC – Dead Cops / America’s So Straight (R Radical)
SUBHUMANS – Inquisition Day (Alternative Tentacles)
DISCHARGE – Fight Back (Captain Oi)
BAD RELIGION – Politics (Epitaph)
DEAD KENNEDYS – Riot (Alternative Tentacles)
CONFLICT – The Ungovernable Force (Mortarhate)
BLATZ - Fuk Shit Up (Lookout)
AGAINST ME - Baby, I'm an Anarchist (No Idea)
FIFTEEN - Resolution (Lookout)
BORN AGAINST - Resist Control (Kill Rock Stars)

DOA - Smash The State (Sudden Death)
PROPAGANDHI - Resisting Tyrannical Government (Fat Wreck)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Anarchy Is Dead (Dischord)
BLACK FLAG - Spray Paint (SST)

COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION – Spray P.E.C. (Self-Released)
AK 47 – Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win (Reason)
SEEIN’ RED – The End of the World as We Know It (Peculio Discos)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION – Cops Ain’t Tops (Self-Released)
REPROBATES – Abandoned City (Self-Released)

CHOKING VICTIM - Apple Pie + Police State (Tent City)
YOUNG PIONEERS - We March (Vermiform)
RANDY - Proletarian Hop (Burning Heart/Epitaph)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - Blind Justice (Combat)

RIOT 99 - Destroy The City (Longshot)
MC5 - Kick Out The Jams (Rhino/Elektra)
JERSEY - Class War (Raw Energy)
THE CLASH - Know Your Rights (Bootleg)
MADBALL - Revolt (Ferret)
FUCKED UP - Police (Deranged)

NAPALM HEARTS – Freedom is (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – Out in the Cold (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – Blockade (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – All This and More (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – No Reply (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – Had Enough (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – Expletive Deleted (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – Guilty by Association (Self-Released)

THE REBEL SPELL – Rebels Sing (Clandestine DIY Collective)
THE FALLOUT – Quebec City (Longshot Music)

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Update: June 26, 2010

We put up some old Studio 3 sessions for you to check out. The ones that got up this week are:

The G-Men, who recorded on sunday june 15th, 2003
Angels, Saints and Heroes, a street punk band now defunct who played live on Sunday February 12th, 2006
Dangerloves, who played live on Sunday november 26th, 2006
Hard Charger, from Fredericton, who pre-recorded on Saturday October 7th, 2007

Flyer - Saturday June 26, 2010

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Snakepit demo

This is a new band from Toronto featuring D’arcy Rix-Hayes formerly of BORED STIFF on vocals. The band also features a guy named Kota who played guitar in a band from Japan called EVERYBODY’s ENEMY. I think the other members do double duties with TOTAL TRASH and BLACK FAXES. In terms of influences I hear a boatload which include GANG GREEN, DYS, NEGATIVE APPROACH, and a tougher sounding hardcore, without diluting this into a tough guy sound. Think of bands like INSURANCE RISK or DS 13 and how they stripped down the sound to a back to basics look at early hardcore. SNAKEPIT do the same but with more of an emphasis on the brands of Straight edge that have filtered into hardcore. On top of that the band uses some great samples from movies as intros for their songs. Reminds me of the days of SPAZZ when sampling was a way of song writing. In fact the band goes so far as to reference the samples in their insert. And their insert folds out like a flower with various peddles that have lyrics and messages of minor activism. Things like Turn off your TV and Stop Shopping at the Mall. The folding job alone demonstrates a labour of love. These guys put a ton of effort into this release and it shows. I think this is Toronto’s next big thing in terms of an underground hardcore band. Don’t take my word for it, invite them to your town. Japan did. They might be touring with TOTAL FURY. (http://www.myspace.com/snakepithardcore). The songs found on the demo are:

1. Hogtown Blues
2. Kill John Mayer
3. Collapse
4. Slow Rot
5. Crossing the Rubicon
6. Records
7. Hipsterectomy

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Photos: The Zeros at NXNE

Javier Escovedo on guitar and Hector Penalosa on bass

Javier Escovedo on guitar and Robert Lopez on guitar

Javier Escovedo on guitar and Hector Penalosa on bass

Javier Escovedo on guitar and Baba Chenelle on drums

Javier Escovedo on guitar and vocals

Robert Lopez on guitar and Hector Penalosa on bass and vocals

Hector Penalosa on bass

Photos: Porcelain Forehead live at NXNE

Chris McLellen (guitar), Ian Seabrook (drums) and Mike Hillis (vocals)
Chris McLellen (guitar), Mike Hillis (vocals) and Janine Frenken (bass)

Mike Hillis on vocals

Chris McLellen on guitar

Janine Frenken on bass

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Click for download

THE DIODES - Heat of the Beat (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Disturbing Memories (CIUT)
NEW YORK DOLLS - Private World (Mercury)
THE DIODES - Goin' Nowhere Fast (CIUT)
THE STOOGES - Cock in my Pocket (Live)
THE DISHES - Hot Property (Regular)
THE DIODES - China Doll (Epic)
THE DIODES - Death in the Suburbs (Epic)
THE DIODES - the Shape of Things to Come (Epic)

Photos from the Booth: The Diodes

Ian Mackay, John Cato and Paul Robinson

Ian Mackay, John Cato, Paul Robinson and Greg Dick in interview

Stephe Perry holding up the next issue of the radio zine with the Ugly and Rob Ferraz

The Diodes being interviewed by Greg Dick

The Diodes being interviewed

Paul Robison and Greg Dick through the studio glass

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Update: Saturday June 12, 2010

We put up some old Studio 3 sessions for you to check out. The ones that got up this week are:

- the Class Assassins, who we recorded December 12, 2001
- The Endless Blockade, a local power violence band that we originally recorded back on April 25th, 2004
- Pantychrist, who are an all girl punk band from Hamilton recorded back on May 15th, 2005
- Life Against Death, who were a crust meets grind band from BC we record on August 7, 2005

I also posted up some interviews in transcribed formats over the past week. You can read

- Hazardous Waste
- School Jerks
- Bored Stiff
- the interview that Greg Dick did with Colin Brunton, the director of the Last Pogo
- Molested Youth
- Career Suicide
- the Restarts
- the Corporation, from Brampton
- Black Jacket, from Oshawa
Alisdiar Jones, of No Mind fame also contacted us with some No Mind flyer art that has been posted up throughout the Flyer archive.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: “Argh Fuck Kill: The story of the Dayglo Abortions” by Chris Walter

To begin with I want to say that I was not a huge fan of the Dayglos going into this book. I saw the first show that they played in Toronto and the re-telling of that story in this book is far better then my recollection of it, but all the funny shit about the camera crew was true. The fact that the cops made the place a sweatbox is true. I can believe that Bonehead almost passed out from heat exhaustion because that’s what it was like back in the days at Ildiko’s. Those summer months the walls of the club were literally sweating. Truth be told that was an amazing show. But the Dayglos stayed here for the summer. And they didn’t practice. And they got progressively worse to the point where I would stand outside while they were on just so I didn’t have to sit through another shitty Dayglo set. And I was a fan of “Feed us a Fetus”. But I never bought another Dayglos record after that. I just felt used by the band. But Chris Walter has done it again. Just as Chris wrote about Personality Crisis in his last book and turned me into a fan and made me want to find out more about the long lost Winnipeg scene, “Argh Fuck Kill” has converted me into a Dayglos fan. I appreciate learning about Murray Acton being a guitar virtuoso at an early age. This explains why the Dayglos had so many great songs. In the chapter titled “Sick Young Fucks” Walter tells how Acton switched from metal to jazz fusion in tastes of music. The Mahuvishnu Orchestra became a big influence in his learning. And music was turned to because the boys were getting in trouble playing pranks with pipe bombs and Beatles record or spiking the punch at the school dance with qualudes. These are pranks that read like they were scenes straight out of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. The exception is they really happened in the DAYGLOS lives and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” was fiction. The final transition to punk came when Acton was listening to CITR and he heard a Dead Kennedys song. The intricacy of the song impressed the hell out of him and he was a convert. Acton also loved the Neos. The Neos became one of his primary inspirations. That makes me proud because I released a later period band of one of the Neos called Mexican Power Authority who shaped themselves after the Neos. I agree with Acton that the Neos were well ahead of their time. This book does not go into the Victoria scene quite the way “Warm Beer and Wild Times” explored Winnipeg, Calgary, Vanmcouver, and L.A. Part of that is because the Dayglos stayed put. The other explanation is that Victoria is a smaller scene and so there is less to talk about, although the comp “All Your Ears Can Hear” suggest otherwise. Nonetheless RED TIDE, POINTED STICKS, NO MEANS NO, SICK SENSE, and MR. PLOW make it into the story. The scene histories are part of what I love about Chris’s band biographies. You get snapshots of punk from the scene that spawned the band. Hearing about the Nostril houses and the House of Beep in the last book helped give insight into the shaping of Personality Crisis. And the road thirsty Dayglos were shaped by their dull surroundings of Victoria. Victoria made them get out there and tour for decades like no other band in the underground has. Victoria can be credited for why this band has endured the kind of hard knock life of the road for so long. Driving across this country is a thankless task although in the Dayglos case their fans have been most appreciative. And with Cretin’s recollection of past shows, he does remember the reaction and feeds off it. Some of my favourite stories found in this book are the ones from shows. Others are the stories behind the Dayglos recordings. The insight into the songs has really turned me into a Dayglos fan. Walter has given me an appreciation for what the Dayglos were saying. It wasn’t “Stupid Songs” they were singing. In fact that was a song about pop-culture often misinterpreted as a song explaining the Dayglos repertoire. I also appreciate finding out all the details behind the censorship case brought against them by the Nepean Police. The irony that “Here Today, Guano Tomorrow” came to this cops attention because his daughter wanted her dad to illegally make copies of the records were not lost in the story. That this was a censorship case that was misinterpreted by all the players involved was alarming. Even folks like Jello Biafra didn’t really back the Dayglos. Ben Hoffman withheld royalties from the band practically starving them on the road which the band referred to as the White Bread and Baloney tour. The allegations that Ben Hoffman made money from the trial while the band suffered is shitty to learn because Fringe was run out of the local record store in Toronto, the Record Peddler. And somehow the Dayglos perservered. Back in the day the Dayglos were always talked about in association with the Jaks Skate Team. But it wasn’t until later developments that Jaks members became Dayglos members. I also didn’t realize that the later singer, Gymbo, has been living in Toronto running Shred Central up until this week, whereby we learn via the Globe and Mail that the park is being gutted for yet another space wasting condo. There are a lot of crazy stories in this book. Stories that capture the wildness of punk. Stories that do the Dayglos justice. Stories that would make Howard Zinn proud if Howard were a punk. Stories that would make Hunter S. Thompson blush. Dayglo Abortions have remained one of the most misunderstood bands in punk, until now. Thank Chris for that. (http://www.punkbooks.com/)

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Photos: The Diodes in Studio 3

John Cato on guitar, Paul Robison on vocals, Jon Hawkes on the mixing board.

Paul Robinson on vocals and Ian Mackay on bass and backing vocals

Ian Mackay on bass and Paul Robinson on vocals

Paul Robinson givin' her

John Cato on guitar, Programmer Dahvid James on the table in the back.

Ian Mackay on bass

John Hamilton on drums

John Cato's guitar next to the turntables in Studio 3

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Flyer - Know You Product

Simon Harvey and Rob Ferraz of Equalizing-X-Distort have a DJ night every Monday at Disgraceland (965 Bloor St. W. between Ossington and Dovercourt)

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Click for MP3 download

BIG BOYS – Assault (Touch ‘n Go)
DICKS – Off Duty Sailor (Alternative Tentacles)
GO – The ABC Song / A Day to Fight For (Epistrophy)
BEHEAD THE PROPHET NO LORD SHALL LIVE – Lewd Lewd Lewd / He's the King of Everything (Outpunk)
MUKILTEO FAIRIES – Queer Enough for you (Outpunk)
SCREECHING WEASEL – I Wanna Be a Homosexual (No Budget)
THE RUNAWAYS - Cherrie Bomb (Mercury)

DILLINGER 4 - Mosh for Jesus (Hopeless)
D4 - Invader Ace (Flying Nun)
SUBHUMANS - Firing Squad (Alternative Tentacles)
SUBHUMANS UK - Reality is Waiting for a Bus (Bluurg)
THE CURSE - Something You Can't Tell Your Mother / Raw (Other People's Music)
CURSED - Promised Land / Polygraph (High Anxiety)

WHITE WIRES - Don't Call Me When You're Ill (Ugly Pop)
LIMINANAS - I'm Dead (Hozac)
SHUT UPS - Baby Come On (Junk)
SMITH WESTERNS - Tonight (Hozac)

THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE – Deutoronomy (Deep Six)
PLAGUE RATS THROUGHOUT HISTORY – Panic Action Aristocracy (Primitive Air Raid)
KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO – Vesi (Primitive Air Raid)
THE BASTARD NOISE – Manphibian (Deep Six)

POWERHOUSE - Fear of Falling (Blackout!)
POWERHOUSE - Growing Stronger (Self-Released)
IN TIME - Keep it Together (Self-Released)
IN TIME - Working Poor (Self-Released)
TRUE COLOURS - Why Do things Come to an End (Powered)

THE UGLY - All Because of You (Bomb)
PAGANS - Not Now No Way (Tree House)
ZEROS - Right Now (Bomp)
MUDHONEY - You Make me Die (Sub Pop)
X - We're Desperate (Dangerhouse)

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